I shoved against Elliot's stomach trying to wiggle out of his grasp. It's already noon! How long is he planning to sleep for?! Hours I've spent in his grasp, kicking and batting his chest trying to wake him up. The only somewhat of a reaction I get is an ear twitch if anything at all! An idea clicked. Ears...he hates it when Alice pulls on them. I reached up, ready to wrench them out of his skull as my frustration bubbled over.

Unfortunately I caught sight of his sleeping face once again. His angelic features rendered me speechless as his hot breath poured over my face. A blush rose over my cheeks. Y-you've got to be kidding me...I've tried to rip his ears out earlier this morning but his face stopped me every time. I'm helpless against that cherubic face. Anything I attempt to do to wake him up is deflated so fast that I'm left helpless and...and...oh what the heck!

I slumped in his grasp, finally on the verge of giving up. I guess I have to just wait it out. My stomach viciously tore through my torso threatening to devour my body if I didn't satisfy it soon. I'm hungry, thirsty, and, worst of all, bored out of my freaking mind! I've lain here for hours waiting for him to wake up on his own but not he hasn't shown even the slightest hint of waking up. Am I doomed here until whenever he feels like waking up? I irritably huffed, glaring at his face. His adorable face will only get him so far...

His ears twitched, catching my eye. I'm bored as hell. I might as well try to enjoy myself while I'm stuck here. I wormed one of my arms out of his grasp gently clutching his ear. His soft velvet fur tickled my fingers as I playfully tugged on them.

"Hmmm Jackie?" Elliot murmured as his eyes drifted in between the dream realm and reality. I frowned. Boo; I was hoping to play with them a little longer. I pressed a little harder unwilling to relinquish my new enjoyment just yet. Elliot's nose twitched as he stiffened beneath me with bugging wide eyes.

"Urk-! J-Jackie, please stop-!" He restlessly moved under me tossing his head side to side to deter my fickle hands. A blush rose over his cheeks as he gently tried to push me off. I pouted before maliciously grinning. He's embarrassed. Good! I'm not letting him go until he feels what I felt through the entire freaking night this inconsiderate jerk! I slid onto his stomach pinning him on his back as I gained a better grasp on his ears.

"No. This is your punishment for making me wait five freaking hours while you slept like a baby." I teased, taking his other ear in my hand. I stroked his ears from the base to the tips all the while moving my fingers in a circular motion.

"P-please stop-!" He muttered as the grunting noise flurried through his clenched teeth. I giggled at his vibrating chest as his blush grew deeper.

"No way! This is too funny!" I mocked, rubbing his ears faster. Ha! The faster I go the deeper his blush gets! I struggled to hold back my rampant laughter. Ah, maybe he's had enough now...?

"I-I...," His voice trailed off as his breathing became heavy. The humming grumbles grew louder with each breathe cutting off what the message he was trying to convey. His chest heaved beneath my weight as he pushed himself up with a flushed face. I slid down slightly moving to my knees to keep my position as I continued to rub and tug on his defenseless ears. What is he up to? Trying to escape before I'm done?

"Jackie...," I glanced up, looking into his hazy violet eyes. His arms were trembling and his face was the deepest shade of red I've ever seen on him. I grinned at my success. He's flustered beyond all reason - good! I gazed into his blushing face. The temptation to continue was too great to pull out. I'm not letting him go just yet; it's time for some pay back here!

"What~?" I teased in a lower tone, daring him to try and leave before his humiliation was over. He sucked in a wild gasp as he jutted his head forward crashing his lips into mine. His hands tangled in my hair forcibly holding my head still. A shot of electricity shot down my spine from the unexpected response. A warm and alien feeling squeezed my heart as he pulled back for a split second before putting more force behind the passionate kiss. A heated throbbing send spasms down the length of my arms that clutched him in my grasp. The slow moving trance consumed my flesh, craving to hold him closer.

It scared the living hell out of me.

