A/N: Yes, the final chapter of this collab fic is here! It's been fun writing this with Chaosblazer. We had a blast and this doubles as a conclusive end to Accel Stream first season, though, this won't be the season 1 finale. He has another chapter or two after this that wraps up the first season of his fic.

Anyway, let's end things with the last Halloween segment and a big battle.

(We go on location back at Hikawa Shrine for the Halloween festivities. Some of the cast are seen outside chatting as the a few of the Tamers and Frontier cast arrive.)

(Takato, dressed as Spiderman, takes his mask off as he sips some juice. He's sitting next to Rika, who's dressed as Black Widow of the Avengers. Takuya, dressed up as a fire fighter, chats with Izumi, who's dressed as a Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Himura, dressed up as a CSI Detective, serves juice to Jeri, who's dressed up as an zombie nurse.)

Dimitri: You guys missed out on some crazy stuff earlier.

Takato: Hah, maybe it was for the best.

Rika: These drinks better not be spiked, or I'm wringing a few necks.

Takuya: So, where are Rei and Hiei now?

Karin: In Rei's bedroom. They were making a lot of ruckus in there.

Izumi: Maybe we should get smashed, Takuya. Then, we can have quality time together.

Himura: Have fun finding a room here. One's already taken.

Jeri: That haunted house we came back from was pretty scary.

Rika (rolls her eyes): It wasn't that scary.

Ken: I heard you screamed and had to cling to Takato for dear life.

Rika (growls): Who told you?!

(Ken points to Takato. Rika shoots a fierce glare toward her boyfriend and crushes her drink.)

Takato: What?! Did you want me to lie?

Rika: In this case, yes! (She reaches over and pulls Takato by his shirt. Though, instead of roughing him up, she kisses him.)

Himura: Sheesh, I'll never get those two.

Izumi: How sweet. Tough love.

Takuya: One minute she wants to pulverize him, now they kiss?!

Vega: Get a room you two!

Ami (leans against Vega and handcuffs): You're under arrest, Vega.

Vega: On what charges?

Ami (leans over and kisses him): For not taking us to a room alone. C'mon you. (She smiles while taking Vega into one of the private quarters in the shrine.)

Yusuke: Vega's really gotten Ami to open up.

Makoto (sweatdrops): Maybe a little too much, but I'm happy for her.

Mako Tsunami (dressed as the Legendary Fisherman): She used to be more shy than this, right?

Christina: You bet she was!

Minako (now out of her mime costume and dressed in her Sailor V gear): She's not the shy bookworm we once knew. (smirks) Ah, I feel so nostalgic to be wearing this again!

Rio: It still fits you like a glove, babe.

Minako (poses in front of him): Thank you!

(Meanwhile, loud giggling and moaning emanates from Rei's room. There's loud spanking and Rei's 'evil' laughter filling the room, causing some in the shrine to sweatdrop and others cringing. Rei shouts something about Satan and about relishing in death and destruction, causing more everyone outside to cringe.)

Cammy: Sounds like sis is having a fun time.

Yui: They're both still pretty smashed.

Kuwabara: Can't imagine the hangover they'll get in the morning.

Kurama: I'd rather not think about it.

Aoshi: What a Halloween night this has been!

Kohana: Though, in reality it's already past Thanksgiving in America.

Taylor: Sssh! (covers Kohana's mouth) No breaking the fourth wall!

Tyra: Relax. It's Halloween.

Minako: Now how about a Christmas party at my place next?

Dimitri: We'll see. This party's just about done.

Karin: Sorry, but gotta break the fourth wall. (looks at the readers) Thanks for joining us on our Halloween segments. We hope you enjoyed our random fun. But, we'll leave you guys to the final chapter of this story!

Usagi: Oh, don't forget about the special bonus before the end of the story! It's a little something for those waiting for DFKai Season 3!

Takato: I wonder what it could be?

Rika: Read on and find out then, gogglehead.

Helena: Our party will also conclude after the whole story ends. So, don't leave yet.

Ken: Crap, I forgot I don't get to do much this go around.

Veemon: Ya had your big moment last chapter, Ken.

Yusuke: Now, it's our time to shine and take out that big bastard.

Dimitri: Don't worry, Ken. We're going out big and putting GranDracmon down.

Hotaru: So, shall we get to the story?

Minako: Back to story time!


Final Act: The Final Stand! The Trinity's Ultimate Victory!


GranDracmon's Castle Center/XDYC-666

"He's really lost it if he had to resort to turning into that!" Angemon X noted while glaring at Matadormon DFM.

X, on the other hand, gritted his teeth as he had seen a similar being once before. "Everyone be careful! Something similar to this is what gave Belialmon his beast form." Warned the masked watcher.

Brimstone took note of this as the 'fireball' spoke again.

"Indeed, but Kenny obviously destroyed that as Belialmon lost his beast form... and now for the million dollar question... WHERE THE HELL IS HE?!" He bellowed, blasting dark fire streams that caused the heroes to scatter. "I know he's in here somewhere! After knocking him out of the sky, there isn't any way he could've gotten far!"

Upon hearing this, Rio, Kohana, Venus, and several others in the room became angry.

"You're the reason Ken almost plowed into Venus?!" Jupiter demanded, swinging her hammer as Titaniamon primed her sword.

"Who cares?! Kenny's gotta die!" Matadormon DFM growled. "If you fools wish to get in my way, then you'll die as well!"

Omega X wasn't buying the demon's 'bluff'. "Your threats fall on deaf ears. Even though your powers are increasing, I can tell that you're nowhere near as a strong as you once were." He said before cupping his hands together. "Terra Beam!" He unleashed his signature attack as the others, mainly the Ascendants and the Kai warriors, followed suit and hit the giant fireball with their attacks.

To their dismay, the attacks slammed into the fireball monster and made him grow in size.

"What the...?!" BW exclaimed.

"How in the hell?!" Pikkan was flabbergasted.

BanchoLeomon asserted. "We shouldn't have done that."

"You can attack me all you want. I'll just absorb your techniques to increase my power and soon I'll regain my mega form!" Matadormon DFM laughed out loud as the heroes vividly wondered what they could do to win against this monster.


Outside the castle center, the Kuiper Senshi came from an alternate route after they recovered. They stopped to see activity in the castle and felt immense power emanating from their friends and Matadormon DFM. They shuddered as they got closer.

"Looks like the battle's gotten more intense," Dai-Valkyrie Eris noted.

"I hope Sedna is fine," Dai-Valkyrie Ixion said.

"Let's get out butts in gear!" Dai-Valkyrie Varuna hollered as she and the Kuipers beelined for the castle.

As they drew near the castle, they noticed something moving within a pile of debris near the rear of the castle center. They quickly saw a hand pop out and to their surprise... Ken crawled out of the castle debris.

"KEN?!" The Kuipers exclaimed.

Ken slid down the debris and looked up to see the Kuiper Senshi running up to him. Eris and Orcus offered to help him up. Varuna glared at him and saw he was holding his B.A.X. Digivice tightly.

"You're really banged up, Ken! What happened to you?!" Orcus asked.

Ixion checked on his bruises and the open wounds on him. "We're going to need to take care of you."

"Weren't you with Sedna?" Quaoar inquired. "Is she ok?"

"Don't worry..." Ken replied, taking a deep breaths. "She's ok, but calm down with the questions..."

"Are the others fighting GranDracmon in there?" Eris asked. "There's no other explanation for this dark vibes we're feeling."

"That big bastard... I've got to get back in there!" Ken snarled, preparing to raise his Digivice, prompting the Kuipers to restrain him.

"Whoa there, guy," Varuna said, grabbing his right hand. "No way you're in any condition to continue any fighting!"

"Please! I have to get back in there...!"

Before Ken would have a chance to jump in, he and the Kuipers felt an immense power heading their direction. They turned around to see Metalla X drop in unexpectedly. Ken's eyes shot wide open when he saw Metalla X walking toward them.

