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"Revolving fireplaces, secret passages, underground lairs. What kind of crackpot scientist are you?!" The portly balding man was red in the face, quickly journeying towards purple, and was gesturing madly about, spittle spewing from his mouth. Usagi eyed the man calmly with no hint of any annoyance.

"I believe that you just announced what kind of scientist I am, sir… good night" The man barely had time to close his mouth before he dropped to the floor, out cold. Usagi examined the clay pot in her hands, which now had a long thin crack down the side, "And now I even have a cracked pot." Giggling slightly, she threw the pot at the man for good measure and strode away with a skip in her step, humming Beelz under her breath.


Sunlight filtered through the sunlight in the trees and set alight the couple, surrounding them with a glow. To any outside observer they would seem like a perfect couple, as only someone who knew the intricate workings of the male's mind would be able to detect the air of apprehension around him. The nervous aura almost became visible when the female lead him over to one of the benches beneath the flowering trees.

"We need to talk'

"Oh? If this is about-"

"No, no it's not. But Kunzite? There are only four dark generals, right?"

"Of course"

"And all of them are here on Earth, right?"

"Seems like it" Kunzite did not appreciate the glint in his girlfriend's eyes.

"Soo, whatever happened to Queen Beryl?" For a minute he was thrown aback by this question.

"That's… um, actually that is a pretty good question."

"Finally!" She threw her hands up in the air, "You acknowledge that I can be intelligent!"

"I've always thought that you were intelligent, well… except for that one ti-" His grin threatened to crack his face when Mina hurriedly cut him off.

"WE do not speak of that one time. Anyways, do you think that she might want to hang out with us? It must be pretty lonely up there."

Kunzite shrugged in defeat, knowing that he had lost before the conversation had started, "Why not. The worst she can do… well isn't that much to be honest. We haven't been gathering energy for a while so she doesn't have very much. I'll catch up with you later." Kunzite kissed her quickly and faded out of existence.

A Few Hours Later:

Mina had barely opened the door of Usagi's home before Kunzite sank to his knees. His voiced was tinged with disbelief and shock, "She said yes."

"Who? Are you okay?" She sank down next to him and felt for a fever.

Batting her hands away he answered, "Yes, yes I'm fine. I am just in a bit of a shock that she said yes." Mina's mind revved up as she remembered their previous conversation. She jumped up and began skipping around him in excitement. She suddenly paused and stared at him, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

"That's wonderful! We can go shopping- and oh! When is she coming?! We'll have to tell Usagi so that she can make a new room- And we have to tell her parents- oh this is sooo exciting! I can't wait!" Kunzite's eyes were fixated on Mina, his mind not quite accepting that she was so exuberant about becoming friends with someone who had tried to kill her several times in to past. He managed to utter,

"As soon as she packs. I can't believe she said yes." And then keeled over in a dead faint.


"Hey Honey?" Zoisite jogged to catch up to the swiftly moving Makato. She continued to ignore him until he resorted to tugging on the sleeve of her Captain Planet sweatshirt.

"That's not my name."

Zoisite thought for a moment before trying again, "Hey Honey Bear?" Makato slowly turned her head to face him as she picked up the pace, her glare pinning him to the spot for a moment before he caught up with her again.

"Are you having memory issues? We're not even dating!"

Zoisite perked up, this was the Makato her knew! "Nope! No memory issues," his exuberance faded a bit as he remembered the conversation that they were not going to date, under any circumstances. He tucked that away into the corner of his mind and picked up his dropped happiness, "So, where we going?"

Makato groaned and massaged her forehead. It was way too early to deal with a hangover and her overly perky boy friend (friend that was a boy, definitely nothing more. Nope, not today). "To a sailor meeting at the temple."

"Okay!..." Zoisite stopped for a second, "Wait-What! I'm a general! And you don't even like them that much! Why in the name of Neville Longbottom and all that is plants would you got to the meeting?!"

Definitely too early to be explaining things for the umpteenth time, "Well, while it is not that unusual for Mina and Usagi to miss a meeting, if I miss one then things might seem a little odd to even them. I'm supposedly 'responsible', so of course I don't ever skip out on anything. Anyways, to your predicament, we'll just introduce you as my boy friend, friend, boy, thing, who knows about us. Because you are. And they're pretty dense when it comes to finding out secret identities. They probably won't recognize you unless you're wearing your get up and are trying to 'kill' them."

Zoisite gaped at her and started gesturing wildly at himself, "I'm wearing a bloody blinking sign that says 'ATTENTION SCOUTS: I am a Dark General: BEWARE' that I have yet been able to take off!" he exclaimed.

Makato smothered a giggle, she always did love Usagi's sense of humor, "That's alright. It looks… cute on you. That's surely the word I'm looking for. And that sign will probably only further convince them that you're a civilian. What villain wears neon green pants and a flashing jacket?"

Zoi's face darkened. He muttered something under his breath that sounded suspiciously like a promise to Usagi's soul. Makato cocked her head, "Isn't that a line from Dracula?" He suddenly swiveled his head back towards her, startled out of constructing his brooding corner,

"What? You mean the bit about sending her soul screaming back to h-"

Makato waved her hand dismissively, "Yeah yeah. That bit."

"Hm, I guess so. I wasn't thinking about it too much."

"That much was obvious."


"Oh look! There's the Temple!"



And Naru and company were still in locations unknown doing things unknown. But certainly normal things. Above all Naru was normal, or that is what she likes to tell herself. One has to be the relatively sane one in her group of wackos who somehow wiggled their way onto her friends list.