A/N: Previously, the final battles commenced. Now, things really get heated up!

How will the Trinity rebound? You'll see find out, but first our Halloween character corner. Let's see how the costumes for the Senshi turned out!

(The five Sailor Senshi leave Mrs. Rumiko Nonaka's fashion studio in their Halloween costumes. Karin, Dimitri, Hotaru, Kensuke, the Kuipers, Cammy, Yui, Aoshi, Kohana, and Shingo arrive to see them in their costumes).

Karin: Wow, great costumes, guys! You're looking good in the nurse get-up, Usagi. Mamoru will love it!

Shingo: (chuckles) Gotta admit, pretty good, sis.

(Usagi is dressed in her nurse costume and perfectly fit her frame. She held a thermometer and turns to wink at the camera.)

Usagi: I look great, don't I?

Dimitri: Not bad, Ami. Vega would definitely approve.

(Ami is dressed in female police officer costume complete with a mini skirt. She carried a pair of handcuffs and a nightstick. She's seen blushing.)

Ami: Thank you. Needless to say, I'd be the only officer Vega would have no problem being handcuffed by. (smiles modestly)

Cammy: You look great, sis! I think Hiei would find this sexy.

Hotaru: Oh, poor, Rei... (chuckles)

(Rei is seen sighing uncomfortably. Her jungle girl costume is the most revealing. She wore a fake leopard skin two piece bikini coupled with a bone necklace and her hair tied up. She is seen carrying a bone dagger and standing bare footed.)

Rei: I admit. This costume is not half-bad. I've gotten good compliments and I did say I would only dress like a genuine jungle girl.

Usagi: That explains why you aren't wearing a bra under that top?

Rei (growls): Shush. Besides, jungle girls aren't suppose to wear those to begin with.

Ken: You look stunning as a princess, Makoto.

Jami: Yes, very gorgeous dress!

(Makoto was the most elated of the group. She wore a white and yellow princess dress whilst standing in high heels and carrying an umbrella. Her costume was complete with a tiara on her head.)

Makoto (smiling elegantly): Thanks. I do look pretty stunning.

Christina: Oh, wow, Mina, you're... not very... colorful.

(Everyone sweatdrops seeing Minako, dressed as a mime, moving her hands around staying completely in character.)

Usagi: Are you guys here to try on your costumes?

Yui: Yeah, we are. We'll be seeing y'all at the party tonight!

Aoshi: Indeed. We're going to be there.

Taylor: We're definitely not going to miss it.

Tyra: Guess we'll surprise you guys when you see us.

Cammy: Hey, sis, show Hiei your costume.

Rei: Yeah, I think I'll do that. (evil smirk while licking her bone dagger)

Minako: …... ('pulls down on a rope')

(Everyone sweatdrops.)

Tyra: I bet Mina's really enjoying being a mime so much.

Kohana: (laughs) That's my sister-in-law for ya. Rio's gonna flip seeing this.

Ami: By the way, Ken, I thought you declined the invite.

Ken: Karin kinda persuaded and I just couldn't say no to her.

Christina: We're glad you can even come.

Taylor: Same here.

Helena: We'll have fun.

Dimitri: Anyway, stay tuned for part 3 of our Halloween corner next time.

Karin: Back to the story, guys!


Act VI: A Great Rebound?! Turning the Tide!


GranDracmon's Castle/Throne Room/XDYC666

The heroes weren't liking the fact that Dramon X MM had been subdued inside an orb of darkness, nor was it taken lightly that he would take damage if they tried breaking him out.

GranDracmon HL laughed at their misfortune. "Yes, attempt to do that again! You'll hurt him even more!" He pivoted to Dai-Valkyrie Mars and goaded her. "C'mon, Sailor Mars! Use your bird friend... oh wait, you'll make Ken explode if you do!" The villain Digimon said before laughing more.

Mars glared at him and then at Dramon X MM, who was still holding his arms in pain and was on the verge of passing out due to the stress of figuring out what he needed to do.

Houou, is there nothing we can do to get him out of there?! she asked her deity friend.

'I'm afraid not. Unless Ken can somehow access the power he used from before, he won't be able to escape. However, he seems reluctant to use it, but I don't know why.' The deity pathed back before the orb started hovering towards GranDracmon and was absorbed through the demon's body flesh.

Unfortunately, Ken was too out of it to notice or care as he disappeared inside the beast's body.

"Oh, c'mon! Not this again!" Omega X growled, remembering the ordeals with Paradixalmon.

GranDracmon responded. "I'm not as stupid as he was. For one thing, I don't intend to take you all lightly and there's one other..." He was cut off by the Inumon clan leader, who charged him. Forming another orb, he ensnared the charging warrior before he vanished. "This version of my technique doesn't cost as much energy. Send the unworthy trash somewhere else." He said as he teleported the leader out before casting his view back to the heroes. "Kenny's a little too strong to be absorbed automatically like Takato was. So, I'm gonna have to weaken him first before he becomes a part of me. Until then, let's get this over with you inferior scum!"

This infuriated everyone in the room.

"Yes! Let the hate flow through you!" He could see angry filled auras around them all.

Angemon X and Yusuke charged at him ready to continue fighting as throughout the castle the others felt Dramon X's energy diminish.


Outside the Armory Chamber/XDYC-666

Dramon X's energy signature vanished, causing panic and confusion amongst the other groups. Only the group currently engaging Analogmon doesn't realize this with most of those fighters knocked out.

Sedna felt Dramon X's presence vanish. Ken?! Oh no!

The other Kuipers, too, sensed Ken's power quickly disappear.

"That was...!" Quaoar gasped.

Varuna growled. "Damn, we don't have time to waste with this bitch!"

"We have to get to the others!" Ixion said.

"I'm growing tired of this! That does it!" Dai-Valkyrie Sedna declared as she readily prepared her Dragon Saber. "It's time we end this, Andes!"

