A/N: The penultimate chapter is here! Our heroes might have gotten their biggest break with the arrival of Accel Huanglongmon. To what lengths will GranDracmon go to turn this momentum around? You will find out, but first... Halloween character corner.

(We go on location at the Halloween party, taking place on Rei's Hikawa Shrine. The Kuipers, Dimitri, Faith, Ken, and Veemon arrive wearing their costumes. The Senshi and some members of the Spirit Detectives are there to greet them. The party has been going on for two hours into the evening.)

(Karin is dressed as a sugar plum fairy complete with butterfly wings. Dimitri, dressed like an Arabian prince, is seen sitting next to her conversing. Faith is seen wearing a Batman costume made for a pet. Taylor, dressed as a cowgirl, is seen chatting with Christina, dressed like a Japanese pop singer complete in sparkling green dress. Tyra, dressed in military combat gear, is seen serving juice for Helena, who is dressed up as a 60's Hippie. Jami, dressed up like a queen bee, is seen chatting with Ami. As for Ken and Veemon...)

Karin: Your costume has got to be the best one, Ken. Hands down. (giggles)

Ken (dressed as Charizard): Mikato said I probably didn't know how to enjoy Halloween and bet me to wear a costume. So, I did. Now, she's going to owe me money.

Random person: Why Charizard?

Ken: Because Charizard is the best Pokemon alive. He is the almighty one... ALL KNEES SHALL BOW TO CHARIZARD! HE IS THE BEST! ASH KETCHUM WILL DIE FOR RELEASING HIS!

(Everyone sweatdrops)

Veemon (dressed as a Starmie): Don't let it bother you he always acts this way when talking about Charizard. LOL.

(Hiei finally arrives.)

Rei: Well, well, look who showed up. (rolls her eyes) Late as usual.

Dimitri: Where's your costume?

Hiei: Why do I need to dress up in a ridiculous attire like all of you.

Usagi: It's fun! C'mon, where's that penguin costume Rei-chan picked for you?

Mamoru (dressed as Dracula): Did you return it?

Rei: Well, I had to return it because Hiei kept avoiding me. (sighs, looking slightly drunk) Hey, did someone spike my drink?

Minako: …. (acting innocent)

Hiei: Most of all... (turns his eye to Ken) Your costume is by far the most ridiculous looking one here. No questions asked.

Yusuke (dressed as Robin Hood): Nah, if you had worn that penguin suit, you would've won that category. (laughs)

Kurama (dressed like a Sherlock Holmes): Yes, indeed.

Ken: Hey, shortstack, there's still a chance for ya to get in costume.

Hiei: How?

Ken: By taking off that headband!

Kuwabara (dressed like a mummy and gets behind Hiei by pulling off his headband): Yoink!

Hiei (covering his Third Eye): You sons of bitches... give that back!

Rei (stumbles over next to Hiei and hands him a drink): Relax, Hiei. Just unwind and enjoy the party. Have a drink. (She makes him drink some of the juice, which is also spiked thanks to clever scheming by Minako and Yusuke).

Minako: ….(gives thumbs up to Yusuke)

Yusuke: Nice.

Rio (dressed as a boxer complete with cape and ring gear): Don't tell me you two...

Cammy (dressed as a a gymnast): What did you and Minako to do my sister and Hiei's drinks?

Yusuke: We spiked their drinks to help get them to unwind. I asked Chuu if I could borrow his vodka. The stuff's stronger than the Russian kind.

Shingo (dressed as Luke Skywalker): Hah, well, at least you didn't spike my sister's drink. She talks and gets batshit crazy before she gets wasted.

Yui (dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz): Oh, Yusuke.

Aoshi (dressed as as a full grown Toto): Yeah, that's messed up.

Makoto (chuckles): I don't know. Could led to entertaining stuff. Those two are getting wasted.

Yusuke: The stuff is really strong I tell ya.

Kohana (dressed as a male chauffeur): I bet! This is gonna be good!

Taylor: Oh, boy. Glad the babies are sleeping.

Christina: Yeah, this is gonna be a long night.

Karin: As long as none of our drinks are spiked. We're still minors, Yusuke.

Tyra: Not me. I'm the only one over 18.

Taylor: I'm about 18...

Makoto: But, you can't have any, right?

Christina: Just for one night? Please.

Makoto: As long as we're here on the shrine, knock yourself out, but don't overdo it.

Taylor: YEAH! But, I don't think I want to try what Rei and Hiei are supposedly drinking.

Ken: Aren't there supposed to be more guests, Karin?

Karin: Yeah, Takato, Rika, Himura, Jeri, Takuya, and Izumi supposedly got their invites. I think.

Dimitri: The night's still young.

(Rei's cheeks became red as she starts dancing over Hiei and rubs her body against Hiei. The drunken couple are seen laughing together. Rei teases unhooking her bikini top for Hiei and everyone.)

Jami: Now I'm really glad the kids are asleep!

Helena: This... might be going far.

Ami: Rei, don't do that!

Vega (dressed in Saiyan armor): Oh, damn, is she really gonna do what I think she's doing?

(Everyone sweatdrops when Rei nearly takes off her top and hollers like Xena. The drunken Hiei laughs and gets turned on by his girlfriend's eccentric 'jungle girl' nature. Nearly all the guys want to nosebleed seeing this, but few like Ken, Kurama, Rio, Vega, and Dimitri restrain themselves.)

Ken: Sheesh, never thought I'd see this!

Karin: Yeah, tell me about it!

Usagi: Go, Rei-chan!

Cammy: SIS! (runs up to take the top out of Rei's hand). You two need to get a room!

Tyra: Never mind about the drink, Taylor?

Taylor (sighs): Yeah...

Yui: I think a disaster is waiting to happen.

Yusuke: Think we might've overdone it, Minako. We only wanted them to loosen up.

Kuwabara: Yeah, how about much of Chuu's ol' 'cough medicine' did y'all use?