I stiffened and immediately tried to retreat but his strength was too much. He wouldn't relent no matter how much force surged through my muscles. H-he's too strong-! I leaned back with all my strength to which he responded accordingly, falling on top of me. His lips moved hungrily against mine in a mad rage for more. He rolled over a few times on the bed adding another round of growling hums. I huffed from each time he repositioned himself; he's heavy as hell! His grunting purrs became louder and more obvious as he laid over my body minimizing my own movement. I struggled to pull back and breath but his lips wouldn't allow it. Instead he held me closer denying any chance of getting a breath. As the world began to spin from lack of oxygen he pulled back with a gasp. I gapped for air. W-what is he doing-?!

"E-Elliot-!" I whimpered, turning my lips away from him. What is this?! W-why is he kissing me? I thought he hated having his ears touched and now he's all over me-! Is this his way of punishing me for touching his ears too much? Impossible! Elliot wouldn't do something like that; would he? Fear trickled in, squeezing my chest. I-I can't stop him-! He ravenously pressed his lips to my lower jaw nipping at the soft skin. I held back a yelp from the painful bite.

"Elliot get off of me-!" I trilled, kicking his legs weakly. He bit down harder in response.

"Hmm...," He absentmindedly hummed as he kissed the love bite, gnawing at the skin down my neck. His grunting hums increased in tempo while he repeatedly bit and kissed the marks on my neck with no signs of relenting. He pressed his pelvis against my hips entrapping my legs so I couldn't kick him.

"Elliot-!" I cried as he bit hard at the base of my neck. He reconciled and kissed the spot, lapping up the blood he drew with his slimy tongue. I desperately flung my gaze over the room, spying my wrench conveniently on the nightstand. I reached out snatching it up in my prying hands. That's enough-!

"Get off me-!" I shrieked connecting the wrench to his head. Elliot recoiled back from the hard hit clattering over the side of the bed. I scrambled back on the sheets, raising the wrench up high. My heart pounded furiously as I struggled to get my bearings. He-he was close. I-I really thought he was going to-! I took a deep shaky breath trying to sooth my riled nerves. So help me if he even tries to get up I'll dash his brains out...I stiffened as he jumped up to his feet. He blinked twice, puzzled.

"Huh? Where am I?" He looked around with wide eyes, clearly disoriented. His gaze drifted over my raggedly breathing state and wide frightened eyes.

"Ah-! Jackie, are you alright?" He asked. He leaned forward placing his hands on the side of the bed. My heart did summersaults as the feeling of his kiss brushed over my lips.

"Don't you dare touch me Elliot-!" I screamed, trembling with the wrench in hand. My heart pounded frantically as I gulped down precious oxygen. He cringed back looking over me with a very confused demeanor.

"W-what's wrong?!" He worriedly questioned. His honestly genuine eyes held no spark of the earlier mad man that emerged. My heart slowed as the sense of danger dwindled. He honestly has no idea what's happening.

"Y-you...what's going on?" I shakily asked, lowering my weapon but still held a firm grasp on it.

"I...Jackie, what is going on? Why do you have your wrench? And why are you so scared?" He sent a barrage of questions my way, mashing his eye brows together in a mass heap of confusion. My jaw popped open as anger sweltered through me. What? Does he not consider forcibly making out with me an assault?!

"One second your assaulting me and the next your acting like this?!" I demanded angrily. He hinged back, startled by my claim.

"What are you talking about? You were the one attacking me!" Elliot defended. He cringed and held his head at the place I struck him. His beady eyes stuck on the wrench in my hand.

"D-did you hit me with that wrench?!" He exclaimed, bewildered. I sat frozen to the wall.

"You...you don't remember?" I choked out, exasperated. There's no way I knocked out his memories. If I did he would have been forgetting a lot more than just the past few minutes. I didn't even hit him in the right spot to cause memory loss!

"Remember? Remember what?" He asked, tilting his head to the side. I shivered as I looked over his ears which triggered whatever kind of response he had. He didn't react like that before so what tipped him over the edge? And why can't he remember any of it?

