A/N: Sorry for the slight delay. I just recently wrapped up Digimon Fusion Kai Season 2.5 and now fresh off getting back into this fic (and Dawn of Chaos). So, let's get these next four chapters rolling.

I know Halloween is past us, but with all the monsters and GranDracmon's demonic realm... the Halloween spirit remains present. So, I decided this story will be an official YYGDM/DFKai/Accel Halloween special! Anyone approve? Good, I hope so.

Before we jump into the story, time for a character corner with one of the main YYGDM teams: the Sailor Senshi!

(The five Sailor Senshi are gathered with a bucket with pieces of paper folded inside. All have anxious looks on their faces. The papers have written the choice of Halloween costume.)

Ami: Ok, everyone. I've made sure to write the costume choice on the five slips of paper. Remember, the rules. Once you've drawn a paper, you can't put it back. And there's absolutely no take backs. Whatever costume you draw from the bucket, you abide to it.

The others: Right.

Ami: Ok, here goes! (shakes the bucket for a few seconds). Ready? Draw!

(The Senshi quickly take their paper slips. Each one nervously opened each one up. Usagi was first as a devious smile crept on her face.)

Makoto: What did you get?

Usagi: I get to be a nurse!

Minako: Aww, nuts! I wanted to relive being Nurse Mina again! (unfolds her paper as her face pales). I get to be a mime. (tears up in anguish)

Makoto: Wow, I get to be a princess. Oh well. I honestly wanted to be the jungle girl. I wonder who got to be the jungle girl?

(Both Ami and Rei gawk in surprise after seeing their selections.)

Usagi: Well?

Ami: I get to be a police officer.

Rei: (face turns red) And I'm a jungle girl?!

Usagi: (laughs) Oh, boy. Now this is great!

Rei: I want to trade with Mako-chan!

Minako: Yeah, let me trade for the nurse!

Usagi: Yeah, I kinda want to be the princess!

Ami: Sorry, but no take backs. Rules are rules.

(Usagi, Rei, and Minako hang their heads in defeat.)

Minako: Well, look on the bright side, Rei-chan. At least you'll still wear colors. I've gotta dress all black and white! Totally clashes against my style!

Makoto: C'mon now. We're gonna look great for the Halloween party. Mako will really faint when he sees my princess get-up.

Rei: I hope Hiei doesn't mind me dressing up all scantily clad. Well, if I'm going as a jungle girl, I better look the part!

Usagi: Maybe we should ask Hotaru and the Kuipers next. The others have their costumes ready.

Ami: (faces the audience) We apologize for impending on the story, readers. Stay tuned as we'll reveal our costumes in the next chapter. (bows) On with the story. (smiles)


Act V: Diverging Paths! Entering the Castle from Hell!


GranDracmon's Castle Center/ XDYC-666

(Cue Ghosts of August - Disease)

Nirak's war cry was enough to make some of the warriors cringe as she tackled Dramon X to the floor. Sure enough the two began beating the crap out of each other. Dramon X rolled around from the beast girl's tackle.

Sedna called out. "Ken, stop! You promised you wouldn't fight her anymore!" The Kuipers stopped her from jumping into the fray.

Dramon X narrowly avoided having his neck bitten. "Self Defense!" Dramon X called out as he kicked her back, but she got right back up and leapt at him again. "Damn it, Nirak! Stay down!"

"What the hell is that thing?!" Pikkan wondered, eyeing Nirak.

"You've got me!" Tike exclaimed.

"Isn't that?!" Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter pointed out to Nirak.

Dai-Valkyrie Venus gaped. "Yeah, it's Andes, but she's changed into a monster!"

Dramon X brought both hands down over her head. He slammed her into the floor, but this wasn't enough as Nirak grabbed onto his leg and began tearing into it. "Let go damn it!" He tried kicking her off with his free leg, but she wouldn't comply.

"Wait a second... Nirak?" questioned Dai-Valkyrie Eris, to which Mikato sighed.

"You know how Andes is Sedna spelled backwards? Well at some point someone called her human form Nirak, which is Karin spell backwards," Mikato motioned over to Dai-Valkyrie Sedna. "No offense Karin."

"No need to apologize," the Ice Senshi muttered, painstakingly focusing on Dramon X and Andes' fight.

Dramon X continued to swing his leg with the crazy beast still attached to it. He repeatedly banged Andes' head into the floor several times. It wasn't long before a grin flashed on the demon's face and she bit down on his leg. Her sharp teeth penetrated Dramon X's body making him cringe in pain and making him angry.

"That is it!" Dramon X roared as his hand started glowing. "This time I am going to pop your head off!" Before he could apply his technique on her, Dai-Valkyrie Varuna ran up and slashed Andes' back with her ax.

The beast let go of Dramon X and turned to face Varuna. Everyone in the room eyed Varuna who quickly moved back to her group.

"What? Someone had to get her off!"

Suddenly, the beast clone turned and let loose an energy beam from her mouth that sent Dramon X through a corridor.

"Ken!" Most of the members of the group called out as he went flying.

Not too long after that, another energy beam fired from the corridor back at Andes, which knocked her through another one.

"Take that, you fucking whore!" Dramon X was heard yelling out before the sounds of Digimon were heard coming towards them.

(End theme)

Aoshi felt the presence of evil Digimon. "Great looks like we're gonna have more opponents now?!"

"They're closing toward us," Lady Lupin muttered.

"There's a whole lot of them," Kohana said.

"Aoshi is correct. We'll be dealing with a large quantity of them," Kurama added as he and Aoshi smelled the incoming Digimon.

Just then, the Inumon clan entered the room from the corridor Dramon X was sent down through. Along with them was Titaniamon and JetSilphymon (XLR). The Digimon duo's appearances shocked the Senshi and the Legendary Warriors; not too long after them, the others were shocked and confused.

"Titaniamon, is that you?!" Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter recognized the Amazoness Digimon, who smiled back to her. "What are you doing here?"

"It's been a while, Jupiter. It's a long story, but Ken has instructed the two of us to guard Sailor Venus with our lives."

Sailor Venus sweatdropped a bit at this. "Why did he tell you to do that?"

"Well, you are with child, are you not? We wouldn't want to risk the life of a newborn because of this battle," stated JetSilphymon (XLR), who noticed Izumi. "Well, I see Ken was right. There was another me after all."

"Why are you a different color than... you what? Never mind, I probably don't want to know," muttered JetSilphymon (YYGDM).

"Good thing Izzy's not here," said Tike, who dropped into a battle stance. "You know him he'd never shut up about how different Digimon are."

"Ain't that the truth?" sighed Omega X, who then realized something. "Wait a second... don't tell me Ken went on ahead?"

Titaniamon nodded. "That he did. He said he was going to get GranDracmon and..." Titaniamon was cut off when Andes stomped back into the room only for Mika and Maya to blast her back down the corridor with a combo strike.

"Thanks Mika!" Sedna said as she ran over to see Andes running off.

Maya replied. "No sweat, Sedna! I think you better go deal with her before she comes back again. If what we just saw is any indication, you need to take her out."

Sedna nodded and motioned for her Kuiper Senshi to ready themselves. Before leaving, Angemon X walked over to Sedna and the two hugged.

"Stay safe Sedna. I know you can finish this clone off for good."

