Peeta's POV

We were in love. I woke up every morning and saw her gray eyes gleaming from her nightmeres, and I held her close to take the pain away. As much as I tried to heal her emotional scars, I never succeded, but in her mind the drugs did. She drifted farther and farther away from me until one day she was gone. When I saw her every morning, instead of having the girl of my dreams, I got a drug addict that dispised life. She would mope around the house, popping pills, and doing different types of drugs, until one day it all became too much. I found her laying on our bed, a knife in one hand, and blood streaming down her miserable face, almost dead. I rushed her to the hospitol, and while they healed the scars, and even got her to stop the drugs we both knew that she truly never recovered.

As the time went by, she stuck to her promise and was drug free, but still acted like the addict she was before. I couldn't take it looking into her eyes and not loving the person that lay beside me every night. I broke our marriage off, and I didn't see her again until today.

See I had gotten remarried, this time to Madge Undersee and though I was still madly in love with the old Katniss, I learned to love Madge as well, but everyday when I wake up I still wish I saw the gray eyes that I loved.

After a long day of work at the bakery, I make my way over to the Victors Village, where I live with Madge and our son Max. Haymitch, who is now 65, lives next door to us, and Katniss's house is right at the enterance. Everytime I leave my house I find myself staring at the house thinking about her. I haven't seen a light on in years, but I know that Prim is there making sure that she is alright. Work was exustaning today, like always, so when I pass her house I don't even look at the house, I just pass by.

I dont even manage to walk through the doorway before Madge runs over to me. Nomally, when she does this, she's scared about something pety, like a bug or a mouse, but this time something is different. I run into the house not knowign what to expect, only to find Prim sitting with her head down at my kitchen table. I walk over and tap her shoulder,

"Hey Prim are you okay?" I ask concerned, Prim and I have always been close, even after Katniss and I got divorced, so seeing her here isn't that surprising, though I have a feeling that this visit wil be much different than some of the others.

When she realizes that it's me, her head pops up, and I instantly can tell that something isn't right. Prim's eyes are bright red and swollen from the pile of tears flying out, and they are laced with fear. She wipes her tears away to the best of her abilities, and begin to tell me what happened.

"She didn't come home last night, I looked every where but I couldn't find her. I went into her room, to maybe find out where she was and I found this." Prim opens her tiny hands, but I don't look, I already know what is enclosed, more drugs.

"Peeta I don't know what to do, I'm scared." I embrace her in a hug and she cries on my shoulder.

"It'll be okay Prim, we'll figure something out, I promise, okay." She nods, and gives me a small smile. "But before we do anything we have to find your sister." Prim agrees, but a voice stops us from moving,

"Well then, congradulations you found me." The girl claps, and when I turn around, for the first time in years, I am left staring into the now cold eyes of Katniss Everdeen.

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