Chapter 2

I woke up to getting water throw on me

"Is she awake yet" a voice said as my eyes were still trying to adjust to the dark room?

Where am I? Why it is so dark at the house did a light go out or something? These question keep running in and out of my head, soon my eyes came to and I saw many tubes and wires hanging from many different machines. I tried to starch my neck out to where I could see more, but I soon was stopped by the pain of chains pulling me back; where my back hit a hard metal table that had red stuff running down it, it felt warm, and then sticky at the same time. It soon hit me like a bag of bricks I was chained to a table but I still did not know where I was.

"Ash if this is a joke it's not funny get me off, Ash are you there, Ash!" I screamed but I got no answer from Ash all I could hear was giggles and sneakers form people that were some were close.

" Scream all you want he will never hear you again , and you will never see him again and I even warned him about what would happen if he tried to cross me , no could get through to him, but you could" a man said as he got closer to the metal table.

What did he mean that he can't hear me and that I will never see him again?

"Let me go now! Who are you people and were am I and what have you done to Ash and his sister and brother" I said with anger in my voice. But he did not give me an answer; I looked up to see a man with a white lab coat; he was holding a knife in one hand and something else in the other I could not see it clearly it looked to be a needle of some kind.

"LET ME GOOOOOO!" I screamed as loud as I could and tried to move from the chains, but I felt more pain and then soon stopped.

It felt like hours had gone by of pain of people working on you and sticking you with needle after needle I could not take it anymore I was on the edge of just dying from losing blood, but then I saw him my father the monster that but this thing in me whatever it was

"You look a lot like your mother it's too bad that she had to get in my way, but it's okay I got you lunar cat back and you will help us to kill every vamp in the land."

"What is a lunar cat what do we do?" I asked

"You are the only lunar cat my sweet and you can ether suck a vamp dry of everything it has or you can shot sun light out of your hands. You also can pick people up with your mind and breathe fire and you can make people and vamp's do whatever you like; you also have wing, but they have never shown themselves on your back and you can turn into any cat you want. But it's been a while since I last saw you when you were little Athena." He stabbed me with the lab guy's knife. I screamed in pain as loud as I could, breaking many glass windows and other important veils many lab people covered their ears and crouching on the floor my father did the same thing. I did not stop screaming, until there was a loud crash, and then my chains around my hand and feet broke and there stood Ash over me.

"Are you ok what happen; when we came back you were gone the house was burned down and blood was every were?"

"What do you think you're doing in here vamp!?" My father screamed out at Ash. Ash heard the outburst and was about to take me and leave, but then he looked down at me and saw all the cuts and blood that he just looked like he was going to lose it right there. But he turned away from me and faced the man that wanted me dead

"You have NO RIGHT TO CALL ME ANYTHING! You ungrateful creation of god, of a human. You are willing to kill your only child to get more power you even killed your own wife. You know what I am going to kill you right now and anyone who gets in my way will die as well!" Ash said as he walked to where my father and all the lab coat people were; on the ground still unable to run away, the look in his eyes told it all how mad he was and how he was going to kill my father quick and give him no mercy. I heard a lot of screaming and smelled blood all over the place and then I heard my father begging for his life; that's when I pasted out into a world with no sound and no light at the end of the tunnel so I was not dead. Soon I heard some every cute voices that I had not heard in what seemed to be a long time

"Ash is she going to wake up?" I heard Eclipse ask

"Yeah I want to give her a big hug!" forest added in. I could not hear Ash's voice was he even there, but then I felt something warm that was holding my hand and then I heard

"Athena wake up, you need to wake up; you can't just die on me please; just open your eyes" the thing felt like another hand it squeezed my hand tighter and soon I felt tears on my arm.

"Why are you crying I'm okay I was just a little tired that's all please don't cry Eclipse, Forest" I told them as my open and I sat up with the help of Ash, they gave me a giant hug and cried louder and harder

"We thought you were dead and that we would never see you again!" they both bellowed out, I hugged them tight until I felt pain in my side and let out an "OW"

"Are you ok" they both looked at me with tears still in their eyes. I smiled and nodded trying to hide the painful look on my face

"How about you two go and get the presents that you made her"

"But brother we did not make any presents for Athena" Eclipse said confused. Ash blushed and said

"Well why don't you go and make her some" the two giggled and waved goodbye to me; I giggled and wave goodbye to them, but when the two were no longer in sight of me or Ash. I got pulled into the strongest hug I had every got; Ash's head rested on my shoulder and I felt my shoulder start to get wet.

"Why didn't I get there sooner? Why couldn't I hear you screaming? If I had of you would not be hurting like you are. Athena I'm sorry that I could not hear you; I tried to hear you, but all I could smell was the sweet smell of sunflowers and the morning sun so I knew if I followed the smell then I would find you, but when I got farther from the house the less I could smell." I had never seen Ash cry; I didn't think he cried, but although he is a vampire he still is human in some ways

"Ash don't say sorry you found me; you took me away from those people you saved me; I may have some cute deeper than others, but I'm alive and with the people that care for me" I turned around to see his eyes all red and with tears running down his cheeks. My hand rested on his cheek, but he soon got up and turned away

"What's wrong?"

"I am a vampire don't that scare you at all, living here with three that could turn on you and eat you in the night; and your about to kiss one"

"So you don't want me to kiss you; I was chained to a table being stabbed with needles of all kinds ; you come and save me and then you hug me and when I'm about to kiss you that's when you say something about being in a house with three vampires that could kill me?"

"Yes!" Ash didn't want me to see him cry I could see that on his face and he is mad at himself not doing anything until now after that I was so close to him. He was about to leave when I grabbed his hand and pulled him close to me

"What are you doin-" I stopped him from talking with a kiss and this was meant for him and no one else because this was my first kiss. I rapped my arms around his neck. He did not try to push away he wrapped his arms around my waist, we let go because out of the corner of my eye I saw two little giggling vampires that had flowers in hand Ash tried to pull away, but I didn't care if they saw us like this , they already knew that I liked their brother

"Sorry to come between you two big brother but you can't suck her face off all night she is our family to you know." He started to blush and look away, but I said

"Yes your right we are all family, but you brother gets to be the dad and you two are the kids and I'm the mom got it!"

"Got it!" they both said and hugged me and Ash. He was still blushing, but he hugged us all in one be hug.