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A/N: No, I wasn't joking when I meant a 'Multiversal Disclaimer'! This is a multi-universe crossover fic!

Anyway, you've entered the second collab fic with Chaosblazer and official sequel to Across Dimensions, the big crossover event from last year. As you already can tell from the official title, we've reached the big GranDracmon battle.

Following the success of that story, we pick up with this eventful conflict. The Trinity, consisting of the heroes of YuYuGiDigiMoon, Digimon Fusion Kai, and Digimon Accel Stream, combine their efforts to stop GranDracmon, his three generals, and Andes!

But, before we go straight to the action, the first chapter will serve as the set-up leading to the battles. Additionally, it isn't a crossover event without some character interactions.

This story won't be anywhere near as long as Across Dimensions. I estimate around 8 chapters since there's only one conflict in one dimension to resolve.

Just for a heads up, to you continuity buffs, this story takes place five months after Dawn of Chaos for the YYGDM-verse group, after Digimon Fusion Kai Season 2.5, and Digimon Accel Stream post-Chapter 49. Be warned, there will be a few spoilers coming from the YYGDM side, but nothing that reveals DoC's final enemies. Regardless, I recommend still reading this and brace yourselves for the Beast Tamers, Legendary Warriors, and Kuiper Senshi's new forms.

Anyway, not to keep you guys waiting any longer, let's get on with our second collab project! I hope you enjoy it!


List of universes by designation

YYGDM-01 (YuYuGiDigiMoon proper)

DF-616 (Digimon Fusion Kai proper)

XLR-08 (Accel Stream)

XDYC-666 (GranDracmon's dimension)


Canyon Dominion/Zion Village/XLR-08

Standing amassed near the Zion Village, Kensuke Rainer & Veemon, Mikato & Shizuka Kagami, Bearmon, Liollmon, and Maki Hiko waited for for the dimension travelers to return with their back-up. It had been a day since their departure and another day removed from the big day: the final siege of GranDracmon's dimension. The forthcoming war would once and for all resolve the stressful conflict that has nearly destroyed Kensuke mentally and physically. Now with friends and back-up, the burden of having to go through GranDracmon, Andes, and the assortment of the dark master's warriors was lifted.

Just then, two massive vortexes opened up and nearly alarmed the group. Ken and Veemon held their ground waiting for the travelers to arrive with their volunteers. The first to emerge came from the first portal on the right.

Ryo Akiyama, Cyberdramon, and Karin Osaka stepped through leading a bunch of familiar faces and not-so-familiar individuals from the YYGDM-01 universe. The following came through the portal in a gigantic group: Takato Matsuda & Guilmon, Rika Nonaka & Renamon, Henry Wong & Terriermon, Himura Tsubasa & Inumon, the Inner Sailor Senshi & Sailor Saturn, the Kuiper Belt Senshi, the Spirit Detectives (Yusuke Urameshi, Hiei, Kurama, Rio Kuroshishi, Brimstone, Mizuno, and Maya Kitajima), the ten Legendary Warriors, the Spirit Neo-Detectives (Yui Tsubasa & DarkGabumon, Aoshi Inuki, Cammy Hino, and Kohana Kuroshishi), and the Chimeras (Mika Hayashi and Sara Shinobu).

Those who weren't present during the Paradixalmon incident marveled at their new surroundings. The others, more familiar with the idea of dimension travel, greeted Ken and his group.

"Look at the familiar faces, Ken," Veemon said, waving to the YYGDM group.

Mikato nodded. "They look well."

"Same here and with all of them here, we've got a great numbers advantage," Ken said, genuinely smiling and making a count on each member of the YYGDM group. "Glad Ryo and Karin pulled through for us."

The minute Dimitri Ishida and Faith walked through the second portal caused a bigger crowd to fill out the vicinity. The Kai Digi-Destined and company from the DF-616 universe walked forward. Behind Dimitri and Faith came: Tai Kamiya & Agumon, X, Matt 'Yamato' Ishida & Gabumon, TK Takashi & Patamon, Kari Kamiya & Gatomon, Davis Motomiya & Veemon, BanchoLeomon, Keke, Sam, Tike, Kara, David, BW, Pikkan, and Sonja.

Granted, the Kai Digi-Destined group was drastically smaller in numbers, but they certainly made up for it with a decent group of strong warriors, including the Ascendants and their fearsome fighting prowess.

"Man, it's good to see you all again!" Ken called out to everyone present, to which he got their attention, albeit most of them.

Some, including Tai, Takato, Kari, Yusuke, Sailor Mars, and Cammy, waved to Ken and got his attention. But, others, namely Hiei & Yamato, weren't exactly thrilled to see the Accel Stream Ascendant calling out to them casually.

"Ken, we've brought all who wanted to come and were available," Ryo said, walking up to Ken and his team.

Karin added. "Tell me this is enough."

Rubbing his chin, the Accel Digi-Destined smirked and nodded. "Yeah, you guys really outdid yourselves. This will be more than enough... maybe too much, but hey I'm not complaining. The more, the merrier."

"Right!" Veemon (XLR) said.

Maki went wide-eyed. "Wait, are all these people from those two dimensions?! I recognize at least 60 percent of them!" He instantly recognized the Tamers, the Legendary Warriors, the Sailor Senshi, the Spirit Detectives, and the Kai Digi-Destined. "Though, a lot of them look a bit older than I remember seeing them on TV and in person."

"You though that was something else? You see the group consisting of the Tamers, the Legendary Warriors, the Sailors, and the Detectives?" Shizuka pointed out to the YYGDM group. "They aren't the only heroes of their dimension. The Yu-Gi-Oh Duelists share the same universe and are close allies to them. Why they haven't shown here? I have no clue."

