Sera didn't open her eyes; the eyelids felt too heavy to lift. Faintly she heard her front door banging open, Wen's voice calling out "Where is she?!" and a growl from Aru. Her bedroom door opened, but Sera pretended to sleep. That boy was so protective of her; it did get annoying. The clammy and cool hand rested on her forehead, brushing her bangs aside.

"Leave her be, she's resting!" Aru sounded annoyed, his footsteps soft as he entered her room.

Wen's hand left her wouldn't be living.

"Will you be quiet?! There were two intoxicated humans, they had attacked her. I dealt with them. I've been healing her, but healing anyone other than myself can be... taxing on my strength. It takes some time." She could hear the tired undertone, only barely there. She might not have noticed it at all, if she wasn't experienced with paying attention to little details.

"What- do you mean those brothers, Rick and Dave?! So it wasn't that killer?"

Sera was surprised, though she remained still and silent. Obviously the Administrator was startled by that, too, as his tone changed. "Killer? Do explain, human."

"There was a woman found, she was all slashed up. The police listed the brothers and her as victims, and the missing kid is presumed as a victim."

"I see... I will look into this matter. But once she wakes." There was the tiniest sound of... tenderness, in the tall man's voice. It shocked Sera, that Aru could possibly care any about her well-being. In fact, he hadn't needed to stay, hadn't needed to help her. So why... Her mind drifted to the half-wakening, where she thought lips kissed her forehead. But it must have been a dream.

"You... you seem to protect her." For once, Wen was picking up on someone's feelings.

"She's my proxy, of course I should protect her." There was the tiniest falter to the words.

"What is she to you?"

A slight pause. "She reminds me of a girl named Phimi."


"Her eyes. And... she isn't afraid." The way he had said that last sounded like that lack of fear meant something to him, Sera knew.

"Do you care about her?"

"Why is a simple human asking?"

"Because she's my cousin, by law. And I've always made sure she's safe. So, do you?"

A pause. Sera felt the soft fingers tuck back her hair gently. "I don't... understand it. Why I let her... get away with some things, such as giving me a name. I think.. perhaps, on some level, I do care of her well-being. But I'm not... sure about the rest." That tone of tenderness, it was so pronounced there. She vaguely wondered if he had feelings for her, but pushed those thoughts away. Time at the hospital had taught her how worthless she was. She never told anyone about what they did to her, what they said... it was better that was left alone.

Wen seemed to consider what Aru said. "Just... be careful, okay? I don't want her coming over and crying like she did when she couldn't play first-person shooters properly."

The Operator chuckled at that. "She is a silly little one, isn't she?"

"I should go, though, my boss is gonna kill me if I'm late." Some shuffling, and the sound of her bedroom door opening reached her ears. "Tell her she owes me a lunch at Pierre's bar, for not hanging with me lately." Her door closed, and a few seconds later she heard his truck start up. That old heap of metal was something he'd been continuously fixing up, and Sera teased him constantly about him being her alarm clock. That thing was so loud, it woke up her uncle. Now that was an achievement.

"You need not pretend, I know you're awake." Damn him and his observational skills...

Sera sighed, rubbing her eyes open and sitting up. "How'd you know?"

"You tend to mumble in your sleep, or snore just a little. Even a slight movement. You were as still as a corpse." There was amusement in his voice as he sat on the side of her bed. His white collar had blood on it, presumably from killing the brothers. His tie was on her desk, and he must have taken off the suit's jacket and left it somewhere. His shirt was distinctly rumpled, giving him a surprisingly casual look. Sera blushed as she realized her gaze was traveling down the slightlyopen collar, and she redirected her gaze to where his eyes would be. He seemed to be still more amused by her blush, causing her to blush even more. "Do you have a fever, little one?" His hand went to her forehead, a teasing smirk on the scarred lips.

She pushed his hand away, pouting. "I wanna know about the killer." She willed away the blush, and her face seemed to cool a little.

"I know no more than you do. So, you were listening to our conversation?"

Sera's blush came back full force. "I suppose I was, so?" She tried to keep up a tough appearance. She had always hated being 'weak'.

Slendy chuckled, gently pushing Sera's shoulder down onto the bed.. "You need rest."

"Not until I kick his ass for being so protective." Stitches stood, and instantly her head spun. Her breath escaped her, and she wasn't quite sure where she was falling. She felt that she fell on something, but she couldn't get her wits about her. She felt something strong, warm and steady against her back. She slowly got herself together, and she opened her eyes to see Aru peering down at her. She squeaked a little, realising she had fainted and fallen into his lap. She shakily pushed herself back against her pillows, blushing. "M-maybe I do need rest..."

"I will find you some food, little one. Rest here."

Sera nodded, watching him vanish in his strange way. She sighed, resting her head against the wall. Her finger absentmindedly traced her scar, and she ended up pulling her laptop to her. She began typing a chapter for her novel, something she liked to write on the side. It was just a mystery, nothing special. Something along the lines of the Nancy Drew novels sitting on her shelf. She had her tongue stuck between her teeth as she wrote; it was a dramatically romantic scene between the main character and her love interest. She didn't even notice the SlenderMan returning until he tapped her forehead. Sera looked up, seeing the McDonald's bag in his hand. "You actually got Micky D's...?"

"I think they may have swindled me... you owe me twenty dollars."

That transported Sera into a bout of giggles. She finally calmed down enough to show Slen the 'Twenty Dollas' video. "No wifin' in the club, huh?"

"I will kill whoever made that god-awful video and ruined my good name."

Nevertheless, the two had a good dinner(two Big Macs, large fries, a chocolate shake and a parfait), and Sera started telling Slen about the internet's impression of him. He chuckled when he saw a 'Jeff the Killer' picture in her folders as she scrolled through many pictures, but she didn't take notice. Soon, Sera became tired. She ended up falling asleep against Slen's shoulder...

I wasn't quite sure what to do. The tiny human was sleeping on me, the laptop still in her lap. I closed it and moved it aside with a tentacle, unsure how to move. But she seemed to decide for me, shifting so that she was using my chest as a pillow. I sighed, leaving her be. At least she looked peaceful...

I impulsively kissed the top of her head again, smiling. "Sleep, my little one." I didn't know for sure why I called her mine. It just felt... right. As right as holding her in my arms.