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AN: Just as a warning some of the names will be in English, others in Japanese. Yes, this will probably be annoying, but Makato and Minato are just a bit too similar for my tastes. It makes them sound like twins.

The minute that the hellish pink haired girl confirmed her parentage, Usagi's tenuous hold on her emotions fractured. As she fled the scene, the one thought looping through her mind was, 'I can't do this anymore, I just can't'. Pretending to date and love a boy because fate said so and so that he refrained from being brainwashed, she could do that. Become friends with people she normally wouldn't, that was simple. Act like a brain-dead, food obsessed teenager? Easy. But learning that Mamoru the bully had actually done something with her? No, no she couldn't handle that.

Shuddering with shock and revulsion, Usagi found herself in front of Naru's apartment. Trying in vain to calm down, Usagi urgently punched the doorbell three times and started to rip out the hair ties constricting the buns.

Naru's hand shot out from beyond the door and by grasping on the Usagi's arm, was able to get both of them in behind a closed door with one good yank. "Usagi? What's wrong? Do I need to get Makoto or Mina? What about Hotaru? Keep focused and try to say something before you pass out! Usagi! You're hyperventilating!" Naru's anxious and worried tone broke Usagi out of her stupor. She looked into the other girl's blue eyes and managed to get out,

"Kid… Mamoru… camel" before fainting.

Usagi came to in a floral couch. "Wha?...?" A glass of water was thrust in her face before she felt someone pick up her own hand and use it to close around the glass.

"You shouldn't talk yet. Get some water in you before trying to answer any questions." A slight smile graced Naru's face near the end of her statement.

Her friend's words made Usagi realize how thirsty she was. To alleviate the burn of dehydration, Usagi gratefully guzzled the given water.

After draining the glass she looked up at Naru, who was already prepared with her questions. Usagi sighed, "Proceed"

"Okay! Well- why don't you just stat at the beginning? You mentioned something about a kid?"

"Got it. So you know the buns you like to put my hair in to annoy me?"

"The meatball style, yeah. Never fails to get a reaction. Continue."

"Well this kid comes from out of nowhere. Her hair looked like that except … pointier. And pink."

Naru had to stifle a laugh at that. "Pink? Naturally Pink? Anyways, what was her name?"

It was Usagi's turn to feel slightly sheepish, "Uh-" Before being cut off,

"Never mind. You're hopeless. And don't give me that look. I said hopeless not useless. There's a difference." Naru's grin increased at the feeble death glare in her direction. "Well gosh, don't jump on me in appreciation for the compliment. You… look dead on the couch. Are you staying here tonight?

Usagi made no effort to move. "Yup" And promptly fell into oblivion and successfully avoided the next round of interrogation at the hands of Naru. Naru sent a halfhearted glare at Usagi before covering her up with the blanket that had fallen on the floor. Going down the hall to her room, Naru thought that she heard a bump, but seceded to just found out in the morning if it was anything. And figure out what was with the camel statement.