(Cue Devil May Cry 3 OST – Doppelganger Theme)

The Andes blob bellowed a loud gurgle sound in response.

The Kuiper Senshi evaded the Andes blob's freezing beams, which froze and melted anything it could touch. The Kuipers tried their hardest to penetrate through the blob's defenses, but their attacks seemingly couldn't get through. Dai-Valkyrie Sedna hovered over the giant blob and scanned the overhead view of it. She readied the Dragon Saber in hand and took a deep breath.

"Here goes," Sedna muttered. "Guys, distract her! I know exactly where to get her!"

Nodding, Eris took command of the team and led them in the charge against the blob. Now empowered after merging with their spirit animals, the Dai-Valkyrie Kuipers floated over the blob and unleashed their attacks.

"Slow her down the best you can!" Eris cried out as energy leaked from her back, taking on the form of eagle wings. She flapped the wings and unleashed a barrage of wind that helped repel any ice beams aimed for her and her friends.

Orcus concentrated as bat-like wings made of dark energy came out her back. She flapped these wings and unloaded a bombardment of shadow spheres that contained a few of these beams.

Quaoar pulled out her lance and slashed through the beams heading her way. She channeled power into her lance, shooting out beams that canceled out these burning ice beams.

Ixion turned her arrow into stingers and shot them into the beams. She quickly fired a barrage of stinger-like projectiles at blinding speed, and quickly nullified Andes' beams.

Varuna used 'flash step' movements to evade the beams. She channeled energy into her ax, which expanded. She swung her large ax and took out a bunch of beams in one successive swing.

"This isn't going to be enough!" Quaoar called out to her teammates.

"Then, we'll just have to combine our energies and hit her with all we've got!" Varuna declared as she and the Kuipers formed a circle over the Andes blob.

"C'mon, guys!" Sedna exclaimed.

As the Kuipers took each other's hands, they closed their eyes and focused. Bright auras, each representing their respective uniform colors, outlined their bodies. Their foreheads gleamed, revealing their planetary symbols.

"Kuiper Planet Attack!" The girls shouted in unison.

Combining their powers and their animal steed's energies, they shot down powerful streams into the blob. The combined attack blew a gigantic hole into the Andes blob, opening up a spot for Dai-Valkyrie Sedna.

"Here goes!" Sedna declared as she flew toward the blob and dove through the opening. She thrust the Dragon Saber deep into the blob. "Dragon Saber Slash!" Swinging her blade across, Sedna unleashed a powerful energy force that filled the blob from the inside. The saber's powers weakened the Andes blob and quickly made it dissolve.

As Sedna looked across, she saw a portion of the blob reform into a human-sized body. Andes returned, but was fully nude. Sedna prepared to take her down, but Andes didn't move an inch. Instead, she slightly opened her eyes and let out a blood-curdling scream.

"AUGGHHH!" The evil clone let out a final high-pitched scream. Her body immediately buckled down, broke down, and dissolved into crystal dust.

As the blob vanished, all that remained were the crystal dust remains of Andes laying scattered about. Sedna gazed over her clone's remains. Her demeanor conveyed little to no remorse over the evil clone that tried to ruin her and Ken's lives.

(End theme)

It's over. At last, peace can between me and brother. The Ice Senshi thought, letting out a deep sigh and pleased with the end result. She looked up to see her friends descending and looking tired after expending most of their energy. "you guys!" She hurried over to tend to them.

"Go on, Sedna!" Ixion called out.

Eris added. "We'll catch up. You go and see what's going on with the others."

"Looks like they're already fighting GranDracmon," Orcus assumed.

Quaoar replied, taking a few deep breaths. "Ken and Dimitri are bound to be there with Tai, the Ascendants, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, and the others. Go on and we'll catch up."

Varuna grinned. "Go on, Sedna! Those two especially might need your help! Once we recover, we'll join y'all and send GranDracmon where he belongs."

Looking at her friends, Sedna was given their best wishes. "Thanks, guys, for helping me take her down. Take your time and rest. I'll help the others take down GranDracmon!" She smiled to her colleagues and bolted off following the direction where GranDracmon's presence was leading her. I'm coming, guys! Hold on, Ken!

The Kuipers stayed behind to recover after expending much of their power.

"Good luck, Sedna," Orcus muttered.

Catching her breath, Varuna mumbled. "We know you won't let us down."


Castle Upper Levels/XDYC-666

"Is this all that's left for me to fight?" Analogmon asked as he glared down Dai-Valkyrie Saturn, who did not waver despite the fact everyone except the two ninjas and Maki were down.

"I won't let you near them!" Saturn readily brandished her Silence Glaive and held her stance against Analogmon.

Maki finally had enough and stood before her glaring at the Digimon.

"Maki?!" The Senshi was taken aback by his direct stance.

"So, you wanna die first?" the Digimon evilly laughed with his triad voice.

Saturn's eyes widened a bit. "Maki get back! It's too dangerous!" No matter how hard she tried convincing him, Maki didn't budge.

"Caiusmon... no Coronamon, I know you can hear me!"

Upon declaring the name, Analogmon felt an intense vibration from within him.

"What the fu...?!"muttered Caiusmon's voice. "No! He's supposed to be gone!"

Maki held his head as his D-Ark started to glow to life.

(Cue Digimon Adventure 02 OST- Break Up!)

"Coronamon, I'm sorry that I never returned for you. Things have been tough for me and my family due to all the trouble caused by my father and the Digimon... but that doesn't mean I'm willing to start over! Even if we don't get to fight as much since I have to help my family now, but please if you can hear me through the darkness, give me a second chance and come back to me!"

Analogmon fell to his knees as if having spasms. Saturn, Mikato, and Shizuka witnessed this in shock. Before long, he broke a part back into his base components as Caiusmon screamed in pain. A red aura escaped through his eyes and mouth before forming into the aforementioned fire Rookie Digimon, who quickly jumped onto Maki and hugged him.

