Yet another chapter of the Nosgoth Times, also provided by my bathtub inspiration. Includes a nod to the grooviest decade of all (not that I'm a disco fan...I prefer 70's rock) and one to Dogsdontfly of the the forums.




When Ariel was murdered, her lover Nupraptor caused insanity to strike every remaining member of the circle. This led top their obsession with a new type of music, which has since spread ot the rest of Nosgoth. Every night finds humans, vampires, and Hylden alike dancing their cares away in old warehouses decorated with flashing balls and psychedelic lights. It seems that the volatile mix of cultures, all of whom are historically intent on killing one another and dominating their land, has been united by this partyin' trend.

This music has been influenced by elements of all three races, and the dance craze inspired similarly. Fans of this music go to old warehouses converted into party clubs, take large amounts of drugs, and dance to the steady beats until dawn. Observers and participants have reported that during this time, the dancers show no hostility towards each other, a vampire boogie-ing with a Sarafan Knight one minute and a spiky Hylden the next.

Already exclusive clubs are springing up around Nosgoth. Warehouse 5.4 in Meridian has gained a reputation as the defining moment for 'beautiful people': anyone whose glamour is sufficient to be let in here is elevated to the status of gods by other partyers. Also, there's more drugs in there than in most of these places.

All kinds of Nosgothic celebreties have been seen partying. Sarafan Knights take breaks from the rigours of vampire slaying to get down and party. Kain abandoned a Meridian slaughterfest in the industrial quarter to enter a converted warehouse and dance till he dropped from lack of blood. Then he hacked up everyone in there and sort of ruined the night for everyone else. Also, Vorador has been reported as dancing with various women, with an obviously fake pink afro on his head. His mansion is decked out with glittery silver balls and thumping music, bringing the Termagent Forest alive.

Even the barren northern wastes have been touched: Uschtenheim residents complain of not being able to sleep due to constant loud partying from Janos Audron's aerie, leading the Sarafan to hunt him down and rip his heart out, then portray him accurately enough as a vicious monster that preyed on defenseless people.

Raziel the Soul Reaver has also been able to gain acceptance within normal society, surprisingly given the extreme glamour obsession of this new fad, but this is attributed mainly to the fact that people on drugs don't realise that intestines are essential organs for anybody, human, Hylden or vampire.

One can only guess at how long this craze will hold Nosgoth in its grip, but our reporter doesn't care to guess, as his bell-bottoms need to have glitter applied by the party tonight.