Kurama: You don't want to know.

Vega: If Mukuro were here, there'd be a threesome.

Ami: Vega!

Hotaru (dressed like a black cat): Quick, onto the story!


Act VII: Clearing the Dark Castle! GranDracmon's Final Breakdown!


GranDracmon's Castle/Throne Room/XDYC-666

Confusion spread throughout the room as GranDracmon HL's face paled like he had seen a ghost. "Huanglongmon?! You can't be alive!"

"You are correct. I am dead... yet not dead completely..." Came the voice of the fifth Sovereign throughout the room.

Omega X recognized the voice after a few moments, but he knew it was not the same one he met. "Could this be the voice of the Huanglongmon from Ken's universe?"

GranDracmon HL started to lose it and bellowed.

"Well, it's definitely not the one from our universe!" Dai-Valkyrie Sedna interjected, having recovered from when GranDracmon HL attempted to crush her in his hands.

Angemon X stood primed near her in case the giant pulled another stunt like that again.

"I tire of these stupid games Huanglongmon! Where the hell are you?!" he demanded before he suddenly trembled as he felt something from inside. "Oh hell no...!" He muttered as Hiei and Mars both became concerned.

"What's wrong, sis?" Cammy inquired.

"We've lost contact with Ken," Houou Mars confirmed, regressing back to her Dai-Valkyrie form. "I don't know what's going on in there, but something's blocking our mind reading powers."

I remember something like this once before, but I thought she was gone. Hiei muttered in his thoughts.


GranDracmon's Interior/XDYC-666

"Oh yes..." The voice continued as Arresterdramon came out of Ken's B.A.X Digivice. His eyes glazed over as Ken and Grey. who had been renewed into his MetalGreymon state, watched in awe as the Digimon continued to speak with a voice that was not his. "I planned in advance that you would come to our world first. With help from Goldramon's powers, we knew you'd come for us first thinking we would be easy pickings to you, but look at how wrong you were long term." He pivoted, glancing over at Ken. "This boy has trounced all your plans and warriors several times. It's almost funny."

GranDracmon HL realized what was going on. "Let me guess. You created that Gumdramon Kenny has right now and incorporated some of your data into him so that when the time was right you could come back out and try to destroy me?" His voice roared within the dark space the three individuals stood.

I wish he'd stop calling me Kenny! I'm not from South Park. Ken thought with an irked face as Arresterdramon continued.

"That sounds about accurate, but there's more to it. You see I've been planning this with several others as well for the longest time, and we told no one, not even Ken, because he would've tried to stop us if he knew what the plan entailed."

Ken wanted to say something but before he could speak he saw his Digivice glow again. A picture of Calumon appeared on the screen before vanishing and the device changed in his hands. It retained most of its blue schemed form while being a bit more teal colored, but it was now a bit larger. It sported a golden trim and the SD card slot had returned as well. However, Ken didn't like it at all as he felt Calumon had disappeared.

"What the hell is going on you freak?!" Ken demanded from 'Arresterdramon' even though he knew he was talking to Huanglongmon. "Did you just sacrifice Calumon just to evolve my Digivice further?! You didn't need to do that!"

Arresterdramon simply looked at him before his eyes widened and Ken's eyes suddenly blanked over before Aegisdramon came out of the Digivice as well.

"All will be revealed shortly. Go for it Amaterasumon."

This stunned GranDracmon HL even more. "SHE'S STILL ALIVE AS WELL!"

The golden dragon Digimon forced head against the now trance-like Ken's right hand, which was lifted upwards. Upon touching his palm, Aegisdramon's body was absorbed into his hand like a vacuum cleaner sucking dust. GranDracmon HL paled when he witnessed this action with widened eyes.


Throne Room/XDYC-666

(Cue Dragonball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi OST – Die Hard)

"And they called me a madman! Huanglongmon, did you know the child could do that?!" He was resisting the urge to puke as for once in his life he was scared stiff at what he had just witnessed. The deity offered no response causing him to speak again. "I can't let him live now. Anyone with that kind of ability must be destroyed!" He bellowed, which confused everyone outside more so.

"What's going on?!" Yusuke wondered.

"There must be something more to this that we don't know about," said Dai-Valkyrie Moon.

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna meticulously observed the giant. "Whatever it is, GranDracmon's not liking it."

Celesta X concurred. "Yeah, you can tell he's scared about something and you don't even need to feel it."

"But, what could it be?" wondered Omega X as he too was curious as to what was going on inside GranDracmon HL's body.


GranDracmon's Interior/XDYC-666

"Is that normal when this happens?" Grey asked 'Arresterdramon' as Ken was on the ground rolling around throwing spasms that felt all too familiar. He felt Aegisdramon's data rush up to his brain at lightning speed.

"Give it a few seconds, he'll be done shortly." The otherworldly Digimon responded before Ken finally stopped.


Ken's Mind/?

"What the hell just happened?" Ken wondered as he stood up finding himself within his mindscape once again... until a familiar voice spoke.

Do not be alarmed Ken, it was simply your awakened powers being put to the test.

Ken recognized the voice and became shocked. "Granny, is that you, but I thought you were merged with Aegisdramon and...?" He stopped when he saw a vision of himself absorbing the Digimon. He then looked down at his hands. "What the hell was that!?"

It's a special power that lays dormant within you. This one time we were able to force activate it, but to trigger it again you'll have to do that on your own. The forbidden power of Zero shall someday be yours.

Ken wasn't convinced. "Wait, what is this Zero power?! Tell me!" He demanded before his body began glowing and he found himself covered in a familiar multi-colored armor. "Whoa! No way!"

As my last gift to you, I've returned your Tsukuyomimon form to you. Use it well, Kensuke Rainer, and farewell. Amaterasumon's voice faded as a bright light overtook the mindscape.

"Not now damn it! AMATERASUMON!" Ken called out to no avail as he was covered by the light and blinked out.