"I've waited a long time to hear that!" Coronamon said, hugging Maki. "Thanks my partner!"

While Caiusmon recovered from the pain, Mutalior and Vipris awoke only to find themselves divided. Mutalior and Vipris were now pissed.

"Damn it! Could this get any worse?!" Mutalior snarled as he could tell many in the room were beginning to stir.

Maki's D-Ark released an immense light as he and Coronamon glared the triad down intently. "It's gonna get a lot worse! I'm getting back in this starting right now!" With that, Maki yelled holding his D-Ark high.

(End theme)

(Cue Digimon Tamers OST- One Vision)

"Biomerge activate!" Maki called out as he and Coronamon were pulled towards each other and fused together.

As a bright light flowed throughout the room, everyone else started to get up as Caiusmon sweated bullets.

"What's going on..!?" wondered Tike, who was barely looking up.

Keke pointed toward Maki and Coronamon merging. "Look! They're Biomerging!"

After Maki and his Digimon completed their Biomerger, they formed the true Mega state of the fire Digimon.

"Apollomon!" The newcomer yelled as Mikato and Shizuka were delighted to see this.

"Amazing! He's turned into Apollomon!" David exclaimed. "I remember the Spirian version of him back on Spira!"

Saturn smiled as well as Sonja stood up and couldn't believe the readings she was getting.

"For the first time doing a Biomerge, this power output is intense!" Sonja said what needed to be stated.

Caiusmon, on the other hand, was none too pleased with the result. He charged toward Apollomon with an intent to kill. "I'll crush you both! Black Hole Sun!" He formed a black hole in his hands, but Apollomon simply clapped his hands and formed a ball of huge fire.

"Solblaster!" Apollomon hurled attack which connected with Caiusmon and sent him and Vipris flying back through the room.

Caiusmon took more damage to the point where he was torn to pieces, but Vipris somehow survived.

(End theme)

"I got burned...by a giant ball of fire..." Vipris grunted, struggling to stand. He whirled around and glared directly to Dai-Valkyrie Saturn. "But, I won't be killed twice! Not even by you! Now die!" He yelled before lunging toward her.

"Hey, Saturn! Heads up!" Ultima X warned the Senshi.

Turning around, Dai-Valkyrie Saturn's eyes turned lavender as she casted a 'paralysis' technique on him that froze him.

Wh-Why can't I move?! She never had this ability before! The Neo-Rajita warrior thought failing to move any part of his body. He sweated profusely as the only part of his body he could move were his eyes. He looked up seeing Dai-Valkyrie Saturn flying down with her Silence Glaive. Damn you... damn you... DAMN YOU!


With one stroke of her glaive, Dai-Valkyrie Saturn cut Vipris in half and turned around casting an mystical energy wave that reduced him into dust.

"To be killed by me twice, you should feel honored..." Saturn muttered coldly. "Or, better yet, to my own annoyance. Good riddance to you."

"Way to go, Saturn," BW said, getting up along with the others who were pummeled earlier.

"All right! Now there's only one left!" Mikato said. "Let's do it, Shizuka!"

With that, the two ninjas held up their D3s and shouted in unison. "Digisoul Burst Go!" After their devices lit up, BanchoLeomon (XLR) unleashed his Mode Change form.

Mutalior was now sweating bullets as everyone in the room converged on him.

"Damn it! This wasn't how it was supposed to end!"

"Well, ain't that a bitch?" Sam scoffed.

"Yeah, spare us!" said Kara.

Ultima X nodded. "What she said! You're going down!"

"How about I kill him?" Sonja suggested.

However, in the corner of his eye, Mutalior saw that the Darkness Loader they had been given was not destroyed. He quickly barrel rolled to grab the device and held it high. The device freely absorbed the power of his two dead comrades. Then, in a matter of seconds, he once again became Analogmon. But, there was a kicker. Everyone could tell he was weaker than he initially was.

"I won't fall as easily as those two!" Analogmon charged at them ready to finish the job.

"Let's kick his ass and move on!" Apollomon declared.

With their faith renewed, most everyone cheered and powered up ready to unleash hell upon their foe.


Unknown Realm/XDYC-666

(Cue Devil May Cry 3 OST – Damned Chess Battle)

Metalla X was still on the receiving end of Arkadimon Super Ultimate's vicious assault. Try as he might, the Ascendant couldn't put a dent through Arkadimon's Super Ultimate body. Metalla X phased and reappeared over Arkadimon, who quickly ensnared and slammed him into the nearest wall. Metalla X grunted painfully as he got planted hard.

As Metalla X fell and hit the ground, Arkadimon closed in laughing over the beaten Ascendant.

"What now?! You ain't shit to me!" Arkadimon openly, albeit arrogantly, taunted a battered Metalla X. "I'm wasting my time with you. I should be going after that bitch who killed me. Now, hold still." With that, he readied and fired his death beam. "God Matrix!"

Metalla X jumped out harm's way. Another beam came toward him. He tried intercepting it with a blast. But, the beam came too close and he took to the air letting the beam hit and disintegrate the ground. Metalla X looked up and saw Arkadimon floating over him. The behemoth unleashed a torrent of large tentacles that grabbed and threw Metalla X into a wall.

The Ascendant slid down the wall and hit the ground. He barely raised his head and heard the monster taunting him again.

"You aren't so tough! Even an in-training Digimon can do better, you pissant! Hahaha!"

Growling and growing incensed, Metalla X dropped both hands on the ground. He panted deeply and reflected to the years of taking over Matt's body as a means to surpass Omega X.

Has fate really forsaken me? Why... why is it that I'm continually denied my right to ascend further? No! If even Dimitri and that fake Ascendant can do it, then I SHOULD be able to!

Matt quickly interceded and linked himself through Yamato. 'You can Yamato. All you need to do accept the power of friendship with the others. Drop this senseless rivalry with Tai...

