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The warehouse was too dark and too cold. I shivered as I toed along stacks of dusty boxes, piled high to the ceiling. It was so dark I could barely see, and my pupils were probably the size of watermelons by now. There was crap littered just about everywhere, and I'd almost tripped over half of it.

Lot's of places to hide… I thought dimly, while I fingered the trigger of the gun in my hand. The only viable exit I could escape through was dead ahead, and I eyed the heavy metal door with hope. I could only see if because of the light leaking in from the cracks in the frame. I'd been inching my way around in the darkness for about an hour now, jumping at every noise or flicker of movement, while trying not to make any noise myself.

My calves and thighs were aching like a bitch from walking in a sort of crouch, so I could control my body weight. The only thing preventing me from breaking out into a run, was knowing that the enemy could be right around the corner, and I wouldn't be able to see it. This place was huge, and like a giant maze, and the Minotaur was hot on my heels. Metaphorically of course. If there was a fucking creature in here with two horns and a hunger for blonds named Naruto, my ass would have been out of here in two seconds!

Not that the other person in here isn't just as blood-thirsty. I had to remind myself. I swallowed thickly. I could feel my head throb while the blood was running through it, and I wondered how much farther that door really was. It was starting to look like I could keep shuffling for days and never reach it.

I froze and breathed in sharply when I felt the cold metal of a gun barrel press against my neck.

Fucking fuck, shit fucking hell. I growled in my head.

I immediately dropped my own gun at my feet and it was kicked away by a black shoe I could barely see in the shitty lighting. I didn't move, and almost like it was a reward, the man holding the gun ran it along my neck, making my hairs stand on end and my whole body to shiver. An arm snaked its way around my shoulder to circle my own arms, pressing them down against my sides and keeping them in place, reminding me that I was breathing hard. A lithe, but taller body was pressed against me, and a pair of lips came to my ear.

"To the wall." Commanded a dark voice next to my ear. It was almost a snarl, but it had such a heavy arrogant tone, that I almost forgot about the piece to my head to punch the guy's lights out. Instead, I quietly did as I was told, glaring holes into the brick wall ahead of me. The wall was under a very dim, flicking fluorescent light, that made my eyes ache a lot less. The crunch of small rocks under my shoes echoed throughout the large, dusty warehouse. When I reached the wall, my hands were seized in a steel grip, and I noticed the gun was no longer pressed against me. The man's hands were busy trying to tie me up in a soft material. His tie maybe? I didn't dwell on that, and instead tried to wrench free from the guy the moment the gun left my skin. I tried shoving back with all my weight, pushing with all the muscles in my legs, even though they screamed and burned. He wouldn't even budge as he tightened the make-shift rope around my wrists. I grunted and dropped my weight, aiming for the floor so I could roll away, but he grabbed underneath my arm before I could do so, the knot in my new bracelets was tight and secure, and the gun was back against my head. I froze in place when it was shoved against my skull.

The guy snorted at my attempts before suddenly pushing me onto my knees. I grunted when they hit the floor, and closed my eyes in fear? Panic? Anger? I could feel I was not a little ticked off by the turn of events, but the amount of adrenaline shoving its way through my veins was only fueling the fire, and not filling my head with fear.

I'd give myself a ten minute wait until I'd feel like pissing my pants.

Gun back in place, I heard the crunch of small rocks under the man's shoes as he knelt down as well, and he started moving the gun to the side of my face while he remained out of the corner of my eye. Again, the gun stroked my skin. It was run along my jaw, gently. The cold of the metal made me shiver and I shoved my face away from the fucking piece, only to have my hair grabbed by another hand. I grunted when he tugged and pulled tight on my blond locks. My head was pulled back and his lips were back to my ear again.

"Hn. I was expecting more." Was what was whispered. I growled at the words, and with how close he was it just reminded me how hard I was breathing and how calmly he was. He twisted his grip in my hair and grabbed the shell of my ear in his teeth, and bit without warning. I gasped, and felt an electric shock that ripped its way down my whole body. I couldn't even move away; he effortlessly held me in place while he nipped, and kissed my ear. Teeth running across the thin skin made me shiver, and lips against my neck made almost squeak. I felt my heart pick up and pound even harder. The blood was rushing in twenty million different directions leaving me disoriented. I shivered at each touch of his lips; creating lines of fire burning down, down, and down.