"I know. Stay safe as well and go protect Ken, all right?"

Angemon X nodded as the Kuipers headed down the corridor to pursue Andes.

"Figures we just got back together and now we have to separate again," BlazeGallantmon muttered

Suddenly, a dark demon hand came out from another corridor and grabbed Lady Lupin by the throat before pulling her down it.

"YUI!" AuroraInumon cried out, running down the corridor after her followed by the other Beast Tamers.

Aoshi, Cammy, and Kohana attempted to follow, but the corridor quickly sealed itself. The ceiling came down in front of them blocking their path. The same thing happened to the corridor the Kuipers used as well as the one Ken had gone down.

"Looks like our options are being cut off!" The YoukaiInumon leader stated. "We better move out now."

The remaining groups split up to the remaining corridors of which three remained.

"Couldn't we just take the walls down?" Aoshi asked, worrying over Yui's whereabouts.

"We could, but that could set off traps or something," Hiei said as he readily drew out his sword. "In the enemy's territory, you've gotta follow their rules most of the time."

"This way, my friends!" X directed them toward the nearest corridor. "Tai, Kari, you guys go on and find Ken before he gets to GranDracmon!"

With that, Omega X, Celesta X, WarAngemon, Angemon X, Hiei, Yusuke, Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Moon, Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Mars, Cammy, and the YoukaiInumon leader stormed down the corridor next to the one Dramon X ended up getting blasted into.

"Everyone! Please look out for Venus!" Sailor Moon said as her group headed off.

Should I leave...I mean... Sailor Venus was definitely conflicted with options. She turned as Rio and Kohana stood close to her. "You guys."

"Stay close to us, hun," Rio took on a battle stance and stood in front of her.

Kohana readily stood in Venus' path. "Don't even think about getting past us."

Jupiter noticed this. "Hey, relax, Venus, we'll protect you for sure."

Titaniamon nodded. "I'll stake my life on it." After making her vow, she held her Oberon sword. She and JetSilphymon (XLR) protected Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Venus.

Maki, Mikato, Shizuka, BanchoLeomon (XLR), Sonja, Ultima X, Keke, Sam, David, Tike, Kara, BW, Justimon, Mizuno, Brimstone, and Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Saturn headed down another corridor leaving only one left.

"Seems we're the last group," Rio observed.

"Ok! Let's move out!" ordered X, taking the position of leading a group.

X, Pikkan, The Legendary Warriors, Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter, Dai-Valkyrie Mercury, the Inumon tribe, Rio, Kohana, Aoshi, Kurama, the Chimeras, and BanchoLeomon (DF) headed out from the central chamber. Titaniamon, JetSilphymon (XLR), and Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Venus followed them. The group stopped right then they ended up in a bigger chamber filled with demon and undead Digimon. There were several Devimon types. including a few LadyDevimons & IceDevimons, a few Myotismons, a couple of SkullSatanmons, and even a VenomMyotismon.

KaiserGreymon gawked, looking around vividly. "Anyone else get the feeling we're on clean up duty?"

"I doesn't matter!" added MagnaGarurumon. "We've got to take them out no matter what!"

(Cue Devil May Cry OST – Vergil Battle 2)

As the heroes readied themselves for battle, the enemy Digimon spread and stormed out to engage them.

"FOR LORD GRANDRACMON!" They called out as the fighting immediately picked up


Armory Room/XDYC-666

Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Sedna and her Kuiper team arrived in the armory room. Waiting for them was a LadyDevimon and the last BlackVictoryGreymon., but there was no sign of the feral Andes anywhere.

"Looks like we've got a welcoming party," Eris noticed the two Digimon.

Orcus added plainly. "Is the best they've got for us?"

Ixion warned them. "Don't get too far ahead of yourselves, you two."

Quaoar surveyed the room. "Where is Andes? I don't see her."

"Oh, our mistress is here," LadyDevimon addressed the Kuipers. "She's just regaining her composure, but she'll be out to play with you."

Whirling her ax forward, Varuna growled. "Quit jerking us around and bring that bitch out here!"

"Hehehe," Came a devilish giggle from behind LadyDevimon and BlackVictoryGreymon. The two Digimon stepped aside and allowed Andes to pass by them.

Sedna and the Kuipers held their ground as Andes came out of the shadows. Andes was seen breathing heavily with her Sailor attire torn. She was no longer in her feral beast form. She appeared to have regained self control and turned back to her normal self, but her eyes still had a deranged look to them. Andes raised her eye level with Sedna's and grinned evilly.

"Hello, dear sister, you can't imagine how long I've been waiting for this," Andes said, uncovering half of her face and standing still. "Thanks to you, I've been able to regain some control... so we can have an appropriate duel... just you and me..."

"You're losing, Andes. It's over," Sedna said, readying an ice sword. She looked over her back where the Dragon Saber remained sheathed, but she resisted using it for now. "Ken told me he's tried killing you, but you keep coming back. But, he's entrusted the honor to me. I'm going to kill you and end this nightmare!"

"Hah, I'd like to see you try, sis!" Andes laughed as she summoned an ice dagger and charged toward Sedna.

"She's mine, guys! Get the two other!" Dai-Valkyrie Sedna ordered as she charged head-on with Andes as their ice blades clashed. She spun around and kicked Andes' back.

Varuna, Quaoar, and Eris quickly engaged BlackVictoryGreymon. Ixion and Orcus took on LadyDevimon.

"Oh, you two little girls want a piece of me?!" LadyDevimon hissed as she flew into the air and lured the two Dai-Valkyrie Kuipers after her. "Darkness Wave!" She unleashed a horde of hungry bats at them.

"Heads up!" Dai-Valkyrie Orcus called as she summoned her spirit bat. "Razor! Counter them!"

Razor the bat glided toward the evil bats. "Heh, two can play it that way!" His body began glowing as many Razors sprouted from his back and evened out the odds against LadyDevimon's bats. Orcus delightfully watched her Razor bats tearing up the digital bats.

"Curse you, copycat!" LadyDevimon hissed.

Orcus shrugged. "Who you calling copycat? My bat is simply better than yours, honey."

Dai-Valkyrie Ixion glided behind LadyDevimon and fired an poison arrow. The evil demoness quickly evaded the arrow, but then Ixion countered by summoning her cobra.

"Bane!" beckoned Ixion. "Venomize her!"

Bane quickly latched onto LadyDevimon, wrapped herself around her arm and bit into her shoulder. LadyDevimon winced as the snake injected venom into the demon's body.

"LET GO!" screamed LadyDevimon as she threw Bane aside.

"Nice work, Bane!" Ixion said as the cobra floated over to her. "The venom that Bane injected into you will slow your speed. Therefore, you'll be a slow target for me and my friend."

"Damn you..." LadyDevimon said as she tried flying over to Ixion, but quickly realized her speed was minimized.

"She's ours for the picking!" Orcus declared.

Meanwhile, Dai-Valkyries Varuna, Eris, and Quaoar worked on dissecting BlackVictoryGreymon. Though the Digimon had the strength and size advantage, the Kuipers proved efficient utilizing their speed and teamwork. Combine those two attributes with their weapons, the Kuipers outmatched the last BlackVictoryGreymon.