Don't you dare try lecture me, boy! I'll do what I want... and by whatever means to reach the next level! Metalla X slowly stood and held his ground. "And I'm not letting this freak kill me... not when I'm destined for greatness... so, c'mon... try and kill me!" He goaded Arkadimon and powered up as his face contorted fiercely.

Arkadimon chortled. "Your funeral, you prick." He picked up the pace and floated toward Metalla X, preparing to finish the Ascendant in one fell swoop.

(End theme)


Unknown Location/?

Dramon X MM was finally able to get to his feet and scanned around. Surrounding him were six large dark purple orbs spewing multiple dark purple lights, and there was a much larger orb with them.

"Where am I?!" He frantically wondered, not noticing that behind him his shadow seemed to lift up forming into a familiar figure that surged energy causing him to turn around. "YOU?!"

"Why so serious bro? We're inside GranDracmon's body, but you were in so much pain you didn't notice."

Dramon X MM backed away into a fighting stance.

"Cute, you want to fight me?"

"Tsukuyomimon Death Mode, the inner darkness of my soul... yes, now I know it was you getting in my head!"

"Just trying to help you stay alive so I can take over your body. After all, you seem to have forgotten about your serene state of mind. I'm more equipped to handle this job!"

Dramon X MM, however, said nothing.

"What's the matter, Gatomon got your tongue?"

"If this is a joke, I'm not laughing! I do remember one thing about your form and that it was that you were bloodthirsty and vicious. You weren't no damn talker! So, who are you really?"

'Tsukuyomimon' summoned his scythe weapon as Ken dropped into a defensive stance.

(Cue Lordi - Blood Red Sandman)

"You're quite hard to trick! Ok, so I'm not you completely, but I am made from the darkness within you and once I beat you, GranDracmon will take your soul and power himself up! Let's go!" He charged in ready to take a part Ken.

Dramon X MM caught his weapon and tossed him into one of the orbs while cracking it. However, the demon quickly recovered as if he felt nothing and attacked again.

"Shoryuken!" Dramon X MM uppercutted his foe as he came in, but once again nothing as the demon spread his demonic wings. Why can't I hurt him?!

"You won't beat me here. I have total power here while you're just a brat who needs to learn his place!" Tsukuyomimon DM glided toward Dramon X MM so fast that the latter couldn't counterattack.


Taking one hit from the villain's scythe, Dramon X MM was slashed open and blood spewed around him as he hit the ground.

The demonic entity scoffed over his bleeding adversary. "Get up. I'm just getting started."

(End theme)


NeoMyotismon's Chamber/XDYC-666

The Beast Biomergers took the fight to NeoMyotismon and his Evilvil children. Utilizing the powers from the sacred treasures, the four warriors cleared away most of the vicinity of the Evilvil swarms.

(Cue Devil May Cry 3 OST – Agni and Rudra Battle)

BlazeGallantmon bumrushed through a bunch of Evilvils as he came within NeoMyotismon's reach. He lunged up and went for a spinning lance thrust. NeoMyotismon narrowly avoided having his head beheaded by BlazeGallantmon.

"Take this!" declared NeoMyotismon, freely extending and moving his arms toward BlazeGallantmon. "Bloody Stream Glade!"

"Burning Helix!" BlazeGallantmon howled, expelling an inferno blast through his lance and burning NeoMyotismon's hands.

"CURSE YOU!" hissed the demonic monster, withdrawing his arms from the fire blasts. As he took to the air, he saw StormSakuyamon floating behind him. "Eh?!"

StormSakuyamon came down and blasted him with a lightning bolt to the face. NeoMyotismon barely swerved out of the way. AuroraInumon and QuakeGargomon were ready to unload a simultaneous assault on them. NeoMyotismon hovered straight into the ceiling and unleashes a barrage if Evilvils at the Beast Biomergers.

"Nightmare Raid!"

"Let's put these treasures to use!" BlazeGallantmon declared as a red aura outlined his frame.

A blue aura framed around StormSakuyamon. A green aura flared over QuakeGargomon. A light silver aura produced around AuroraInumon.

"Hang on, Yui and DarkGabumon!" AuroraInumon shouted.

The four Beast Biomergers formed a circle and channeled the spiritual powers of the sacred treasures, which resonated within them. They raised their heads and unleashed four distinct colorful beams that eradicated the Evilvil swarm. NeoMyotismon gritted his teeth fiercely and flew down to attack them.

Suddenly, a bright flash of light hit the ground out of nowhere and surprised everyone present. They saw the YoukaiInumon leader standing along and surveying his surroundings. The leader had a befuddled look on his face.

"The villager leader?! How did you get here?!" AuroraInumon turned to the village leader.

"I was so close to GranDracmon! I could've clawed him!" the YoukaiInumon leader growled until he noticed the Beast Biomergers. "Damn, so he did transport me from his chamber. I was with those Ascendants!"

"If Lord GranDracmon sent you here, then he must want me to finish the job," NeoMyotismon's eyes flared, shooting a glare toward the YoukaiInumon leader. "Not that I'm complaining, of course!"

The leader growled and charged ahead to meet NeoMyotismon. "If I must go through you to get to GranDracmon, so be it!"

"No! Get back!" AuroraInumon tried to intercept him.

StormSakuyamon quickly took action and launched a tornado attack at NeoMyotismon. Taken by surprise, NeoMyotismon pivoted his charge against StormSakuyamon.

"Renamon! Rika!" AuroraInumon, BlazeGallantmon, and QuakeGargomon exclaimed together whilst moving in to stop the demonic creature.

(End theme)


NeoMyotismon drove his right hand through...

…the YoukaiInumon leader instead. The leader doubled over, gurgling blood from his mouth as NeoMyotismon's hand jutted out the other side of his back. StormSakuyamon was the closest to seeing this and gasped in utter disbelief. The Beast Biomergers were equally shocked.