"What do we have here?" Metalla X scoffed as he approached the Ken and the Kuipers. He seemingly ignored the Kuipers and focused solely on the 'fake Ascendant' as he deemed Ken. "Looks like you just got back from an ass whooping, boy. I can still feel GranDracmon. So, you couldn't beat him. Figures I'll have to get the job done, especially now I've hit a new pinnacle of power." He walked right up to Ken and growled. "But, that high power escalation I felt had to come from someone. No doubt it had to come from you!"

Clenching his fists, Ken tried his hardest from restraining himself. The Kuipers noticed the tension between the Ascendants.

"What's wrong? Are you still upset for what I did to that weak fool? What's his name...? Oh, yes, Deckerdramon. He was a fool for trying to challenge me...!"


(Cue Devil May Cry 3 OST – Vergil Battle 3)

Suddenly, a powerful rush of power pushed Metalla X back as Ken invoked the power of his Digimon components to reform Dramon X Miracle Mode. He quickly dashed right up to Metalla X as the two locked each others hands. Dramon X glared angrily into Metalla X's eyes.

"Never speak of my friend's name... YOU HEARTLESS PRICK!" Dramon X MM bellowed as he pushed Metalla X near the castle center wall.

"Damn!" Dai-Valkyrie Eris exclaimed. "Just being near two Ascendants clashing is intense!"

Just how in the hell does Ken keep surprising me?! Varuna thought as her mouth almost dropped. "Guys, they're going through the walls! After them!"

With that, Dai-Valkyrie Eris led the Kuipers forward and pursued the Ascendants into the castle. Varuna flew past the Kuipers. Her burning obsession with Ken became clearly obvious to her teammates.

"Wait, Varuna!" Quaoar called to her.

Orcus sighed. "There she goes. Bullheaded as usual."

"Her obsession for Ken is getting the best of her. It's no different from that Yamato guy," Eris added. "C'mon, wherever they're going, Sedna is sure to be there!"

The Kuipers accelerated their flight speed and went straight after Varuna.


"BASTARD!" Dramon X MM launched himself into Metalla X and headbutted his stomach. He seized Metalla X's arm and prepared to twist it off, but Metalla X rebounded and blasted his face.

Metalla X withdrew his arm and punched Dramon X's gut, causing him to double over. The Ascendant landed a cross hook and punched Dramon X MM back. Metalla X quickly propelled through the air and unloaded a barrage of energy blasts toward him.

"Come to me, Yamato sword," Dramon X MM muttered as the sword emerged from his B.A.X. Digivice and landed in his hand. He grabbed the sword and slashed at Metalla X. "Eat this!"

Metalla X narrowly moved aside and kicked Dramon X MM's back. Dramon X MM whirled around and elbowed Metalla X's head, sending him crashing through a wall. Dramon X MM beelined straight after him as they headed straight back into GranDracmon's throne room.

(End theme)


GranDracmon's Castle Center/XDYC-666

(Cue Nickelback – This Means War)

Unfortunately, the others felt the 'surge' emanating form outside. Before anyone could do anything, Metalla X and Dramon X MM came plowing through a section of the wall that Ken had 'gone' through before and were at each other's throats. The Ascendants were seen throwing punches and Ki Blasts all over the place like no tomorrow. Following behind them was the Kuiper Senshi, who seemed scared and in awe of what they witnessed first hand.

"Sedna!" The Kuipers called to their leader, who came to join them and was relieved they were ok, but she was deeply concerned. She noticed Dramon X MM was attacking with an ruthless aggression.

The other Ascendants in the room noticed something that stunned some of them.

Pikkan remarked. "You've gotta be shitting me. Don't tell me that Yamato jerkass just became a..."

"Dad's managed to hit level 2 status!" Keke muttered in shock.

Father's finally achieved the next level! Angemon X thought, awestruck by his father's Ascendant 2 power.

Tike and Kara shouted together. "Wow, awesome!"

WarAngemon watched in awe. "Yamato finally gets what he wants. It's been a long time coming!"

Metalla X kicked Dramon X MM hard enough to make him cough up blood. However, the psychotic fighter retaliated by kicking Metalla X in the head so hard he almost turned it completely.

"What exactly happened here?!" Mikato asked the Kuipers. "Ken doesn't get this pissed off unless someone's gotten to him."

The Kuipers were reluctant to say anything, but Eris quickly revealed.

"That arrogant lone wolf told Ken straight up that Deckerdramon was a fool and got in his way. Ken immediately snapped when that happened."

Most of the members of the Kaiverse faction wanted to mentally facepalm and groan when hearing that.

"Damn it, Yamato! Do you really have to be such a bastard?!" Omega X reproved his rival's actions.

Metalla X was going to interject, Matadormon DFM got in their way.

"All right, now that Ken is, I can..." He stopped when both Dramon X MM and Metalla X's auras flared up and he suddenly felt like a little kid before the boogie man.

Both fighters roared in unison. "BACK OFF JACKASS!" Then, to the surprise and subsequent sweatdropping that followed from this response, Matadormon DFM backed away fearfully.

"My apologies continue..."

(End theme)

Angemon X and WarAngemon looked at each other and nodded. They had seen enough and flew up toward the two enraged Ascendants. Angemon X and WarAngemon interceded between their heated scuffle. They pulled Metalla X back and restrained him from attacking Dramon X MM. Angemon X turned level 2 Ascendant and gained a better grip of holding his father back.

"Let me go, Dimitri! I order you to let me go!"

"Sorry, father, but now isn't the time for this!"

WarAngemon snapped. "Listen, Yamato! Our battle with GranDracmon isn't over yet!" He turned Metalla X's attentively to Matadormon DFM hovering a good distance from them.

"I said, let me go!" Metalla X demanded, quickly putting up a strong Ki aura that knocked Angemon X and WarAngemon back.

"Ken!" Dai-Valkyrie Sedna flew over to stop Dramon X MM. "You two need to stop this!"

"To hell with you, fake Ascendant! I'll destroy GranDracmon before you take that honor from me!" Metalla X cupped his hands forward and unleashed an immense blue blast, sending it toward Dramon X MM. "Final Blaze!"

"KEN! KARIN!" Angemon X yelled as he glided toward the beam to intercept. But, the beam headed forward too quickly for him to stop it.

"Karin!" Dramon X MM pushed Dai-Valkyrie Sedna back and took the beam head-on. It critically damaged him and knocked him several yard back.

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna screamed. "Ken!" The other Kuipers flew up to catch her as they watched Dramon X MM being flown across the room.

Angemon X gritted his teeth and faced Metalla X. "Father! You could've hit Karin, too!" Oh, you and I are going to have a talk about this! He seethed at his father and hovered to the Kuipers to check on Sedna.

"What the hell are you doing, Yamato?! Karin was in your way, too!" Omega X chastised him. "You ever get Karin involved like that again and you deal with me!"

"The girl shouldn't have gotten in the way!" Metalla X retorted.

Pikkan noted. "Fortunately Sedna was there to calm him down. If he hadn't calmed down before, his reaction speed wouldn't have been fast enough to get her out of the way unlike before."

Mika nodded dismissively. "Karin's voice must serve as some kind of mechanism that helps calm down his fury."

"C'mon, we need to get Ken!" X flew over with Keke, Tike, Kara, David, and Sam to grab Dramon X MM, who flew right past them.

Before Metalla X could react, Dramon X MM flew up so fast he kicked Metalla X's balls hard! And he kicked Metalla X's groin so hard, he sent Metalla X flying into the ceiling and crashing down on the floor. Everyone cringed after seeing Metalla X receive the groin kick. However, a few vaguely rejoiced in seeing the arrogant 'prick' get his just desserts.

Can't say I feel sorry for that jerk! Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter smiled.

Pikkan chuckled. "Serves that punk right."

Dai-Valkyrie Varuna nodded. "At least that prick won't get in our way."

"Ugh, dad..." Keke groaned as she flew over to check on the unconscious Metalla X. "You can't say you didn't have this coming. Ascendant 2 or not."

Satisfied with getting retribution, Dramon X MM also collapsed from the air and fell to the floor.