"I will protect my mistress!" BlackVictoryGreymon declared, swinging his blade over Dai-Valkyrie Varuna.

Varuna brought up her ax and held her ground against the heavier warrior. Dai-Valkyrie Quaoar summoned vines from her armor as they wrapped themselves around BlackVictoryGreymon, restraining and pulling him back. Varuna regained leverage and lunged across, slamming her ax into BlackVictoryGreymon's chest. One blow from the ax left a massive wound over the Digimon's chest.

"Hold him steady!" Dai-Valkyrie Eris cried out. "Zephyr, are you ready, buddy?" She turned and watched her green falcon materialize next to her.

"Let's do it, Eris!" Zephyr said.

The Dai-Valkyrie Kuiper and Zephyr flew toward BlackVictoryGreymon whilst spinning themselves into tornadoes.

"Tornado Blitz!" The twosome called out as their combined attack slammed into BlackVictoryGreymon and dealt more damage to him.

"Flora!" Quaoar called as a brown maned wolf appeared beside her. "Help me keep him restrained!'

"Yes, Quaoar," Flora nodded as she pressed her paws into the ground, making the ground under BlackVictoryGreymon erode. Then, she summoned vines from the ground and entangled the Mega more.

"Flash, ready for some action?" Varuna asked as her white rabbit appeared on her right shoulder.

"Whatever, let's get this over with," remarked the rabbit.

Taking her ax, Dai-Valkyrie Varuna glided over toward the subdued BlackVictoryGreymon. The rabbit infused his spirit power with Varuna, augmenting her power and speed. Varuna glided faster than the wind as she swung her ax around.

"Flash Fury!" roared Varuna.


After turning into pure light, Varuna phased right through BlackVictoryGreymon with her ax still firmly in hand. She dealt the finishing blow and beheaded him.

BlackVictoryGreymon's head fell clean off his shoulders. Varuna turned and watched the digitized being's body dissolve completely.

"That was too easy," scoffed Varuna.

"Sedna's relocated somewhere else, guys! She's this way!" Eris called to the others.

Meanwhile, Dai-Valkyries Orcus and Ixion were on the verge of slaying LadyDevimon. All it took was Orcus manipulating her shadows and turning them into blades, which she used to stab LadyDevimon with. Ixion finished her off with a poisonous arrow that made her explode into dust.

(End theme)

"We're done here!" Orcus waved to them.

"Follow us! Sedna and Andes went this way!" Quaoar said.

As they finished slaying their enemies, the Dai-Valkyrie Kuipers and their animal spirits stormed off to catch up with Sedna.


(Cue Devil May Cry 3 OST – Doppelganger Battle)

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna flew up meeting Andes as they traded attacks back and forth. The good Ice Senshi had the advantage of using a form well beyond Andes' own power. However, since she partially had Ken's blood, she also inherited some of his street smarts, including utilizing Parkour skills to avoid Sedna. She then surprised Sedna by catching her with a hard punch.

Sedna stumbled back, holding her face.

Andes smirked evilly. "How does it feel to be on the receiving end of brother's punches? Lucky I've been blessed with them!"

As Sedna tried flying into her, Andes grabbed onto a pole and flipped over the Dai-Valkyrie.

"And I've got his Parkour skills!" She boasted whilst blasting Sedna's back with dark ice. She kept spraying and trying to subdue Sedna with her dark ice. "Not so tough now, ain't ya?"

"This won't defeat me!"



Overcoming her sister's dark ice, Dai-Valkyrie Sedna kicked Andes through a wall, sending the evil clone stumbling down a flight of stairs. Sedna flew down and landed near Andes, who was getting up albeit gingerly. Sedna ran up and clobbered Andes with a kick to her gut. The Dai-Valkyrie Kuiper followed up by whapping her hard multiple times with her ice trident.

"This is for all the pain and grief you've given Ken! That you've given me! And for all the people and Digimon you've hurt!" Sedna screamed, hitting Andes repeatedly. She grabbed Andes' face and smashed it into a metal pole next to them. "And this is for tainting my blood that created you to begin with!" She pulled up Andes, whose face was pretty much battered and bloodified. She grabbed Andes' arm and swung her through another wall.

Sedna swung her so hard that she completely forgotten the augmented strength her Dai-Valkyrie armor gave her. Andes crashed through the wall and landed on the center of another armory room. Andes struggled to stand up and saw Sedna sauntering up to her.

"Using Ken's own abilities won't work on me, Andes. Give up."

"...hehehe..." Andes giggled, but still feeling the pain her sister dished to her. "No matter what you do... you can bash my face in... punch my body... crush my head... blow my head off... cut me into pieces... just like how our psychopath brother did to me! No matter what you do... I'll keep coming back... I ALWAYS COME BACK!"

Sedna was not deterred by Andes' heavy boasting.

"You know it, sister. You have doubts you can seal my fate..."

"No, I have faith in myself. You will die today, Andes!"

Taking into realization between the gap of their powers, Andes felt outmatched. She backed away, feigning defiance.

"So, just cause you've got new armor and new power... I'm supposed to be afraid of you?! You think you're tough shit cause you're more powerful than before?!" Andes screamed, shooting a scornful glare toward the Dai-Valkyrie. "I'm still tough enough to take you on!"

"My friends are all Dai-Valkyries, which means bad news for your servants. I'd say any of them are strong enough to deal with you, but only I can permanently kill you," Sedna said, reaching over to draw the Dragon Saber.

"DON'T GET CARRIED AWAY!" Andes screamed, summoning her naginata and forged ice swords around her. "Frost Death Arrows!"

As the frozen arrows hurtled toward her, Dai-Valkyrie Sedna merely brought down her Dragon Saber and swept them back at Andes. The cloned devil Senshi dodged her own attacks and quickly ran up a flight of stairs near her. Dai-Valkyrie Sedna propelled up and landed at the door, cutting her off from the pass. Sedna whirled around and kicked her off the stairs. Andes landed ten feet below.

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna descended near Andes, watching her barely sitting up.

"If I were Mistress Omega... I'd be more than a match for you... sis..." Andes said, spitting blood from her mouth. Her eyes fell on the Dragon Saber. "That's... so it's true... it was you... he gave you that damned Dragon Saber... just when I was supposed to capture him and the sword!"

"And I'm going to kill you with it," Sedna declared.

"Icicle Spears!" Andes rebounded, shooting spears of ice toward Sedna.

Sedna repeated. "Sedna Icicle Spears!" She quickly blasted through Andes' attacks and charged up, uppercutting her into the air. She glided up and prepared to thrust the Dragon Saber into her.

Suddenly, Andes' eyes turned dark as her dark polar bear spirit emerged and slammed into Sedna. The beast overpowered the Dai-Valkyrie and pinned her into the wall.

"TEAR HER APART! KILL HER MY PET!" Andes commanded whilst landing on the ground and taking time to recover. However, she saw her hands turning into bear's paws. "No... not now... not now!"

The dark polar beast bellowed and attempted to slash into Sedna. The Dai-Valkyrie Kuiper forged an ice barrier that protected her from the beast's claws. She saw acidic black ice dripping from the bear's mouth and burning through her ice barrier.

"Burning ice... crap!" Sedna closed her eyes. "Knut! I need you!"