Maki shook his head as he remembered their own world was a shared universe with anime and comic book characters. The idea of yet another shared universe wasn't new.

"Hey, Ken, this is who all I could bring that had the sufficient power to handle GranDracmon's men," Dimitri said. "I didn't want to endanger my mother by bringing her, Sora, and the others along."

"That's ok, Dimitri," Ken acknowledged Dimitri's reasoning. "Great work."

"Ken," Tai quickly addressed the Accel Digi-Destined. "We're ready to stop GranDracmon once and for all."

X asserted. "Better to do it now than let the issue continue to persist by any means necessary."

Yamato folded his arms and narrowed his eyes toward Ken. He said nothing to the Accel leader and surveyed his surroundings.

Gee, doesn't look like grumpy's changed much. Ken thought as he pivoted his view toward the YYGDM and barely caught a piercing glare from Hiei. And him, too. Sheesh, hopefully, Miss Rei has a tighter leash on him.

"Ken, we had to come as soon as we saw what happened during that whole war," Takato said as he and the Beast Tamers walked over to greet Ken. "Rika and Himura told us what happened when they briefly came here."

Himura added. "We're ready to resolve this GranDracmon thing."

With that, Ken nodded and faced everyone. "Thanks for coming, guys. Today, we kick some ass and put an end to GranDracmon's dynasty! With three dimensions united, there's nothing left to stop us!" He roared out and raised his right fist into the air, flashing a serious and determined demeanor.


(Cue Devil May Cry 4 theme – Shall Never Surrender)


The Siege of GranDracmon


Act I: Prelude to the Siege! The Trinity Unite!


Canyon Dominion/Zion Village/XLR-08

For the next hour, the three universes interacted with each other and others planned strategies for the forthcoming battles awaiting them.

Tai and Agumon walked over to greet Yusuke while Ken was talking to the Beast Tamers, Sailor Mars, and Cammy.

"So how have things been in your world?" Tai asked Yusuke as the groups continued to converse and introducing the new faces while reminiscing with older ones.

"Crazy and hectic, what about yours?" he asked back.

Tai sighed as he stared at the skies hanging above them. "Well, we've just about got things back to normal from what Virus, Tyrantmon, and Paradixalmon did, but we had to stop when another evil group attacked us and my sister got kidnapped." Saying this made the Ascendant clench his fists. He veered his direction on the opposite end to see Kari and Gatomon conversing with a group said of Senshi he didn't recognize. Huh? Who are they? He wondered as Karin, now in her Sailor Sedna garb, approached her team and greeted Kari.

"Something catch your eye, Tai?" Yusuke asked.

"Could that be Karin's Kuip[er group she mentioned before?"

The ex-Spirit Detective nodded, grinning from ear to ear. "Yeah, it's amazing how strong they've gotten in such a short time, but hey we're not complaining!" He proudly said.

However, before Karin could properly introduce them, Sailor Varuna walked over to Ken and grabbed him by the neck. She then intently shot a piercing glare into Ken's eyes. The other Kuipers attentively and quickly headed over to stop Varuna.

"VARUNA!" The Kuipers cried out to their tall blonde friend.

"Can I help you?" he asked in a non-caring manner. Despite Ken being a bit shorter, it didn't matter as he had been lifted with ease by the blonde Amazonian of a girl.

"Yeah, why did you call my move a Pokemon attack!?" Varuna demanded, raising her tone.

Ken's eyes widened briefly before he realized what she was referring too.

"Sheesh, she's got to be strong to lift him with ease," Gatomon remarked.

Kari concurred. "Yeah."

"C'mon, Varuna! Put him down!" Sailor Quaoar pleaded.

Ken scoffed despite being lifted by Varuna. "Well, besides the fact that there's a Pokemon move literally called Flash Cannon in the games, it looks the same way it kinda fits, but I wasn't being insulting about it." As her grip tightened, Ken rolled his eyes. "Excuse me, but I need my air right now." With that, he then promptly grabbed onto her arm with both hands and gave her a nice headbutt. This caused her to let go and stumble back. She let go of his neck, which he rubbed as Varuna held her head in pain while giving Ken a death glare that made him sweatdrop. She's scarier than Rika when she gets mad.

How freaking hard is this guy's skull? It felt like I just made contact with a steel wall! Varuna growled as she prepared to come at him again.

However, Sedna intervened and stopped her. "Knock it off Varuna! He didn't mean it." She said sternly and ordered Varuna to stand down. "Besides, we don't need to be fighting amongst ourselves." She said before waving her group over to Ken. "I'm sure you already know Quaoar. Right, brother?"

Although Ken nodded, he was honestly surprised to see an older version of Sailor Quaoar.

Quaoar genuinely greeted Ken and shook his hand. "I find it interesting that another me exists. It'd be nice to meet her, but we're on a mission."

She really looks like the Helena I know, but this one looks a little older. Ken painstakingly noted, unable to withdraw his eyes off the Brazilian girl.

Sedna turned to her other teammates, which Ken didn't recognize. This was obviously true since no other Kuiper, sans a Sedna and a Quaoar, exist in his world.

The Ice Senshi pointed to a ginger-haired Kuiper Senshi first. "Ken, this is Taylor West, also known as Sailor Eris. Eris, this is Kensuke Rainer."

Sailor Eris giggled and waved to him. "Wow, he's a such a hottie, Sedna. You weren't kidding."

Ken couldn't help but feel a familiar vibe about Eris. Getting a sense of where she was from brought mcuh comfort to him. He shook Eris' hand and smirked.

"You wouldn't happen to be from Texas would you?" Ken asked, which surprised her.

Eris blinked and chuckled nervously. "Yeah, I'm from outside of Dallas. How'd you guess?"

