Sera pinned her short and sandy blonde hair back, humming. She patted the scruffy-looking cat on her bed, got dressed and headed towards the door of her, well, you could call it a house. In truth, it was just a run down cabin that she had fixed up. It sat between the edges of the woods and the limits of the small town she lived in. Not much, but she loved it. It was two rooms, with new insulation added in the thin walls as a favour from her good friend, Wen. He was mainly a computer repairman, but he knew how to help fix things up. Her own job, the small-town newspaper's photographer, paid well enough. She was able to get some portable heaters and basic essentials, as well as circuitry installed. To most, it was roughing it. To her, it was cozy.

She locked the door and got on her bike, the black and red messenger bag in the basket as she rode into town. At least Sera was exercising. She made it to the little office building that held the newspaper crew and latched the bike up. Get to work, get the assignment and camera, and head out. Easy as that. Most of her work week was spent outside, thank Merlin.

Oh, yes. I forgot to mention. Seraphim Newik was a huge, well, you could say nerd. Or geek. Or gamer. Or fangirl. Or whatever. The strap of her bag(and the bag itself) was adorned in buttons like 'Proud Muggle' or 'Who you gonna call?'. The little cabin she lived in was adorned inside with horror movie posters, small dragon figurines, and a Pokemon clock. She called her cat Totoro, and her house had a sign on the door saying 'Hyrule Castle'. Just your average geek.

She headed to the woods behind her house. Apparently, there was a stranger in there. Everyone started saying it was a murderer after that little kid went missing. Sera was supposed to take pictures of the crime scene or the investigators, specifically; but along the way she got a little... maybe she got lost. Not that she'd admit it. She groaned, resting by the little creek that halved the huge forest. Good way to spend a Monday at least. She always liked nature.

There was a small shuffling in the bushes, and she whipped out her camera and pepper spray. But all that scurried out was a squirrel. "Paranoid," she mumbled. But not because of all the slasher flicks Sera watched, no way.

Then there was another sound, but she ignored it. Probably nothing... or so she thought. Then she saw the man.

Tall, dressed in a suit, with long arms. A description she had gotten memorized(which, coincidentally, was one of her favourite video game catchphrases). And, yes, the main feature; faceless. A blank stretch of skin where his face would be. He didn't seem to see her, focused to his side. He had an elegant nose, or something like it. There was an arch that suggested eyes beneath it, but it was blank under. There seemed to be a discolouration where eyes would be. Where his mouth would be, it was scarred. Like he'd ripped the area into a split to open his mouth.

I would think that it was as though his head was covered in a second skin, one that protected his body. But Sera thought something her mind was trained on. One of the basic rules of the internet - pictures, or it didn't happen. So her camera was in her hands and silently snapping away in seconds, managing fifteen photos before the coughing started. The device fell from her hands to the ground beside her as she doubled over where she sat. The fit shook her body until she was dizzy and out of breath. It stopped in minutes, leaving her to cradle her aching head in her hands.

A terrible chill ripped up her spine as a thin hand slid onto her head, running through the soft pale-warm hair. She slowly looked up, her breath caught. His head was tilted, the blank face inches from her face. She made no sound, a sort of cold tingle running through her body. She was frozen there, staring into where eyes should be. He regarded her, seeming almost curious. Lots of words ran through her mind, mainly fan-based questions; others were pleas, and some were, oddly, along the lines of 'How are you'. I wouldn't want to ask a faceless person what he thinks of the weather, but when you panic you think strange things.

She took deep breaths. No need to yell; he wasn't hurting her, right? So if she just shut up, he might let her go-

"So, y-you're the SlenderMan?"

Well, ADHD had its good points and bad. Impulsiveness had stayed in the middle, until that day. She cursed herself inside, but he only moved back a quarter of a centimeter; he seemed taken aback by the question. His skin sort of pulled slightly at the arch over the eye sockets; she imagined eyebrows knitted together in confusion. His hand didn't pull away from her hair, so she wasn't loose yet. Her hair was a touchy point; puliing her hair was like a suicide mission.

She decided maybe, if she talked decently with him, he'd... let her go? Maybe. "Uh, th-that's what you're called, o-on the internet. SlenderMan." To her surprise, he nodded slightly in understanding. Good so far. "S-so, uh... hi?"

The scarred semblance of a mouth quirked up, like she was amusing. She wasn't sure whether that was a good thing or not. His hand threaded in her hair began rubbing gently. Okay, so leaving wasn't about to happen soon, he seemed to be getting comfortable.

"You are a curious one." That voice took her by surprise, but her eyes closed and unconciousness washed over her before she could think.