With that, Sedna's white polar bear guardian emerged and slammed into Andes' bear. Knut pushed the dark bear into a wall and hovered over to greet his rider.

"Sedna, are you ok?"

"I'll be fine, Knut. You keep that monstrosity busy," Sedna shifted her gaze toward Andes. "I have some business to take care of."

"Be careful, my ice princess."

As Knut went after the dark bear, Dai-Valkyrie Sedna readied her Dragon Saber and watched Andes transforming back into her feral beast form. Sedna gasped as she felt an immense power filling Andes' body and consuming her with pure rage.

"You've lost yourself completely, Andes," Sedna muttered. "You have my blood and Ken's blood mixed in you that you inherited his rage factor. However, now you've lost complete control over yourself." She gripped the Dragon Saber and dropped into a battle stance. "You don't even deserve a mercy killing."

"I'LL KILL YOU, SEDNA!" Andes roared as her voice and mentality was no longer remotely human. The beast's fury consumed her completely. Her body reverted back to the 'beast out' form she had taken on.

Andes charged with faster speed as she lunged at Sedna. Sedna swerved around behind Andes and blasted her with ice shards to her back. Andes' fury protected her from the deadly shards. She reached out and tried grabbing Sedna. Sedna flew up to the ceiling, but Andes jumped up and punched her back. After taking Andes' punch, Sedna hit the nearest wall.

Andes charged toward Sedna and thrust her claws into her. The Dai-Valkyrie Sedna phased out of her reach and reappeared several feet behind her. Andes whirled around and was blasted with icicle spears. Sedna tried her hardest warding the feral beast off.

Meanwhile, Knut and the dark bear wrestled each other to the ground. The dark bear gained leverage and pinned its weight over Knut. Knut swapped the dark bear's face with a claw slash. The dark bear stumbled back, giving Knut enough room to attack and bite down onto the dark bear's head. With one crunch, Knut killed Andes' bear and watched him dissolve into dust.

"Sedna!" Knut called to his rider and bumrushed Andes from behind. He headbutted the feral Senshi and sent her crashing through a window.

"Thanks, Knut! But, we can't let her get away!" Sedna said, mounting Knut's back as they flew outside the window where they saw Andes getting up. "This is it! Make good use of these few minutes, because I've had it with you!" She readied her Dragon Saber and dismounted Knut.

Sedna and Andes launched toward one another steadfast and ready to finish their battle.

(End theme)


Elsewhere within the castle, the Beast Tamers arrived in tandem within a spacious chamber. They saw Lady Lupin held suspended in the ceiling with dark rings subduing her. No matter what Lady Lupin couldn't break free even with her spirit energy.

"Sis!" AuroraInumon called out her.

"Be careful! We're not the only ones here!" Lady Lupin warned them.

BlazeGallantmon shouted. "Can't you break free with your spirit power?!"

"No, he's got these rings on me that's suppressed my powers!"

StormSakuyamon surveyed the room quickly. "Great, where is he now?!"

"Behind you, fools," Came a low demonic voice, which startled the Beast Biomergers.

(Cue Devil May Cry 3 OST – Nevan Battle Theme)

The Beast Biomergers held their ground when NeoMyotismon, a 30-foot tall black-skinned and armored albeit demonic being, emerged from the walls glaring over them and laughing. BlazeGallantmon and AuroraInumon stepped into the forefront while StormSakuyamon and QuakeGargomon stood behind them.

QuakeGargomon spat out in Terriermon's voice. 'Who invited you?!'

"Welcome to my chamber, Tamers. I am NeoMyotismon, and Lord GranDracmon has ordered me to keep you here until I kill you. You wish to save your friend? Then, you must defeat me, but your chances aren't looking good."

AuroraInumon scoffed. "After all the stuff with the Dawn of Chaos, we can take you."

"But, you're in my territory and here I can't be defeated!" NeoMyotismon boasted as he bumrushed the four Beast Biomergers.

"Spread out!" BlazeGallantmon ordered as the group split up.

"Be careful with this underlings!" Lady Lupin warned them. "They ambushed me when NeoMyotismon subdued me!"

AuroraInumon replied. "Underlings? Where are they?"

"Phoenix Shot!" BlazeGallantmon called out, expelling an immense phoenix-faced beam from his shield.

NeoMyotismon phased out of the way, evading BlazeGallantmon's attack. He ascended into the ceiling as he freely extended both arms to grab BlazeGallantmon and AuroraInumon. The two Beast Biomergers moved out of NeoMyotismon's reach and split up. AuroraInumon focused intently on Lady Lupin and how to free her from suspension.

"Come forth my minions!" NeoMyotismon beckoned. "Nightmare Raid!" He expelled close to a hundred tiny evil spirits, each possessing lamprey-like mouths and armed with sharp teeth. "Yes, my Evilvils! Siphon off and feed on their energies! Sap them until they're nothing left of them!'

"Those must be what Yui's been warning us about!" QuakeGargomon said as the Evilvil swarm headed toward them. Terriermon quipped sarcastically. 'Oh, you think, Henry?!'

"Brace yourselves and attack them!" StormSakuyamon declared. "Don't let them touch you!"

BlazeGallantmon's armor became imbued with a fiery aura. "Remember, we have the treasures within us now. Time to put them to the test!"

AuroraInumon's form produced a barrier of light. "Likewise. We're going to free you, Yui!"

Whilst the Beast Biomergers engaged NeoMyotismon and his Evilvils, Lady Lupin struggled as she tried prying the rings off her.

(End theme)

"If only I can..." Lady Lupin muttered, closing her eyes. Maybe we can, DarkGabumon. I didn't want to use this power, but we have no choice now... time to invoke the Tenyou's power.

Just then, a subtle white light leaked out from her eyes and her hair slowly showed signs of golden yellow.


Upper Levels/XDYC-666

Maki, Mikato, Shizuka, BanchoLeomon (XLR), Sonja, Ultima X, Keke, Sam, David, Tike, Kara, BW, Justimon, Mizuno, Brimstone, and Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Saturn scoured into the castle's upper sections.

"Sheesh, this hallway never seems to stop going upward, does it?" Maki wondered as they continued on an upward slanted ramp like hall.

"Don't tell me you're getting tired," Sonja said. She surprised nearly the whole group with her lack of fatigue. "We're getting closer to our target."

Oh yeah, the android's not tired at all. She probably thinks we're meat bags. Mikato muttered in thought as they came near a large door.

Upon opening it, the group filtered into the room.

"About time you bitches got here!" Caiusmon growled at them. "We were getting bored!"

Sailor Saturn and and the various Ascendants in the group took point when they saw Vipris and Mutalior standing before them as well.

Mutalior scoffed at the absence of the Kamiyas. "So, Tai and his sister's ego's are so large they can't come and deal with me, eh?"

Tike and Kara retorted to the cold tyrant. "We're more than enough to deal with you!"

Keke nodded. "Even I can take you in my sleep."

Sonja rolled her eyes. "Same here."

Tike finished. "By now you're nothing but a freaking joke to us!"

"You should be careful what you say, child!" snarled Mutalior. "I've still got a few surprises left up my sleeve."

"Yeah, like what?" BW curiously asked.

Vipris shifted his evil gaze over the Outer Senshi. "Sailor Saturn. I look forward to this as you will die a slow agonizing painful death for killing me before."

