Author's Note: Hola people! This is my new story. I haven't completely forgotten about my other stories but I've been lacking inspiration on them. Anyway, I love reading Lily/Scorpius fanfiction and decided to write my own. I hope it isn't full of cliches because I'm trying hard not to. It was get more interesting soon, I just have to lay the foundations down.


"Lils! What are you doing still up?"

"Ssh James." An ten year old Lily Potter raised her fingers to her lips, her dressing gown wrapped around her body, before turning back to the door of the lounge. Her brother crept towards her with muffled footsteps. It was late; way past both of their bedtimes. "Mum and Dad are talking," she breathed.

James leaned above her, pressing his ear against the door hinges. The door was partially opened, exposing the roaring fire that was burning brightly. "What are they talking about?" With a peak through the hinges, Lily noticed her father pouring glasses of mead.

"Me," Lily whispered.

"Harry, you have to consider the possiblity that-."

"I will not give up on her. It's in our blood and it's in hers too. We just need to have some patience and a little bit of faith."

"Don't think for a second that I'm giving up on our little girl. I want to believe it. I want to believe that she'll show some sign of the power she possesses. But few reveal their magic at such a late age. One more year and she'll be expecting to join the boys at Hogwarts. I can't disappoint her and yet, we've filled her up with false hope, building her up. I'm stuck for answers Harry." Her mother's breathing hitched and gentle sobs began, barely audible above the crackling fire.

It was hard to believe. Lily felt her eyes collect tears in the corners but she willed herself not to cry. She rarely cried, not even as a child: she wasn't about to start now. Would she really not go to Hogwarts? It was her dream. She had a picture of the beautiful castle next to her calendar, counting down the days until she would pack her trunk and leave. Behind her, James pulled her in for a variation of a hug, keeping both their ears trained on their parents, pressed against the hinges.

"Ginny, listen to me. Our special little girl has been magical since the day she was born. I felt it when you broke my hand the day you gave birth to her. I felt it when I first held her. I feel it every time she smiles or laughs or kisses my cheek. Whether she displays it or not, our Lily is as magical as James and Albus. Possibly more."


"No," Harry abruptly interrupted. "There are no buts or ifs or maybes. I refuse to believe Lily isn't anything other than our beautiful, happy, special, magical daughter."

"Harry, we have to consider the possibility that Lily could be a.."

The world crashed around Lily. A single word echoed through her brain, pulsating and throbbing with every repetition. It was possible. She couldn't believe it. She wouldn't believe it. Her entire family was magical. Even Lucy, her six year old cousin, had displayed magic, waking up to find her room transformed into a forest. It was in her blood.

And yet, the same question wouldn't leave her. Was she really a Squib?

She didn't stand still for more than a second before her feet thundered up the stairs, not caring at the noise it created. The tears were on the brink. With every blink she tried to clear them but instead her vision blurred. Her name echoed up the house – both her mother and father's voices. By then she was on the second set of stairs to the top of the house.

Usually, she would have locked herself in her room, bolting the door and pushing the small sofa against the door so no one could get in without the use of forceful magic. But with every step, Lily felt more and more breathless, like in any second her heart would implode. So she made for her favourite part of the house, the rooftop garden.

The air was cool outside. There was a small breeze trickling through her curls, refreshing her. After a few moments, the tears that were threatening to spill, receded within her. Her vision cleared along with her head. She processed the recent information.

It was unbelievable. She had no magic. She may never have magic. She'll be stuck in a Muggle school, learning Muggle things, working towards a Muggle job. No Hogwarts. No feasts. No ghosts. No wands. No Quidditch. To Lily, it felt as if her life was already over before it had began.


"I don't want to talk." She turned her body away from her father, staring out into the blackened trees at the end of her garden. Above her, the moon shone brightly along with the stars sparking across the navy sky. "Leave me alone."

"Lily I know you heard everything." Her father's voice grew louder as he moved towards her. "I think we need to talk."

"I don't have anything to say to you. "

Before Lily could take another breath, Lily was pulled into her father's arms. Her feelings were mixed. In part, she wanted to hate him, for lying to her constantly. But he was her father and as much as she hated his deceit, she loved him. So Lily didn't fight him.

"I'll speak. You listen," he said firmly. "I love you Lily Luna Potter." She could feel his fingers run through her curls, just like he used to do when she was little, everyday after work. He said it was soothing. "Since the day you were born, you've been the most special thing in my life. I never thought I would want to protect my family anymore than I already did but when you opened your big, beautiful brown eyes to stare at me, I swear Lils, my heart melted. I'd never felt more protective over anything in my life. To me, you are magical."

"But what if I'm not magical?" Lily's words were muffled into her father's shirt.