GranDracmon's Interior/XDYC-666

Ken's eyes shot open and Shoutmon, now back in his normal form as well standing next to him. He also noticed he was back in his human form.

"'Bout time you got back! We were getting worried," Shoutmon muttered as he pointed to the others: AlforceVeedramon, CyberBeelzemon, KageShurimon, Sparrowmon, MetalGreymon, Utopia, and Arresterdramon.

They all nodded as Ken noticed he was back in his human form. Nearby, a bronze orb with Huanglongmon's symbol produced surging energies that created a golden barrier around them all.

"Heh, GranDracmon's probably losing it. He doesn't know what's going on as long as we're in this thing," said Shoutmon as Ken nodded noticing that Shoutmon had recovered from the damage done by Blightmon.

Guess he's been healed them. Arresterdramon, too, since he doesn't look possessed anymore... thanks Grandma for everything. Ken thought as a small tear fell from his right eye.

"I've left Arresterdramon's body. I've got a plan to take GranDracmon down, but it will take some time and some help." The orb said as it shot a beam into the Digivice. Gallantmon X emerged and was split back into Megidramon and MirageGaogamon Burst Mode. "Normally a digilock is permanent, but my species has the power to break them. Megidramon come with me. We must get the others for this!" Megidramon simply roared as MirageGaogamon BM stayed behind and the dragon vanished into the orb. "Give us the time we need Ken. We'll leave the rest to you."

Ken nodded as the orb vanished but so did the barrier.

(End theme)

"What the hell?! Huanglongmon, where did you... what the hell?!"

Ken smiled as his DigiSoul Charge flared high. "Let's bust up this place dudes!" He called out, which was followed by a loud cheer.

(Cue Nana Mizuki – Pray)

"Digisoul Charge! OVERDRIVE!" Ken unleashed the charge on MetalGreymon and Arresterdramon, who glowed a golden ring forming on the latter's tail.

"MetalGreymon Digivolve to... ZekeGreymon!"

"Arresterdramon... Mode Change to! Arresterdramon Superior Mode!" Arresterdramon SM was much bigger and had a chest opening showing a large orb on it and a longer tail with a more defined tail anchor as well.

To Ken's surprise, the DigiSoul Charge impacted Utopia as well causing him to change. After turning back into the 'sword'-like object he was summoned from, a much bigger black sword took his place before he became a large black and gray-clad warrior, who looked akin to Gaiamon X did only this one didn't have hair.

Cool. Ken thought before turning to the remaining Digimon.

"Now, it's our turn!" Ken said looking at Shoutmon, AlforceVeedramon, and Sparrowmon as the Crest of Heaven materialized on the monitor of his Digivice.

"Digisoul Heaven Charge! DELTA XROS ACCEL!"

Shoutmon immediately turned into OmegaShoutmon as the three turned into small orbs of light, which flew around Ken. He flew upward into a spiraling vortex of energy which exploded. When the explosion cleared, he stood once again with his large side wings, two particle convertors on each shoulder, and an urge to destroy.


(End theme)


Throne Room/XDYC-666

(Cue Skillet – Monster)


The heroes in the room had a hard time covering their ears as GranDracmon HL began letting loose a barrage of profanities that made the Digital Warlord's cussing fits look tame in comparison.

"HOW LONG HAS HE HAD THAT POWER AND I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT IT?!" GranDracmon HL roared out as the heroes then felt the surge of energy wash over them like a tidal surge.

"Wow, where did this... wait a second is that who I think it is?" Yusuke questioned.

Omega X nodded. "Yep, that's Ken alright." Needless to say, he was impressed. "Makes me wonder how he does it! I hope Yamato's not feeling this, cause you know how he is." This caused the others to sigh.

"I didn't know he had this power," Dai-Valkyrie Moon murmured.

Mars, Cammy, Hiei, Sedna, and Dimitri, on the other hand, did and were the only ones who knew for sure it was him from their world.

"We knew, but most of the others didn't since the battle got cut off from our world around that point," said Dai-Valkyrie Sedna.

GranDracmon HL heard this and thought. Wait a moment! I remember that the feed had been severed to the YYGDM-01 verse, but that happened at the time I was... I was... GranDracmon HL realized what had happened. When the darkness he had retrieved from the battle enveloped his body, it cut off any ability to sense what was still going on outside. So that's it! It must've been during that time he crushed Belialmon and... OW! MY SPLEEN! Various energy blasts began spilling out of his body taking out sections of the room. "Stop screwing around in there, you bastards!" He then stopped to realize absorbing them wasn't the best idea.

We'd be glad to leave, but we can't find a way out! Besides you're the one who wanted us in here to begin with! Dramon X DB's voice was heard as they continued blowing away at his insides causing his body to shake violently, especially when they began attacking the big dark orb inside.



GranDracmon's Interior/XDYC-666

GranDracmon HL's anger caused the dark orb to react violently sending out shockwaves to push the Accel Force Army back. Not wanting to take any chances, Dramon X DBMheld up his Digivice and sucked everyone who wasn't apart of the fusion back inside. "All right hard way it is." He declared before flying upward covering himself with energy and channeling it towards his right arm. "Delta Shoryuken!"

The dragon fist uppercut punched an opening through GranDracmon HL's backside and allowed him to get out. GranDracmon HL felt the pain and screamed bloody murder as Ken landed near the others.


Throne Room/XDYC-666

"Ken, you made it!" Sedna said happily hugging her brother who returned the gesture. Angemon X simply nodded in understanding as he knew Ken wasn't after Sedna. Omega X and the others walked up as they were now seeing first hand instead of through a viewing screen the true powers of Dramon X DBMmode, but they weren't the only ones as others in the castle could now probe the power as well.