"I'm from Houston in my world. The aura flowing around you made me feel like I was feeling home." The others stared at him confused. "I'm on an exchange program right now. I'm currently living in Shinjuku in Japan."

"I see..." Eris nearly fell head over heels shaking his hand. "I know I've lost a bit of my Texan accent. I've grown adjusted to living in Japan for a few years."

"It grows on you, huh? I know the feeling."

"Ok, Eris, it's my turn," Sailor Orcus stepped in after Ken finished greeting the Texan. The Australian idol blushed a bit greeting Ken and eagerly shook his hand. "Hey, I'm Christina Denton, but I'm Sailor Orcus now." The brunette noticed the awkward look on Ken's face.

Discerning Orcus from the others, Ken was able to distinguish a happy aura around Orcus and wondered if she was related to Sailor Venus in some way.

"You ok?" Orcus blinked.

"Yeah. It's nice meeting you, Orcus."

After Orcus finished greeting him, Sailor Ixion approached Ken.

"I'm Jamilah Waziri, but most just call me Jami. I'm Sailor Ixion. Pleased to meet you," Ixion politely introduced herself.

Ken nodded back as he became more intrigued to meet an African Senshi.

"You're the smart one of the group?"

"Why yes, but I don't like to brag."

"That's nice," he said. It's about time I met a black Senshi. Karin's friends are nice.

His inner thoughts were interrupted when Sedna called over to him. He remembered there was one more member of Sedna's team. He turned around and saw Sedna pointing to Varuna again.

Oh, wait. Scratch that. I forgot about the blonde Amazon. Thought Ken, cautiously approaching them.

"Finally, Ken, you were just introduced to Sailor Varuna," the Ice Senshi said, promptly bringing Varuna over to greet Ken. And properly this time. "Her real name is Tyra Vanderbilt. She can be a little hostile at times." She warned him.

Ken nodded before realizing something. Wait a sec... blonde hair, blue eyes, prone to violence... she's a female Brock Sampson! No freaking wonder she creeps me out!

This guy was able to catch me off guard and headbutt me. I have to learn more about him. Varuna thought, not taking her eyes off Ken.

After the Kuipers introduced themselves, Ken pointed to Maki. "That dude is Maki, one of the other two people who are supposed to be working with us as Digi-Destined, but he lost his partner who just so happens to be on the bad guys team right now. He's coming with us to get him back at least. The other would be Kasumi, but she's still on lock down from her dad."

Varuna walked up again and glared at Maki. "How is that guy supposed to fight without a Digimon? Isn't that suicidal to have him go with us?"

Ken waved it off. "I've given him a special power to help out until he can reclaim his partner until then he'll have to use that. We're gonna have to play this smart, too, because no doubt GranDracmon's on notice after what he tried to pull here not to long ago."

The Kuiper Senshi nodded along with Ken and Maki.

"Yeah we kinda saw some of that," Eris stated. "We saw all those missiles and gunfire. Was that your idea?"

Ken replied earnestly. "I've played Call of Duty quite a bit. So sometimes I can't control the destructive tenancies." He said as he walked back to meet with the Beast Tamers, Sailor Mars, Sailor Moon, Hiei, and Takuya.

Elsewhere, Yamato and Gabumon were sitting together. They were unknowingly approached by Yui, DarkGabumon, and the Neo-Spirit Detectives. Aoshi and Cammy were still cautious about approaching him, but being the adamant girl she was Yui wanted to meet Yamato.

"I see you kids have grown the last we met," Yamato addressed the Detectives. He turned around and painstakingly eyed Yui. "You, especially. Yui Tsubasa, correct?"

"Yeah, I sense you've gotten much stronger," Yui said with no fear in her eyes.

Yamato's frown subsided as he stood and examined her. "And your power has grown quite substantially. You have nowhere to go, but up. Don't squander your potential, Yui." He said whilst walking by and leaving the Neo-Detectives.

Gabumon finished conversing with DarkGabumon and ran off catching up with his partner.

Aoshi slightly shuddered. "Man, sometimes I don't know what that guy is thinking. The Vegeta vibes are still strong with him."

"It's that other personality that's making him that way," Yui said, smiling as she watched Yamato and Gabumon meeting with Dimitri, Faith, and Keke. "Underneath that ego, I bet he isn't that bad."

Cammy sighed. "I hope you're right."

"If only he was less uptight," Kohana scoffed, making it known that she doesn't entirely trust Yamato.

"Don't worry. We have a chance to work together with him and the Ascendants," the Neo-Detective leader folded her arms and walked forward with her group following her. "C'mon, looks like we're about to leave."

Meanwhile, Mikato, Shizuka, and their Digimon partners conversed with BanchoLeomon. The seasoned warrior spoke highly about the ninja twin and how far they've progressed with their Digimon. BW talked with Dimitro and Vega, who asked for combat training pointers.

The other Sailor Senshi, Kurama, Maya, Mizuno, and Brimstone talked with TK, Patamon, Davis, Veemon (DF), Sam, David, Kara, and Sonja. They watched Mika trying her hardest to spar with Tike, but even the Chimera couldn't land a hit on the young Ascendant.

"Man, you're still so far out of my reach!" Mika shouted in frustration.

"Hah! Have you bothered training more? No offense, but you're still slow to me!"

"Oh, you'll regret that, squirt!"

Sailor Jupiter blinked in astonishment. "Whoa... that kid's so fast! Poor Mika can't even land a punch on him!"

Kara sighed in exasperation. "Bro, maybe you should go easy on her?"

Sam added. "We've trained and fought a few new enemies since we defeated Paradixalmon. It's only natural our strength, skills, and speed increased."

Sailor Venus grinned. "So, what do you guys think? Aren't these Ascendants just amazing?"

Sailor Saturn nodded. "Their strength is certainly comparable to the Super Saiyans. That's certainly going to give us an edge against our enemy."