"Ken!" Celesta X cried out.

"Oh no," Sedna cupped her mouth.

"Someone get those two off the floor!" Dai-Valkyrie Moon shouted.

"C'mon, Hiei, let's retrieve those two," Dai-Valkyrie Mars turned to the demon.

Seeing that Ken regressed to his normal state, Matadormon DFM took the chance and quickly rushed at him quickly. He unknowingly dragged Dai-Valkyrie Venus along utilizing a high speed force. Rio, Kohana, the Planetary Senshi, Titaniamon, and JetSilphymon just barely caught the demon ensnaring their friend.

"VENUS!" The Senshi, Rio, and Kohana cried out in unison.

The Senshi, Cupid, Rio, Kohana, Titaniamon, and JetSilphymon (XLR) rushed ahead to save Venus, but Matadormon DFM unleashed an immense dark force that knocked them back.

Then, his body seemed to change back to the way it was supposed to be. Only now he was still covered in darkness. He then immediately chanted an archaic albeit demonic incantation and in no time a barrier formed around him, Ken, and Sailor Venus.

"You know you really shouldn't have come here being with child and what not." He said snapping his fingers. Two hands formed from the barrier and dragged her back to it preventing her from moving or using her teleport move.

"LET ME GO!" Venus demanded as she felt her strength being sapped by Matadormon. "You think I'm scared of you?!"

The demonic being replied smugly. "At least with you here, no one can attempt to break down this barrier."

Dai-Valkyrie Venus tried punching and kicking the barrier, but to no avail. "You're the lowest!"

"How could you take someone with child?!" Dai-Valkyrie Mercury reprimanded the demon's action.

"Your actions are deplorable!" Titaniamon chastised him.

Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter resisted utilizing Mjolnir without risking Venus' life.

Rio tried to force his way in, but the barrier repelled him back. Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Titaniamon, Kohana, and JetSilphymon (XLR) tried their hand, but all ended up getting knocked back by the darkness barrier.

"Let her go!" demanded.

"I wouldn't bother, but don't worry I have no plans to hurt her... well as long as Kenny complies."

Ken started to stand and seethed. "Stop calling me that!" He charged, but was kicked back down by the surrounding barrier.

Matadormon DFM formed a dark needle in his right hand.

(Cue Pokemon Black/White OST - Ghetsis Battle Theme)

"You have been a thorn in my side for too long boy! Now I'm going to be a thorn in yours. With this needle, I shall curse you!" He declared and shoved the needle into Ken's body. It went directly in the area where his heart was. Blood came flying out as Ken let loose a painful yell in response, causing many to cringe and others to turn away with disgust.

"Stop this, GranDracmon!" Apollomon declared.

Everyone's anger escalated like no tomorrow as Matadormon grabbed Ken and began swinging his body around.

"This is not a nightmare you will be awakening from boy. You will lose what you value the most, suffer pain beyond pain, torment beyond torment. You shall suffer to the point where you will be wanting to take your own life yet you won't. It'll be the most intense pain you've ever felt multiplied by one thousand! You will suffer for interfering. You have no one to blame but yourself for getting in my way. You will now have nothing, you are nothing... NOTHING!"

He laughed and threw Ken away as the barrier destabilized. Sailor Venus fell to the ground, shocked at what she had just witnessed. Ken was twitching slightly, but he felt a stinging pain in his heart as the curse took effect.

What the hell!? he thought.

(End theme)

"Fun fact, Sailor of Love. What you represent is what he is cursed to lose," said Matadormon DFM as he then fixed everyone in the room with a glare, specifically Sailor Mars as he saw the Houou's image around her. Sedna, Apollomon, the ninjas, BanchoLeomon Burst Mode (XLR), and Angemon X went to Ken's side. "If that curse is removed by force, then his life and his Star Seed will both be forfeited. And he will be unable to be resurrected."

"No, you can't mean...!" BlazeGallantmon exclaimed.

Shaka yelled. "How could you?!"

"You're bluffing, you monster!" Cammy shouted.

"Sorry, Digital Priestess, but I don't joke. He had this coming for interfering in my plans and schemes, because even if I die here, I made damn sure to take someone with..." He was cut off when Yusuke shot him with a Spirit Gunthat tore off his arm. "Damn it..." To the surprise of everyone in the room, it looked like his body was having trouble healing. "Stupid light energy... I really need to cut off my tongue it seems."

It became apparent what this weakness was and some decided to take advantage.

That's his weakness! Omega X thought. "Everyone with light-based techniques attack!"

(Cue Devil May Cry 4 OST – The Time Has Come)

Much to Matadormon DFM's shock, he witnessed light-based attacks bombarding his barrier and hitting his body. These light-based powers were successfully able to neutralize the barrier's defenses. It became even more apparent to Matadormon DFM when the light-based attacks worked more effectively than standard attacks.

Matadormon DFM witnessed Dai-Valkyrie Moon, Susanoomon, Celesta X, Shaka, and Yusuke using their light-based attacks to cut through his dark barrier.

"Damn you all!" Matadormon DFM cursed out his adversaries.

Dai-Valkyrie Moon summoned Sleipnir, who appeared behind his rider. The Dai-Valkyrie mounted her eight-legged stallion and glided over Matadormon. She slashed through his barrier with her sword. With one successive slash, she cut open Matadormon DFM's chest. Cupid flew to Venus, who hopped onto and mounted the equine's back. Omega X used Instant Movement to teleport up and blasted Matadormon DFM with a Terra Beam to the face, which blindsided the behemoth.

"Spirit Gun!"

"Holy Terra Beam!"

Yusuke and Celesta X repelled Matadormon with subsequent attacks. The light-based power ripped through his body and inflicted grievous wounds on him. Susanoomon stormed over to Matadormon and punched him back. Shaka flew over Matadormon and gave him a double slash with her blades.

The Beast Biomergers utilized their treasure powers to erect a barrier around Matadormon. This barrier released streams of holy energies that further neutralized him.

However, Matadormon DFM simply laughed as he eyed Dai-Valkyrie Mars and Hiei specifically.

"That wonderful Phoenix Dragon attack you two utilized is just a prime example of never revealing your secrets to the curious. I was able to copy that attack and turn it loose on Kenny. Even an Ascendant can't ever hope to turn back such an effective technique... but, it's just an example of how that technique might be useful, but if used against you and your colleagues it can backfire!" Matadormon DFM's dark aura expanded and covered his whole body again.

Dai-Valkyrie Mars appeared worried, but Hiei was able to reassure her with a simple nod.

"No, GranDracmon, you only got lucky. Our beast is not one to be tamed so easily!" Dai-Valkyrie Mars openly declared.

As the heroes continued to bombard Matadormon DFM with light based attacks, Ken finally began to stir.

"Is he still alive?" he asked trying to sit up.

Sedna and the ninjas tried to prevent him from doing this.

"Yes, Ken, please you've done enough," pleaded Sedna as she looked at his chest. The area where Matadormon DFM had 'inserted' the dark needle was healed up, but she could sense a small dark power inside Ken's body. This isn't right at all! Ken didn't deserve this!

"Ken, let us handle him..." Mikato begged, but Ken wasn't listening as he stood up and held up his B.A.X Digivice.

(End theme)

(Cue Super Robot Taisen K OST - Active Mind)

"He...is dead... Spirit Armor Energize!" Before long, Tsukuyomimon reassembled before them all.

Matadormon DFM turned from where he was upon seeing this. "Don't make me laugh!"

Tsukuyomimon formed his Miracle Kindness Cannon, but he had trouble aiming it from being weakened.

"Ha! That sure didn't last long! You can barely stand much less aim!" Matadormon boasted until Yusuke caught him with a Shotgun blast."AGH!"

The ninjas and Apollomon each helped Ken stabilize himself as he aimed his cannon at the towering demon.

"Thanks guys..." he said fatigued as his teammates nodded.

"You're welcome," said Shizuka.

"Now hit him!" Mikato demanded as Ken summoned his attack.