Dramon X DB's power was felt throughout the castle. Needless to say, there was shocked and strong reactions to Dramon X DB's Ascendant power escalation. The groups involved in the Analogmon and flunkies battles felt it. The other Ascendants, X, Pikkan, BanchoLeomon (Kai), BW, the Dai-Valkyries, and the others probed Dramon X's rising Ki presence. The Beast Biomergers and Shaka also stopped as they sensed Dramon X. The Kuipers, too, felt it. Varuna was one who took it the hardest as she was reminded once again of Ken's Ascendant power.


Throne Room/XDYC-666

"Damn! Ken that's some power!" said Yusuke as Hiei looked dumbfounded which made Mars giggle a bit.

"I agree," said WarAngemon. "Just glad brother's not here right now."

Upon Metalla X's mention, Dramon X frowned as he gently pushed Sedna away. "Please don't bring him up right now. I'm still probably gonna beat the crap out of him next time I see him. Besides, it isn't like this fight's over." He pointed to GranDracmon HL, who after using a ton of effort to fix his back, fixed Ken with a death glare.

"Kensuke Rainer, you will not leave here alive, you monster!" He bellowed, channeling all the power he had within him. After all the planning I went through, I can't let myself fall here, especially to this boy!

(End theme)


Castle Upper Levels/XDYC-666

(Cue Dragonball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi – Heat Capacity)

Utilizing only Mutalior as a base component, Analogmon's power was reduced to one third of his full strength. With only this minimal power, Analogmon struggled against those fighting him. Apollomon, Ultima X, Keke, Sam, Tike, Kara, David, BW, Sonja, BanchoLeomon (XLR), Dai-Valkyrie Saturn, Brimstone, Mizuno, and Justimon proved to be overwhelming odds for the merged being. Analogmon was on the receiving end of a barrage of Ki blasts from the Ascendants. Brimstone and Mizuno's inferno and water attacks were enough to slow him down. Apollomon and BanchoLeomon (XLR) unleashed a flurry of attacks on Analogmon, who took to the air to recover.

"Damn it all! Without my other three components, I'm nowhere near strong enough to last with a bunch of Ascendants and these other warriors!" Analogmon snarled, realizing the dilemma he had gotten himself into.

Dai-Valkyrie Saturn called to him. "Give up. It's over for you!"

"Come down and take your beating like a man!" Tike beckoned the fused entity.

"Without Vipris and Caiusmon's full power, he's only got fraction of their data and Mutalior's base power to utilize," Mizuno stated. "Honestly, you guys can take him out." She motioned over to the Kai Destined group.

Sonja scoffed. "I'll finish him."

Ultima X interjected. "No way! He's mine!"

"Bah, none of you fools will even get the chance!" Analogmon boasted as he eyed a corner and spotted a tunnel for him to use. He opened his hand, summoned a Death Ball, and flung it toward the amassed group. "Time to make a tactical retreat!"

Keke and Sam flew up as they intercepted the Death Ball. They fired Ki beams that nullified his attack completely.

"That coward's getting away!" Justimon exclaimed.

"After him!" BW called out.

As the group stormed off together to pursue him, Analogmon reached closer to the tunnel. However, just when he made it, Photondramon dropped in and seemingly blocked Analogmon's only escape route, promoting the villain to back away.

"Photondramon?! What are you doing?!" Analogmon backed away, taken aback by Photondramon's unexpected entrance. "This is your chance to finish them! Aid me in taking out these ingrates!"

Photondramon didn't comply with his demands and simply blocked Analogmon's path. Analogmon fumed and bumrushed Photondramon, but the behemoth blasted him back near the group.

"That's...!" Ultima X was taken aback. "Photondramon?!"

Sonja frowned and dropped into a battle stance. "What do you want?!"

BW beckoned them off. "Wait, he just prevented Analogmon from escaping. Am I right?"

(End theme)

The behemoth nodded and backed off, giving them room to finish off Analogmon. As Analogmon stood up, he fumed at Photondramon's sudden betrayal.

"You're regret betraying us!" Analogmon bellowed, but before he could attack Photondramon, the Kai Destined surrounded him.

(Cue Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans OST – Unreleased Track)

"Guys!" Mikato called out. "We'll let you take it from here!"

Shizuka added. "He is from your world, after all."

Apollomon made room for the Kai group. "He's all yours."

Dai-Valkyrie Saturn nodded. "I already took care of Vipris."

Apollomon, BanchoLeomon (XLR), Mizuno, and Brimstone agreed to let the Kai Destined group finish Analogmon off.

As Analogmon prepared to retaliated, the Ascendants blasted him from all sides and fired simultaneous attacks.

Sam formed his hands into a triangle. "Tri-Beam!"

Keke threw pink energy discs from her hands. "Rosemary Discs!"

Kara put two fingers to her forehead and fired. "Special Beam Cannon!"

Tike and David cupped their hands together, firing two blue beams. "Tsunami Wave!"

Ultima X, Sonja, and BW followed through by bombarding Analogmon from all sides. Analogmon doubled over as the blasts ripped through his body and made him explode. Mutalior came rolling out with the black Xros Loader.

"Fools, you haven't beaten me yet..." Before Mutalior could finish, Tike kicked the Xros Loader from him and blasted it into pieces. Mutalior gaped in aghast as the device fell into pieces.

"Not so tough now, are ya?!" Ultima X hollered as he ran up kicking Mutalior in the face.

As the tyrant was sent flying into the air, Keke, Sam, Tike, David, and Kara formed a circle as they vaporized him with beams.

"CURSE YOU ALL!" Mutalior screamed out his final words as he vanished.

"All right! That clears this stage!" Mizuno said.

Brimstone nodded. "I sense the others are in great distress. We must hurry."

(End theme)

As Photondramon turned to leave, Ultima X and Sonja caught up to him.

"Hold on a minute! We're not through with you!" Ultima X called him out and challenged the dragon.

Sonja scowled. "You're not going without us paying you back for earlier!"

However, Photondramon had other ideas and glided off from the castle while heading off into the opposite direction. The group ran out and watched him leave into the distance.

"He's leaving?" Apollomon wondered.

BW understood Photondramon's intentions. "We don't need to pursue him. Leave him be."