"Tell me what you remember." I calmly asked. He...it seems that he really doesn't remember anything. How?

"You were pulling on my ears and sitting on my stomach. I didn't want to hurt you but you kept yanking on my ears and then...," His eyes turned distant as he scrunched up his nose, "And then I was on the ground. Why did something happen-?" He cut himself short as his eyes grew wide. My grip tightened over the wrench; again-?!

"You're bleeding-!" He shouted, taking my face in his hands. He turned my head getting a better look at the bloody bite. Heat surged through my body in a crashing flood making my cheeks burn.

"G-get off me-!" I shouted kicking his shin. I will not be violated like that again!

"Ow!" He yelped, falling forward. I huffed painfully from his full weight. A violent torrent of throbbing heat scourged my body. I shoved against Elliot, trying to push him off. I-I don't like it-!

"Jackie it's time for you to wake up already! If you think you can spend your break here-Oh?" My head shot up, peering over Elliot's shoulder at Mary. He stood frozen in the doorway, surprised. A grin pulled up his lips as, again, he got the wrong impression.

"Ah, I see! Well then take as long of a break as you like~," Gowland sang as he left. I gritted my teeth. T-that's the second time...

"Are you alright? You're acting strange Jackie." Elliot commented, tugging me to my feet.

"Whose fault do you think that is?!" I sourly demanded. I stomped past him snatching up a few dozen bills. I'm renting staying in a hotel or something in town. There's no way in hell am I coming back here for Mary to badger me!

"Ah, Jackie wait-!" Elliot called out as he slipped on his shoes.

I can't believe it-! One second I have Elliot under my boot and the next he's got me under his thumb! An incessant clicking near my hips caught my ear. I looked down, spying my belt lazily flopping about and my pants unzipped. How in the hell did he do that?! I hastily put together the embarrassing fashion statement. When in the world did he unbuckle my pants? While he was on top of me and - my face erupted into a barrage of blushing. H-he bit me and-and...! All I was doing was rubbing his freaking ears! Why did he react like that? An unsettling thought dawned on me. Rubbing his ears...and, since he's a rabbit could that mean...GAH! There's no way that would happen! I-I don't even know if that's supposed to be a-a-!

"Jackie please stop!" Elliot called, catching my hand. I whipped around, trying to yank my hand back as fear snatched hold of my heart. My eyes narrowed at the foreign feeling that accompanied it. W-what is that? Vulnerability? No...something hot and something very untamed ran rampant through my chest wreaking havoc with my poor heart.

"W-what?" I asked. He opened his mouth to say something but paused.

"Where are you going with that?" He questioned pointing to the cash that I held.

"To rent a cheap hotel. There's no way I'm going back to the amusement park. Not for a while at least...," I trailed off just imagining the numerous things that Mary would say to me.

"That much money isn't going to get you anything." Elliot said, studying the meager amount of cash.

"What are you talking about? This is plenty! I must have twenty bills...," I trailed off as I gazed at the numbers in the upper corner. My heart sank as I looked over the repeating '1s' all over the bills. Twenty bucks...he's right. I'm not going to find anything with this. I sighed; there's no way I'm going back to get more.

"Ah! Why don't you stay at the mansion?" He asked, happily clasping my hands. I stared at him in disbelief.

"Seriously?!" I demanded. He expects me to pretend that nothing happened this morning?!

"Yeah. You don't want to?" His ears drooped as he pouted. My heart strings were plucked by his baby face.

"I-I'll think about it. But for now I need to get my shoes back." The words tumbled out of my mouth without meaning to. I'm just digging myself deeper into a pit...

"Really? I'm glad!" Elliot cheerfully cried with a grin stretching from ear to ear. A smile found its way to my lips as I looked over his happy expression.

"Ah; what happened to your shoes?" I glanced down. Ah, I was in such a rush that I forgot to grab some.

"Oops." I sarcastically uttered. Oh well. I sighed and walked in the direction of the mansion.

"Where are you going?" Elliot demanded, catching my hand.