"Miracle Kindness Cannon!" He unleashed a powerful blast of holy energy at Matadormon DFM, who glared as it connected with his body and when it did, something odd started to happen as his body fell to the ground and began convulsing in pain. It started shifting rapidly between his 'human' form and his 'fireball' form.

"What have you done to me now?!" Matadormon DFM demanded. He saw Tsukuyomimon slowly advancing towards him with his right hand glowing. "OH HELL NO!" He managed to blast him back causing him to revert back to Ken. He then reformed into his fireball form. "I refuse to be taken down by a user of the Zero Ability!"

X's eyes widened upon hearing this as everyone heard this revelation.

(End theme)

"Zero Ability?" Omega X overheard.


Unknown Location/?

A Zero Ability user? If this is true, then we've definitely got to meet this boy sometime. Thought one of the 'two' watchers who had been observing the scene in darkness.


GranDracmon's Castle Center/XDYC-666

"Matadormon, you're joking! The Zero Ability has been lost for ages! Besides if it did exist, there's no way a human being could use it!" X declared as everyone stared at his direction.

Keke inquired. "Is there something you're not telling us?"

WarAngemon asked. "What's the Zero Ability?"

"What are you talking about, X?" Pikkan asked.

"The Zero Ability allows a Digimon to completely absorb another whole," X looked at the Beast Tamers. "I know what you're thinking: how is this different from the absorption y'all are used too? Well, the way your Digimon absorbed data in the beginning before you all stopped it was more subtle. Gradually, gaining small bits of power and occasionally the usage of other techniques."

StormSakuyamon was still confused. "How is this method different?"

Before X could speak, Matadormon DFM conjured a portal vision, and in it everyone watched as Ken absorbed Aegisdramon through his bare right hand, everyone was shocked to see this.

"For the record, Huanglongmon made him do it against his vocation because if he knew what the ability entailed the coward wouldn't have done it!" Matadormon DFM said as he floated back up. "What now, X? By the way, the last time there was a Zero User, he had the power to absorb HUMANS as well as Digimon!"

But, how did Ken get that ability to begin with?! X wondered confused. I'm going to have to look into this!

"Ken is a Zero User?!" Dai-Valkyrie Saturn was taken aback.

Dai-Valkyrie Venus gaped in shock. "That kid is able to absorb Digimon whole?!"

Mizuno slightly reproved this. "As a Digimon myself, I don't approve the methods of this concept."

BW meticulously eyed Ken. What other talents has this boy gained since the Paradixalmon battle that we're not even aware of?!

Yoko Kurama looked to Yusuke. "Surprised, Yusuke?"

"This kid still ceases to freaking amaze me."

I must shift the momentum back to my favor! Matadormon DFM pivoted his view to Hiei. His eyes glowed as he, acting out of desperation, used mind control and penetrated through Hiei's mental defenses.

Hiei howled painfully as his headband burned away, revealing his Jagan Eye. Alarmed, Dai-Valkyrie Mars felt Matadormon's control over Hiei.

"Hiei, no!" Dai-Valkyrie Mars cried out as Hiei readied his sword.

"Kill him, Hiei!" Matadormon commanded. "Quickly!"

"He's manipulating Hiei!" Cammy called out.

'Not if I have anything to say about it, demon!' The Houou interjected.

As Hiei dashed in to behead Ken, Mars and the Houou swiftly severed Matadormon's mind control over Hiei. Hiei narrowly stopped as his sword came within inches of Ken's neck. Dai-Valkyrie Mars pulled Hiei to the side.

"DAMN YOU, PHOENIX!" bellowed Matadormon DFM.

Dai-Valkyrie Mars snapped. "That's the last time you cross the line with us, you monster!"

"Let him have it!" BlazeGallantmon called out.

(Cue Digimon Xros Wars OST – We Are Xros Heart! X7)

The Beast Biomergers, the Dai-Valkyrie Planetary & Kuiper Senshi, Susanoomon, the Spirit Detectives, Neo-Spirit Detectives, and the Chimeras worked over Matadormon DFM by unleashing varied attacks from all sides. But, it was primarily the light users (Sailor Moon, Yusuke's Sacred Light Ki, and Shaka) that critically destabilized his darkness aura.

X, WarAngemon, Angemon X, Ultima X, BanchoLeomon (DF), BW, Sonja, Keke, Sam, Pikkan, Tike, David, and Kara launched Ki blasts that combined into a giant spiritual ball of light that collided with Matadormon DFM.

BanchoLeomon (XLR), Apollomon, the Inumon clan, Titaniamon, and JetSilphymon (XLR) helped out by hitting Matadormon with highly powered attacks.

Ken quickly changed back into Tsukuyomimon and bumrushed Matadormon.

As Matadormon DFM began seemingly collapsing, Tsukuyomimon charged in for the kill. The crests embedded inside his body glowed together, which imbued him with highly intense power that allowed fly up over Matadormon DFM.

"It's time for you to rest in peace!" Tsukuyomimon declared, grabbing Matadormon DFM's head. His fingers became imbued with golden light. "Dova Finger!" Tsukuyomimon dealt another critical blow, which hindered the demon's defenses destabilized his attack.

"Finish him off!" Tsukuyomimon turned to Sedna, Omega X, and Celesta X.

"C'mon, it's now or never!" called Omega X, who flew across with Celesta X.

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna pulled out the Dragon Saber and turned around. The Kuiper Senshi gave her the approval to go for it. Sedna took off with the Dragon Saber and glided over Matadormon DFM.

"Let him have it!" Tsukuyomimon beckoned.

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna made a descant for Matadormon DFM and thrust her Dragon Saber through the demon's head. An output of icy energy mixed with the demon's blood spewed from his head. Matadormon DFM bellowed as he thrashed his arms around.

Omega X and Celesta X landed together whilst cupping their hands to their sides. Both firmly took battle stances and made direct eye contact with Matadormon DFM.

"Ready, Kari?"

"Let's do this, Tai!"

Omega X yelled to the demon. "GranDracmon, this is for all the terror you've brought on the three worlds. And this is crossing the line with the Kamiya family!"

"This for taking me captive!" Celesta X hollered.

Omega X formed a golden ball of Ki whilst Celesta X, transformed into her Amazing Grace state, and forged a white ball of holy Ki.

"SIBLING TERRA BEAM!" The Kamiyas unleashed simultaneous Terra Beams and blasted Matadormon DFM head-on. The unrelenting force impacted Matadormon DFM mode and complete destabilized his data enough for fractal code to form around him.

Matadormon slowly turned toward Tsukuyomimon and vaguely smiled.

"Kensuke Rainer... I've been beaten, but I have cursed you... you... will lose someone dear to you... and the next enemy you face... well, you'll see soon enough, Zero User... hehehaha..." With that, as his body was crushed by the Kamiya's combined Terra Beam, his laughter subsided.

All that remained of the demon was his fractal code, which Susanoomon used a giant D-Scanner to purify the GranDracmon's remains.

(End theme)

"We did it!" BlazeGallantmon cheered as many others around him celebrated.

Mika shouted. "Fuck yeah we did!"

X nodded in approval. "Indeed, we've beaten GranDracmon, but..." He turned to Tsukuyomimon, who looked a slightly disturbed following GranDracmon's final albeit ominous message. I can't believe Ken is... a Zero User? I never would've believed another Zero User would turn up.

Omega X and Celesta X gave each other a thumbs up.

"It's over, Kari. Now we can put him behind us."

"I'm glad. And good riddance," Celesta X nodded as WarAngemon and Ultima X ran over to praise her.

Meanwhile, Sam helped Keke recover Metalla X, who was seemingly still conked out.

BanchoLeomon (DF) scoffed seeing Metalla X's pitiful condition. "He's still knocked out? If he weren't caught up in his own power, he would've learned to guard his balls next time."

BW shrugged. "Hey, look on the bright side, this is a learning experience for him. Ken's about the only guy who aims for the groin."

Tike smirked. "Which gives me an idea for the next big fight. David, we hit below the belt the next time a bad guy drops his guard."