"But, we still owe him for what he did to us!" Ultima X snapped.

"Drop it, Davis," BW said as he turned to Sonja. "Same with you. He has no more reason to fight us."

"Wait, does this have anything to do with you and him?" Sonja inquired, to which BW vaguely nodded.

Justimon asserted. "Well, we won this battle, but the conflict has yet to be resolved. I'm sure most of us can still feel GranDracmon's presence. If he's still around, the others are still engaging him."

"What are we waiting for? Let's check on Ken and the others!" Apollomon said.

"C'mon, we don't have time to lose!" declared Ultima X.

With that, the group quickly stormed from the vicinity and descended through a flight of stairs toward GranDracmon's throne room.


Throne Room XDYC-666

(Cue Ocarina of Time – Ganon Theme)

The Beast Biomerger Tamers and Shaka made it to the throne room. They arrived and viewed GranDracmon HL conjuring as much dark power as he could.

"Holy crap! That's some power!" spastically yelled BlazeGallantmon.

"Are you guys ok?!" Dai-Valkyrie Moon asked, but she wondered why they had sad looks on their faces. "What's wrong?"

"We'll talk about it after the battle! We need to focus on this guy first!" said StormSakuyamon as they joined the others preparing for battle.

GranDracmon HL didn't care as he continued to amass energy into his hands. "It doesn't matter if more ants join, they're still going to be stains on my boot!"

Dramon X DBMwalked before everyone. His shoulder convertors began glowing and to their surprise as well as GranDracmon HL's, the walls began to decompose and became digital data that was absorbed into his body.

"Are you shitting me?! Now we've got digital versions of a bloody Quincy!" He yelled as Ken took up a stance himself.

"He's literally breaking down digital compounds and absorbing them! Incredible!" the Henbu side of QuakeGargomon noted. "Yeah but will that happen to us Henry?!" The MegaGargomon side of him asked panicking.

"I don't think we have to worry. It seems that it only effects data that isn't moving like ours is," said Omega X, having overheard MegaGargomon's dilemma

"Chew on this! My ultimate move! Dark Surge Flash!"The behemoth launched a massive triangle-shaped energy blast akin to the tri-beam technique at the heroes.

However, Dramon X DBMwas ready to counter. "Ryuken Wave!"

To GranDracmon HL's surprise, Ken's move was able to block his and began to slowly push it back.

"Spirit Gun!" Yusuke called out adding his power to the attack.

"No!" GranDracmon HL started as Omega X and Angemon X joined in as well.

"Terra Beam!" Omega X fired off his own beam at full power, with Angemon X adding in his Finish Buster attack.

"No no no...!" GranDracmon HL continued as he could feel himself getting overpowered.

Shaka then added in her attack as well. Visions of what happened to the YoukaiInumon elder flowed into her mind. "Celestial Claymore!" The shockwaves unleashed from the swords combined with and traveled down the beam's path before slamming into GranDracmon HL, sending him flying back.

"NO! NO! NO! FUCK!" He roared at the top of his voice while he was blown outside of his own castle and crash landed on a balcony below his throne room.

A big gaping hole was now forged through his chest area, but being centaur-like the dark orb was not touched yet. "Those fools. They made me do this!" He leapt back into the room and shocked the heroes.

(End theme)

"What does it take to kill this guy?!" WarAngemon was flabbergasted.

"A lot more than your worthless hide!" GranDracmon HL yelled before his eyes glowed and burned red. "TEMPORAL SURGE!" He caused a space-time hole to open up before the group. Cammy and Shaka were the closest and quickly sucked towards the portal while the others grabbed onto something or dug in to avoid being sucked in.

"Cammy!" screamed Dai-Valkyrie Mars. Although tempted to use the Houou again, she knew she would be sucked in as well.

"Yui!" AuroraInumon, Aoshi, and Yusuke called out.

The two girls held onto each other for dear life not knowing what to expect...

...until Dramon X DBMgrabbed them both and pushed them back towards the others before being sucked into the vortex, which immediately closed. GranDracmon HL breathed hard but laughed.

"Ken!" Several of the heroes called but it was too late.

"Oh well, I'll take it. What an idiot he was!" He said, feeling confident he could beat the heroes now that their trump card was gone. However the damage had been done as when he tried to step forward, he faltered a bit and saw that the hole in his chest was still there. "What is this?!"

"We'll take you down, then go find Ken!" declared Dai-Valkyrie Sedna as the other heroes readied themselves for battles.

GranDracmon HL scoffed at this. "It's only a matter of time before my Virus data kicks in. You better hope you can back up those words!"


Time and Space Nexus

Dramon X DBMmentally cursed GranDracmon HL for closing the portal.

"This is just freaking great! How am I supposed to get back now?!"

"How about not getting angry? Whatever happened to your serene state of mind?" asked a familiar voice.

Turning around Dramon X DBMsaw a familiar orb floating up to him. Only this time he felt three other familiar powers inside it besides the two who were in it before.

"Huanglongmon, are you saying you can get back in?" Dramon X DBMasked.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds Insert Song – Clear Mind)

"Yes, but I'll need your help and your body. For this to work, you'll have to clear your mind. Completely think of nothing. Absolutely nothing."

Dramon X DBMnodded as the orb floated past him.

"Good, now follow us and keep thinking of nothing," Huanglongmon's voice said as Dramon X DBMdid so, not noticing they were starting to pick up speed. "ACCEL FORCE BURST GO!"yelled Huanglongmon as Dramon X DBMfelt his body and the orb being drawn towards one another through the force of speed before they were overtaken by a red speed force and vanished from sight.


GranDracmon's Castle/Throne Room/XDYC-666

"You guys are just annoying me now and...!" GranDracmon HL said while batting Omega X and Hiei away from his head, but stopped when he felt it.

