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A growl escapes me as I squat with my hands out, poised and ready to fight as the crowd in the parking lot gathers around us. This asshole has been jealous of me for a while since I come from a wealthy family. Fine. But he went too far today.

His parents know mine and he knows that I am adopted. This morning I beat him in a sprint during PE. He is suppose to be the best sprinter on the track team but I beat him….and he was pissed.

After third period, he came up behind me and pushed me spouting all kinds of shit. The one thing he said that stands out in my mind was when he said, "Your parents only adopted you because they pitied you. They don't love you. They just felt sorry for you."

I saw red and lunged at him but another kid grabbed me and told us both to take it outside so we did, right to the parking lot and hopefully away from the teachers' spying eyes.

I feel my blood boiling and the adrenaline rush, wanting to just unleash my anger on him. I will tear him apart.

He lunges at me and I side step him, pivoting around and shoving him to the ground. As soon as I grasp his shirt front I lay into him. In this moment, I do not care about the ramifications of my actions, I just want to shut his fucking mouth for him.

As I punch and punch his face, he gets a few shots at me. I am numb, not feeling my split lip or the swelling to my eye. All I care about is pummeling him till he stops moving.

Suddenly, I am pulled up off of him by three strong male teachers and am dragged fighting in retaliation as they head to the main office. Once in the principal's office, they shove me into a chair.

They stick around while the principal and I talk.

"Well, Christian, another fight, hmm?" He says to me.

"That asshole deserved it," I snap back, still angry that he was conscious when I was led away.

"Christian," Mr. Stewart says getting up from his desk. "When your parents arrive you will explain your side of the story. I will also hear his side. It doesn't matter who started it, you both will serve a one day suspension for fighting, a rule which you are already familiar with." He reminds me.

This is not the first time I have fought in school and it will not be the last either. I heard my parents talking one night about why I get so angry. They had said I did not know how to cope with situations due to my past and that my lack of control caused me to lash out at people.

Man, are they going to be pissed when they get here. Once again, I will probably be grounded to my room as usual.

"Christian!" My mom yells when she enters the office and sees me sitting in the chair with blood on my shirt, a puffy, bloody lip and a swollen black eye.

"Mr. and Mrs. Grey, we meet again," Mr. Stewart says shaking their hands.

"Oh Mr. Stewart," my mom says apologetically, "I am so sorry about all this."

"Well, it can not be helped now so why don't we have a seat and let Christian explain.

"He is an asshole," I shout immediately.

"Christian!" My dad says sternly.

"Fine." I snap and proceed to tell them wheat happened though there is not a hint of remorse in my voice as I speak. Why should there be? He did deserve it.

I have calmed down a bit though after my parents came in. They have this way of taking over the situation and putting me in my place.

The silence is deafening in the car on the way home from the school. It is near lunch time so they send me to my room, telling me that when lunch is ready, my mom will bring it up.

Now that I have calmed down and am sitting on my bed I realize just how much I screwed up. Shit, Elena is going to be so mad at me. I secretly smile to myself wickedly, Good. Being with her calms me down.

I feel like I get the punishment I rightly deserve and she is teaching me how to control myself. I need that, god, do I need that right now. I think about her and consciously want to rub the bulge making my jeans tight. NO, no she said abso-fucking-lutely not, under any circumstances am I to touch myself when not in her presence.

I clench my jaw, willing away the urge so I will not get in trouble when I see her again. She can read me and would know if I lied to her about it.

"Christian," my mom says as she comes into my room. "Here is your lunch." She sets a tray down with two chicken sandwiches, some fruit, and a salad. She always makes me a lot of food because she knows I like to eat and that I will eat it all.

"Christian," she says softly. "I just spoke with Elena on the phone. She asked if you were all right when she saw us drive past her house. She has asked if you could clean her pool in about an hour. Your dad thinks it is a good idea that you do some manual labor as punishment for getting thrown out of school again."

I do my best to keep my fear and excitement undetectable as I listen to my mom. Yes, I fear Elena and how she might hurt me yet at the same time, it excites me too. Pool cleaning, yeah that is what I'll be doing while I am there, WRONG.

I kiss my mom and tell her and my dad goodbye as they head back to work. Now I have to head over to Elena's house. I know that her husband will not be home for several hours just like my parents so we have plenty of time.