Sailor Mercury turned and watched Vega talking with BW. "They are an interesting group of people. Vega is taking a liking to them."

"Well, hey, our powers have progressed very far after the whole Dawn of Chaos conflict," Jupiter reminded her friends. "I think we're up for this!" She said enthusiastically, to which the Senshi concurred with her.

"Well, after hearing about the accounts from your world, I'm interested about these Dai-Valkyrie forms," Sonja said, watching Davis and TK sparring a little.

" Same here! I'm interested!" David with child-like fascination.

Over on the other side, Ken met with the Beast Tamers, Veemon (XLR), Sailor Mars, Sailor Moon, Hiei, and Takuya. He beckoned over to Himura.

"Hey, Himura, why don't you show Takato and Henry that Byakko Fang?"

"Oh, thanks for reminding me, Ken," Himura nodded as he took out his card.

Takato sat down and watched in anticipation. "Oh, now this I gotta see!"

Guilmon added. "Same here! Let's see it!"

Terriermon smirked. "This oughta be good, hehe."

Henry sat down next to Sara waiting for Himura to show off the treasure given to him.

"You guys won't be disappointed," grinned Inumon.

Sailor Mars waited in anticipation. "Go ahead and show us, Himura."

"Yeah, let's see it, man!" Takuya encouraged him.

Rika and Renamon knew where this was leading. They were previously witnesses to this Byakko Fang when they, Himura, Inumon, Yui, and DarkGabumon were briefly invited to Ken's dimension to extract this powerful weapon.

"Here goes," Himura said, waving the Byakko card in front of his face. After calling upon the Byakko spirit, a beam of silver light shot out of the card and shaped into a large sword with a white-furred hilt. He grabbed the instrument and brandished it. "This is the Byakko Fang. Reminds y'all of something, doesn't tight?"

Everyone near Himura either marveled or looked somewhat intrigued by the Byakko Fang. Takato and Guilmon were the first ones to walk over to examine Himura's weapon.

"Wow, it's so cool!" Takato marveled over the weapon. He touched the blade and grinned enthusiastically. "I wish this was mine."

"Well, this is one of the four legendary treasures," Inumon spoke up. "We obtained this after I fought that Inumon elder chief here."

"Oh, yeah! You did tell us," Guilmon nodded.

"This is really an impressive craftsmanship," Henry examined the blade.

"This was taken from the fang of a Baihumon?" Terriermon blinked in astonishment over the weapon.

"Yes," Renamon replied.

"The other three are each taken from the Sovereigns that used to exist in this Digital World," Ken explained. "Only Azulongmon is still around. There's the Seiryuu Scales of Azulongmon, the Phoenix Feather that belonged to a Zhuqiaomon, and the Genbu Shell of a Ebonwumon. Only the Byakko Fang escaped the evil clutches of GranDracmon. The Inumon clan were smart enough to withdraw and guard it."

"Where is this Inumon Clan?" Sailor Mars asked as she, Sailor Moon, and Hiei closely examined the Byakko Fang.

"They're in Ken's B.A.X. Digivice. They'll be helping us during the siege," Veemon (XLR) said.

"So, if three of the four Sovereigns are gone, who's helping Azulongmon govern this Digital World?" curiously inquired Takuya.

Subsequently when Takuya asked this, the clouds in the skies suddenly split up. Every warrior and individual with heightened senses felt the vastly powerful god-like energies that started coming down from the skies. Then, three beams of light came down and shone over the spacious landscaped. The warriors and heroes amassed together as they watched three massive dragons descending near them.

Most were astonished when they saw not only Azulongmon, but a Goldramon and a Magnadramon. The Tamers and Legendary Warriors from the YYGDM side immediately recognized the latter two. A Goldramon and a Magnadramon served as guardians of the Gates of Digi-Paradise. Azulongmon was undoubtedly a Sovereign in both the YYGDM-01 and DF-616 universes, but what separated those two from this one was the other two still functioned with his other Sovereign colleagues.

"Ken, you weren't kidding! Your world does have a Azulongmon!" Takuya was flabbergasted.

Tai smiled upon seeing the Accel Digiworld's Azulongmon. "He doesn't look any different from our Azulongmon."

"I bet he's as wise as our Azulongmon," Agumon concurred with his human partner.

"I hope so," Kouji added as Kouichi, Izumi, Junpei, and Tomoki assembled behind him.

"Three dragon gods, we've brought our forces from the two other dimensions," Ryo addressed Azulongmon and his two dragon colleagues. "As you can see, our numbers are great."

"Indeed, and you've assembled a group of strong and refined young warriors as well as Chosen ones," Azulongmon sagely spoke while scanning each group thoroughly. "I can sense several Ascendants amongst you." He meticulously glared over Tai, Yamato, Dimitri, Kari, TK, Davis, Keke, Sam, Tike, David, and Kara. "All of you wield great power and enough to stop our greatest enemies in our Digital World. I've foreseen that one Ascendant awakening would give rise to many. However, even together, you will find GranDracmon to be a terrifying adversary."

Goldramon nodded, looking over the Ascendants. "He is perhaps your greatest adversary to this date. Be warned, he has known closely observed your battles in your world and will take any precaution to stop you at all costs."

"Well, won't he be surprised? We have a few aces up our sleeve!" Davis said.

Tai glanced over to Kari, who wore a serious demeanor on her face. He could tell how ready she was to get back at the monster that forced her to fight Ken against her will. The older Kamiya wanted nothing more than to choke the life out of both GranDracmon, but also Belialmon, the perpetrator who took his sister from him.

"Relax, Kari. We'll get GranDracmon," TK reassured her.

