Hey new story! This one is long and is over ten chapters. This is one of my big grand long Larryboy stories. Hope you enjoy! I do not own Larryboy, and just to let you know its the Larryboy Cartoon adventures series and not the Veggietales one. I just put it in the Veggietales category for a while.

Anyway about the interesting title. It was meant to be ironic.

Chapter 1-It's Over

Larryboy knew one thing for sure-he just lost to Awful Alvin.

He couldn't see what was happening though.

It all started as a regular day. For Larryboy it did.

As a superhero, he was always fighting against villains. Today it was Awful Alvin and his sidekick, Lampy, who is your average floor lamp.

This time, Alvin set out to take over Bumblyburg with robots.

The robots he designed were your average robots made of metal and had all those robot stuff. It had no feet and floated above the ground. It also had arms and those red beady eyes and an antenna on its head. They even had its own robot voice. On it's back, written in red, were the words ALL HAIL ALVIN. They were all controlled by a satellite dish somewhere. And they obeyed Alvin's commands.

Larryboy's plan was to get to find the satellite powering the robots, destroy it, and incarnate Alvin.

But this plan was interrupted when Alvin caught Larryboy as his robots swarmed around him. Alvin was riding on top of one of the robots with Lampy. More words were written on it back, which were ALVIN WINS.

"Ha ha ha ha!" cackled Alvin, as he approached Larryboy with his army crowding in. Thenk he took Lampy, saying to him, " Sorry about this Lampy," even though Lampy was not even alive.

Then he summoned a robot forward. Then the robot's head turned around and a panal on the back of its head opened up. It revealed an electrical outlet. After putting some shades on, Alvin plugged Lampy. Lampy's light switched on-very brightly. Then without warning, he swung Lampy's light at Larryboy's face and made a direct hit.

As Larryboy fell backwards, he groaned in pain, and then he realised his eyes hurt, bad. He was blind. A robot picked up Larryboy, waved an arm in front of hid non-blinking eyes, and nodded to Alvin.

"I see Lampy's new light bulb of hot, blinding light works perfectly!" laughed Alvin.

"You won't get away with this!" said Larryboy in some other direction as he lay on the ground.

"I'm over here," taunted Alvin.

As Larryboy's face turned, Lampy hit his face again.

Seeing Larryboy laying there in pain, Alvin smiled a wicked smile. Larryboy didn't see it, but that was good. It looked freaky.

"It's over Larryboy! I win, you lose! Bumblyburg is MINE! You are a failure!" yelled Alvin,"All hail Awful Alvin! Say it my robots!"

"All hail Awful Alvin," replied the robots in the same tone.

"Mwa ha ha ha ha!" screeched Alvin.

"Mwa ha ha ha ha!" echoed the robots again in a dull tone.

"Say it Larryboy!" laughed Alvin,"Say all hail Awful Alvin!"

Larryboy did not reply. It would not change the fact he lost.

Hey again. Sorry I left this thing unfinished for so long. School keeps getting in the way, but I'll try to keep working on this story. :)