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Summary: This is my first ever Galerians fanfiction and I worked rather long and hard on it. It was originally a very long text file that I broke into parts to upload on this site, so forgive me if anything seems abrupt. It's a general fanfic about a typical day in the lives of the Last Galerians, during their war with humanity. It is a glimpse into the relationship between the four psychic-powered beings.

This is my interpretation of how I think they would act with each other, against their enemies, and in different situations. It takes place sometime (a few months or 1/2 years, doesn't really matter) before Galerians: Ash. There are most likely spoilers for Galerians: Ash and Galerians. It is mostly accurate to canon source material save for maybe one minor detail that may even be true. Understanding of the Galerians games is necessary to fully enjoy (or at least Galerians: Ash.) If you haven't experienced this great series (I don't blame you, it's very rare now-a-days) you can still understand it's storyline and characters via sites like Wikipedia and Youtube (gameplay and story cutscenes.)

There are hints here and there towards the pairing of Ash x Nitro, especially towards the end (this is not the minor detail mentioned above).

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I've enjoyed writing it!

A Galerian's Life

Chapter 1 - Cityscape

The streets of Michaelangelo City are empty. Nothing truly human remains here, only the undetectable radiation that lingers. Only a few years ago, it was one of the most advanced cities on Earth. Now it's in ruins and has become the battleground between the human resistance that refuse extinction and the Galerians who wish to bring about said extinction. Four youths stand within a desolate street, an odd sight in a city that has lost everything.

"There seem to be no traces of life." said a young, silver-haired man. He had amber eyes, wore a leather and stainless steel suit, and had a very noticeable "A" that seemed to be burnt to his chest. "Heh...I expected nothing less." Recently, a scouting party looking for survivors had been mercilessly destroyed by this silver-haired man and his three allies. They were gifted with powerful psychic abilities and used them to slaughter anybody who got in their way. They were Galerians, the Last Galerians to be precise.

"No one left to kill? How boring." A feminine and slightly deep voice sounds out. "Ash, you told us we would be doing something fun today." The woman crosses her arms and looks to him, her odd frontal ponytail covering one half of her face. "I did. Those weak scouts were just an appetizer." Ash scans his comrade's form. She wore a metallic breastplate, shoulder length black gloves, matching thigh high stockings, and heels made of the same material as the armor she wore. Covering the sides and backs of her legs was a dress that exposed her from the waist down revealing panties which connected to the stockings below. Just like all the other articles of clothing, it was black. To the human world, her appearance would be considered strange but Nitro didn't care. Why should she care about a boring race that wouldn't be around for very long?

"Well I hope the next batch won't be so...flammable." The woman was disappointed how vulnerable her prey was to fire. Flesh is a very fragile thing and the Last Galerian knew this well. The scent of charred skin and metal was oh so familiar to her but she had wished that they would be more of a challenge. With no one to set ablaze, she would be bored. And Nitro despised boredom and boring things had a way of dying.

An irritated groan escapes from a raspy voiced man. "You drag us all the way out here JUST to deal with some scouts? Why couldn't we skip all those idiots and head for the main base?!" Parano never had much respect for Ash and constantly questioned his leadership. So many more important targets awaited his many knives and with Ash's tendency to leave out a few details, it only made him more angry. "Because Parano, if we recklessly charge into the base, we would be exposed and would have to deal with more targets than needed. Dealing with the scouting party would allow us to reach the base undetected and with the humans out of the loop. Not that you would care about anything else other than mindless killing..." Ash answers, and Parano becomes more agitated than before. Gritting his sharp-pointed teeth, he gives him a glare that would terrify anyone who hadn't worked with Parano. Spider was an exception but he was the youngest and the least experienced of the group so this was understandable. Dressed mostly in lime green, blue leather, and with a sort of blond mo-hawk on top of his head, the child speaks up.