The Bearer of Light relaxed her body and relieved herself of the tension. She acknowledged him without giving him a moment's notice. "I know."

Kari's ready for this. Good, she won't need to hold back. X analyzed her closely and studied her facial features. "Dragon gods, we will ensure the reign of GranDracmon ends."

"Now, onto the other group of warriors participating in the siege," Magnadramon pivoted her view and openly acknowledged the heroes of YYGDM-01. "There are four amongst you who are suited to wield the sacred treasures inherited from the Sovereigns of this world."

"If I may ask, what happened to the other Sovereigns of this dimension?" Takato asked the golden dragon deity.

Azulongmon calmly interjected on Goldramon's behalf. "I will answer this one, Warrior of Suzaku. GranDracmon's power was so great, he utilized his darkness to attack our realm and imprisoned Huanglongmon shortly thereafter." His features conveyed a mixture of fury and grief as he continued on. "Myself and the other three Sovereigns valiantly tried to defeat GranDracmon. With our realms in danger, we wouldn't let down without defending the sectors we've governed. The monster destroyed my fellow Sovereigns. He stole the treasures using a containment field to suppress their powers. However, he could only manage to capture three of the four treasures. The one the Warrior of Byakko currently wields was the only treasure to slip by GranDracmon." He pivoted his view as his majestic eyes fell on Himura, who raised the Byakko Fang. "Forged from one of Baihumon's fangs, this weapon will enhance the Warrior of Byakko's powers."

"Lucky you," sighed Takato.

"I wouldn't jump to conclusions, gogglehead," Rika interceded.

"Then, you mean...?"

Magnadramon kindly added. "There is glimmer of hope, Beast Tamers. The other three treasures will be within your reach if you chose to participate in this important siege."

"We're listening, sage dragons," Henry said.

"In order obtain the remaining three treasures, GranDracmon's top warriors must be defeated. Belialmon possesses the Phoenix Feather," Azulongmon informed the groups. "Dagonmon has the Seiryuu Scales within him. And Echidnamon contains the Genbu Seed. Naturally, the treasures are bestowed to Digimon who are attuned to the treasure's elements. However, this not only applies to Digimon, but human and other beings as well. This is only possible if said human happen to be attuned to them."

"In other words, since I wield the power of Genbu, naturally the Genbu Seed goes with me," concluded Henry..

Terriermon chuckled. "Duh, we knew that."

"Then, we know who the Phoenix Feather and Seiryuu Scale are most suited for," Sailor Moon said, patting both Takato and Rika's backs. "Right? They're yours to take."

"Well, Rika?" The Warrior of Suzaku turned and smiled to Rika.

She replied in kind with a genuine smirk. "We're not letting Himura hog all the spotlight."

"Hey, now, this makes up for me being the last one to Bio-Merge with Inumon," the Warrior of Byakko gave them a friendly reminder. He sheathed the Byakko Fang and compacted its size to fit it through his Byakko card. "Now, you guys know how I felt waiting for my turn."

Inumon concurred. "Yeah! What he said!"

Renamon remarked. "Yes, we get the point."

"An important battle awaits you, warriors of three dimensions," Azulongmon spoke up, making one final glance over the three massive groups. "I thank you dimension travelers. Ryo Akiyama, Karin Osaka, and Dimitri Ishida, we will not forget what you've done for us. I foresee a bright new dynasty. We, the Three Dragons, have had our faith renewed."

"But, still, you have a daunting task ahead of you, heroes," Magnadramon said.

"Good luck and we will continue to hold out our hopes for you," Goldramon stated. "Kensuke Rainer, help lead your army and these heroes on."

"There's no room for disappointments, especially not now," Ken strongly assured them. "Count on it!"

As the Three Dragons finished, they ascended to the skies and returned to their sanctuary. The three groups realized the daunting risks and danger of the unknown that awaited them in GranDracmon's realm. The time to act was now.


Outskirts of Zion Village/XLR-08

Shortly after the meeting with the Three Dragons, the three groups followed Ken, Ryo, and Sailor Sedna as they reached past the outskirts of the Zion Village. As the three stopped, the groups quickly halted their advancement.

"Why are we stopping here?" Tai inquired, surveying the vicinity.

"What gives?" asked Yusuke.

"Listen up, guys," Dimitri tried to get everyone to quiet down.

"So, is this the place Ryo?" Sedna asked as she walked up to her friend who had been probing an area of disturbed data.

"Yeah, no doubt about it, we can form a tunnel from here," he said as he and Sedna focused their D-Ark and Henshin Dagger respectively towards the disturbance.

Then, not too long afterward, a portal opened in front of everyone.

However, it was far from stable.

"What the...?" Both Ryo and Sedna were greatly taken aback by the anomaly.

Cyberdramon growled. "Ryo, I'm sensing great darkness pouring out."

It didn't take long for the Ascendants, the warrior Digimon, the Tamers' Digimon, the Spirit Detectives, the Hino sisters, and Sailor Saturn to feel an intense level of darkness seemingly leaking out. They all braced themselves for the wave of darkness hitting them like a strong wind.

"What's all this?" wondered Sailor Mars as she watched dark energies flux around the tunnel. This is the largest influx of darkness I've ever felt in one space!

"Sailors, brace yourselves!" Sailor Moon called to her team.

"Guys! Transform!" Takato ordered the other Beast Tamers.

With that, the Beast Tamers used their cards and effectively transformed into their Beast forms. Suzakato, Seirika, Henbu, and Himakko helped protect themselves and their Digimon from the wave of dark energy ready to swallow them up. The Tamers' Digimon hastily turned into their Mega forms.

The Legendary Warriors quickly took out their D-Scanners and transformed.

"Ugh..." Kari tried to her hardest not to let the darkness overwhelm her.

