Chapter 17- Making a Comeback

"Everything is perfect," Alvin muttered to himself.

It was present day in Bumblyburg. There was for Alvin to be done. He had to make metal collars to control the people and find a way to keep everyone in the city in and everyone else out. His robots were chasing people, trying to get them in place so Alvin could give orders. With Larryboy gone, Alvin's plan were come out quicker that expected.

It has been five hours sine Alvin ditched Larryboy in the future and left with the time machine. When he returned to the present, he had the robots destroy the machine. Alvin knew that Larryboy or Archie were never coming back.

Alvin was in the park on a wooden stage. Next to Alvin was the robot satellite that was supposed to be destroyed by Larryboy that morning but never was. With Larryboy gone, Alvin knew he could bring it out in public.

Soon the people were in place. They were surrounded by a wall of robots. They couldn't escape.

Alvin began his speech. "Now that I got rid of your so-called hero...forever...I can freely enforce my laws and begin my dictatorship. You must say 'All hail Alvin' daily and continue work on-"

Suddenly, Alvin was interrupted when a time machine, full of flames appeared in the air a few feet above the satellite. Alvin stared in shock. That does not make any sense at all!

Larryboy and Archibald hung on from inside the machine as it crashed below, miraculously on the satellite. The robots were immediately shut down. Everyone stayed frozen in shock.

Larryboy and Archibald ran out screaming and panicking a they tried to get the tiny dancing flames off them. Catching their breaths as they the fires burnt out, they sat on the ground staring at the flaming machine. In a few seconds, it exploded.

"How did we just survive that?" asked Archibald confused and surprised.

Meanwhile, Alvin did not care. He was furious about his satellite.

"No! How is that even possible? You will pay for this Larryboy!" he yelled.

Just then Larryboy shot a plunger at Alvin, knocking him down.

"You and your plungers are no match for me now!" he answered, grinning wickedly as Larryboy glowered back. Unexpectedly, Alvin ripped an arm off of one of the nearby robots. Then he held it up to Larryboy, who had no idea what was happening. But Archie knew what was about to happen. He got up and ran farther away.

"Duck!" he yelled to Larryboy.

Suddenly, Alvin somehow gained control of the arm and started to activate its laser feature. He aimed it at Larryboy.

Soon lasers flew towards Larryboy. He successfully dodged them all except one. Larryboy looked up at Alvin, half his face burnt and blackened, breathing heavily.

"Larryboy! RUN!" screeched Archie.

"I'm tired of running," said Larryboy, "Seriously, we ran all day from Alvin. Can't I use some other method?"

Suddenly, Alvin ran up to Larryboy and punched him in the face, hard. This was an advantage of Alvin's hand-like roots.

Larryboy fell back, surprised and in pain. Alvin never did anything like this before.

"It's over Larryboy," said Alvin. "Just give it up. You can become my right-hand man. Together, you and me, ruling over this city like peas in a-"

"NEVER!" yelled Larryboy, with the thought of him as Alvin's cyborg and the almost death of Archibald in his mind. Larryboy shot a plunger at Alvin with full force.

Incredibly, Alvin was pulled and pushed by the plunger. He fell right at the hands of a convenient crowd of policemen. Alvin looked back at Larryboy with something he has not felt all day. Fear.

"La-Lampy!" Alvin cried. But Lampy just stood there, smiling back at his troubled friend. Alvin screamed in defeat.

Soon construction was going on to rebuild the damages so far. To Larryboy, this was small compared to what he saw before.

Larryboy stood by Archie as they watched Alvin being dragged away.

"Good job, Master Larryboy," said Archie, smiling at Larryboy, "You easily stopped what could have been horrific. I admit I did not actually believe you could do it. That was a mistake."

"Thanks Arch," replied Larryboy, "I was able to do it all along," he said with confidence. Larryboy looked at Alvin, "I feel a little bad for Alvin knowing he just wanted a better life."

"Too bad he did not try to achieve it right," said Archibald wisely. Then he looked at Larryboy's bruised and burnt face. "Alvin is beginning to become a more dangerous threat to Bumblyburg. You must prepare for his further attacks." Archibald then thought deeply about something."I still do not understand how the time line changed. The horrible future we saw would have only happened if we did not see it. This doesn't make sense."

"No," said Larryboy, as if he understood what Archie meant, "No it doesn't."

"Hey Larryboy!" yelled Alvin, as he was dragged away, "Don't get all happy! I'll be back! Where's the hero for Bumblyburg then?"

"I'll be ready Alvin," Larryboy yelled. "I AM THAT HERO!" Then, with Archibald hanging on to one of Larryboy's plungers, he shot the other and flew away.


This is definitely one of my favorite stories I wrote. It was fun writing it. This story was in my head for over a year!

Hope you enjoyed the story! If you are wondering about the wierd title still, I first had the story with the title "Timeless." Then I changed it to "Timeless Moments, first referring to just Alvin's life and later on referring to what happened to Larryboy when he went to the future. Then I changed it to "Timeless Moments with You." "You" could refer to Alvin or maybe Larryboy. Long story short, I chose this title since it had to do with time and it was ironic. If you just read this paragraph and are totally confused, sorry about that.

Enjoyed this story? Read my other stories as well! More coming soon! :)