"To the mansion." I answered, puzzled.

"Without shoes on? You'll hurt yourself!" Elliot protested. I grimaced already feeling the pulsing through my aching feet.

"Oh please. I'm not a weakling, Elliot." I huffed with a laugh. I'm not weak like Alice is. Does he think that all foreigners are weak because of Alice?

"But your still a woman." He pointed out with a serious expression. Heat rushed to my face from the embarrassing statement.

"B-but-! I'm strong and-and-!" I weakly returned, unable to say anything in turn. He throatily chuckled.

"I know you are." He praised as he snatched me up in his arms. "But it's fine to have help every now and then!"

"Gah!" he gently cradled my hips in his one arm and my legs in the other as he went down the path. Flashes of his ravenous hands flashed through my mind.

"P-put me down!" I shouted.

"Why? I want to carry you!" He said with a shining smile. My struggling died down as I realized that he wasn't going to lighten up on me. Geez...

It was a silent walk to the mansion. Elliot had a perfectly steady walk, never slowing even with the extra burden. I kept my gaze away from him trying to retain what dignity I had left. When we made it to the gates it was still noon. I wonder how long this noon is going to be?

"Hah? The twins are slacking off. Again." Elliot sighed, annoyed as he continued towards the locked gates.

"Ah, I don't suppose you have a key do you?" I asked, chuckling. What other way is there into the estate? Plenty I'm sure.

"Not a problem!" Elliot smiled as he crouched down. Without warning he bounded straight up into the air easily clearing the fence. My arms wrapped around his neck as the wind surged past us. We're falling-! His legs coiled up on impact, easily taking the full recoil of the landing. My mouth popped open. He straightened up with a grin.

"See? No problem-,"

"Elliot that was amazing! I had no idea you could jump that high! That's so cool-!" My amazement got the better of me as the praises gushed past my lips. A faint blush crossed his cheeks with instant chagrin.

"Aw, i-it's not that special...," He reconciled.

"Of course it is! That was really cool!" I grinned, overtaken by his ability. As to be expected from a rabbit, I guess.

"Thank you for returning him on time, miss." We both looked up spying Blood and Alice walking up to us. I loosened my grip on his neck as he slipped me onto my feet.

"Elliot, let's go. We have business to attend to." Blood said walking past us without another look in my direction.

"Ah, of course!" Elliot quickly followed leaving me alone with Alice. Well, that was fast. not even a few seconds on the estate and he's already off on business. I warily glanced over to Alice who had her eyes locked on Blood.

"A-Alice, I'm really sorry for what I said before...," I started, knowing that it was going to come up sooner or later.

"What are you talking about?" She asked in an obviously fake voice.

"I was mad and flustered and just wanted to get out of the situation and you were in the way. It wasn't right for me to say those things about you." I added, trying not to sound condescending. She took a deep breath, looking me in the eyes.

"It hurt." She said.


"You were a jerk."

"Yeah." I agreed.

"You said some really mean things."

"I'm really sorry, Alice." I looked away unable to look her in the eyes. I'm such an embarrassment...my gaze flickered over her as she sighed.

"But I've been quite rude myself. I'm sorry too." Alice conceded. I smiled. Alice is a nice person. We were both at fault. Me a little more than her but it's nice, all the same. The same unsettling explanation came to mind as I shivered. This is the perfect time to check.

"Alice can you take me to the library?" I asked.

"I thought you didn't like to read?" She questioned with a suspicious glint in her eye.

"I just need to look something up." I bantered, tugging her along. She smiled, leading me into the mansion and through the winding hallways. It's amazing she doesn't get lost in here.

"Here is it." She said a little earlier than I thought she would. I glanced up; Blood's office? She nonchalantly walked into the head mafia's office gesturing to all the books around her.

"What were you looking for?" She asked.

"Animal behaviors." I said without thinking. A tiny grin deviously curled her lips up.