Something powerful was coming. The others in the room weren't able to feel it until Dramon X DBMreappeared in the room and almost tore GranDracmon HL's body in half from how fast he came in. Doing a U-turn in the air, the group could see that his body had changed. He no longer sported the Gundam-like wings, but two large wide dragon-like ones that sported what resembled jets underneath them. His head and body areas were also more dragon-like. If one didn't know any better, they would be looking at a larger yet slightly different colored version of the Duel Monster known as the Shooting Star Dragon.

GranDracmon HL's eyes nearly popped from their sockets upon seeing this. "How do you keep doing this shit?!"

"I am Dramon X... SHOOTING STAR MODE!" called an amalgamation of Ken's voice, Huanglongmon's voice, Megidramon's voice, Azulongmon's voice, Magnadramon's voice, and Goldramon's voice. The images of the five dragons appeared behind this new warrior as everyone in the room was speechless, except for GranDracmon HL.

"You five want to die?! So fucking be it!" GranDracmon HL roared defiantly.

"You not fooling anyone, GranDracmon! We can sense your fear from here, and do you really think we can do something like this again? No, we're going to get you in one go!" Huanglongmon declared as Dramon X SSM glowed and became five separate dragons: one blue, one pink, one golden, one red, and the last one was larger and bronze.

(Song fades)


Unknown Realm/XDYC-666

(Cue Dragonball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi OST – Dangerous Mind)

Arkadimon Super Ultimate went head to head with Metalla X level 2. The Ascendant quickly turned the tide of the battle against the freakish abomination. Once he turned into an Ascendant 2, Metalla X unleashed a flurry of earth-shattering beams and ferocious attacks that seemingly overwhelmed Arkadimon. In one instance, Metalla X deflected Arkadimon's God Matrix beam and dealt an enormous amount of damage to him.

As he collapsed in the center of the dungeon, Arkadimon tried getting off the ground. He watched Metalla X descending near him.

Smirking, Metalla X finally became content with having one-upped the beast. The new power surging through him added a ferocious streak to his fighting prowess.

Metalla X became astounded with his new level. "I must say even I'm impressed with what I've been able to do. You're looking a little worse for wear I must say." He openly laughed.

Suddenly, both felt an immense power surge emanate from beyond the dungeon. The source came directly from GranDracmon's throne room, but most specifically the power came from Dramon X. Once he realized where this power seemingly came from, Metalla X felt chills in his body.

"No... this power... it couldn't be from him!" Metalla X exclaimed.

Arkadimon groaned as he felt Dramon X's power escalate.

Damn it! If that faker has been able to unlock a new power... DAMN! Just when I just hit my new peak! Metalla X scowled in thought. Clenching both fists, he turned around and heard Arkadimon laughing. "You think this is funny?!"

"You poor idiot...! Haha, you've got a megaton of hate for Ken, don't ya?! It's written all over your face!"

Metalla X shot the monster an incensed glare.

"Face it... no matter what level you reach, there'll still be someone above you... ain't that just a bitch?" Arkadimon chortled as his body began to glow.

"NO YOU DON'T!" Metalla X roared as he cupped his hands together. "I'LL SHOW YOU! I'LL SHOW THAT BASTARD WHO'S STRONGER!" He gathered a glowing ball of Ki energy and compressed it before shooting off a beam toward him. "Final Blaze!"

After launching his finishing move, Arkadimon became consumed by the massive energy beam and reduced to nothing. Metalla X dropped his hands and quickly flew through the ceiling in a hurry.

"No... no... NO! No faker is going to one-up me again!" Metalla X declared as he blasted through a few castle barricades. He accelerated his flight and stormed over to where he sensed Dramon X's immense power surge. Right where GranDracmon is! I'll destroy that monster before that faker does!

(End theme)


Unknown Location/?

(Clear Mind resumes)

Two silhouetted figures watched the proceedings from a screen.

"Who the hell is this kid? Could he really be one of us?" asked the first.

"I don't know. Perhaps, sometime soon we'll need to meet this kid," said the second as they watched the action unfold.


Throne Room/XDYC-666

"Take him out! Dramon Mirage!" yelled the bronze dragon as the others flew towards GranDracmon HL.

"Bullshit! HELL BLADE...AGH!" he never got to finish as the blue dragon with Azulongmon's silhouette over it plowed into his body.

"I shall imprison you!" He declared before vanishing. Several energy chains erupted from the ground and shackled his arms and legs. He could no longer move or defend himself.

"YOU BASTARDS!" GranDracmon HL yelled out as the second one, the pink one representing Magnadramon, plowed into him causing him to scream in intense pain again.

"I shall purify you!"

The spikes on his body vanished as did something else which he felt vanishing. "No! My Virus data's gone! I can't regenerate any more!"

The gold one came in next.

"Glad I'm not on the receiving end," Yusuke muttered in pain as the others agreed.

Goldramon's body appeared following another blood-filled scream as the area where the Darkness iPad was became illuminated by bright light. "I've guided you to his weak spot! Take it out!" Goldramon's silhouette said before vanishing.

"First things first!" The red dragon called out slamming into GranDracmon HL, who now felt more pain coursing through his body and the dark orb as the symbol of the Digital Hazard appeared all over him. "Finish him Ken!" Megidramon's silhouette called out disappearing, shocking the Beast Biomerger Tamers.

BlazeGallantmon exclaimed in shock. "No way!"

"I guess Ken was right! You really can't judge a Digimon by it's cover," said QuakeGargomon.

"I'll say..." said StormSakuyamon as the final dragon prepared to strike.

"Don't do this Huanglongmon! You and Kenny will live to regret it!" To GranDracmon HL's surprise, Ken's voice spoke up this time.

"For the last fucking time, stop calling me... KENNY!" With that, he yelled before plowing through GranDracmon HL and the last dark orb, which broke the Darkness iPad within it.

However as they flew away and GranDracmon HL's body began to vanish, he growled.

