A Glitch in Dreams

Chapter 1

Finn woke up his body shaking and shivering from the nightmare he had just had. Ever since Quinn had told him she was pregnant he dreaded being in that situation again. But when she had told him it wasn't his baby he had been so relived.

But he had just had the worst nightmare ever.

The Dream

It was Monday morning and Finn was collecting his books from his locker when is girlfriend Rachel walked up to him.

She looked nervous and when she said the four words "We need to talk," his heart sank.

She immediately noticed the change in his facial expression and reassured him that she wasn't breaking up with him.

But when she said the two words he didn't want to hear for years he had the worst response. "I'm pregnant,"

Shock Finn stuttered out the only words he could think of "Is it mine?"

With a slap Rachel had turned and walked down the hall and Finn had woken up.

End of Dream

But it was just a dream it wouldn't really happen. So Finn got up to get ready for school/.

As he strode down the hall s of McKinley High School heading to his locker Finn greeted people has he passed them.

But when he got to this locker and saw Rachel's expression he knew something was wrong.

She had been crying and she was pale.

"Rach what's up?" asked Finn

"Nothing," replied Rachel

"Ok wanna know the dream I had last night?" asked Finn

A slight on her face Rachel nodded.

"It was really strange you told me you were-"

"I'm pregnant," interrupted Rachel

"Yeah that did you have the same dream?" asked Finn

"No Finn I'm pregnant," said Rachel

Finn took in her expression and her appearance looking pale and having bloodshot eyes he should have pinpointed something was wrong immediately.

Being Finn he uttered the same words as in his dream. "Is it mine?"

Next thing he knew is cheek was stinging.

"How dare you have the audacity to ask that," hisses Rachel before turning on her heel and storming off.

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