"Hold on, Kari!" TK and Davis called out to their distressed friend. They went over to shield her from the darkness energies preparing to consume her.

Folding both arms in front, Tai braced himself along with Agumon. The Ascendants and the warrior Digimon forged Ki barriers protecting them from the darkness. Agumon, Gabumon, Patamon, Gatomon, and Veemon evolved into their Mega forms while the Ascendants and the Digimon warriors put up auras to protect themselves from the dark waves.

Suddenly, coming out from the dark vortex were demonic hands. They seemingly tried grab some of the weaker-willed individuals and pull them in. One came toward the Spirit Detectives, but Hiei intercepted the claw and sliced it apart like nothing.

"Seems the dark energies are too unstable for us to pass through," Hiei deduced.

Kurama nodded. "Even our powers at their max couldn't penetrate through this thick darkness. GranDracmon's becoming aware of our arrival."

Maya shivered being near the tunnel. "How can we get through if our powers won't be able to penetrate?"

Likewise, the Neo-Spirit Detectives and the Chimeras were in a dilemma with the situation.

Sailor Saturn commented. "Perhaps if we combine our attacks together."

"We know we can't use our time pods for something like this, but if we can't stabilize the tunnel, then how can we get through?" Ryo wondered as Ken walked forward. "Ken, what are you doing?"

Ignoring Ryo, Ken put his hand out as the Heaven's Sword materialized in his grip. He didn't even utilize a command to summon the weapon. Everyone watched the majestic weapon glow in Ken's hand. As the bright energy leaked from the sword, it slowly leaked through the darkness and began stabilizing the tunnel's energies.

However, much to Ken's chagrin, it still wasn't enough to penetrate through.

"We need light to stabilize the darkness," Ken said as he held his sword up. As he did, power seemingly leaked out. It formed around the tip of the sword before shooting a beam into the portal causing the darkness to disperse almost completely. The clearing allowed the other side to the tunnel to be seen, but it appeared the tunnel could collapse at any moment.

"Wow, it's almost like a Keyblade!" Suzakato said as he came up with the others.

At this moment, Sedna's Dragon Saber appeared without being called and she diligently formed an idea of her next move. Standing next to Ken, she focused and her sword also shot out a beam into the dark void. With the two swords' united power, the tunnel was finally stabilized.

"Guess if we're gonna go! We've gotta go now! Stay together and put some powerhouses up front but not all of them!" Ken yelled out.

"Right! Move in, guys!" Tai yelled out.

Yusuke, Brimstone, Ardhamon, Suzakato & Gallantmon, and finally Tai & VictoryGreymon went up to the front as the others followed suit. They slowly walked through the tunnel. Ken and Sedna kept it open for them.


GranDracmon's Castle Throne Room/XDYC-666

"Oh lovely, those bitches found a way to get here," the feared dark lord growled as he looked at his minions. "Has the outer gate been lowered?"

"Yes sir it has!" declared a ShadowDatamon.

GranDracmon nodded, snorting aloud. "That's a start. No doubt they'll divide their forces to cross the three locks not knowing that each one is a pocket space world that benefits my vassals greatly."

"Sire, are you sure that Echidnamon and Dagonmon can handle this? They were just resurrected not too long ago, and Belialmon no longer has his beastial form either?" Another ShadowDatamon asked... only to be blown into ashes by an eye beam from GranDracmon.

Upon witnessing the Digimon's execution, every other minion fell in silence and refrained from questioning their master's orders. Daring to question his methods would lead to severe consequences. Having been pushed too far by Ken and his army, GranDracmon was taking absolutely no chances.

"Does anyone else dare to question me? I've given them all upgrades to their current power, and you forget my other new toys will be there to help them as well as their own Digimon helpers. They can do this on their own, but should they fail then this it. We will make our stand here in this castle!" The beast bellowed, rallying his other Digimon forces before turning to the other ShadowDatamon. "Go have Arkadimon and the others get to where they should be. We need to be prepared for everything." He meticulously watched his viewing orb and saw the heroes arriving. "Yes, come to me! Come and face your doom! Only when you're all turned to ash will you have permission to die!"

GranDracmon roared a beastly bellow as his battle aura flared around him like hellfire.


Canyon Dominion/XLR-08

"They're all through come on!" Ken yelled as he quickly picked Sedna up and ran through the tunnel as fast as he could. The two quickly made it through with Dimitri, Faith, who was currently a Pegasusmon, and Sailor Mars waiting for them right as the tunnel collapsed. Ken put Sedna down gently. "So, is this the place?" He asked seeing GranDracmon's castle. He couldn't help but blanch at the sight of a 100 foot tall black fortress guarded by tall gates. "Ganondorf, Ultimecia, eat your hearts out."

Sailor Mars added, pointing to the groups already near the castle. "Yeah, the others have gone ahead to scout."

"Let's go, too, Faith," Dimitri said as he and Sedna mounted the horse and took to the air. Alongside other airborne fliers, they tried to fly over the castle, but a barrier seemingly produced by a large ring around the castle with three circles in it kept them out, until a cry came from one of the gates.

"That's Takato! Let's move!" gasped Sailor Mars as she and Ken headed off towards the 'gate'.

Once Ken, Mars, Dimitri, Sedna, and Faith arrived, they spotted the three groups standing back from the castle. Suzakato was seen being repelled by the castle's barrier. Gallantmon dove in and caught Suzakato.

"Takato! There was a barrier there!" Seirika barked at him.

"I know, but there has to be a way through the barrier," Suzakato said as Gallantmon set him down. "Thanks, buddy."

"What now?" Tai asked for suggestions. "I can't even get in with my Instant Movement."

VictoryGreymon sighed. "Likewise. GranDracmon's aware of all of our abilities."

"Well, he's been observing us for a long while," stated BanchoLeomon. "He's no fool."