"I will not love you any less than I did when you were born because the truth is Lils, you are magical. I believe that you have magic. You just need to find it, harness it and flourish it and then I promise you, you'll shine brighter then the stars above us now."

"Do you think my magic will come?" The stars twinkled extra bright as she gazed up at them with her dad.

His moonlit green eyes turned to hers and Lily tried to smile weakly. "I think you will be the best witch of your age. Better than your Aunt Hermione I'd bet. And I would hate to be one of your brothers getting on the bad side of you when you do because I have a feeling you'll be hexing them every other day." Lily giggled and a geniune smile stretched across her face. "Are you going to be alright Lilykins?"

One particular star shone extra bright, illuminating the sky around it with a white glow. "I'll be fine," Lily whispered and the star burned brilliantly as if responding. "I just want to stay out here for a bit longer."

"Alright Lils." He squeezed her tightly, pulling his fingers free of her curls, kissing her forehead. "Don't stay up too late. We have to be up early to take the boys to the station." With one last look at the sky, Harry left his daughter in the breeze, closing the glass door behind her.

As soon as he left, Lily tugged her gown around her tighter. Already the night air was chilling her. She looked up at the stars, bending to the slabbed floor before laying on it, happily staring at the navy blanket of night, trying to count the stars.

Lily reached 68 when the door behind her opened.

Arching her back, Lily spotted the white blond hair, all messed up and pointed in different angles. She smiled shyly, relaxing her body. He settled next to her, draping a blanket over both of them. Automatically, she cuddled closer, her head resting on his outstretched arm.

"I thought you'd be cold."

"Thankyou," Lily murmured, her focus returning to the burning star that was brighter than ever. "Did you hear?"

"Yes," he admitted. Lily turned her head, watching him stare at the sky too. His head turned towards her, smiling. "It's be fine Lils. I didn't get my magic until I was nine. For ages, my grandfather kept moaning about my disgrace to the Malfoy family name. Then one day, he was taking care of me, teaching me about our ancestors. He just kept saying that being pureblood was honourable and noble and if I ever married a Muggleborn or even someone of halfblood, I'd be disinherited and become an outcast of the family.

"I remember being so angry at him, disgrading people he didn't know and all of a sudden, this energy surged through me and I sent my grandfather flying across the room. I broke his leg but he was so proud of me for finding my magic that he didn't get angry."

"Do you think my magic will come Scorpius?"

"I'd put all the Galleons in the world on you. It's a natural instinct; something you were born with. It's fine if other people believe in you. The important thing is you have to believe. If you don't believe in yourself, your magic will never show itself."

"How do I do that?" A cloud moved across the illuminated moon, darkening Lily's vision. She couldn't see anything apart from his icy blue eyes twinkling in front of her. Lily couldn't help but think about how beautiful his eyes were; more ablaze than the stars above.

The moon peeked through the clouds, revealing Scorpius' face, a smile broadening. "It's instinctual Lily. All you need to do is believe."

"Easier said than done," Lily mumbled under her breath. Scorpius chuckled to himself, returning his gaze back to the stars. With a deep sigh, Lily stared at the moon, trying to identify the features of the face she always remembered seeing when she was little. She yawned, turning her head away from Scorpius so he wouldn't see.

But he was observant.

"Before you argue, bed!" The blanket disappeared from Lily's body and shivers ran down her spine, pulling her up into a sitting position. Scorpius was already on his feet, folding the blanket in his arms. Lily climbed to her feet, pulling her dressing gown tighter around her body.

"Thankyou for talking to me Scorpius. It means a lot to me." Lily smiled shyly under his gaze, ducking her head to hide her face, curls immediately falling. She'd been crushing on the young Malfoy since Albus brought him home for Christmas. His parents were travelling on a one year cruise around the world for business purposes, meaning Scorpius had spent his summer holidays either with the Potters or his cousins, the Higgs.

"Just believe," Scorpius whispered, hugging Lily into his side loosely. They headed into The Den, a room designated to the children of the house and their friends and relatives, complete with a small kitchen with Muggle appliances along with a Muggle TV and game console. But they didn't stop in the room.

They left, stopping at the top of the stairs. "Goodnight," Lily whispered, suddenly aware of her parents and brothers on the floors below them. He whispered Lily 'goodnight', casting a smirk in her direction. She smiled weakly, backing into her bedroom and waiting for him to descend the stairs. Only then did she enter her bedroom.

Her heart raced, her stomach flipping repeatedly. Lily couldn't believe it. She spun around, circling until she tripped on a loose Converse, sending her crashing into a pile of clothes nesting on her bed. The schoolgirl giggles erupted and Lily felt the need to pinch herself.

All because of a hug.