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"Come on, please?" Alice begged. I hefted all of my weight onto the wrench struggling with all my might to crank the stupid metal box open.

"I really don't want to go Alice." I layered on as much sarcasm as I could, standing up and bringing my foot down hard onto the stupid wrench. My foot skidded off, smacking into the metal. Ow-!

"Why not?!" She tugged on my hand as if bound and determined to drag me there herself. I inwardly laughed; as if she has the strength to do something like that.

"Because I-,"

"How do you expect to return home when you hardly go out and meet people?!" My hand unconsciously drifted over my practically empty bottle. She's right. I really haven't gone out to see people. But I've already met the twins and Hatter so I shouldn't have to go again when there really is no one else to meet.

"F-fine!" She cried running straight to the exit. The betrayal in her voice was clear. Guilt immediately began to plague me. Why should I feel guilty? I don't want to be the freaking third wheel so Blood can't hit on her. Why did she agree in the first place anyway? She's an idiot! I've personally only been to the Hatter's residence a few times and it always ended up with Blood taking Alice into the next room with shouts and fighting but then, suddenly, Alice feels herself sucked into Blood's charms, leaving me all alone with the twins. Not that I mind too much but they constantly want to 'play' and that usually means bruises and cuts for me. I can hold my own well enough but...I sighed, smacking my head against the generator. A growl built up in the back of my throat as I kicked the wrench one last time, resulting in only a very painful ankle.

"Oh forget it! Gowland! I'm taking my break!" I shouted loudly, making sure my voice carried over the crowds of people. He barely had time to look in my direction before I angrily strode away. I can't believe it...Alice better appreciate this!

Why am I doing this? I don't owe her anything nor should I. When I first got here who helped me? No one! They all too busy fawning over Alice to even pay attention to me. The only one who really acknowledged my presence was Mary and even he ignored me half the time! It was only when I began to show him I was a true engineer that he actually began to even talk to me. What's so good about Alice anyway?!

I stopped dead in my tracks berating myself for the insulting thought. How can I even think that?! Alice is a nice, kind girl who deserves some attention. And now that I'm thinking Alice did hang out with me every now and then even though she didn't have to. Something about having another 'actually sane person here in wonderland'? I stopped in my tracks. Forget it! I'm not going! I spun around, only to run into an impassable chest.

"Ah, Jackie!" I glanced up spying the knight of hearts. He had a silly toothy grin over his face.

"Hey Ace." I said sourly. I'm not really in the mood to deal with him. He's a trouble maker, that's for sure. Funny, but not really worth it.

"Awe~ what kind of greeting is that?" He whined.

"What do you want Ace?" I harshly asked. I cringed at the own criticism in my voice. I didn't mean to sound like that.

"Why are you being such a meanie?" He asked, poking my arm. I swiped at his hand pushing him away.

"I can't help it. I'm just in a foul mood." I gruffly stated, continuing down the cobble stone path. Let's see the Mansion should be further down this road...

"Oh, I know! Let's go on an adventure! That will cheer you up!" Ace shouted happily. I spun around barely dodging his snatching hands.

"Ah-!" I screamed as Ace threw me onto his shoulder, happily running off towards the woods.

"Ace. Put. Me. Down!" I shouted, erupting into a mad frenzy of kicking and thrashing. It's already dusk! How does he expect me to get home this late? My heart stuck in place; then that means camping with him-! I shoved and writhed in his immobile arms.

"No way! Then I wouldn't be able to feel your plump butt~," Ace pouted, patting my butt earning a short, unnaturally high pitched scream. I blushed madly, simmering in my fury. Next time...the next time his guard is down I'm knocking his head clean off.

"Please, Ace?" I begged.

"But you'll run away."

"I won't run away."

"Yes you will."

"No I won't."


"Yeah." I said, sealing my awful fate. Ace relented, placing me on my feet. His hand never left mine as he continued to drag me through the woods. I nearly fell several times from the excruciating pains that shot up my leg. Did I fracture my ankle or something? It's killing me!

I froze as the scent of black tea drifted into my nose. I covered my delicate organ from the stench. I've never been a fan of tea or even coffee for that manner. They just taste off to me.

"Oh? That smells nice~ Let's go take a look!" Ace said, suddenly changing direction and charged right towards the smell. The sudden shift sent a twisting agony through my foot.

"Gah!" I shouted, practically hopping behind him.

"Stop right there, knave of hearts." A strong voice demanded. I bumped right into Ace's back from the sudden halt. I clenched my teeth, holding back a pained whimper as I stood on my opposite foot, nursing my ankle. That doesn't sound like Blood or the twins. Or any other voice I've heard.

"Huh? Oh, why hello Elliot!" Ace shouted cheerfully. Ace wouldn't talk to a faceless like that. Another role holder perhaps? I clutched the knight's clothes, trying to keep myself up. I can't even move...

"Ace...what are you doing here? This is Hatter's territory!" The man shouted angrily. I stiffened. Hatter's-?!