(End theme)


No one knew what GranDracmon HL was talking about as his body exploded, but the smoke was soon cleared with a dark version of Dai-Valkyrie Mars and Hiei's combined attack from before flying out from the destruction and made a beeline straight for Dramon X SSM. The destructive attack hit Dramon X SSM head-on, plowing through and taking out one of the room's walls completely. It opened a giant path to the outside.

(Cue Dragonball Z American OST – Super Buu Theme)

"Ah shit!" Dramon X SSM buckled while looking back. He was going at such a high speed he couldn't turn very well and had no choice but to try and outrun the beast.

"He copied our move?!" cried a shocked Dai-Valkyrie Mars.

Hiei was equally shocked as Dramon X SSM was now running from it, but no matter how hard he tried to shake off the beast, it wouldn't let up.

Ken, we need to disengage! Huanglongmon's voice rang through his head.

Dramon X SSM shook in response. "We'd die quicker that way! All we can do is run." The beast eventually slammed into his backside causing him to yell out in pain. He quickly started spinning out of control heading down to an unknown section of the castle as everyone watched in fear.

"KEN!" Omega X yelled.

Dai-Valkyrie Moon added. "He's gone on far ahead!"

"Come on! We've gotta follow him!" said Sedna.

The others ran after him through the opening he had made not knowing that a figure was standing amongst debris in the room and made his way over to the broken Darkness iPad.

(End theme)


Near Castle Center/XDYC-666

During which the GranDracmon was 'beaten', the other groups had already cleared away the demonic denizens that seemingly flooded the castle. The members from the Kai Destined, the Senshi, the Legendary Warriors, Neo-Detectives, the Chimeras, and Ken's Digiarmy vanquished the Devimon, IceDevimon, LadyDevimon, Myotismon, and Vilemon hordes.

(Cue Devil May Cry 3 OST – Dante's Office 7 Hells Battle)

Yoko Kurama swept through a Myotismon group by decapitating them with his rose whip. Dai-Valkyrie Mercury used her water whips to skewer some Vilemon. Aoshi ripped an IceDevimon in half and dropped him, letting him dissolve into dust. Mika and Sara doubled teamed taking down a few IceDevimon effortlessly.

BanchoLeomon (Kai) cleared a path, launching blazing Ki at several LadyDevimon and killing them fast. Pikkan used his Hyper Tornado to destroy a bunch of Devimon. Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter swung her Mjolnir mightily and bashed a Myotismon with it.

X fired a beam and blew a giant hole through a Devimon. "Their numbers are quickly diminishing! Looks like this is the last of them!"

"Good, we can reach the others!" said Titaniamon as she and JetSilphymon (XLR) continued to guard Dai-Valkyrie Venus. As she turned, a LadyDevimon attempted to ambush her. "Testarossa Force!" She invoked a lightning spell from her sword and blasted the LadyDevimon into bits.

A Devimon attempted to grab Dai-Valkyrie Venus, which prompted JetSilphymon (XLR) to dive in and repel the demonic creature with her windmill.

"Thanks, but I could've handled him!"

"Yes, but we can't risk you and your child."

The Inumon clan members aided Rio and Kohana. They diligently took out some IceDevimon and Devidramon.

"That's the way, guys!" Venus cheered on the Kuroshishi siblings. She readied a chain and threw it across, catching a LadyDevimon's neck and twisting it. "Who said I can't do anything?" She smirked proudly.

Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter dropped in near Venus. "Don't stray too far from us, got it?" She swung her hammer and took a Myotismon's head off with it. She then raised the Mjolnir overhead to summon a a thunder bolt that crashed near a Vilemon horde, which destroyed them all in one shot.

Titaniamon raised her Oberon. "Time we clear this area! Titaniamon Mode Change!" A set of emerald columns of light materialized around and consumed her. Titaniamon's entire wardrobe changed as her clothing and armor vanished, leaving her a transparent nude figure. A new set of white and gold armor materialized on her body. The armor was lighter and sturdier. It looked more akin to chainmail bikini armor, showing off her revealing figure. Her last wardrobe came in the form of footwear – a pair of armored sandals that go all the way up to her shins and thighs. "Speed Armor Activate!"

"I was wondering when you'd do that," Jupiter said.

"Sailor Jupiter, lend me some support."

"Sure thing."

Titaniamon and Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter came together with their backs against the other. A swarm of Devimon and LadyDevimon converged toward them from all sides.

"Ready?" The Digi-Amazon asked, readying her Oberon.

Jupiter held her Mjolnir and channeled lightning into it. "Yeah!"

As the demons moved in for the kill, Jupiter and Titaniamon both flew through them and hit them with speedblitz attacks. Unable to hit their opponents, the demons were quickly taken apart by Jupiter and Titaniamon's lightning speed attacks. The warriors used speed and concentrated area of effect lightning power to vanquish the demons consecutively. When they finished, Jupiter and Titaniamon cleared the demons as they exploded into digital dust. Both turned to each other and clapped each other's hands.

"Nicely done, Sailor Jupiter."

"It's my pleasure."

Dai-Valkyrie Venus was baffled at what she saw. "Uh, whoa... Titaniamon's as fast as Jupiter? She might even be as strong as us!"

"Once I change into my Speed Armor, my speed is amplified," Titaniamon said. "Since Jupiter and I are both generally lightning elementals, it's no surprise if our speed is equal. And as for me being as strong as you Senshi, well perhaps, but that shouldn't matter if we're allies."

"Right, I'll keep that in mind."

X looked ahead to see Susanoomon pounding away at a VenomMyotismon. The towering demon was on the verge of meeting his demise.

"Finish him off, Susanoomon!" The masked watcher called.

"All right, big guy, let's end this!" Susanoomon declared as he prepared to summon his giant sword.

Suddenly, a loud scream pierced through the skies as something seemingly crashed and plunged through VenomMyotismon's torso. This unrelenting force ripped open VenomMyotismon and instantly deleted him, baffling Susanoomon.

"What was that?!" Susanoomon was taken aback as he and the others watched what killed VenomMyotismon crash land through a bunch of pillars.