David approved. "Got it!"

Kara sweatdropped. "You might want to headbutt 'em in the groin. That's most effective!"

Sam interjected. "As long as they're not wearing cups."

Keke shook her head and sighed. "Enough about groins, guys."

Dai-Valkyrie Venus sighed with relief as Rio helped her off Cupid.

"Thanks, Rio, and to you all," Venus said. She then looked toward Titaniamon and JetSilphymon (XLR). "Especially, you two. Thank you."

Titaniamon replied. "The honor is mine and we're thankful your child will be safely born." She turned around and shook Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter's hand. "And we worked well together. It was an honor fighting beside you again, Sailor Jupiter."

"Likewise, Titaniamon," Jupiter said, clamping her hand around Titaniamon's hands as the two exchanged the traditional Amazoness handshake.

Dai-Valkyrie Moon added. "We're very thankful, you two.

JetSilphymon (XLR) nodded. "We only did what Ken asked us."

Dai-Valkyrie Mars checked over Hiei. "You ok?"

"Nonsense," Hiei scoffed whilst standing up next to her.

Cammy lightly scolded Hiei. "You were being mind controlled, Hiei! If it weren't for my sister and the Houou, you could've beheaded Ken!"

Upon hearing this, Hiei looked behind him to see Tsukuyomimon. He sheathed his sword and vaguely smirked.

"Hiei, no," Mars dissuaded him.

"Even he's not brainwashed, he still wants Ken's head on a platter," Maya sighed.

Yoko Kurama chuckled. "He wouldn't be Hiei if he didn't want to spill Ken's blood."

Yusuke sighed. "That's the scary part."

"Oh yeah, no arguments there," Mizuno concurred.

"Ok, everyone, we're done here," X announced. "Time we head back to Ken's world." Everyone attentively faced the masked watcher, who cleared his throat. "Mission accomplished."


Canyon Dominion/XLR-08

The grueling war was over. The large group came out of a portal formed by Ken and Sedna. Thanks to some Digi-Vitamins, he and Yamato were back on their feet once more. However, no one expected what happened next when a large set of stomps came from out of nowhere.

"Hey, bitches!"

(Cue Dragonball Z Budokai OST – Saiyan Showdown)

Ken's eyes widened as everyone turned and saw ObeliskMegaGargomon standing above them.

"Congratulations, you finally killed that, annoying prick."

"You're ObeliskMegaGargomon?" asked BlazeGallantmon. Wow, I wonder what Yugi would think of this guy! The Suzakato side of the Beast Biomerger mentally noted.

"That's right, bird boy. If you're wondering how I got out of my 'jail', let's just say it was GranDracmon's fault. You see when he brought the Darkness iPad to me as payment for my services, I tampered with it a bit so that I could bypass the locks on so-called prison. However like always, things come with a price tag.

"And what would that be?" nervously asked X.

Although the Sailors and Beast Tamers remained transformed as opposed to everyone else who had powered down, he knew they didn't have enough energy to fight someone of this caliber.

"I'm not allowed to hurt anyone of this particular dimension, even Ken. That doesn't mean my vassals can't wreck havoc though. Besides to be honest, you all did me a favor because GranDracmon annoyed the hell out of me." He then yawned. "Of course, I'm still going to use that 'gem' as my resting place, but at least, I can't be locked up no more. Before I leave, there is one thing I've got to do." With that, he reached down and grabbed QuakeGargomon while squeezing him like a toy.

"Henry! Terriermon!" yelled out Sara, Jaarin, and the other Beast Tamers.

ObeliskMegaGargomon licked his lips as he nearly crushed the air out of QuakeGargomon.

"Let me make something clear! I don't like turtles and I hate jokers! So, shape up or you'll be on my menu one of these days!" He said dropping the passed out Tamer before he began vanishing. "Think I'm gonna leave before the ultra chicken comes out after me, later dudes." The deity laughed out before completely disappearing.

"If this is how he acts, I wonder how the others act," wondered an intrigued Pikkan.

"Well, SliferGigaSeadramon's a bit on the lazy side," said Davis.

Sonja added. "He almost sounds like a stoned surfer to me."

(End theme)

The Tamers, Sara, and Jaarin checked on Henbu and Terriermon, who were both laying unconscious.

"Henry! Terriermon!" Sara said while shaking them both.

Jaarin checked on their pulses. "It's ok. I can still feel their pulses."

"That's a close call," AuroraInumon sighed with relief.

StormSakuyamon added. "That big guy looked like a cross between a MegaGargomon and Obelisk the Tormentor."

Tai interjected. "Well, he is called ObeliskMegaGargomon."

Dai-Valkyrie Mars mentally noted. ObeliskMegaGargomon, huh? It wasn't long ago that me and Cammy met RaPhoenixmon when we were sucked into the mirror before our big battle with Gamera, Valmarmon, and the orchestrator of the Dawn of Chaos event. "Cammy, he was just referring to RaPhoenixmon just now."

"Yeah, and we both know how serious RaPhoenixmon gets," whispered Cammy.

Just then, Ken's sunglasses cracked and broke once again. Those near him saw that now his eyes were silver and the other was now golden.

"Wow, look at his eyes!" Ken's own group and a few bystanders from the other groups observed his eyes.

Ken sighed as everyone stared at him. "I'm going to either have to start wearing contacts or I'm going blind. I do not like being stared at." He muttered as Sedna patted him on the back.

"Come on. Don't be that way. I think they make you look cute," she said cheering him up.

Nearby, Yamato clenched his fists and made his way towards Ken. Gabumon tried to stop Yamato, but it was too late.

"Hey!" Yamato barked toward Ken and stormed over to him. "We still have a fight to finish, boy!" He grabbed Ken by his shirt, prompting the latter to push Yamato back. "C'mon, are you ready to finish this?!"

Ken prepared to draw out his Yamato blade, but Dimitri (with Faith) flew in and cut his father off from attacking Ken.

"Move aside, Dimitri!"

"Sorry, father, but it's time to drop it," Dimitri insisted, throwing his arms out to block his path. "What happened with Deckerdramon is over. What you did was wrong. Ken has every reason to loathe what you did."

"It's ok, Dimitri," Ken asserted. "You don't need to cover for his ass."


Ken nodded to the future warrior and shifted his view to Yamato. The two heated rivals locked eyes as auras were seen surrounding them. Everyone near them sensed their heated tension. Gabumon rushed over to restrain Yamato. Tai, Agumon, Kari, Gatomon, TK, and Patamon quickly reprimanded him.

"Knock it off, Yamato!" Tai interjected while pushing his rival back from Ken.

Kari frowned at Yamato. "What you did to Deckerdramon is unforgivable. I know Matt, too, would be disgusted."

"You think I care?! I only destroyed him because none of you had the nerve to grant him a mercy killing!"

"That doesn't give you the right to kill him!" Dimitri exclaimed.

"It's ok, guys," Ken said while not taking his eyes off Yamato. "As for you, I'm willing to let what happened to Deckerdramon. But, if I ever find out you kill another Digimon in cold blood again, I won't only come back... but I will hunt you down." He lowered his tone and sealed his Yamato sword back into his Digivice. "Gaining more power should be the least of your concerns. Do I make myself clear?"

Yamato saw a vision of all of Ken's Digimon amassed together behind him. He scoffed and begrudgingly walked off leaving everyone behind

Tai, Kari, and TK each sighed with relief. Dimitri and Keke watched Gabumon apologize to Ken before heading back to have words with his Yamato.

"No doubt Ken means what he said," Dimitri said.

Keke added, shaking her head. "And next time Yamato's on his own."

"We can't let them kill each other, sis."

"No, but we can jump in when things get too bloody."

"But, I wonder who bleeds first?" Faith remarked. "That one form Ken used is no longer accessible, I think."

"But, his Miracle Mode is still a force to be reckoned with," Dimitri stated.

