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"Ore," his wife Rayne said, "You know how I'm a huge fan of Bob Hartley?"

"Of course," Ore said.

"I got us two tickets to his conference weekend."

"Sounds good. When is it?"

"Tonight through tomorrow," Rayne said.

"Honey what about the girls," Ore asked.

"My brother's going to watch them," Rayne said.

"Alright," Ore said, "But next time let me know in advance... and I don't mean 15 minutes in advance."

"Okay," Rayne said.

"What's the topic," Ore asked.

"It's appreciation," Rayne said, "It teaches how to handle situations in a positive way."

"We'll see if it works," Ore said.

He was very skeptical.

"I guess we will," Rayne replied.


Day 1

"Hello everyone," Bob said, "I'm Bob Hartley. This week we will learn to appreciate. How many of you feel the need to be in control?"

Several people including Ore raised their hands. Bob called on Ore.

"Why do you feel the need to be in control in your home," Bob asked.

"I'm the man of the household," Ore said.

"The way you pee does not dicate control," Bob said as everyone including Ore and Rayne laughed.

"Well it works for us," Ore said.

"I want you to give up the negative and focus only on positive," Bob said.

"You're asking a lot from me," Ore said.

"Good. Now I want you to all get your notebook and pens out and write a list of what you love about you other half and what annoys you about them."

He set the timer for a half an hour. Then he called on Ore again.

"Can you read the list," Bob asked.

"Okay," Ore said.

It read something like this

1) I hate the fact that Rayne is sarcastic but I love the fact that she is whitty

2) I hate the fact that Rayne argues with me instead of accepting what I tell her right off the bat but I love her indepent nature-

"Let me stop you for a minute," Bob said, "It would seem that the things that annoy you about Rayne are also the things you love about her."

Ore hadn't realized that. Bob instructed the couples to give each other the list. Rayne was very touched by the things that Ore wrote.


Day 2

"Good morning," Bob said, "Today we're going to try something I often do in family therapy.

We are going to trade roles. For the next twenty-four hours the one who is normally not in control will be the dominant figure in the family."

Ore groaned.

"What's the purpose of this excersize," Ore asked.

"The idea is for you both to get more of an appreciation for what the other person deals with every day and for you to understand the other person."

At the end of the day Bob was right.

Rayne did have more of an appreciation then he ever did about Rayne. Rayne as well had more appreciate for Ore then she ever did.