"Oh? It is? But this is the way to the amusement park." Ace said matter of fact. I felt an exasperated sigh leave my lip. Y-you've got to be kidding me...The Amusement park was in the freaking opposite direction!

"Ugh, your lost again?!" The man shouted irritably.

"Huh? I'm not lost! We're going to the amusement park!" Ace cheerfully proclaimed.

"We?" The man hissed.

"Yeah! Me and the foreigner!" I stiffened. The second I get the chance I'm dumping his butt and leaving.

"Alice is back with the Hatter. Is your brain rotting too?" The man said in a monotone sort of voice.

"Awe that's mean~ no, I'm not going with Alice, I'm going with Jackie!" Ace moved aside, revealing me to the unknown man. My face twisted for a moment with pain as I stood on my one foot. My eyes immediately scanned up and down his large stature. He was tall with orange hair and bunny...ears? Great. Another rabbit?

"A foreigner...?" His voice trailed off as his eyes glazed over. Wait, if this is the Hatters estate then I have a choice. Either suffer in a tent with Ace or go to that tea party Alice mentioned earlier.

"Your name is Elliot right?" He blankly stared at me. I tilted my head slightly; did he hear me?

"Elliot?" Ace asked, also gazing at him with a puzzled expression. Elliot jumped a little, coming out of his trance. He's probably just shocked that someone other than Alice exists from our world.


"Elliot can you take me to the tea party? Alice invited me to come." I added, hoping that the alibi would help me gain access to the mansion.

"Oh? Ah, yes, of course." He blinked a few times, as though trying to reorganize his thoughts. I yelped as Ace wrapped his arms around my shoulders pulling me back into a hug.

"Awe~ you're gonna leave me? That's not very nice...," He complained.

"G-get off-!" I jumped and uttered a small scream as Ace's sword cut across my field of vision.


I stiffened, spying Elliot's pistil drawn and aimed right at Ace's head.

"That's not very safe you know~," Ace sang.

Elliot's eyes widened as Ace stiffened. Elliot's eyes scowled irately at something behind Ace. I glanced back as my heart leapt into my mouth. A tall lean shadow was cowering behind the tree, watching intently. I sucked in a deep breath, calming myself. Relax, it's just an afterimage...

"Huh? Ah, Julius is calling for me~ We can play later, ok?" Ace said, releasing his hold on me, tromping back into the woods; towards the castle. Again the pain in my foot nearly crippled me as I shifted my weight to the other leg. Is it twisted? I glanced back at Elliot who was now staring directly at me. I shifted uncomfortably under his relentless gaze. W-what is he staring at? Or is he just zoning out?

"Will his sense of direction ever cease to disappoint me?" I spoke up, breaking the tense silence as I chuckled nervously. He blinked, snapping back to reality.

"I doubt it." He added with a strained chuckle. His eyes remained ever so keen

"Ah, it's getting late. I should probably go too...," I trailed off, doing my best not to limp away.

"Weren't you going to the tea party?" Elliot asked, lightly touching my arm. A faint blush grew over my cheeks. He's really...big.

"Ah, yes well about that-,"

"ONEE-CHAN~," Two voices shouted. I jumped as the twins plowed into me, barely able to stay on my feet. A searing jolt of pain shot up my leg from their extra weight. Ouch-!

"Hey, get off you brats!" Elliot shouted, yanking them right off with ease. The twins struggled in his tight grasps, shouting insults left and right.

"Jackie you came!" Alice shouted, coming along the path. I looked up trying to keep a friendly smile despite the agony torturing me with every step.

"Ah, yeah...," I said, not having the heart to tell her I was forced. Although I'm positive I would have changed my mind and came later on...

"A pleasure meeting you again, Jackie." Blood's somewhat formal voice called over. Despite his friendly airs I could see the annoyance coloring his face. He wanted to be by himself with Alice I'm sure...

"She's been here before?" Elliot asked, looking over to Blood.

"On a few occasions. You were always our doing work and other things so you've never properly met, have you?"

"Come on, Jackie~," Alice smiled, exuberant that I actually showed up. I couldn't help but smile at her enthusiasm. She's a cute girl. She took me by the hand, leading me down the path with Blood and the twins in front and Elliot toiling behind.

"Aren't you coming, Elliot?"

"Uh, yeah." He answered. I gazed over his questionable mood. Is he always like this? Or is he still in shock from those afterimages? I didn't expect a guy who would pull a gun so easily be scared of those things. They don't hurt anyone; they're only there for clocks.


She's beautiful. My eyes emptily gazed over her supple curves and strong stride. I was shocked to see another foreigner. I never imagined that I would be lucky enough to see another one during this game. How long she's been here for?

Even Alice pales in comparison to her. Her odd two different colored eyes drew me into a trance. One was a beautiful bright green and the other a glassy light blue...even her hair is interesting, with apple red bangs and her ebony black layered hair. My eyes traveled down absorbing every possible feature. My violet eyes uneasily rested on her hobbling feet.

Her pace is uneven.


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