The Neo-Spirit Detectives watched Yamato find a solitary spot with Gabumon. Yui and DarkGabumon turned to each other wondering if they should meet with them. However, Cammy stopped Yui from going any further.

"Don't bother, Yui. What he did to that Digimon was atrocious."

Kohana asserted. "Screw him, Yui. Let's talk about how great it was to see Shaka back in action!"

Aoshi noticed Yui hadn't turned away and approached her. He eyed Yamato's general direction and furrowed his brows.

"Forget him, sis," AuroraInumon said as he walked over to meet Yui and her team. "We have our own issues back home to deal with."

Yui sighed. "All right then."

(Cue Dragonball Z English OST – The Dragon Theme)

When the tension eased, the group wasn't prepared when several powerful surges of energy occurred and before them stood Huanglongmon, the dragons as well as the revived Sovereigns.

"Great! The Sovereigns of this world have been revived!" declared AuroraInumon.

Sonja remarked. "Great more dragons."

Huanglongmon nodded. "It wasn't that hard. Thanks to Magnadramon and Goldramon, we sped up the process well." He was cut off by Zhuqiaomon.

"Why are there humans in our world?"

This made the Tamers sweatdrop in unison.

Takuya shuddered. "Man, even this Zhuqiaomon seems grouchy like the one from our world."

Kouji added. "Tell me about it."

"Just like ours, how nice," sardonically said StormSakuyamon.

"In any case, we'd like to thank you all for your hard work," said Azulongmon as Huanglongmon nodded and produced three golden orbs that floated down to Sailor Moon, Ken, and Tai respectively.

"What are these?" asked Sailor Moon.

"They are specialty repair cores. You can use them in either the real or the Digital World and repair anything over a five mile radius instantly, but I'm afraid it won't go further than that," explained Goldramon.

Ken immediately held up his and the Canyon Dominion was restored completely stunning everyone.

"I figured you would do that Ken."

"Holy cow...! Wait, there's still some damage done in our world we can use this to fix it!" said Davis.

Tai nodded. "This definitely saves us some trouble."

Agumon concurred. "Yep, you can say that again."

Sailor Moon, however, was confused. "What are we going to do with ours?" She wondered as Mars approached her. "Mars? You got a suggestion?"

"Probably send it to our Digital World and let one of their groups use it since I think they need it more than us."

Huanglongmon asserted. "Now, we've done that it's time for us to fix this world. The first order of business will be fixing the time sync so that we follow the real world."

Maki sweatdropped a bit. "Wait, you're saying that the reason time moved faster here is because you Sovereigns weren't here?"

Azulongmon replied. "That is correct."

Baihumon nodded in agreement. "Yes, with us restored to our positions, we're going to fix things for good."

With that, the Sovereigns began to depart.

However, X stopped Huanglongmon.

"What is it watcher?" the golden deity asked.

"How did you know Ken was a Zero user?"

Ken looked confused. "What's he talking about?" He wondered as Huanglongmon simply smiled.

"X, Ken is going to need help from your world soon because GranDracmon might be gone, but there are other threats out there which will test all the worlds, until then." With that, Huanglongmon, the Sovereigns, and the dragons vanished and left everyone to wonder about the ambiguity of this 'Zero User' tidbit.

(End theme)

"You didn't answer my question!" X called out before landing.

Keke walked up and put her hand on his shoulder. "It's obvious they don't want us knowing anything."

X sighed and looked back at Ken, who decided to let the Inumon Clan out of his Digivice. As he did this, the child of the leader ran up to them and became concerned when he saw all their sad faces.

"Where is father?!" he demanded.

Giving him a saddened look, Yui walked up to him and hugged him.

"I'm sorry, but your father is dead. He died fighting to protect us all and he said for you to live a good life the way you want to..." As this happened the young Inumon returned the hug, only to start glowing before enlarging in size and becoming a YoukaiInumon much to the surprise of everyone watching.

DarkGabumon gaped. "He... he evolved on his own?!"

"I guess Yui's got a nice bond with canine Digimon," observed Mikato.

"Yeah, she does," said AuroraInumon proudly as the YoukaiInumon put her down gently and motioned for his clan to follow him.

"We shall go somewhere else to make our home now. Thank you, my little goddess," said the YoukaiInumon as the clan departed off.

"I don't know why he sees me as a goddess," Yui wondered while blushing a bit.

Aoshi couldn't help but laugh. "Probably because you are one." Smiling, he was obviously referring to her Shaka state.

(Cue Gothic Music – Angel Tears)

Elsewhere, the Senshi and Detectives gathered near a lake. Dai-Valkyrie Venus sat down with Rio next to her.

"What's wrong, Venus?" he asked, noticing a sudden look of grief on her face. Whenever she wore this expression, he knew something distressed her on a personal level. "Babe, our child will be ok. At least you didn't get a miscarriage."

"It's not about me or the baby. It's about what GranDracmon did to Ken," Venus said, folding her arms around her legs. "He planted that curse on him. He flat out said Ken will lose what he values most and suffer pain beyond torment. I'm deeply worried, Rio."

"You don't really believe..." He saw Venus shedding tears.

"I was there. I could feel Ken's heart beginning to break."

The other Senshi overheard Venus and looked to one another.

"Venus was the closest to Ken when this happened," Mercury said, sitting next to Vega.

Vega shook his head. "Yeah, and can't say I blame her for being this way."

Saturn and Dimitro both nodded in agreement.

"I wish there was something we can do," Moon said. "I really want to use the Silver Crystal to remove that curse."

Jupiter reproved. "But doing that will activate that curse and that won't do Ken any favors."

"I know. I just can't sit here and let him suffer this horrible curse."

Yusuke scoffed. "GranDracmon can't really mean what he said. He has to be bluffing."

"I wish that were true," Mars replied. She was not one to take a demon's warning lightly and the Houou realized this, too. Houou, I really wish there was something we can do. I don't want anything terrible to befall Ken.

'Ken has his own battles ahead of him. We mustn't meddle in another's dimensions too often without leading to unwanted cataclysm.'

"Damn," the Miko cursed.

Kurama finished healing Maya. "Ken must deal whatever he must face on his own. He has his allies that can help lift this curse."

Venus leaned against Rio and cried herself to sleep.


Seeing that it was getting late, X reminded Dimitri and Karin the time for departure. An hour passed and the time had come for the groups to split once more.

"I'm glad we got to fight together again! It was definitely fun!" enthusiastically said Tai as he shook hands with Ken, who sweatdropped.

"Maybe for you, but not for me. This experience did teach me a lot though. Like there are others I can depend on," he said as Dimitri walked up while carefully watching Yamato from a corner of his eye.

"I just hope for my dad's sake he learned his lesson. That was one hard kick you gave him." Upon hearing Dimitri mention this, everyone else either laughed and coughed as Yamato was still showing signs that his 'crotch' was in pain.

"Like I said earlier, if I find out he killed another Digimon in cold blood, getting more power is going to be the least of his concerns," Ken retorted in a serious manner.

"I'm sure there will come a time when we fight again. We must all remain vigilant. Until then, stay safe all!" X said as the groups prepared to depart.

Ken's group was ready to head back to their own real world and the others prepared to depart to their dimensions.

"Don't worry, Karin. As soon as I drop Tai and the others off, I'll be back." said Dimitri.

Sedna nodded back to her boyfriend. "I know." She said before looking back at Ken. "Stay safe, brother."

Ken nodded avoiding the death glares of Varuna, Hiei, and Yamato.

However, Varuna quickly ran up to Ken and caught him with a punch to his face. Ken fell to the ground.

"VARUNA!" The Kuipers called out as they stood in her way.

Ken picked himself up and shook it off. He chuckled and looked up toward Varuna. "Can't say I didn't have that coming. Hope you're satisfied."

Varuna shot him a cold glare as she watched him leave. A vague smirk adorned her features. "Thanks."

"Yeah, same to you," Ken waved back. "Same to you two as well!" He mentioned Yamato and Hiei without looking back at them.

"Bye, Ken!" Sedna, the Tamers, the Legendary Warriors, the Senshi, and the Detectives waved to Ken and his group.