"Please stop Parano...must you always fight with Ash? He only wants what's best for us." He tries to look at Parano but is unnerved by the gaze of his amber eyes. "Fighting with each other won't help at all." The knife wielding, brown and black clad man approaches the child slowly, adjusting his movements to seem more frightening to Spider. The single, orange goggle that covers his left eye and the cap with an ironic smiley face sticker gives off hints of Parano's bizarre and brutal personality. "What do you know about fighting, Spider? All you do is play with your insects all day long!" He yells at him, his voice becoming high-pitched at times. "They're not insects! Their arach-" "WHAT DOES IT MATTER!?" Parano shouts at him, making Spider jump back in shock. "Without all those robotic spiders, you would've of been DEAD by now!"

Spider doesn't respond. He only bore an expression of sadness and fear. He knew that he was the weakest of the four. His dislike of harming others being one of the main reasons for his lack of strength. The child's signature psychic ability was nothing too special, his power to command and understand spiders had it's advantages. However, it was overshadowed by Parano's knife skills and electricity manipulation, Nitro's pyrokinesis and psycho-illusions, and most of all, Ash's many destructive abilities that came with a body that was essentially a nuclear reactor. By ingesting uranium, he could bolster his power and can even go critical which ranged from spreading intense gamma rays to devastating small-scale nuclear explosions. Spider was simply outmatched.

"Parano, enough." Ash commands in a loud and stern voice. The two males turn towards him in response. "Although you may have killed more humans than Spider ever has, your reckless and careless nature toward the rest of us ruins our combat effectiveness at times." Parano becomes appalled at what he is hearing but decides to hear him out, as opposed to his usual defiance. "Spider's swarm has come of use multiple times in distracting the enemy and causing chaos among squadrons of soldiers. With chaos comes the lack of vigilance, and the lack of vigilance is a plea for a quick death. They are other forms of warfare other than brute force, Parano."

Parano was at a loss for words. Not only was he talked down to by Ash, but he was made a fool of to the others. "Wh-Wha...I...ARGH!" He walks off from the others in embarrassment, catching a glimpse of Nitro silently laughing at him. After he disappeared among the city debris, she expresses her amusement out loud. "Hehehe... Ahhh, Parano..always good for a quick laugh. His ego is so easily bruised." "He'll come around." Ash says unworried, having been through many an argument with Parano.

Ash ran the Last Galerians like a well oiled machine but Parano's constant rebellion was annoying. There was no need for punishment as none of his tantrums lead up to anything to seriously worry about. Parano was skilled with knife play regardless, the four were truly unique within the psychic army. The majority of his troops were easy-to-create Rabbits, Arabesque and other creations made from the Family Program or using data from it. Using what remained of Dorothy's legacy, he made advancements in technology and genetic engineering that neither Dorothy or the humans could reach. In truth, he was what Dorothy left behind when she was destroyed and is responsible for his creation, but that doesn't mean Ash respects her. He in fact despises her and what she done to him over the years. But with all the suffering he endured, Ash became more powerful than neither him or his mother could fathom. Thinking of Dorothy was something the young man hated but happened now and again, often he would forget to prevent her from occupying his mind.

He turns to Spider, seemingly on the verge of tears and attempts to break him out of his weakened state. "Spider, there is no time for tears. This ruined, human-infested world preys on the weak. It has no remorse whatsoever." Ash speaks with no sympathy at all, bringing him the harsh truth of the situation instead of a pep talk. "Sadness has no place here." Spider looks at Ash and gives him a nod of agreement and seems to return to his normal self. "...Sorry, Ash." Spiders says, feeling guilty for his weakness. "I'll try not to let it happen it again." Ash gave no response and just stared for a few seconds. There was some sort of innocence about him that the majority of humanity obviously lacked. He wanted the Last Galerians to get along with each other most of all, a decent intent. He was mostly cold, but Spider reminded Ash of himself during his youth and found himself sympathizing with him at times.

"Let's go. We've wasted enough time here." Ash, Nitro, and Spider start walking forward, passing piles of debris. "Uh...Ash?" Nitro asks, "Yes?" "What about Parano?" Ash stops in place and answers "Oh...right. You coming Parano?" The knife wielder was nowhere in sight but Ash could sense his presence. "If you want, we could leave you here by yourself. Of course, they'll won't be much to kill, but..." Suddenly, boots are heard crushing glass fragments and small rocks. Parano appears and rejoins the group, with a frustrated look on his face and quietly cursing under his breath.

End of Chapter 1