Sailor Saturn merely glared back. "You will not get the chance! This time I will make sure that nothing remains of you."

Caiusmon sweatdropped a bit. "Funny how the little creepy goth Senshi is the scariest person in your group..." He muttered before seeing Maki. "Ah if it isn't my Tamer! I've been waiting so long to kill you for leaving me in the cold dark void!"

"Look at things from my point I..." Caiusmon cut him off as he held up the black Xros Loader device he had gotten from GranDracmon.

Shizuka gaped in shock. "Is that what I think it is?!"

Mizuno took a battle stance. "I don't like this."

"Save it! Today you're all going to die!" He declared as the trio began glowing simultaneously. "Digi-Xros!" With that, they leapt into the air and began to fuse together. "Analogmon!"

(Cue Disturbed – The Game)

Upon completing their 'Digi-Xros' formation, a newcomer stood in place of the three beings. He was stood a staggering 15 feet tall in stature. His massive frame consisted of an amalgamation of the three evil warriors, but with its own unique features. It partially retained Mutalior's facial structure, albeit with yellow slanted eyes, a larger green ball embellished at the center of the head, and red chitin armor covering his broad shoulders, upper chest, and around the forehead ball. To accommodate his large head, it gained Vipris' features, including a hood akin to a Rhinoceros beetle's head and a gray skin underneath the red armor. He gained Caiusmon's legs. Embedded in the center was a giant green orb, which glowed intensely.

Analogmon stood before them ready to invoke his new power on the opposition.

"What on earth?!" Mikato was flabbergasted. "They fused together!"

"Analogmon?!" Tike, Kara, and David cried out in unison.

"And their powers are now off the charts!" Sonja exclaimed, now becoming more concerned.

"Not good," Ultima X said before thinking. Can we beat them now?!

Seeing the shocked expressions on the Ascendants, the voice of Mutalior came out of Analogmon. "I hope one of you has a cell phone, because I fucking called it!" He finished before instantly appearing before Tike and kicking him into a wall. Then, he double clotheslined Kara and David down as well.

"Enough! Thunderclap!" yelled Justimon, launching forth his attack.

However, Analogmon simply held up his arms and formed a barrier, which completely nullified the attack. He ran up and bashed Justimon into a wall. He continued on his warpath by attacking punching BanchoLeomon (XLR) back.

"Terra Destroyer!" BW launched his destructive sphere at Analogmon, who turned and batted the ball into the ceiling where it exploded.

Analogmon glided up and punched BW down.

Keke and Sam tried blasting Analogmon, but he punched Sam back. Keke went for a side kick, but Analogmon grabbed her and threw her into Sam.

Brimstone bulldozed right into Analogmon whilst turning himself into a spinning inferno tornado. The fused abomination grabbed Brimstone's head and smashed his face into the ground. He turned as Mizuno turned into her Sirendramon form. She fired a water blast. Analogmon flew through the water blast and punched Sirendramon down, causing her to regress back to her humanoid form.

Maki stood there, completely frozen in fear of what he was supposed to do. The newly fused creature pulverized just about everyone into the floor or walls of the room. Some were already knocked out.

"I'm gonna plant me a dumbass tree!" Analogmon yelled, slamming Ultima X into the ground before stomping on his head. Sonja tried her luck but was backhanded. "You losers need a lesson in real fighting! Let me teach you!" He roared before lunging at anyone who was still standing.

The only one left standing, outside Maki and the ninja twins, was Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Saturn.

"Just you and me. I'm going to enjoy this," Analogmon grinned devilishly as he sauntered toward her.

Despite his feats he's shown, Saturn readied her Silence Glaive and prepared to take him on.

"Sis, we have to do something!" Shizuka said to Mikato.

"Like we could do anything to that big freak! But, we can't let Saturn fight him alone!"

Watching Saturn, Maki fell into distress. I've got to do something! Ugh, Caiusmon, I wish this didn't have to happen!

(End theme)


Unknown Realm/XDYC-666

Metalla X was on the verge of losing his patience as the dark entity methodically paced around him. Turning around back and forth, Metalla X clenched both fists and powered up, unleashing an immense aura.

"Enough toying with me. Get out here now and fight me, coward!"

"Hehehe, your wish is my command!" A loud bellow responded from the surrounding dark atmosphere. Then came evil laughter, which further agitated the Ascendant.

(Cue Devil May Cry 3 OST – Beowulf Battle)

A long tentacle shot out from the darkness and went straight for Metalla X. The Ascendant sensed the presence behind him and jumped out of reach. The tentacle grabbed a pillar and crushed it in its grip. Metalla X whirled around to see two massive eyes gleaming behind the endless darkness surrounding the dungeon lair. Heavy breathing was accompanied by laughter as the entity emerged from the darkness, revealing itself to Metalla X.

Once the being revealed itself, Metalla X's eyes and mouth gaped in absolute shock. He was looking at what he perceived to be a ghost come back to life.

"Y-You're... dead! How can you be...?!"

"Alive?" The being inquired as 'he' revealed to be Arkadimon in his Mega form. "Hahaha! You can thank Lord GranDracmon's laboratory team for that. I'm disappointed the Ascendant girl who destroyed me isn't here, but you'll do just fine!" He smashed a pillar with his right arm and sauntered forward. "I had you screaming like a bitch the last time we met and now I get to finish where I left off!"

"You're capable of intelligent speech? No matter! I'll dispense of you this time!" Metalla X rebuked to the synthetic being. He powered up and launched himself steadfast into Arkadimon. He punched Arkadimon's chest hard, dealing some damage to the behemoth.

"Oh! Nice punch, but I've got one much better!" Arkadimon retorted and backhanded Metalla X, knocking him to the ground.

As he barely hit the ground, Metalla X floated up and rubbed his left face.

"Damn it...!" cursed the Ascendant. "I'll teach you to mock me!" He cupped both hands together and unloaded a volley of energy beams toward him.

"Oh! This should be fun... HELL NO!" The behemoth opened his mouth and swallowed the beams. "Mmm, delicious."

Metalla X snarled and glided toward Arkadimon. The behemoth charged ahead to meet him and even brought his hand over to crush him. Metalla X narrowly swerved around Arkadimon's hand and went for a gut punch.

"Exile Spear!"

Bringing his right arm blade down, he tried impaling Metalla X, but the Ascendant proved to be his faster superior. Metalla X fired a blast toward Arkadimon's feet, knocking the behemoth off his balance.

"You're mine now!" Metalla X declared as he put his right palm out. He charged and produced a ball of cyan light. "Big Bang-!"


Arkadimon produced a tentacle from his back, which whipped Metalla X aside and knocked him silly. Metalla X hit the ground and felt the stinging blow to his chest.

"Augh... damn you...!"

Arkadimon cackled psychotically. "Ahahaha, oh does it sting?! Don't worry. There's more to my house of pain where that came from!" He grabbed the floor and ripped it out from the earth.

Metalla X jumped off the ripped ground chunk and took to the air. He watched Arkadimon barely phase out. A second passed and Arkadimon was already behind him snickering.