After waving back to the YYGDM and Kai groups, Ken and his team leapt into their portal , which closed promptly. The others soon followed suit each heading back to their own worlds.

And with that, the GranDracmon conflict has been resolved.


Unknown Area/Mysterious Spaceship

(Cue Gothic Music – Dark Ritual)

The mysterious source that retrieved the Darkness Spirits sealed the two objects into two capsules. Two shadowed figures meticulously eyed the two Darkness Spirits.

"And with that we've retrieved the last of the Spirits from that dimension," the shorter figure cackled. "With all the Spirits, we can create the Evil Legendary Warriors to bolster our forces."

"Yes, Master DarkMagimon, and they will help us gather the energy required to revive the D-Reaper," the taller figure, wearing an emblazoned 'D' symbol on his forehead, replied in a deep and menacing tone.

"Oh yes! Just another step towards our goal," the creature known as 'DarkMagimon' evilly chuckled.

He and the taller figure turned toward another capsule. It was a larger one that fitted a bigger being. Inside the capsule was a sleeping Beelzebumon.

"We're making progress, KingDevimon. Now with GranDracmon out of the way, there'll be nothing to stand in our way. The resurrection of the D-Reaper is imminent."

The laughter of the wicked sorcerer echoed from within a spaceship.

(End theme)


Unknown Location/?

"We're really gonna go after him then, eh boss?" asked a gruff voice to another.

The other individual replied. "Yes, Kreig. I think it's time we all got acquainted. After all, he could possibly be another Evo-lite, and if he is, he should join our cause."

Kreig laughed at this concept. "Just like always, Griel, you sure know how to act about it."

The other being now known as Griel smirked. They entered a room where five other figures awaited them.

"The time has come Evo-lites! Let us move out!"


Crystal Tokyo/A residence/October 14, 3009 A.D./9:05 PM

In the far future of the YYGDM-01 timeline, a child was sitting in her bed listening to her mother telling her about one of her past times. The child, a little girl roughly 8 years old, wore an enthusiastic look on her face. She had long brown hair tied into cute pigtails. Sitting next to the little girl is a Patamon with a pink scheme, which otherwise was identified as PinkPatamon.

The child, in her pajamas, whispered in awe. "Wow, you and daddy helped beat that scary GranDracmon? That's so awesome! I always knew you and daddy were great warriors."

"Yes, and I'm glad to have shared this story with you," smiled the young woman, sitting in a chair near a group of Pokemon and Digimon plushies. She got up from the chair and walked over to her daughter, who hugged her. "I'll tell you another story about me and your father, dear Athena." She knelt over and kissed her daughter's forehead. "You and PinkPatamon get some rest now."

"We will, mommy," Athena nodded as she tucked herself and PinkPatamon under the covers.

"Goodnight, Athena."

"Goodnight, mommy."

As the young woman walked out, she turned and gave her daughter a genuine smile before closing the door halfway. As she turned, she saw an attractive and youthful-looking man with long blonde locks. He had blue eyes and wore a royal guard wear: a mix of the Crystal Tokyo royal blue gear and his white Ascendant armor. Sitting on the young man's right shoulder was a Patamon.

Standing in front of him was an attractive young brunette woman wearing a light blue evening dress. She still retained most of her youth during her teen years. Most, if not all, still mistaken her still being a teen.

"Is she asleep now, Karin?"

Nodding, Karin replied genuinely. "She and PinkPatamon should be sound asleep. I was telling Athena another one of our adventures."

"I see. That's good to know. She'll start looking up to us more than just being her parents."

"She has every right to know I was a strong and capable Senshi," Karin said.

Dimitri added. "Then, I think it's time we train her. We agreed once she's eight we'd start training her."

"She represents the legacy of a Sailor Senshi and an Ascendant. She is the future of the Kuiper Belt Senshi, but... I don't feel right forcing this responsibility onto her. I'm still more than capable of fighting alongside the Kuipers and defending Crystal Tokyo."

"I know, but you saw how eager Athena was when we asked if she wanted to start training. She's ready, Karin."

"If you say so," Karin folded her arms.

"Our daughter has great potential. Not only will she receive her first Henshin item, but she has ¼ Ascendant blood in her. I truly believe she can become an Ascendant. She has many gifts that'll be bestowed to her," he said, putting his hands on Karin's shoulders. "Strong as we are, we have to prepare for what lies ahead. Yes, we've been blessed with extended life spans and have retained our youth for hundreds or years, but we're not immortals. One day, something could happen to us. Athena has to learn to invoke her powers, but we'll teach her to use them correctly."

"I sort of regret sealing my Valkyrie Dagger," Karin said. "I'm nowhere as powerful as I used to be. Maybe it's time I unseal it."

"You're a mother now. You really aren't needed to do any heavy fighting with me and the Kuipers helping the Neo Senshi deal with threats outside Crystal Tokyo."

"Hey now! Just because I'm not an active Senshi like I used to be, doesn't mean I still don't train on my own! Besides, I need something to do while Athena's in school!"

Dimitri chuckled. "Right, sorry, you're definitely not the sit-at-home mom type."

"Excuse me," a woman's voice interjected the couple's conversation.

Karin and Dimitri watched an attractive woman garbed in white and wearing her classic odango hairstyle. Neo-Queen Serenity entered the couple's residence.

"Oh yeah, I brought Neo-Queen Serenity with me," Dimitri said, bowing his head. "Excuse me your highness."

"It's all right, Dimitri," the queen waved off his kind bowing gesture. "I told you can be as casual as you want."

"What's going on?" Karin inquired.

"Karin, I heard you and Dimitri are planning to start your daughter's training. Well, I have a proposition," she offered to the couple. "We can do what my husband and I did for our daughter. Why don't we send little Athena and PinkPatamon to the past to form new friendships and gain training experience with your younger selves?"

The couple exchanged curious looks and smiled together.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea, my queen," Karin replied. "There's only so much I can do keeping up with an Ascendant's strength and my husband is usually out with my team conducting investigations outside Crystal Tokyo."

"I won't have much work these next few months," Dimitri reassured her. "Neo-Queen Serenity has given me, the Kuipers, and the Neo Senshi time off to help with Athena's training. We can use this free time to train our daughter before we send her to the past in a few months." He put an arm across his wife's shoulder. "What do you think?"

Karin kissed Dimitri's cheek and turned to Neo-Queen Serenity. "We'll do it. Besides, if there's anything I want for Athena, I want her to meet our past selves and assess the kind of warriors we were before. She's longed to see me when I was the Kuiper Belt Senshi leader. This will be good for her."

"Then, we're in agreement," said Neo-Queen Serenity.

The couple replied. "We are."

"Very well. We look forward to Athena's first steps into becoming Neo-Sailor Sedna."

"Thank you, your highness," the couple expressed their gratitude.

Athena eavesdropped on the adults' conversation in her room. An ecstatic grin adorned the little girl's face as she turned over and pulled PinkPatamon close to her.

Needless to say, Karin and Dimitri's daughter was never happier to hear this. In a few months time, she would be going to the past to meet her parents' past selves. And this meeting would be Athena's most eventful moment of her adolescent life.


The end


(The party is now wrapping up and most of the guests are gone. Karin, Dimitri, Faith, Ken, Veemon, Tyra, Helena, Cammy, Yui, Aoshi, and Kohana are helping clean up most of the trash. Takato and Rika are sitting outside sharing a conversation. Renamon and Inumon just happened to drop by to check in.)

(Makoto is seen leaving and effortlessly carrying a drunk Mako out. Takuya & Izumi and Himura & Jeri watch the stars together outside. Ami and Vega are still inside one of the guest rooms.)

Usagi (waves to everyone and leaves with Mamoru): Thanks for the invite! (She and Mamoru leave).

Karin: Good end to the story. How did you like that bonus scene?

Dimitri: Can't believe what I saw.

Faith (chuckles): Well, believe it, Dimitri. Looks like we have a new cast member coming!