"Oh~ and would this-,"

"It's for Boris. He's getting on my nerves lately and I'm wondering if it's just the season or something that's making him act like an idiot." I weakly lied. She studied my lie before shrugging her shoulders. I sighed. Dodged a bullet on that one. I followed her four rows back, watching as she skillfully scanned the wall. She pulled out one book in particular, handing it to me.

"Here you go; from behaviors about cats to mice...," she paused as I took the book into my hands, "to rabbits." I couldn't stop my slight cringe of a reaction before controlling myself. She's already suspicious as it is. I-I just need to relax. This means nothing.

"Thanks." I said, flipping open the book to cats. I'll have to actually read this and wait for later to relocate this book.

"Ah, miss Alice Blood wishes to see you." A red haired maid called. Alice pouted.

"Tell him I'll be right there." I knew it. This nosey little girl...

"I'm so sorry but he insists." She responded. Alice huffed, flickering her orbs in my direction.

"Fine." The second she was out the door I flipped through the pages until I hit the rabbit section. I scanned down the page, looking under 'courtship'

A male rabbit while in its sex drive will continually search for a female until it satisfies its need for reproduction. Usually in this time the buck will act aggressively towards others to assert its dominance.

I bit my lip nervously. When he pointed his gun at Mary he was looking more intimidating than usual...I slapped myself, forcing myself to read on. He's always had a sour note towards Gowland!

The buck - or, male rabbit - will circle the female to gain her attention and then-

Circle the female...Elliot rolling me around on the bed flashed into my mind making me flush with embarrassment. No no, that can't be it! Could it? I read on, sucked into the inked based words.

...and then will proceed to make grunting hums showing that he is sexually aroused. The female in turn will nibble and tug at the male's ears-

Ah; so that's what it was. Elliot reacted like that because I was pulling on his ears. I shuttered. Then what was up with all the biting? I thought bunnies were supposed to be gentle creatures! I kept reading.

...male's ears showing her interest before lying down and sticking up her tail, showing that she is ready to mate. At this point the buck will mount her biting viciously into her neck to deter the prospect of fleeing. This motion sometimes will tear out fur and draw blood. All the while the male will inject the female with his-

"Oh? And what are you reading?" I screamed and threw the book in the air with a tomato red face as I spun around, facing a smirking Blood.

"W-w-w-w-w-at what? I-I was reading about c-c-c-c-c-c-cats I swear-!" I said, yelping as the book smacked into my head. The hatter laughed hysterically as I fell to the ground gripping my head.

"Ha~ it seems that the lady has noticed." Blood grinned mischievously as he coolly picked up the book.

"N-noticed what?" I asked.

"You're not an idiot as much as I wish to believe," He badgered, tapping the book on my head, "I'll say this as a warning, then. Elliot may be a gentle man but he is the second in command of the mafia. Do you understand what I'm getting at?"

"Y-yeah." I answered. Being in the mafia means that he has to have something fierce in him. Meaning that it's probably not for the best to be involved with him.

"I'm glad that we've come to an understanding." He simpered at my discomfort handing me the book. I took it but he held firm to it, drawing my attention.

"Stay here during your break. It will be more interesting with you here."

"I-I was going to-,"

"You're dirt poor and don't have any spare clothing at the amusement park. It would be quite a shame if, during your absence, all of your rubbish somehow is...burned to a crisp wouldn't you say?" He lightly threatened. I shivered. Creepy.

"I'll stay." I relented. I actually like having my stuff in one piece.

"Good. Feel free to do as you please while you are here. Now if you excuse me I'll be off; Elliot and I have some outside business to take care of." Blood noted as he departed. The second the door closed I slumped to my feet. I sucked in a deep breath, flipping through the pages of the book again dedicating myself to each and every word, rereading it again and again.

Dusk filtered through the window as I finished the last paragraph for the hundredth time. T-there's no avoiding it. All the rolling and biting and kissing...I accidentally got Elliot...aroused. My face flushed madly from the thought of his breath on my neck. But then why did he forget everything? This book says nothing about that part! The wrench in my side pocket felt heavier than usual. Maybe I did hit him too hard? I sighed. Don't be worried. Let's just forget about this little embarrassment. Elliot doesn't remember so I should just forget about it. My fingers brushed over the bite marks he so graciously left me. That's going to take a while...