The source was none other than Dramon X SSMM, who couldn't control his direction. GranDracmon had knocked him back so far he sailed through the other side of the castle.

Unbeknownst to them, Jupiter, Titaniamon, Rio, and Kohana's guards were dropped when the source came hurtling toward Dai-Valkyrie Venus's direction.

"VENUS!" They all yelled out and warned her.

Before Dai-Valkyrie Venus could use her teleport to move, Kohana cried out and lunged forward pushing her sister-in-law aside. Venus' unicorn, Cupid, quickly emerged to pick the two girls up on his back.

"That was a close one!" Cupid said, carrying Venus and Kohana on her back.


Everyone stopped fighting as the last remaining demons were vanquished. They turned to the area where Dramon X SSM landed, but didn't know it was him that could've nearly killed Sailor Venus and her unborn child.

"What the hell was that?!" exclaimed Kohana. "That would've nearly killed Venus and my future niece!"

Rio hurried over to check on his wife and sister. "Are you two, ok?"

"We are..." Venus was seemingly breathless and holding her stomach. "If Kohana hadn't been there... me and our child would've died!"

Rio pulled his wife into an embrace as Kohana jumped off Cupid and yelled at the source.

"Hey! Whoever the hell you are, you're going to pay for nearly killing two lives!" Kohana shouted.

(End theme)

As X, Pikkan, BanchoLeomon (Kai), and Yoko Kurama raced over to check on the fallen body, they recognized the Ki presence.

"It's Ken!" X announced.

"His Ki is diminishing rapidly," Yoko Kurama asserted.

Pikkan frowned. "What a way to make an entrance."

BanchoLeomon (Kai) noticed the giant hole in the ceiling where Ken crashed through. "He didn't just fly in, he was thrown here by force. No doubt it was GranDracmon who did this." The warrior surmised.

While Mercury, Jupiter, Titaniamon, JetSilphymon (XLR), Mika, and Sara checked on Venus, the smoke cleared away revealing a pile of debris keeping Ken buried. The Inumon clan and Aoshi ran over to try to uncover the debris and dig Ken out.

"Venus, are you ok?!" Jupiter asked, shaking her friend, who had nearly fallen into shock.

Mercury added. "This is why we didn't want you to come."

"I'm sorry," Venus apologized, withdrawing from facing her friends.

"You don't have anything to apologize for," Rio said, pulling his wife into an embrace and kissing her.

Titaniamon sighed with relief. "I'm relieved. She and the child will be ok."

Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter quipped. "I know when it's my time to bear a child, I'm not taking my chances if there's ever a battle."

JetSilphymon (XLR) nodded. "True, but sometimes it can't be helped, especially for a soldier like your and your friend."

Just then, X and the entire assembly watched Omega X and his group arriving in their exact location.

Omega X, Sedna, and company arrived after the debris finished covering Ken.

Dai-Valkyrie Moon surveyed the area. "Looks like almost everyone's here."

Angemon X looked around. "Almost. I hope the others didn't get lost in the castle."

"Where's Ken at?!" Sedna demanded.

Before Jupiter could answer, a gigantic Digimon appeared in the room before them all.

(Cue Devil May Cry OST – Demon Emperor Mundus Battle 3 (Underground))

"That's Matadormon, but not the same... wait... " BlazeGallantmon realized something.

"That's right, gogglehead," the ominous Digimon stuttered, breathing hard as the group who had dispatched Analogmon entered the room. There was no signs of either Metalla X and the Kuiper Senshi anywhere, which worried the heroes.

Keke gasped in shock. "What the hell is that thing?!"

Mikato and Shizuka gaped. "GranDracmon?!"

Ultima X shuddered dreadfully along with Sonja, BW, and the other Ascendants.

"It's him. His form is beginning to destabilize... but yet his power is still increasing!" Apollomon exclaimed.

"I am the Ultimate form of GranDracmon... and now!" He held up the remnants of the Darkness iPad, which caused his body to transform. A dark aura washed through the room and made some of the weaker fighters tremble.

The Ascendants, Dai-Valkyrie Senshi, and Spirit Detectives held their ground. Rio quickly held Venus to help her from the shockwaves. When everyone turned, they now saw a giant demonic black fireball before them. It looked identical to the large inferno ball that Ken purged out of Belialmon. The fireball spoke as it released dark fire from its mouth that evaporated a few pillars and the surrounding areas instantly.

"Guys! Don't get too close!" Omega X warned everyone. "That fire will vaporize you instantly!"

Celesta X clung close to her brother and WarAngemon. "We can't let him continue like this!"

"At this rate, if we don't destroy him, he'll vaporize us into nothing," Dai-Valkyrie Mars said, leaning over Hiei's shoulder.

Yusuke popped his neck. "Then, we'll destroy him before he gets the chance to kill us first."

Susanoomon, BlazeGallantmon, the other Beast Tamers, Shaka, the two Chimeras, and the Neo-Detectives prepared to take on the last obstacle standing in their way.

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna and Angemon X stood side by side ready for the coming battle.

"I AM MATADORMON DARK FLARE MODE! KENNY, WHERE ARE YOU?! COME OUT AND DIE!" The demonic entity bellowed, shooting out shockwaves and dark fire whilst wanting to find Ken and make him pay, not seemingly to noticing or caring that anyone else was in the room.

"This is it, everyone. The decisive battle is here. Keep him from finding Ken!" X announced as every able warrior prepared for GranDracmon's final stand.

(End theme)


Final act: The Final Stand! The Trinity's Ultimate Victory?!


A/N: They're getting that much closer to the homestretch! After that spectacular comeback, the Big Bad goes for his final trump. Now, our heroes defeat GranDracmon' ultimate form without Ken or the five dragons.

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Now with Ken out of commission for the reminder of the battle, the heroes are left to engage GranDracmon's final mode. How will things go for them? You're about to find out soon enough!

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