Arkadimon backhanded Metalla X through several pillars and watched him fall in a heap of debris. As Metalla X unleashed an aura that swept away the debris, he stumbled forward and favored his chest where the monster damaged him. Arkadimon landed while openly taunting the Ascendant's pride.

"What's the matter? Want to cry like a bitch?!" Arkadimon taunted him. "I didn't mean to crush your pride, did I?!"

Metalla X furiously retorted. "...I'll get you, big cocky... bastard!" Suddenly, he stopped when he noticed a black aura surrounding Arkadimon. "Now what?!"

Arkadimon chortled evilly, raising both arms triumphantly. "Time for you to die, Ascendant!" He charged ahead and prepared to pulverize Metalla X into dust.

(End theme)

Steadily holding his ground, Metalla X wasn't ready to let up and be sidetracked any longer. He still had a vow to surpass the Kamiya siblings, albeit against the will of his vessel Matt. Nonetheless, the prideful Ascendant wasn't ready to die in Arkadimon's aforementioned 'house of pain.' Metalla X's intolerance for his threshold of pain would be put to the test.



Dramon X chopped through three Devimons before entering an all too familiar setting.

"How many of you bastards are there?! I lost count at like 40," he muttered before finding himself in another lab again. "I really don't like these rooms."

He discreetly surveyed the lab before noticing something on a table that caught his eye. Several small black SD-like chips with pictures of the various Demon Lords and even a few Royal Knights on them, which reminded him of the "Armor cards" he had used long ago. Only these had Digimon pictures on them.

"Digi-memories?" He wondered as he took them, but then became disgruntled at something else that caught his eye. It was a paper on a table that had a picture of Belphedramon near it. Ken's anger rose as he scanned it over. "Is this a fucking joke...?! Report... fusing of Deckerdramon data and Belphedramon completed..." His hands started shaking in anger, even more so when at the bottom of the paper a note had been recently scribbled on the paper...


...though it did not list who did it.

(Cue Black Sabbath – Iron Man)

Dramon X dropped the papers as the images of his former partner filled his mind and he stormed out of the room. As he did, several more Devimons were waiting him.

"Hey there's one of the intruders! Let's kill him!" yelled one of them.

As they all charged at him, a sadistic grin formed on Dramon X's face as they came in...

Slash! Rip! Squish!

Their screams were not heard as their flesh was torn apart and their data scattered like the wind.

(End theme)


Throne Room/XDYC-666

However, the bloodlust was picked up by one individual.

Great he's fucking pissed now...GranDracmon thought as the doors of his throne room were blown open and into pieces by a Spirit Gun from Yusuke. "You know you could've just opened the doors, right?! Stupid humans and their dramatic entrances." As the group entered in full, he noticed Dramon X wasn't among them. "I guess Kenny got lost. Oh well. I'll deal with him later." He muttered whilst looking at the group before him. "So, how can I help you all?" He inquired sarcastically despite the overwhelming numbers facing him.

Standing on the demonic being's opposite end were Omega X, Celesta X, WarAngemon, Angemon X, Yusuke, Hiei, Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Moon, Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Mars, Cammy, and the YoukaiInumon tribe leader.

"This is GranDracmon eh?" said Hiei, not impressed by the demon's size.

"Hello," GranDracmon replied mockingly.

Readily drawing his sword, Angemon X rebuked. "We're here to kill you for all the stuff you've put us and others through!"

Omega X, Celesta X, WarAngemon, Yusuke, Hiei, and YoukaiInumon tribe leader took up fighting stances, but GranDracmon laughed at their defiance. He eyed Celesta X, ignoring the others near her.

"Yes, of course, I figured you'd be coming back for me my dear," GranDracmon addressed Celesta X. "For the longest time, I feared your power, but now I do not." Omega X glared him intently, which hardly even fazed him. "If this is about me kidnapping your sister and putting her through hell and torment, let's not even start, I know you all came here to fight. Let's just get this over with!"

(Cue Devil May Cry 3 OST – Mundus Battle Theme)

With that, a dark aura overtook GranDracmon's body. He growled as he glowed under it powering up and causing the entire castle to tremble. His aura blew the heroes back as they buckled under the pressure of dark energy flying about.

"Damn!" This reminds me of Toguro! The son of Raizen noted as he felt GranDracmon's power rising up.

"His full power is far terrifying than I've ever imagined!" said the tribe leader.

The demonic being's body slowly began to expand as large curved spike protrusions began coming out of his body in various areas. All throughout the castle, most of the warriors felt the power increase, but they were too engrossed dealing with their own problems to come help.


Titaniamon and JetSilphymon (XLR) kept their word as they protected Sailor Venus. Rio and Kohana helped clear away a swarm of Vilemon. Venus took immediate action as a Devimon tried ambush Kohana. She threw a chain across and ensnared the Devimon's head, pulling the chain as she twisted the demon's neck.

"Thanks," Kohana said.

"Think that'll be it for me unless y'all need me," Venus said, staying in between Ken's Digimon.

X batted away a LadyDevimon deleting her as he also helped guard Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Venus. Incredible! To think he had obtained this much power! Tai, Kari, be careful! The masked watcher noted as GranDracmon smiled when he was done.

Dai-Valkyrie Mercury hit two Devimon with water and utilized 'blood bending' to control the Devimon. She made them kill each other as she eyed the direction where her visor calculated GranDracmon's power.

"GranDracmon's power is steadily growing!"

Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter ran up, pulverizing a Myotismon's head with her Mjolnir. She used her speed to blitz a SkullSatanmon and blast him away with a Mjolnir blast.

"Moon, Mars, Cammy, you and the guys better be careful!" Jupiter howled as she grabbed a Devimon and ripped his wings off before smashing his head with her Mjolnir hammer.

KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon brought VenomMyotismon down, giving the other Legendary Warriors a chance to pummel him.

Pikkan felt the immense power as well. "Oh, damn. You guys better brace yourself. This is a mother load of all demon power I've felt!" He turned as a SkullSatanmon tried hitting him. He flew out of the way. "Thunder Flash Attack!" He quickly vaporized him and three IceDevimon behind him.


Needless to say, the group was shocked as he was now effectively twice as big as before.

This can't be. He's more powerful than Virus was! Celesta X noted, quivering from the pure darkness emanating from the behemoth.

Houou are you noting this!? Sailor Mars asked her phoenix companion.

'Indeed, if worse comes to worse I may have to deal with this...' The majestic entity spoke as Cammy summoned her Dragon Gazer Mirror and was ready to use it if need be.

Hiei overheard Mars and the Houou's mental exchange, but kept his glare on GranDracmon.

"I suppose you fools can call me GranDracmon HellLord Mode, or simply Hell Lord now, because I am a lord!" Omega X reared back his hands, but this only made the 'Supreme' Demon Lord gave him an apathetic look. "Fine prove to everyone how useless you are. Go right ahead, Omega X."

"Terra Beam!"

GranDracmon simply battled the technique away and blew on his hand, which baffled Omega X.

"Wow, you made my hand burn a bit. Not too bad, but it won't be enough..." He then noticed Hiei was reading his darkness flames, but merely smirked off his gesture. "Demon, your darkness flame techniques will not hurt me at all. All they will do is augment my powers and... "


A Spirit Gun blast to the face shut him up. This time he had taken a little more than minimal damage.