"Wait, these gates," Ken said as he remembered the Three Dragons informing him about the three gates. He walked alongside the three large gates. "The Hell Gate, the Tundra Gate, and the Jungle Gate."

Sailor Mercury analyzed the gates with her mini-computer. "There's no way to breach them. However, each gate must correspond to the element representing each gate. Think about it. What element is linked with hell? Fire. The Tundra Gate? Water, which is frozen to create ice. The Jungle Gate? The earth is moist and rich with enough nutrients to produce a giant forest or in the most tropical areas a rain forest." She turned toward Suzakato, Seirika, and Henbu. "It's worth a try. Takato, try walking toward the Hell Gate. A few of us can accompany you just in case there's a trap."

"Hey, it's worth a shot," Arbormon said. "Good thinking, babe."

"Well, Takato?" Ken offered as he stepped aside.

Sailor Mars encouraged the Beast Tamer. "Go on. Hiei and I can back you up."

Ardhamon added. "We're with ya, dude."

Tai nodded. "We believe in you, Takato."

Gathering up enough courage, Suzakato stepped forward and paced himself. As he walked closer, Gallantmon, Tai & VictoryGreymon, Ardhamon, Sailor Mars, Hiei, and Brimstone stood behind him. Once Suzakato reached the Hell Gate, the teen's Suzaku card glowed and flew out from his pocket.

"The Suzaku card!" Mika exclaimed.

Kurama carefully analyzed the card. "Mercury's deduction was accurate. When Suzaku tried to break through the Tundra Gate, nothing happened. It seems only those wielding the power of the sacred beasts have the power breach these gates."

As Suzakato held his Suzaku card out, the Hell Gate slowly opened revealing a ray of red light that seemed to beam out. However, the Beast Tamer stepped back and withdrew the card from the gate, which closed immediately. The others behind him backed away. Not everyone seemed ready to go in just yet, at least not without a few game plans.

It was then decided.

"I guess we'll have to split up then," Suzakato ultimately stated. "If these gates happen to be the only way in, then if we all go in one gate, they could try and trap us."

Ken wasn't wholly convinced yet. "I don't think it's that easy, but I've got a bad feeling of what's behind each of these gates and if your cards are our ticket in, they might be our ticket out. Looks like you, Henbu, and Seirika just became the leaders for the opening round."

Upon hearing this, the three Beast Tamers were flabbergasted.

"Say what?! You can't just..." Seirika stopped as Kari and Sedna put their hands on her shoulders, consoling her.

"It'll be fine Rika. We trust you," said Kari as a scoff was heard amongst the group.

"I'm not listening to someone weaker than I am!" Yamato snarled, curling up his lips in an irritated manner.

"Don't go in then! Stay out here, you coward!" Ken called out on Yamato's crap.

Not willing to be talked down by a 'false Ascendant' in his view, Yamato prepared to retort, but he was stopped by Tai.

"Look. We've got a job to do. So, let's decide who's going in what gate already!" Tai declared, giving Yamato a stern look that simply implicated now wasn't the time for petty squabbles.

After much deliberation, the groups were decided albeit some didn't like where they were placed they got over it, sans Yamato.

Standing before the Hell Gate were Suzakato and his partner Gallantmon. Next came Yusuke, Hiei, Sailor Mars, Takuya & Kouichi who had both de-evolved for the time being to conserve their power, Mika & Sara of the Chimeras, Brimstone; finally there was Tai with VictoryGreymon, Dimitri with Faith, X, Pikkan, and Ken with Veemon. As Suzakato held up his Suzaku card once more, the gate flared to life and the group was absorbed inside, not knowing that Sailor Varuna had slipped near the rear of the group and was sucked inside as well.

"Varuna!" Quaoar tried stopping her beforehand, but was too late.

"I still can't believe she'd recklessly go in like that! That nerve of her leaving us!" Orcus remarked.

"You know we shouldn't have let her go off on her own, right?" Ixion said. "Sedna's gonna chew her out."

Eris tried her best to reassure them. "She's no child, girls. Let her do what she wants. She obviously wants to see how 'good' Ken is. Though, after what we've seen from the TVs broadcasting his universe, we know where his power measures up."

Nodding, Sedna replied. "Nothing we can do now. Relax. Varuna is with Tai, Ken, Takato, and our strongest members. She's also capable of handling herself. Guys, you go with the group entering the Jungle Gate. Naturally, I'm taking the Tundra Gate."

With that, the Kuipers split up and chose their destinations. The Kuipers joined the Jungle Gate group, headed by Henbu and MegaGargomon, whilst Sedna assembled with the group going into the Tundra gate, which Seirika and Sakuyamon led.

The other Kuipers, sans Sedna, joined Sailor Moon & Sailor Venus, Kurama, Maya, and Rio. Himura & YoukaiInumon, Ryo & Cyberdramon, several of the Legendary Warriors were in the group as well - Izumi, Junpei, Dimitro, Vega, and Sam had de-evolved to conserve their spirit powers. Bringing up the rear were Kari & Ophanimon, TK & Seraphimon, Davis & Imperialdramon, BW, Sonja, David, Kara, Mikato & Shizuka with their two partners.

"Anyone else thinking we got a big group here?" Junpei wondered after looking around.

Izumi raised Junpei's concerns. "Yeah, we aren't exactly inconspicuous with this large crowd."

"Most of the ones who went into the other gates either have elemental advantage on their side, or just happen to be stronger than we do," Kurama explained to his colleagues. "Besides, it shouldn't matter now should it? It just means we'll have more members to cover one another."

"Who knows what's waiting on the other side of these gates?" wondered David.

"Honestly after what we've been through recently with the Dawn of Chaos, what could be worse?" Vega nonchalantly stated.

