The Long Awaited Boy

Summary: Ally Dawson, a waitress at Costa Coffee, just got out of abusive relationship and went to the coffee shop thinking she would never love again. Eight months later, she goes to a club with Trish and Dez and meets a certain blonde boy. Will he let her begin again? Sounds better than it sounds, give it a try?

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"Uhhmm... noo... I gotta go! Bye! I'll see you later!" He shot out the door and I laughed as he ran.

I made my way back behind the counter, where I found Mandy and Jeff, another employee here.

He was acting weird, his usual black hair was ruffled up, his signature polo shirt's collar was stuck up and his laces were undone. Weird, and his brown eyes were just spaced out.

Come to think of it, Mandy was acting the complete opposite.

Her dirty-blonde hair was straightened - as always - her sea-blue eyes were clear as always, her green apron was straight, over her dress and her pumps were completely clean, feet weren't shaking. No sign of nervousness.

"Ally... you know you love us so much...?" Jeff began. Oh, God.

"What do you want?" I ask them, in a joke-y tone.

"Could you, pweease take our shifts?" I shook my head.

"You know the policy! Unless you have a date-"

"We do have dates." Danny interrupted.

"We're going on a date." Mandy blurted out, I slowly turned to her.

"What about Danny?" I ask her, y'no... her boyfriend of four years?!

"We broke up two weeks ago. I caught him cheating on me with some bimbo." She explained to me quickly, Jeff rubbed her shoulder, maybe they were telling the truth.

"Oh, Mands. I'm sorry, c'mere. You okay?" I pull her into a hug and say, "You know I'm always here. I know how you feel, sweetheart."

"So, about those shifts...?" Jeff recalled as we released from the hug.

"Okay, have fun! So, I'm getting off at..."

"Seven, remember to lock up." Jeff told me, throwing me the keys.

And I correct myself, this is going to be the longest shift ever.

But... at six, something happened that only one person could be behind. As I dozed off into a daydream, Dez and Trish walked through the door and sat down.

Two Months Ago...

"Ally," Austin comforted as I told him about my break-up, obviously I didn't tell him about the beatings Dallas gave me, but still. "It's okay. I'm here. I promise you that I will never make you feel this way."

"How can you? You'll leave after you get bored of me crying," I blubbered like a baby, he caressed the palm of my hand with his fingers and told me...

"You know how? Ally Dawson, will you be my girlfriend?" I smiled through my tears and nodded happily. I intertwined our fingers then. Even though, they were shaky - he told me he loved holding my hands anyway.

"I'll fix this."

"You'll fix what?" I ask him, looking up into his eyes.

"Your heart, I won't let it break again. I'll make it beat again. I'll make it begin again."


After a few minutes, Dez came up to me and covered my eyes.

"Dez! Dez! Get off of me!" After thirty seconds, Dez ran off to Trish and then, on the mini stage thing where the customers can perform their songs if they want, Austin appeared with his guitar.

"Hey, I'm Austin Moon and I wrote a song for Ally Dawson. It's called, "365 Days", I wrote it when I was fourteen so I hope the lyrics are okay. I hope you like it." I smiled up his way, I looked the the door and saw there were no customers so I continued to watch Austin.

"Monday, well baby I fell for you,"

He began, strumming his guitar along as he sang.

"Tuesday, I wrote you this song,"

He sang beautifully, his sparkling, hazel eyes gleaming into my eyes, I looked down to my feet, blushing. Again, I don't know why, so don't ask.

"Wednesday, I wait outside your door
Even though I know its wrong…"

I smiled, looking back at him.

"7 days a week, every hour of the month
Gotta let you know where my heart is comin' from,"

He continued to sing, his voice was so hypnotizing, so beautiful and magical.

"I shouldn't feel this way,
But I gotta say, 'Baby I gotta let you know...',"

I smiled - hearing his written lyrics, and knowing it was about me made it all the better. And the fact that he wrote this when he was fourteen. I didn't know it was even possible to loves someone enough to write them a song at that age.

"I will try everything
To make you come closer to me,"

"And baby do believe
That it's not just a phase,"

No kidding, here he was - singing the song he wrote seven years ago, to the same girl he wrote it for.

"How can I get it through
To tell you what I can't lose,"

"I will try 365 days
365 ways to get to you,"

That's when he put the strap over his shoulders and got up from the stage and made his way through the customers to the counter.

"Yeah, to get to
You, you, you, you, baby,"

"Every second
Every tick, tick of the clock (Every second)
I want you all to myself,"

He sang beautifully, finally getting to the counter.

"I just can't handle myself,
Feeling kinda guilty, but girl I can't stop,"

"Girl, I don't wanna
Nobody else, no one else, no one else…"

He sat up on the counter, not stopping playing the melody on his guitar or the beautiful gaze of his hazel eyes into mine, now that I see them up close. They're an amazing shade of light brown, with orange flecks, almost the colour of amber surrounding the black pupil. Even some of the lightest shades of green mixed into make a breath-taking colour of the beautiful hazel that is Austin's eyes. The only one-of-a-kind eye colour, but I think they're way better than Dallas' anyway - the same, old, dark brown eyes.

"I will try everything,
To make you come closer to me,"

"I'll try 365 days…
365 ways to get to you..."

Once he finished the incredible, beautiful song, the customers in the coffee shop cheered, he put the guitar behind his back, but instead of cheering too...

I took his face in my hands and kissed him. It was our first kiss.

He placed his left hand underneath my chin, lifting my head to reach him better as I moved my hands into his hair. I played with the locks of his blonde hair, intertwining my fingers with his hair. His hands moved to the back of my neck, his fingers tangled on the hair laying over my neck - deepening the kiss. Our eyes both fluttered closed, we didn't care it was in front of everyone in the coffee shop.

I'm pretty sure I grinned against his lips, but he did the same so...

After a while, we pulled apart - gasping for air - he laid his forehead against mine as we smiled, just gazing.

And that's when the customers cheered, more. If that was possible.


The next day, (1) when I woke up at eleven - I only have a one-hour shift today and that's not for hours! Yay!

I looked over to my guitar, the wooden instrument ha sun light bouncing off of it - I literally could almost hear a voice screaming...

"Play me, play me!"

I picked up the instrument and plucked the strings as my phone rang. Putting the guitar to the side, I answered the phone.

"Hey, Al."


"Hi. What's up?"

"I found some of your stuff at my place, you want me to drop it off?" He replied.

"Okay, fine. Can you drop it off now? I've got a shift in a few hours, Dallas." I say to him.

"Yeah, I'll be there in about five minutes."

And, like he said, five minutes later he arrived.

"Here." He said, giving me a brown, cardboard box containing of a few of my things.

"Thanks. Bye." He left without another thought and I shut the door, maybe this'll be the last time. Yes!

I took the box into my bedroom and got out the three items.

Lip gloss.

A pair of high heels.

A James Taylor Record.

That's when a huge inspiration for a new song came to me. I grabbed my guitar and strummed the strings, playing a tune as I sang.

"Took a deep breath in the mirror
He didn't like it when I wore high heels
But I do..."


The number ting!

(1) Sorry for skipping ahead!