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I had dozed off on her couch, waiting for her to awaken, when the piano began playing. I jolted awake, listening. A soft, beautiful tune was playing. Melancholy, almost. I tilted my head. Was this the human girl? The melody was haunting, lilting and bitter, and I very much liked it. Music of the humans was something I preferred, unless it was that horrid sound they made in recent years. But this was unfamiliar to me. It developed into a sad, ominous sound, before it ended wonderfully simply. A moment's pause, and a new song struck up. A faster pace, dangerous yet sorrowful. A bit of an edge to a soft piece. Another good one. And, of course, another after that. I particularly enjoyed these melodies. I stood to see what was playing them when I mistakenly upended the cat that found a nice sleeping spot in my lap. It dashed into the open bedroom, obviously disgruntled by the rude awakening. A torch(humans called them 'flashlights' in modern years) clicked on and the human stopped in the doorway.

I smirked. I had decided to claim her, as she seemed to be useful. Of course, I was still surprised when I saw those eyes again. It was... disconcerting, to say the least. But that was just one more thing that intrigued me. I reached to her, using my refined abilities to lure her to me. I led her out and into the woods(though I allowed her to lock the door first), catching her when she stumbled. Humans were always so clumsy. Finally reaching my... temporary living arrangements, I entered to pick up a tool. The girl was gazing around in curiousity, though still under my control. I picked up the scalpel and saw the alram in her eyes. Of course, those stories the humans told didn't exactly put me in the best light.

I led her to the circle I had prepared prior to her waking, blinding her for a short period. I cut into the tip of her finger, seeing her flinch slightly. I flexed my jaw, steeled for the tearing of my second skin. It still pained me even after so long. The skin appeared torn for a moment, then shifted and melded to my lips beneath. I took the blood needed, binding her to me. Her mark turned red, then back to the jet black it was originally.

"Mine, now," I growled. She shivered, a flush appearing on her cheeks. Curious. Through the connection now established, I could tell the process was already tiring her. I smiled; I thought of her as a sort of pet, now. "Sleep, now," I murmured to her. "I'll take you home."

"Phimi!" I rush through the woods. Damn it all, why didn't she take my mark? I would have had her away by now. I don't even know where she was. I hear those fools behind me and place a hand on a tree. Roots rip from the dirt and ensnare them. I continue to search for her, cursing myself. By now she will be having the baby, the one he forced her to... no. I must focus on her, and her alone. I hear her cries; oh, Gods, it is truly time. I flit to the sound, and there she is. The baby is in that fool's arms. "Hand me the child."

"Back, demon. You cannot help the wench now." I hurry foward but he has already shot her. I snarl, ready to attack him. "Attack me and you attack her child, monster. I shan't kill it if you do not follow."

I swore to her that I would protect the baby, but now I have no choice. I stayed and mourned her; the only one who saw me.

"I swear on my life, on your blood, I shall make them suffer."

She doesn't reply.

"I still love you."

She... doesn't reply...