"So you are looking up rabbits!" Alice exclaimed, smirking. I stiffened and slammed the book shut. I glanced back, spying Alice leaning against the bookcase.

"S-so?" I stammered, jamming the book back into its rightful place.

"So...?" She asked, meaning for me to finish her sentence. I sighed. It's not safe to confide in her but...she's the only one I got.

"See these?" I asked, tilting my head and pulling my long raven hair to the side. She examined my neck for a split second before realizing what they were.

"Oh my goodness-! Elliot did this to you?!" She cried. I jumped up covering her mouth.

"Hush!" She nodded as I pulled back my hands.

"Yeah he did." I admitted. I glanced up flinching at her pissed off expression.

"That stupid idiot-!" She barked, turning for the door.

"Don't!" She turned back, puzzled. I sighed, "He doesn't even remember." she pondered my words for a moment, contemplating. She took my wrist dragging me to the couch and sat me down.

"Explain." She said. I sighed, pulling out my wrench and flipping it around in my hands nervously; a habit I've become accustomed to for when I'm nervous. Like a poor helpless idiot I explained what happened from me rubbing his ears to hitting him with the wrench.

"I'm afraid I made him lose his memories and-," I paused, noticing her jealous pout.

"Alice?" she glanced back at me.

"He let you touch his ears?" She asked, sounding undignified.

"Only because he told me to." I said, not understanding why she was the one upset.

"That's not fair. He's never let me do that!" Rather than anger at her selfish view a warm feeling enveloped me. I'm the only one huh...I smiled unconsciously.

"Excuse me?" A voice called out. We looked up spying a maid with long red hair. Ah; she was the one from last time.

"Yes?" Alice said.

"Blood wishes to see you." She called out. Alice pouted.

"Tell him I'll see him later." Alice said, denying the maid her wish. "Now, why would you hit him so hard that he-,"

"I'm sorry miss but I really must insist." The maid was relentless. I glanced over to her noticing her stiff posture and forced words. Her jaw was taunt and strained and she kept her hand hidden behind a large silver platter in her arm. A pit in my gut screamed danger as she rigidly gestured out the door. Alice sighed.

"Didn't Blood and Elliot go off for negotiations?" Alice snapped. I suspiciously eyed the maids easy going smile that appeared as though it was scripted.

"Ah, yes but he has prepared a tea party for you." She said, unable to cover the strain in her voice. Again the uneasy feeling riddled my stomach. Why is she so insistent? Alice sighed, finally relenting.

"Alright. Jackie, come with me." Alice pleaded.

"I'm not a fan of tea-,"

"I apologize but he insisted for you to come alone." My gaze ran over the maid's hard words and stiff posture. Something's not right here. Why alone? And why does she sound so upset?

"Fine," she turned to me and said, "I'll be right back after I turn him down. You're not getting away that easily!"

"Yeah yeah alright." I sighed. I watched the maid as she stepped aside for Alice to come through. Why is she so...forceful? None of the maids are like that. And, now that I'm thinking about it, none of the maids have red hair. She shifted the platter slightly revealing a flash of black and a smirk flashing across her face.

"Alice run-!" I shrieked as she lifted the deadly weapon and aimed. My body reacted on its own. I threw the wrench with all I had, startling the maid.


Alice screamed bloody murder as I surged forward. The red head spun around but before she could fire I lunged, tackling her to the ground. I have to get that gun away from her-! The woman swung her gun around hitting me in the head with the metal weapon. I yelped and hinged to the side before raising my fist, bringing it down onto her nose. She cried out firing off another round which went right into the ceiling. Tears dabbed her eyes from the bone jarring hit.

"Alice run-!" My gaze flickered over to her crumpled body which was strewn over the floor. My heart stuttered as a red liquid seeped into her white sleeve. Fury enveloped my heart as I lashed out my fist with renewed vigor.