Not only did this hit AuroraInumon hard, but it struck a nerve deep inside Lady Lupin. Having long established bonds with canine Digimon, Yui witnessed the leader of the Inumon clan being killed before her eyes. She, Himura, and Inumon barely got to know the leader and his clan prior to returning home and bringing their friends to Ken's dimension. Even if it had been a short time, Yui was greatly effected by this and she saw how this impacted AuroraInumon.

"...you all must stop GranDracmon..." YoukaiInumon leader struggled to speak coherently and sank to his knees. "It's not too late... Inumon... use the Byakko Fang to its fullest... I know you'll do us proud, my son..."

"Elder!" AuroraInumon exclaimed as he tried running to him.

NeoMyotismon pulled his hand out of the leader. "Who's next to join this fool?" He asked smugly.

Suddenly, a bright golden flare ignited the ceiling as everyone looked up to see Lady Lupin's body emitting a bright golden aura. The light temporarily blinded NeoMyotismon and burned off of his face.

"UGH! MY FACE!" NeoMyotismon covered his left side. "How is she emitting this light?!"

Witnessing the YoukaiInumon leader being slain invoked the internal power Yui had recently unlocked. This happened during the last final battle with the Meikai lord, Arago, and his army. Yui awakened a dormant bloodline called the Tenyou, in which she descended from. The Tenyou were a race of Celestial Maidens, which were equal opposite to the Mazoku that Yusuke descended from. Though Himura himself technically has Tenyou blood, only a female could awaken this inhibited bloodline and delve into this hereditary power.

Yui became the first Tenyou in hundreds of years to awaken. She fully utilized this power to help Yusuke and company against Arago and was prepared to use it again.

This time NeoMyotismon was about to become a victim of the Tenyou's fury.


(Cue Devil May Cry 3 OST – You've Really Crossed the Line)

The Beast Biomergers and NeoMyotismon shielded their eyes from the blinding flash of golden light, which covered the whole chamber. As the heavenly glow faded, they uncovered and saw Yui standing amidst a golden pillar of light. She and ShadowMetalGarurumon split into two halves. Yui herself sported long golden hair (and now untied as her ponytail became undone), red tribal markings embroidering her body (namely her arms and back), and green eyes. Her demeanor was more focused and with an intent to kill. The rings that binded her were dissolved by her aura, which wavered around her.

"Yui's just turned Tenyou, guys!" AuroraInumon exclaimed as he helped StormSakuyamon lift the leader off the ground.

BlazeGallantmon nodded. "Yeah, we saw what she can do during those last battles back home when she went through Valmarmon's army."

StormSakuyamon eyed Yui meticulously. "Damn, her power is just as intense like last time."

"Well, that's what happens when you mess with a Tenyou," QuakeGargomon remarked.

NeoMyotismon was slightly perturbed by Yui's Tenyou aura. One lash from her golden aura knocked him back and inflicted a cut over his face.

"What the hell are you...?! How could your mere light harm me?!"

Yui beckoned to ShadowMetalGarurumon. "You made the mistake hurting our new friend!" With that, she pulled out her D-Ark and hefted it overhead. "Biomerge activate!" As she and ShadowMetalGarurumon merged together, they formed into a tall, golden-haired, green-eyed version of Lady Lupin, except she was now garbed in a set of battle armor akin to AncientGarurumon's, including AncientGarurumon's face that doubled as a helmet. Two large golden blades materialized in her hands as she brandished them. "Together as one, we are now the legendary celestial warrior – Shaka!"

NeoMyotismon roared. "I don't care who you are! You're dead!" He stretched his arms out to ensnare her, but Shaka was readily prepared.

Shaka bumrushed through NeoMyotismon faster than he could perceive her next move. She slashed through him using the two golden blades.

"Celestial Claymore!" Shaka declared as she sheathed both swords.

NeoMyotismon collapsed as his body weakened from Shaka's successive attacks.

"He's all yours," Shaka said as she helped tend to the YoukaiInumon leader.

"You heard her! Take him down!" BlazeGallantmon declared.

AuroraInumon drew out the Byakko Fang and bumrushed NeoMyotismon. "This one's for our friend, you bastard!" He took advantage of the weakened demon and slashed into him with his Byakko Fang.

BlazeGallantmon, StormSakuyamon, and QuakeGargomon followed through by unleashing their sacred treasures' powers together. These energy streams collided with NeoMyotismon head-on and crushed him with unrelenting force, quickly destroying him altogether.

(End theme)

Following the demon's demise, the Beast Biomergers hurried over to see Shaka mourning over the dying YoukaiInumon leader.

"You Tamers now possess... the legendary treasures from the four Sovereigns of my world... use them wisely... I trust you will..." the elder coughed under his dying breath. He eyed Shaka and smiled weakly. "And you... child... your power is immense... it can negate the darkness... and you've managed to combine this ancient power to Biomerge with your Digimon... all four of you have gifts... please... stop GranDracmon... it's not too late..."

AuroraInumon nodded as the Inumon side of him mourned deeply. "We don't intend to fail. Not since we made it this far!" He teared up and took the leader's hand.

"Himura, Inumon... the Byakko Fang remains with you. Use it well. Tell my clan... I'm off to a better place... but tell them to go on and live their lives to their fullest... tell them I'm proud of each of them..."

Shaka gasped. "No! Please, don't...!" She felt the leader's dying breath as he smiled and vanished in her arms.

While they lamented over the loss, the Tamers were now driven with motivation to take down GranDracmon's castle and see that the demonic monster pays for all the suffering he's caused. AuroraInumon fastened the Byakko Fang over his back and gave a final prayer to the Inumon clan leader. Shaka did the same, but the hardest part for her and the Tamers was breaking the news to the younger Inumon.

"How do we tell them?" wondered Shaka.

