16 years ago


"Daine, Numair I have some very bad news for you." Said Alanna with a stricken looking face "What is it Alanna" Daine asked scared for the child she just gave birth to. "There is a slight problem with her heart that I can't fix, the only way for your child to live is if she is sent to a hospital in The Land With No Magic." Alanna replied sadly "But I need your word for it" "Ok done just do it! Before she dies!" Numair said angrily at her. "You won't be able to go with her there."



I hate my life. I wish my mum wasn't so mean. I wish I was adopted. I want to leave this place, this hell hole. "Alex come and clean the kitchen" Mum was yelling at me from the lounge room. She always does this. She makes the mess and I have to clean it up. Again. They don't event make my brother do anything anymore he just plays around on his cars. Dad taught him to drive when he was seven. He hasn't finished teaching me yet and I'm thirteen. When I've finished the kitchen I grab one of the push bikes we had laying around and went for a ride before I had to do any more work.


Numair, Alanna, Daine and George stood in the water surrounding Pirates Swoop. "I think I found her" said Numair calmly "Really" Daine's voice was etched excitement "Yeah see" Numair pointed at the water were a girl at the age of thirteen was riding a bike away from a house. The girl had golden blond hair, tan skin, big brown eyes and a sprinkle of freckles on her nose and arms. The girl was having fun that was easy to see since she had a smile on her face "Alex! Where are you going!" a woman behind her yelled the smile on the girls face disappeared . The image faded back to the water. "Alex, that's a nice name" was all Daine said. "I think she doesn't like the woman" Alanna pointed out. "I'm going to go get her" "Me too" Diane and Numair decide. "You better bring your other children with you" was the only reapply from George.