"How dare you hurt her-!" I screamed beyond reason. She can't even fight-! She's so sweet and cares for everyone that she can. She opened herself up to others doing her best to make them feel at peace. Why? Why did she shoot her-?! The maid swung her gun around again hitting me in the head. I gasped as he snatched a fistful of hair cracking my head against the tile floor. I hastily scrambled to my feet staring down the barrel of the gun.

"It's his fault...it's his fault that she's dead-!" She sputtered with a maniacal laugh. "If she wasn't here then he wouldn't have died-!" She shrieked, pulling the trigger.


I spun around kicking her outstretched hand as heat seared past my waist in the most painful of ways. I glared at her as the gun skittered over the floor hitting the wall. Shock crossed her face as she stared at the blood already seeping through my shirt. I huffed painfully from the exertion, holding the area.

"I'm not that weak." I grinned as adrenaline kicked through my system. I surged forward snatching hold of her shirt and bringing my knee to her stomach. She coughed painfully as she doubled over dragging her long nails across my collarbone. I swung my fist around connecting it to her head. She dropped like a rock, huffing and heaving on the rug. A grin flashed across her eyes as he lurched forward sweeping a blade across my stomach. She has a knife-! I huffed and leapt back barely dodging her next attack. Thank goodness for all of my martial arts lessons or else I would already be dead. Again and again she lashed the knife out barely skimming across my skin. She let out a savage shout running the knife into my left arm. I screamed and threw my fist right into her head, snapping her head to the side.

Without warning she went limp, eyes rolling to the back of her head. I knocked her out? I-I didn't even hit her that hard. I staggered to the side, glancing over the knife wound. Only a skim. I-I'll be fine. I ran past her coming to Alice's side. Please-! Please be alright-! I jammed my fingers to her neck feeling for her pulse. I sighed, relief flooding through me. She's alive. I spun around as heels clicked against the ground. She dove forward snatching hold of her gun before I dashed towards her. No-!


I jumped, stomping right on her wrist. She let out a pained squeal as she tried to retract herself. I kicked down hard right over her arm shuttering as I felt the bone break. I jumped back frightened as she rolled on the ground with a terribly agonized scream. I hurt her...I really hurt her-! I dove forward snatching her gun and backed away keeping it aimed to her. My aim remained firm and unwavering as I kept her at bay. She heaved as tears streaked her face.

"If you hurt my friends...," I warned in a deadly voice, cocking the gun, "I will kill you." The sincere message in my own voice sent shivers down my spine. All fear was gone; I didn't care anymore. If she wanted to kill my dearest friends then she will have to kill me first. Her eyes widened as she looked to my left where I couldn't see because of my blind eye. My gaze flickered to her target; the vase...? She lunged forward. I gritted my teeth pulling the trigger.


My eyes widened. It's out of bullets-! A sudden dull pain erupted against the side of my head sending me spiraling into a world of darkness.


"Is she dead?" The tiny radio called in.

"Not yet but she will be." I reported, huffing painfully. That little s*** really knew how to fight...

"Good. Don't kill her yet." The voice ordered. My head flicked to the side from the voice as I took a few sharp edged pieces of the vase.

"What?! This little b**** nearly killed me and your telling me to-!"

"The point of this is to make him suffer. What is better? For Elliot to suddenly see that his lover is dead or to watch her suffer through a long, painful death?" I laughed at his ingenious logic. I might not make it out of here alive but he's right; a slow, torturous death will be better. I snatched her by the hair, laying her over my knee as I slowly carved out a quick message into her flesh. Now whenever he looks upon her sullied skin he will know the agony that we've suffered because of him. She groaned in her forced slumber from the painful lines. I grinned throwing her roughly back onto the ground. That son of a b**** of a hare will slowly watch her die, not being able to do anything about it.

"And Alice?"