Ken: Athena, huh? Gee, I wonder who gave her that name?

Aoshi: Pretty obvious.

(Both Karin and Dimitri modestly chuckle as they exchange looks. They looked away whistling innocently.)

Ken (sighs): Guess that makes me 'Uncle Kenny'.

Veemon: But, I thought you hated being called Kenny?

Yui: Well, he hates when GranDracmon calls him Kenny. (She sees DarkGabumon walk in carrying trash bags.)

(Christina, Jami, and Taylor walk back in.)

Christina: I can't wait for Digi-Fusion Kai Season 3. We're actually gonna be a big part of the D-Reaper arc!

Jami: Don't forget about our friends, the Tamers and Legendary Warriors.

Taylor: I'm already anticipating!

Karin: Well, it's a long wait. Season 3 is coming. Spring/Summer 2013, it's gonna be interesting!

Cammy: Wow, sis and Hiei are going to be going at it all night.

Shingo (taps Cammy's shoulders): Hey.

Cammy: Shingo! Where have you been? I was worried. Why did you take off so soon...? (she is offered a white rose by Shingo.) Oh, Shingo, you shouldn't have. (she takes the rose and hugs him)

Kohana: Guess we'll clean up while you two take a walk outside.

Karin: Still, I do wonder what Rei and Hiei are doing in there? Maybe I shouldn't ask.

Dimitri: Yeah, likewise with Ami and Vega.

Tyra: Who cares? Though, I kinda care since Vega and Ami are using our room, Hel.

Helena: I know, but what can we do? Let's just keep ourselves productive until they leave.

(Meanwhile, in Tyra and Helena's room, Ami and Vega are handcuffed together. Both locking lips with each other's hands across their backs.)

(In Rei's room, Rei stands facing Hiei. Both seem sober and wearing devilish smirks.)

Rei: Is the coast clear? The magic's beginning to wear off.

(Hiei checks the door and the couple nod to each other. Rei turns her back to Hiei, revealing a zipper of some kind. Hiei 'unzips' Rei as Rei's own 'skin' seemingly came off and hit the floor, which was revealed as a full body costume. Standing in place of 'Rei' is...

...Mai Valentine wearing a purple latex suit!)

(Yuuichirou stops by near Rei's room and has seen his favorite Miko 'shed' her own 'skin' off to reveal herself to be a busty blonde-haired vixen in tight purple leather. He nosebleeds and falls over.)

Yuuichirou: ...oh, man... did I just see Rei take her skin off...? So, this whole time Rei was really a sexy blonde with big boobs and in tight leather? Mind totally blown...(faints)

Mai (stretches and fixes her hair): Oh, it's about time I got out of that stuffy costume. Not to mention recovering from a killer hangover. Joseph, lose the suit. Party's over.

('Hiei' turns around and shows a zipper on his back. Mai pulls down the zipper. As the Hiei costume fell off, Joey Wheeler is revealed wearing nothing but a pair of purple boxers.)

Joey: Hah, we had them all fooled! Our Halloween stunt worked out great!

Mai: Let's get rid of the evidence, hun. (She and Joey pick up their costumes).

Joey: Where to now?

Mai: Night's still young for us, Brooklyn Rage. How about we go hit the local karaoke?

Joey: Sounds great to me!

Mai: Not until we get dressed. You look ridiculous in those boxers.

Joey (sweatdrops): At least I ain't wearing speedos. You just can't resist my charming and sexy body.

Mai (sighs): Whatever.

Joey: Heh, I wonder when Rei and Hiei will come back?

Mai (shrugs): Who knows, but I hate to be shortstop right now.

(Meanwhile, the real Rei and Hiei are out on the town dressed as a jungle girl and blue penguin respectively.)

Rei: Are y'all having a fun Halloween night? Well, I got a really spectacular attraction! Step right up to see Puu the baby blue penguin! He's a rare giant breed! I came all the way from the Pacific Islands to bring you my latest find! Don't be shy and step right up!

(A bunch of kids and curious adults gather around and marvel at Penguin!Hiei.)

Rei (evil smile): Glad we got Mai and Joey to cover for us at the party. This is what you get for trying to ditch me and avoiding the costume.

Hiei (wearing the blue penguin costume and awkwardly waddles around still drunk): ….

Killer Instinct Voice Over: Humiliation!

Street Fighter VO: You win!

Rei (mimics Chun-Li's victory pose): Yatta!

(Seto and Lyn are looking out from KaibaCorp Tower.)

Lyn: Seto, is that Hiei down there?

Seto: Meh. Looks like a giant blue penguin to me. (counting some money) He wouldn't make a good side attraction for my theme park.

Lyn: Well, we don't know if we don't try. (grabs Seto and heads off to see the Penguin!Hiei.) I see big money behind this!

Seto: You've got to be kidding me.

(Meanwhile, Mukuro, in her lair, watches a live feed from human world. Seeing Hiei in the penguin suit makes her cheeks glow red.)

Mukuro: How I wish I could've been there. Thank you Rei for fulfilling my Penguin!Hiei fantasies.

(Morrigan Aensland of Darkstalkers drops in Mukuro's lair and greets her.)

Morrigan: Hey, Mukuro, what are you watching?

Mukuro: Hiei dressed like an adorable penguin. Look for yourself (almost breathless)

Morrigan (smiles while groping her chest and giving them the bounce effect): Ooooh, I love it when a man dresses up like a penguin. Very sexy, indeed.

(Both demon women become infatuated with Penguin!Hiei. Penguin!Hiei is still waddling around drunk on the TV.)

Ken (busts out laughing): He reminds me of Puu! (abruptly stops laughing once he comes to a quick realization)…whoa! How did this happen?! When?!

Karin: Let me explain. You see before the party even started, Rei had trouble getting Hiei to dress up in that penguin costume. So, she arranged a group meeting with Yusuke and Minako. She asked them to bring Chuu's Makai liquor.

Dimitri: Then, Rei asked Mai and Joey, who just happened to drop by in Juuban for some Duel Monster festival. We needed some Duelist representatives for these segments. So, Rei asked Usagi to use her disguise pen to turn Mai and Joey into a fake Rei and Hiei. Once the party got underway, Rei went into hiding while Hiei arrived to get his drink from Mai disguised as Rei. Also, since these disguises were created from Usagi's disguise pen, the magic blocked Hiei's senses and he couldn't tell she was a fake.

Karin: Mai was a real trooper getting drunk for Rei and taking one for the team.

Ken: What about Joey, whose supposed to be disguised as Hiei?

Karin (giggles): Well, when Mai took Hiei to Rei's room, the next phase commenced behind closed doors. Joey, under the guise as Hiei, waited for Mai to show up so they can do their thing. The real Rei pulled Hiei out of her room and went out the backdoor. While he was still totally smashed, Rei put the penguin suit on him and led him into town.

Dimitri: Joey drank a bit of Chuu's alcohol so he could act as the already drunken Hiei. They needed to convince everyone that 'Rei' and 'Hiei' were having 'jungle fever' when in reality it was Mai and Joey the whole time inside Rei's room.

Ken: Now it's starting to make sense. Damn, they really thought this through.

Karin: Yep, since you know how hard-headed Hiei can be.

Cammy: Wait, you mean... that wasn't my sis that hollered like Xena and pulled off her top like that? That was Mai?!

Karin (sweatdrops): Yep.

Cammy: I knew there was something a little off about Rei.

Dimitri: Though, admittedly, I think Yusuke and Minako admitted pouring a little too much for Hiei.

Ken: Well, that's what he gets. I have to admit Mai was a good actor acting like your sister, Cammy.

Cammy: Yeah, she had a lot of us fooled!

Karin: Anyway... (turns to the audience). You're still here? It's over. Go home.

Dimitri (faces the readers): Go.

Ken (eyes the readers): Show's over. Go on!

Karin: Ok, that's a wrap! See you all for more Dawn of Chaos and stay tuned for future DFKai updates, including info related to Season 3. On behalf of all of us, see you again! (She and everyone wave goodbye.)


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