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"It's my turn to lick the spoon."

"No it's mine"

"Nelison I'm older."

"Please. You're seven minutes older then me Whinne"

"Older is still older"

"Then you should be more mature"

"I am more mature then you."

"Are not"

"Are too"

"You still sleep with your stuffed teddy bear"

"Well you still sleep with a nightlight and it's my turn to lick the spoon."

"Okay you two enough."

"Mom," they both said at the same time.

"You can both lick the spoon"

Sondra got a spoon and put some chocolate on it then gave Neilson and Whinny some from each spoon.

Ore hadn't realized that. Bob instructed the couples to give each other the list. Rayne was very touched by the things that Ore wrote.


Day 2

"Good morning," Bob said, "Today we're going to try something I often do in family therapy.

We are going to trade roles. For the next twenty-four hours the one who is normally not in control will be the dominant figure in the family."

Ore groaned.

"What's the purpose of this excersize," Ore asked.

"The idea is for you both to get more of an appreciation for what the other person deals with every day and for you to understand the other person."

At the end of the day Bob was right.

Rayne did have more of an appreciation then he ever did about Rayne. Rayne as well had more appreciate for Ore then she ever did.