"On the other hand, spirit energy seems to actually hurt me! So, we all know who's going down first!" He simply turned to Yusuke. "Hell Blade Chaos!" The blades on GranDracmon HL's body began shooting off energy beams that seemed to home in on the heroes.

While the Ascendants were able to knock them back, Yusuke and Hiei were forced to dodge them barely. Mars and Moon formed barriers. Cammy used her mirror to put up a barrier akin to the Senshi's. The YoukaiInumon tribe leader held his ground, driving his claws into the ground.

"What power!" exclaimed Valkyrie Moon as the barriers shuddered under the attack's pressure.

The Hino sisters, too, buckled under GranDracmon's attacks hitting their barriers. Hiei and Yusuke were lucky to avoid any direct hits. The Ascendants, however, felt the pain and each one nodded, except for WarAngemon.

"We'll need to go level two! TK fall back!" declared Celesta X as she, her brother, and Angemon X all powered up.

"Guys, hold on!" WarAngemon tried to reason with them.

GranDracmon waved his hands at them in a mocking gesture. "That's right! Come get some!"

(End theme)


Outside the Armory Chamber/XDYC-666

(Cue Devil May Cry 3 OST – Vergil Battle 1)

Taking extreme measures, Dai-Valkyrie Sedna summoned her ice swords and spears to skewer the Beast Andes. Much to Sedna's dismay, her evil clone kept coming and coming without quit in her body. Andes tried catching Sedna with a claw strike. Sedna ducked under and jumped up kicking her face. Andes was barely fazed by Sedna's kick and thrust her right-handed claws downward.

Sedna produced an ice barrier, protecting her Andes' attack. This allowed Knut to charge into Andes. Andes jumped away and spat an acidic sludge ball toward the polar bear. Knut jumped out of harm's reach and let the sludge eat through the ground.

"Stay on your toes, Knut!" Sedna said, analyzing Andes carefully. Her mental state is on the verge of breakdown. Could her body be showing signs of instability? "Andes, you can't win against me. It's over."

Andes roared and came charging toward her again. Taking out the Dragon Saber, Sedna glided across and slashed it through Andes' exposed chest. A massive cut opened up revealing a wound on Andes' chest. Black blood spewed out from the deep gash, causing her to scream in agony. Andes fell to her knees, seeing her own dark blood spilling out from the wound.

"Knut! Combine!" Dai-Valkyrie Sedna called forth her polar bear. As the bear turned into a giant ball of white light, it immersed with Sedna's armor and empowered the Kuiper greatly. "Andes, this is where it ends for you!"


Dai-Valkyrie Sedna stopped when she spotted the Kuiper Senshi flying through the window they busted open. The Kuipers and their animal spirits saw Sedna standing feet from Andes.

"Sedna's done it!" Orcus cheered, but rather prematurely.

Eris noticed Andes still moving. "No, Andes is still alive. What's Sedna waiting for?"

As Dai-Valkyrie Sedna briefly had her attention away, Andes got up and lunged at her.

"SEDNA! MOVE!" The Kuipers quickly flew down and intercepted Andes from striking her.

Andes stumbled back following the Kuiper Senshi team-up attack. Eris unloaded with a speedblitz attack, stunning Andes. Varuna quickly came up and smashed her ax into the beast, opening the wound up more. Eris and Varuna then helped deadlift the heavy bear beast. They picked Andes off and tossed her into the air.

"Thanks, guys," Sedna said, shifting her focus on Andes. She gripped the Dragon Saber and glided over to finally slay her.


Driving the Dragon Saber into her, she stabbed a death blow through Andes' chest.

However, it didn't end there, much to Sedna's dismay.

"Hold on! Sedna, something's happening to her!" Ixion called as she and the Kuipers saw Andes' body seemingly melting.

As Sedna withdrew from Andes, she and the others gawked with disgust as Andes' fur-covered body melted and decomposed into something more grotesque. Andes regressed into a massive and monstrous navy blue blob-like mass. The blob began spraying cold energy beams frantically.

Sedna and the others witnessed a statue hit by these beams. The statue turned into ice, but quickly dissolved when ice fire engulfed it.

"If any of us get hit by those beams, we're finished!" Quaoar said.

Ixion added. "Let's merge with our animal spirits!"

As the animal spirits turned into spirit orbs, they merged with the Dai-Valkyrie Kuipers and granted them augmented strength/speed. The Dai-Valkyries quickly began intercepting these beams with their attacks, preventing any from hitting Sedna and each other. Dai-Valkyrie Sedna flew into the air and watched the blob mass that used to be Andes.

"At this rate, she'll expand quickly and possibly cover the whole castle!" Sedna exclaimed. She gripped the Dragon Saber in hand and raised it in front of her face. "Even in this form, she has to have a weakness." Gleaning over the giant blob, she may have finally spotted Andes' weak spot. "Guys, keep this thing distracted!" She readied her weapon. I have you now, Andes! Time to bring peace between me and Ken!

(End theme)


Throne Room/ XDYC-666

Despite powering up to level two, the Ascendants didn't seem to be making much more leeway against the newly evolved monster. Although their attacks did do more damage, it seemed like whenever they damaged an area it healed itself.

"I modified Virus' DNA before using it. You can try all you want, but you won't kill me as easily as he went!" he boasted, mocking all before him. However, before anyone could speak, a surge flew through the room and GranDracmon HL growled. "Oh great... the nutcase is here!"

Everyone wondered what he meant, but got their answer when one of the walls behind them blew up.


(Cue random YYH Battle theme)

Dramon X Miracle Mode entered with a look of great rage. He glared intensely toward GranDracmon HL. He gave him a look that would kill.

"What's got you so pissed off this...?!"

He didn't get to finish.


Before he knew it, Dramon X MM slugged him in face hard before shoving his Heaven's Sword into his right eye socket repeatedly.


GranDracmon was definitely on the receiving end of pain like he's never felt before. He tried hard getting the psychopath off his face, but the Ascendant was so blinded by his fury that he unloaded energy beams into his mouth.

"Get off me! Damn you!" GranDracmon yelled as he finally managed to pry Dramon X MM off, but Ken charged him again whilst holding his eye socket painfully. "You really love fighting dirty, don't you?!"

He got no response as the particle converter on Dramon X's back was flaring more than ever before. Everyone noticed that Dramon X's eyes had a look of clear unstableness behind them.

"He's falling into a chaotic state! We can't let him go berserk!" The tribe leader exclaimed.

"Ken! Calm down!" Mars and Moon pleaded to him.

But, Dramon X wouldn't as his body trembled violently. The tenancies of slaughter and sadism flew through his head.

"Calm down?! This bastard took the data of someone who I thought was dead to use it against us... and he died again!"

Celesta X and WarAngemon both paled a bit when they realized what Ken was referring to. They informed by the group from the Tundra Gate of what Yamato had done. The Jungle Gate group were shortly told afterwards. No one amongst the Hell Gate group was told about it..

"I'm gonna kill him! Then, I'm gonna find out who took Deckerdramon's life a second time and rip out their heart while they're still watching it!"

GranDracmon's eye finally recovered back to normal as he laughed. "Figures, Metalla X did it..." He finished with a flat tone.

This sent a wave of shock throughout the room.

"...and what's more he did it intentionally because he found it was your partner."