StormSakuyamon added. "You're guess is as good as mine. Perhaps, we shouldn't tell them until the battle is over."

AuroraInumon sighed deeply. "That would only be for the best. If we tell them while this fighting is going on, they won't stay focused."

"The leader wants GranDracmon gone and we're going to grant his wish," BlazeGallantmon said.

"Then, let's hurry! I'm sure the evil presence we're sensing is that dreadful monster himself," QuakeGargomon said as he pointed to the nearest door.

They wasted no time and bolted through the door ahead of them. AuroraInumon and Shaka both looked over their backs to lay eyes on the site where the leader passed on.

"We'll make GranDracmon pay for this," Shaka muttered angrily.

"I know," AuroraInumon shared her resentment for the villain.

StormSakuyamon overheard the siblings and stayed focused. The trio caught up with BlazeGallantmon and QuakeGargomon whilst blasting through a series of obstructions blocking their way.

"GranDracmon, we're coming for you!" fiercely yelled BlazeGallantmon, now driven with stronger motivation than before.


Throne Room/XDYC-666

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna arrived in the throne room. Much to her dismay, she came at the wrong time. She saw GranDracmon standing triumphant, and quite literally, on top of Omega X, who struggled to get him off.

(Cue Devil May Cry OST – Mundus Battle Theme)

"Tai!" Sedna called out, getting everyone's attention, including GranDracmon who snarled.

"I see. If you're here, then you managed to lay my daughter to rest. For that, you'll pay, Sailor brat!" He bellowed. "Hell Blade Chaos!" He unleashed more energy blasts at the group.

Angemon X flew toward Sedna and used his body to shield her from the blasts.


"Dimitri, no!"

Angemon X, however, smiled and fought through pain. "It's ok, I'm fine..." He then turned Sedna's attention to GranDracmon. "But that bastard absorbed Ken! We've been trying to get him out with no luck."

Yusuke, now in full demon form, managed to pull Omega X out from under the titan's feet.

"Thanks, Yusuke." Omega X grunted in pain.

"No problem."

"You really want to know what's going on with him, eh? Fine! I'll show you!" As he proposed, the behemoth snapped his fingers, showing them a viewing portal of Tsukuyomimon Death Mode standing over a battered Dramon X Miracle Mode.

"What on earth is that thing!?" demanded Dai-Valkyrie Moon pointing at the demon Digimon.

Cammy shuddered when she sensed the darkness from Tsukuyomimon DM. "Whatever it is... it's dark power is too overwhelming!"

GranDracmon smiled as he snapped his fingers again and this time voices were heard.

"Think about it you dumb ass! I was created because of Andes, and in retrospect Sedna. Why do you consider her your sister?!" Tsukuyomimon DM was seen yelling and strangling Dramon X MM.

Sedna felt her heart being pierced upon hearing this until Dramon X MM retorted.

"Our blood... was used to create that thing... as well... point... invalid."

Tsukuyomimon DM kicked him hard in the stomach, making him cough up a mouthful of blood.

"What about Uranus and Neptune?! Those two sought you out to fucking end your life! And you're just gonna let them go free?!"

Dramon X MM struggled to his feet again and sighed as this notion sent shockwaves throughout the room.

"What on earth is he talking about?!" inquired Dai-Valkyrie Mars as anger came from her tone.

GranDracmon snapped his fingers again and the viewing portal changed. In this new image presented to them all was an event depicted recently. They saw Charon, the evil sister of Sailor Pluto, tricking the two Outer Senshi into letting their guards down before inserting black spheres into their bodies through the backs of their necks.

"When did this happen?!" Yusuke gaped.

"Charon was in Ken's world?!" Dai-Valkyrie Sedna was equally shocked.

Charon addressed Uranus and Neptune within the visual. "You will now hunt down the Ascendant of this world and anyone who gets in your way. He has done a great misdeed by interfering with actions in my dimension and must pay. Do I make myself clear, slaves?"

The two nodded through briefly red glowing eyes. After Charon vanished and the Outers began their hunt, the image then faded.

GranDracmon chuckled deeply at their expense. "Seems Charon wanted payback on Kenny for giving you the Dragon Saber, Sailor Sedna. In doing so, she infected the two Senshi of that world and they chased him down, engaged him on top of a bus and gave him one nasty wound. Unfortunately, they attacked my daughter as well. In response, I choose not aid them when they were taken over by alien lifeforms and imprisoned by that strange organization."

Speechless as they were, Mars and Moon were glad Suzakato wasn't with them.

"No, this can't be!" Cammy gasped in horror, trying to deny what she witnessed. "The Uranus and Neptune of Ken's world were manipulated by Charon!"

"Just like how she ambushed me and turned me loose on you," Angemon X looked at Sedna shamefully.

Sedna nodded. "No, she was the one controlling you. We saved you from her control!"

"I don't know this Charon, but I already don't like her," Omega X frowned as the images became ingrained into his mind.

Celesta X nodded. "Same here."

It's almost like karma's way of telling us that Uranus and Neptune can't be trusted. Mars thought, feeling dread through this whole situation. It also can't be helped it was Charon... one of our final enemies during the Dawn of Chaos that planted so many seeds and the effects of her influence are still felt to this day.

'Yes. In this case, the blame lies more with Charon, but the coincidence isn't easy to dismiss either.' The Houou pathed back before suddenly GranDracmon felt a sharp pain.

(End theme)

"Huh?" Dai-Valkyrie Moon noticed GranDracmon's seemingly contorted expression. "What's happening to him?"

Everyone noticed GranDracmon's pained features.

"What the hell was that!? I just felt my Darkness resister orb break and...uh oh..." Not only did the heroes notice his power beginning to diminish, but Hiei was now grinning as he looked at Mars, who simply nodded back.


GranDracmon's Interior/XDYC-666

Dramon X MM kicked Tsukuyomimon DM into the dark orb he cracked earlier on. Due to the impact, the orb had shattered and the darkness began to distort a bit.