"Well, we are not going to know unless we open the door! C'mon, Henry!" The giant Mega urged, to which Henbu held up his card and the gate flashed and sucked them inside.

Seirika and the others in her group were able to sense this.

"Looks like we're the last ones then," she said as she prepared to open the door of their gate. Along with her was her partner Sakuyamon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Saturn, Sailor Sedna, the entire Neo-Spirit Detective group (including DarkGabumon) which had not been split up, Kouji, Jaarin, and Tomoki of the Legendary Warriors, Mizuno, Keke, Sam, an irritable Yamato and his partner ZeedGarurumon, BanchoLeomon, and Maki.

As Seirika prepared to open the gate, she sighed as she clearly heard Yamato dispersing various curses and swears.

"Oh, god... not now..." Seirika growled.

Sailor Jupiter turned and shouted back at him. "Could you cool it with your mouth?! There are kids here!"

Yui sweatdropped, waving over to Jupiter. "No offense, but me, Cammy, Aoshi, and Kohana are not exactly little kids anymore. We're teens."

"Still, doesn't change the fact he's getting on my nerves," scoffed the green-garb Senshi. If I was in my Dai-Valkyrie form, I'd knock him flat on his ass!

Irked from the stares he was getting, Yamato shot a glare toward Jupiter and Rika. "What are you two looking at?"

"Now you see what we have to go through," BanchoLeomon grumbled, resisting the urge to permanently silence Yamato's disparaging remarks.

I thought Hiei was bad, this guy is just...Mizuno's thoughts were cut off as Seirika opened up the gate with her card and they were sucked inside.


Hell Gate Interior/XDYC-666

"Sheesh! Hell Gate was right?" Ken muttered as they surveyed the area around them. He wiped his forehead as he was already becoming sweaty from the intense heat.

The landscape was volcanic, black, and ash like with scorching heat tearing through the area. Some of the members of the group found it hard to concentrate initially (namely Ken and the non-fire elementals), but others didn't care or mind the temperatures of the atmosphere.

"Be on guard. We could be attacked any moment," warned Suzakato as he and Gallantmon looked around.

The group prepared to advance until a thud was heard behind them. Alarmed, they turned around and saw Sailor Varuna land hard on the ground.

"Ow!" Varuna cursed, rubbing the back she had used to cushion her fall. "Son of a bitch! It's hot in here!"

"VARUNA?!" Most of the group called out to the Kuiper, who looked up and just noticed them.

"Aren't you supposed to be with the jungle group?" Yusuke looked at her confused.

Hiei snorted. "It's too late for her to turn back now."

Pikkan added. "I'm not covering for her ass."

"You won't need to, Pikkan," X shook his head.

"Did you just follow us?" Takuya asked.

"This isn't the best place for her to be now," Tai said.

"Try telling Varuna that," VictoryGreymon said as he and the others watched Mars approach Varuna.

However, Sailor Mars was none too pleased and walked over to chew her out. "Varuna, what are you doing here?! You're supposed to be with the Jungle Gate group like we arranged!"

Before Varuna could reply, the senses of all went on alert as enemy signatures became more detectable.

"I would use a pun right now, but piss on that," X said, putting up his guard with Tai and the others.

"We'll worry about that Tyra later. Here comes the fun," Ken muttered as he and the others prepared for the battle awaiting them.


Jungle Gate Interior/XDYC-666

"This feels like something out of a video game," MegaGargomon remarked as he scanned their new jungle environment. "Is this really a battleground?"

"I don't know. You tell me," YoukaiInumon replied sardonically.

While it was indeed a jungle, there were various large archaic ruins that blended in with the surroundings.

"Whatever buddy we need to be prepared," Henbu said as all warriors braced themselves.

Watching from the interior of one of the ruins, a small giggle was heard as Echidnamon eyed Vega meticulously and lustfully.

This couldn't be any better. The Legendary Warrior of Wood graces me with his presence! He's so dreamy! He will be mine! She thought before hearing other snake-like voices amidst the darkness. "Relax my children. You'll get your food soon enough." After smiling cruelly, she and her 'children' slipped undetected through the jungle like a predator stalking their unsuspecting prey.


Tundra Gate Interior/XDYC-666

"Man, this place is cold!" Maki said bracing himself against the blizzard-like conditions.

Not only was there a harsh blizzard making it hard to see, but there was tons of ice patches and snow shrouding the entire vicinity.

"I kinda like it," said Mizuno, absorbing the moisture from the air. "It's almost like home."

Seirika and the others got on guard, but Yamato did not.

"C'mon, dad," Keke sighed, waiting for him to bring ZeedGarurumon along. "Now isn't the time for this."

"I'm not getting involved with weaklings and a fake Ascendant," he declared. "At least not with those outside my home dimension." He let it all out as he stormed off abruptly...

...only to come right back.

"What the heck?!"

ZeedGarurumon was flabbergasted. "What just happened?"

"I guess wherever this is... we're stuck here!" Seirika exclaimed.

"Rika! Move!" Sakuyamon shouted as she and Seirika watched the ground break apart under them.

Sedna, Mercury, Mizuno, and ZeedGarurumon used ice and water to seal up the cracks in the frozen ground.

Then, a large ice patch in the middle of the field soon broke open and from it came Dagonmon, who was surrounded by a ice blue aura. With him were an army of Hyogamons, MegaSeadramons, SnowGoblimons and BlueMeramons who also sported similar aura's around their bodies.

"Welcome to the ice age, you fools! Prepare to die!" Dagonmon yelled out as he and his legions bumrushed the heroes, who braced themselves for the enemies

The Tundra Gate battle was finally underway.


To be continued...

Next act: Enter the Tundra Gate! Dagonmon's Icy, Treacherous Field!


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