Celesta X hung her head a bit as Dramon X's head started thinking of various ways to torture and destroy Metalla X if the prideful Ascendant survives his ordeal with Arkadimon.

"Kari, is this true?" Omega X asked, turning to his sister.

"Yes, StormSakuyamon told us, but she said that we couldn't tell you guys. If we did, Ken would probably try to kill him and..." She was quickly cut off.

"Try to? I am going to torture him so many times over he'll be wishing he was dead..." Dramon X MM said clearly before shifting an ire glare at GranDracmon HL. "But, you are first!" He vowed before lunging at him.

GranDracmon's visage was one of grimace as he held up both his hands.

"Damn it! I didn't want to do this but... DARK ORB SEAL!" He beckoned as two dark orbs erupted from his hands. These orbs engulfed both the charging Dramon X MM and Dai-Valkyrie Mars. The two orbs then flew back over him. "This'll keep you, the biggest threats, out of the way!"

Suddenly, the orb entrapping Mars quickly exploded as a 'phoenix' surrounded her and she floated back down to the ground. Dai-Valkyrie Moon and Cammy hurried over to tend to Mars. Ken was not so lucky as he pounded on the wall of the orb to get out. He couldn't.

GranDracmon HL breathed heavily from summoning these dark orbs. "Damn. I can't use that move again. If I do, I'd be no better than the Warlord and his Sin Harvest. "

(End theme)

Hiei and Yusuke were the first to notice this.

"Hiei, the big bastard's energy just dropped a bit."

Hiei nodded. "So it would seem, but it's still not enough."

The duo along with the Ascendants readied themselves for more fighting.

"We're not out of the woods just yet," WarAngemon said to his friends.

"Sis, thank goodness for you, but Ken..." Cammy said, crouching next to Dai-Valkyrie Mars' side. The Houou's fire coat seemingly didn't harm Cammy and Sailor Moon when being near the Miko.

"Mars..." Moon muttered as the Houou's flames died around Mars.

"Thanks, Houou," said Mars, recollecting herself.

It was due to the cosmic entity she had been able to get out quickly.

'Of course, but alas it would seem Kensuke wasn't so lucky.'

Mars, Moon, and Cammy saw what the Houou referred to. Dramon X MM was bashing the walls of the orb trying to get out, but he wasn't able to.

"Ken!" Cammy cried out.

"What did you do to him?!" Moon demanded.

"Simple. It's a move that contains anyone whose power is weaker than my own. Granted, I should've expected the cosmic powers of the Houou to bail Sailor Mars out, which is a shame. I was hoping to contain the two biggest threats. The only problem is it requires a large amount of energy to use, but I've at least contained one threat!" He laughed evilly to their dismay.

(Cue Devil May Cry OST – Public Enemy)

Hiei leapt up at the orb.

"I wouldn't do that," warned the villain, grinning darkly.

Upon watching Hiei, Cammy became worried. "Oh no! Hiei, withdraw!"

"Hiei stop!" Mars demanded, but it was too late.

Coating his sword with the darkness flame energies, he slashed at the orb. "Sword of the Darkness Flame!" Hiei beckoned, slashing away at the orb thrice.

However, it didn't break, but what happened next was unexpected. Dramon X MM suddenly fell to his knees in pain holding his arms as if they had been cut open.

Hiei picked up on this. "What?!"

Bloody hell?! He didn't touch me, but my arms...! Dramon X MM doubled over in pain as GranDracmon HL smirked evilly in gratification.

"See it's like this. Any attempt to break the orb from the outside causes the person inside to feel the pain. The best part is the pain is sent through his digital coding so that the human is the only one to feel it. In other words, only ways to get him out is either he breaks out on his own, or I die, but I doubt either scenario will play out!" He again laughed evilly and in a disturbing manner.

"You bastard!" Yusuke called out as inside the orb Dramon X MM contemplated his options.

My only option is to use the Delta Burst mode... but can I... last time I almost died... what the hell am I supposed to do this asshole's gotta die! Dramon X MM thought and weighed his options. He tried to stop holding his arms, but the pain of Hiei slashing them was so intense it stung like hell.


Unknown Realm/XDYC-666

Try as he might, Metalla X received a beating from Arkadimon. The crazed behemoth battered him with tentacle whips and laser beams. The Ascendant was forced to take cover inside a dungeon cell. He lowered his Ki and masked his presence from Arkadimon. Arkadimon walked by peeking through the cells. He took one glance inside the cell that Metalla X occupied and found nothing.


Metalla X glided out the cell and clobbered Arkadimon with a punch. The Ascendant followed up with a series of punches that dazed the behemoth. Metalla X charged up energy into his hands and prepared to crush the monster's head. Arkadimon fired a beam from his eyes.

"Dot Matrix!"

Metalla X narrowly dodged the beam as it vaporized a wall behind him.

"I'm enjoying this, Ascendant! In fact, now I'm gonna go all out and vaporize your ass!" Arkadimon laughed as fractal code revolving his massive frame. "Let's see if you remember this one!"

Upon witnessing Arkadimon's growth, he witnessed the revival of the behemoth's Super Ultimate form. Metalla X could only blanch, finding himself in the same predicament during the Paradixalmon incident. Only this time... there was no Celesta X to bail his pompous ass out.

Arkadimon Super Ultimate towered over Metalla X, taunting and looking down over him. "Looks like you're in deep shit now, Ascendant. Ready to enter the last stage of my house of pain?"

Gritting his teeth hard, Metalla X backed away and wondered how he would get the hell out of this death trap.

Now what? Even as I am now, I can't defeat him. This must be fate laughing at me. I must... I must have the power of Ascendant 2! For once, give me what I desire!

Matt listened to his other persona pleading and calling out for help from the divine forces. He wasn't sure what to do now for both of them.

"Get ready to say your prayers, bitch!" Arkadimon laughed as he prepared to crush him with a beam.

(End theme)


Throne Room/ XDYC-666

Dramon X MM was in the same dilemma like Metalla X. He began falling into self doubt as GranDracmon contained him.

Do I risk destroying myself to take him down? But, what if it fails? Then, this might really be the end of me.


Next act: A Great Rebound?! Turning the Tide!


A/N: The multi-battles commence! On top of that, tons of Devil May Cry soundtrack score to accommodate the scenes.

We get: the long awaited showdown between Sedna vs. Andes, Caiusmon/Mutalior/Vipris Xros fusion into Analogmon (based off Hatchiyack from DBZ's Plan to Destroy the Super Saiyans), Metalla X vs. Arkadimon, and the big showdown with GranDracmon. Oh, and Ken learning the truth to Deckerdramon's untimely fate.

Time to let a few more spoilers outta the bag: the other Kuipers' animal spirits names have been revealed. Any of you following Dawn of Chaos get thrown another bone. Additionally, Yui is now hinted to have a power to a tenyou (celestial maiden), which is an opposite from Yusuke's mazoku nature. I will delve on this matter another time.

Now, whether it'll be unveiled in the next chapter or so, find out for yourself, but you guys are getting spoilers regards. You've been warned again!

So, what did you think of the fun Halloween character corner. Next time, you'll see their crazy costumes in full! ;)

Next time, our heroes try rebounding. Find out how in chapter 6.

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