"Damn it!" roared the demonic being, who recovered to his feet and picked up his scythe.

Dramon X MM grinned as he knew what he needed to do now.


Throne Room/XDYC-666

Sailor Mars! Hiei! Can you two hear me?! Dramon X telepathically linked his mind with the aforementioned Senshi and demon. GranDracmon's power is starting to falter! Now's the time to bust out that dragon phoenix thing I heard you can use!

Upon hearing this, Dai-Valkyrie Mars turned to Hiei, who seemed reluctant to take Ken's advice.

Hiei, now's not the fucking time to go all asshole on me! It's now or never before he recovers!

Mars glanced to Hiei and furrowed her brows. Hiei, he's right! We need to use our combined technique! It'll definitely mess up GranDracmon!

The demon scoffed in response. We'd do it as long as it's agreed exclusively between us. No third party member like this boy tells us what we need to do.

Yes, but now isn't the time for that! Hiei, please!

After Ken and Mars tried persuading him, the Houou intervened. 'Then, I'm telling you to do it, Hiei. You better act fast!'

When it became clear he couldn't incur the Houou's fury, Hiei conceded with the idea and beckoned Mars to follow him. Mars nodded and flew over on the wall corner where Hiei landed. The two fire wielders crossed each other's arms over the other.

(Cue Devil May Cry 3 OST – Vergil Battle 2)

Dai-Valkyrie Moon knew where this was leading. "They're really going for that move?!"

Omega X noticed Mars and Hiei standing side by side. "I'm getting a strong reading from a source of power being accumulated around them."

Celesta X added. "Me, too!"

WarAngemon asserted. "Likewise, and it's getting bigger!"

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna revealed. "It's their Dragon-Phoenix combo!" As she said this, the Ascendants looked toward her. "Dimitri, Sailor Moon, and Yusuke know what I'm talking about. We saw them use this against Valmarmon and his forces during the Dawn of Chaos."

Angemon X recalled. "That I do and the attack wiped out a really good portion of that army."

"Will be enough to take down GranDracmon?!" asked Celesta X.

"Just and see," Yusuke smirked, feeling the increasing light and dark fire energies being amassed together. One thing's for sure, GranDracmon won't be getting back up without extreme pain.

"It's coming. It's getting bigger," Omega X forewarned his Ascendant colleagues.

GranDracmon HL slowly lifted his head as he, too, sensed the immense darkness and light power surrounding the two warriors. He remembered this exact combo move utilized during extreme cases, including during the final Dawn of Chaos battles.

So, it's coming! This is the technique that destroyed Dagonmon's brother Baelmon. Even Valmarmon's body was damaged by this attack! Damn it... damn you, Kensuke! If only you didn't discover my orbs...!

Doubling over in pain, the next thing GranDracmon saw was a darkness fire dragon and a bright orange phoenix coalescing with one another.

"Incredible..." WarAngemon was marveled by this display.

Angemon X nodded. "You haven't seen anything yet, TK."

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna encouraged them. "Let this monster have it, guys!"

Cammy cheered them. "Go sis, go Hiei!"

"Dark hellish flames of the Makai..."

"Sacred flames of Mars..."

"Grant us the power to vanquish the enemy in one fell swoop! Heed our call!"

The demon was outlined by a dark aura whilst the Miko was enveloped inside a red aura. As both opened their eyes simultaneously, Hiei's Jagan Eye flashed a light lavender glow and Mars' forehead symbol became emblazoned with crimson light.

"I WON'T FALL SO EASILY!" GranDracmon quickly tried intercepting the fire wielders. He attempted to shoot an immense darkness blast from his mouth.

However, Omega X and the Ascendants immediately cut him off from completing his attack. They charged up Ki blasts and bombarded the behemoth. Several darkness tendrils emerged from GranDracmon's body that seemingly went past the Ascendants and headed for the couple. However, Dai-Valkyrie Moon quickly used her sword to cut these tendrils and burned them with her holy powers. Cammy helped Sailor Moon destroy these tentacles using her Dragon Gazer Mirror, which unleashed beams that burned the tendrils into dust. Yusuke ripped a part some of these tendrils. Dai-Valkyrie Sedna cut down the remaining tentacles with her Dragon Saber.

"Go for it, guys!" Omega X, Moon, Yusuke, and Sedna called out together.

Dai-Valkyrie Mars became surrounded by flames as she transformed into Houou Mars. She and Hiei nodded together.

"Ready?" She asked.

With that, the two fire wielders shifted their view on GranDracmon and prepared to push their attack on him. They saw Dramon X still imprisoned by the demonic behemoth.

Don't worry about me! Just let this big bastard have it!

As the group holding off GranDracmon moved, Houou Mars and Hiei summoned their combo attack.

"Dragon of the Darkness Flame!"

"Mars Phoenix Helix!"

Shooting from their hands came the black-and-purple dragon & a red-and-orange phoenix. The inferno-bodies beings' eyes lit up and both let out earth-shattering cries, causing the entire domain to shudder under the extreme conditions. GranDracmon barely turned his attention from the group and saw the flame beasts heading toward him. The legendary fire beasts converged into one chaotic force of light and dark fire.

"I WON'T BE DEFEATED BY THIS!" GranDracmon turned as he witnessed the two beasts become a long, silver-bodied serpentine dragon with the wings, beak, and feathers of a phoenix.

The might Dragon Phoenix opened its mouth and expelled an immense force of power that impacted GranDracmon. GranDracmon roared as he felt the immense fire scorching his body. If that weren't enough, the Dragon Phoenix grew to match the behemoth's size and swallowed him up. GranDracmon's earth-shattering bellows filled the entire chamber as almost everyone took cover.