"No. Leave it as it is. I want this little game to last a while." He laughed sinisterly. I smiled. Yes...that is the best. For them to see their lovers slowly perish...I took out the transmitter, swallowing it as I ran into a nearby room snatching up some sheets. If I'm lucky they might even shoot them without knowing it~ My grin grew wider as I imagined their surprise and horror. With the sheets in place I knelt over Jackie's body. I raised the knife up high as I heard voices down the hall. Ah, they're back early. It doesn't matter what happens to me. What only matters is the fun of the game. I smiled as I imagined their terrified faces.

This will be fun.


"Geez that was annoying...why did you have to go and start making fun of his name again Blood?" I huffed. Negotiations were actually going pretty well until Blood started to mock Mary's name. Again.

"It was getting quite boring and I wanted some fun...ah, speaking of entertainment, it seems that you've given that other foreigner a run for her money." Blood chuckled, recalling something.

"What are you talking about?" I asked. For the past hour he's been making snide comments about that.

"You didn't see those bite marks in her neck?" Blood questioned with a teasing note to hid voice.

"B-bite marks-?!" I exclaimed. Someone bit her?! Blood curiously looked over my reaction.

"You don't remember? Oh this is funnier than I thought~," Blood relentlessly goaded. I sighed as we turned in the hall.

My eyes narrowed as I spied a mad red haired woman in a maids outfit kneeling over a bloody body with a knife in hand. Another spy? She brought the knife down jabbing it into the victim covered in a blood seeped sheet. Why would she cover them up? It's obvious that there are two maids beneath those. I raised my pistil at her, to which she only smiled. How annoying. They keep popping up like cockroaches. I fired with deadly accuracy hitting the annoyance in the chest. She fell back dead on the spot. I sighed as I looked over the two covered corpses.

"Oh dear it seems they've gotten some more of them." Blood noted. "How boring." He dropped his cane into the closest one's stomach, yawning.

"Ah-!" A familiar voice breathed painfully. Blood's widened eyes flickered back to the sheet as he snatched the sheets tearing it off to reveal Alice, huffing with tears streaking her face. My clock ticked faster as her terror filled face sent shivers down my spine. Alice-!

"B-Blood-!" She wailed. Blood immediately snatched her up in his arms raking his eyes over her.

"Alice-!" He said painfully, examining her blood soaked sleeve. He inched it up, growling as he caught sight of the bloody scratch. I glared over the spy. That wretch-!

"I-I-I-!" She stuttered, unable to speak past her crying sobs.

"Don't speak." Blood growled, hugging her closely.

"What the hell are you doing standing around like daisies? Go get the doctors! Now-!" I ordered the servants with us. Anger swept through me as I spied the pain and anguish ripping through Blood's eyes. It's killing him...to see his lover hurt this terribly. My own clock ached from her tear stricken face. I gritted my teeth. Whatever organization did this is going to pay-! I stifled my outrage, coming to the task at hand. I can hunt down the rest later.

"Alice are you alright?" I asked, kneeling beside them. I carefully looked over the wound in her arm; it's only a skim. I sighed with misplaced relief. Thank goodness...thank goodness the worst was avoided. Alice is hurt but she will be alright and Jackie should be back at the amusement park by now-

"J-Jackie-Jackie is-!" She sobbed, unable to tear her eyes off of the other maid. She stifled her crying into Blood's shoulder as his gaze darted to the sheet with a new horror. My heart froze over from her words. Jackie...what about Jackie...? I leapt over to the body slipping out the knife and ripped off the sheets.

There, lying on the ground, was Jackie bloodied and bruised. Her sleek face was slightly puffed with dark blotches starting to show through her milky white skin. Cuts were sliced into her body in an array of red lines. The sheet slipped from my immovable fingers, falling to the ground. Words could not find their way to my trembling lips as I hesitantly touched her pale face.

...She's cold...

Hands touched her as I was nudged aside. Faceless fluttered about her body, poking and prodding her with strange instruments. They hastily cried to one another as they picked up her crumpled body, rushing her off to another room. The large stain on the carpet held my attention through the ordeal. Tears trickled down my face.


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