Following his agonizing roars, GranDracmon was pushed up against the interior of his own chamber walls. He saw most of his body badly damaged by Mars and Hiei's Phoenix Dragon. He gazed across seeing them both standing side by side nearly breathless.

Yusuke laughed. "Yeah! That'll show you, you big cocky bastard!"

"Way to go, guys!" Dai-Valkyrie Moon said.

Cammy called out. "You and Hiei got him really good, sis!"

Sedna added. "That attack dealt a great amount of damage, but he isn't done yet."

Angemon X nodded. "Yeah, but his power's taken quite a steep drop."

Omega X added. "Right and all we need to do is keeping attacking him." But, what is Ken waiting for?

Now, I know how Valmarmon must've felt! Damn them...! DAMN THOSE TWO! GranDracmon quivered as fury surged out from him. "DAMN YOU ALL!"

Dramon X witnessed the events unfold and smiled. Great going, you two! With his guard down and his power weakening more, I can get the hell out of here!


GranDracmon's Interior/XDYC-666

Back within the demon's body, Dramon X MM continued to smash orb after orb. Each one caused an explosion of darkness energies that sent shockwaves through GranDracmon's body. One big explosion sent Tsukuyomimon DM flying off. Now, only the big orb remained.

"One more to go!" declared Dramon X MM, preparing to cut it down.


Throne Room/XDYC-666

Acting in desperation, GranDracmon quickly blasted Angemon X back and grabbed Sedna in his hands.

"KARIN!" Angemon X roared as he flew off to save her.

"KARIN!" Omega X, Celesta X, and WarAngemon shouted in unison.

However, before the Ascendants could save her, GranDracmon beckoned them to stop as he tightened his grip around the Dai-Valkyrie Kuiper. "Stay back, you golden-haired fools!" He then beckoned Ken's attention. "Child if you smash that orb, I'll crush this girl! You will be absorbed by me or she dies!" He demanded while putting the tight squeeze to Sedna, who screamed in agony.

"SEDNA!" The Senshi and Cammy called out their friend.

(End theme)


GranDracmon's Interior/XDYC-666

However, at that moment, a bright light flashed from Ken's B.A.X. Digivice. Out from the device came Grey, who glowed profusely. Upon seeing the new arrival, Tsukuyomimon DM charged in to attack again. However, Grey moved in and Tsukuyomimon DM ran into a large glowing red clawed arm, which drove him into the ground and evaporated him.

(Cue Digimon Xros Wars Insert Theme - Blue Flare Theme)

"Trident Arm!" The voice called as Grey's body broke a part and into pieces revealing MetalGreymon.

Dramon X MM was stunned to say the least as was GranDracmon.


Throne Room/XDYC-666

GranDracmon yelled in shock. "What the hell?! But, you were dead?!"

Suddenly, Angemon X took advantage of the distracted demon and cut his hand's backside with his sword. This caused GranDracmon to relinquish Sedna. Angemon X dove in and caught Sedna as they flew away together. causing him. Attempting to stop the Ascendant and the Dai-Valkyrie, Cammy held up her mirror and blinded the demon with a flash of light.



GranDracmon's Interior/XDYC-666

Dramon X MM was still in a state of disbelief. "How the...?"

"I've been reformatting my data all this time for this moment. Did you think I'd stay a VictoryGreymon forever?" Grey said as the light exploded from Ken's digivice and healed him.

However, both of them felt something else coming.

(End theme)


Unknown Realm/XDYC-666


Arkadimon Super Ultimate repeatedly pulverized Metalla X to near death with his tentacles. As Metalla X hit the ground again, the Ascendant growled and stubbornly picked himself back up.

"Ahaha, man, you're a glutton for punishment, ain't ya, boy?!" The behemoth laughed and watched Metalla X standing up. He didn't realize Metalla X was on the verge of letting out his pitted rage. He turned one tentacle into a blade and shot it toward Metalla X. "How about we end this, bitch? I'm gonna gut you alive first!"

As the tentacle came shooting forward, Metalla X clenched his fists and roared. "Tai, you, your sister, Dimitri, and that fake Ascendant shall not leave me behind in the dust! I won't let this stand... I WON'T BE MADE A FOOL OF!"


(Cue Devil May Cry 3 OST – Beowulf Battle)

At that instant, Metalla X felt an enormous surge of power erupt from within. Arkadimon watched in shock as the Ascendant grabbed the tentacle and ripped it out of him. Arkadimon screeched and eyed Metalla X, who was now sporting a more rigid aura. The other unique characteristic was the bio-electricity crackling around him.

Metalla X gazed over his new aura. He felt renewed and much stronger than he had been before. It was the passionate fury that drove him over the edge. Needless to say, Arkadimon made the costly mistake of toying with Metalla X when he many chances to kill him.

Arkadimon seethed. "I should've killed you!"

Now sporting a confident smirk, Metalla X sauntered toward him. So, I've finally done it. The power I've been yearning for is all mine. And this fool was fortunate enough to push me past my limit. "Great going, you foolish monster. Thanks to you, I've overcome fate and claimed my place as an Ascendant beyond an Ascendant."

Arkadimon prepared to unleash another barrage of tentacles. Metalla X quickly fired blasts, which ripped through all of his appendages.

"For all the pain you've caused me, I promise you a million fold." He said, grinning evilly from ear to ear.

(End theme)


GranDracmon's Interior/XDYC-666

From within the bright light coming from Ken's B.A.X. Digivice, a large booming voice was heard as the light grew brighter and outside GranDracmon was feeling it worse than an amplified stomach cramp.

"THE TIME HAS COME FOR YOUR PUNISHMENT GRANDRACMON!" The voice roared through the room. None recognized it off hand, none except GranDracmon who panicked

"HUANGLONGMON?! THIS CAN'T BE!" The demon yelled, shocking everyone present.


Next act: Clearing the Dark Castle! GranDracmon's Final Breakdown!


A/N: Whew, more back and forth fighting, and some twists and turns!

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