My head felt muddled until he started moving the gun against my skin again. The cold was making me break out in goose-bumps, and the metallic smell was driving me up the fucking wall.

Back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth.

"Will you stop with the fucking gun already?" I hissed through clenched teeth. I heard him breathe through his nose in a kind of mocking laugh he didn't verbalize, before he continued to molest my ear with his mouth. His left hand was twisted into my hair, and he used the leverage to shove the barrel into my cheek.

"It looked like you were starting to enjoy it." He whispered.

"Like hell I was, bastard!"

"Hn. Idiots don't get to order." The guy dipped below my ear, and started kissing and biting the skin beneath it. He did a figure-eight back up to my lobe, igniting a powerful burn along my skin that followed his lips. When he spoke again, it was with a heady tone that me swallow hard. "But they do get to beg."

He waited there on one knee that had to hurt worse than my own. He was unbelievably, and infuriatingly patient as I focused on breathing with half of my face smushed from the gun.

"Fuck. Okay. Please stop rubbing your fucking gun on me like a pervert with some kind of kinky fetish!" His mouth had been busy against my neck again, and he made sure I felt him smirk when he stopped right above my pulse. Very slowly, he lessened the pressure on my face, and he withdrew the gun, while the hand in my blond hair stayed in place.

His breathing was almost inaudible, while I was making fucking racket. I hated how he was so calm in this situation, so in control. He waited again. I didn't know what for, but we knelt silence for what seemed like hours before his mouth moved back next to mine. His black hair tickled me when he brushed his face close. I tried wrenching out of his grasp again, but this time he was practically trying to tear my hair out from the roots. I clenched my teeth and pain, holding back a grunt of pain.

"That's five times." Those three words made me breathe sharply, and I stopped struggling against his hold. Don't you think I know that, bastard. I muttered to myself. I felt my body go cold.

"You know they say the sixth time's the charm." I whispered back. He released me, and withdrew.

"Hn. Dead men." I was still bent over, glaring at the concrete, and I heard him stand. I craned my neck and glanced up at him. His dark eyes were still trained on me, unyielding and without depth.

Sasuke Uchiha.

He pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, and lit one without removing his eyes from mine.

"I'll get better." I insisted.

He didn't answer me. I scowled and moved my eyes back to the dusty concrete.

"You're not going let me on the field are you?" I asked coldly. I didn't even bother trying to look up; to look up at him in the eyes. I knew I'd find the answer to my question there in the darkness of his gaze. I kept my eyes stubbornly trained on the concrete beneath me which was covered in a layer of dirt that was dirtying my black pants.

"No." I bit my cheek hard when I heard that word. That one word that I knew would end this training, the hard work, and the months of thinking I was going to die. Days I busted my ass to impressive the bastard now standing above me. I heard him shuffling, and I when I heard a flick I started smelling smoke.

"I won't let you out there to get yourself killed." He said in between inhaling and exhaling.

"I'll get better!" I repeated again.


"I have to find them, Sasuke." I whispered down at the concrete. Emotions that I usually kept under lock and key were banging at the gates of my mental wall like savage animals ready to break loose and do damage. I shoved them back, trying to keep my cool. Smoke from the cigarette in Sasuke's floated over to me and I coughed.

"You won't be able to find them if you're dead, idiot."

"Yeah I will die. From second-hand smoke, you asshole. Will you put that shit out and untie me already!?" I growled.

"No." Instead of untying me, he walked to my side, and grabbed my chin, lifting it up until we were eye level. "You don't understand the consequences of your actions." He blew smoke he had held in, into my face. "But you will."

"Bastard." I muttered. His eyes got hooded before he released me. He walked over to a rusted table where he leaned back, still smoking that stupid cigarette.

"You know the punishment." He stated simply. Of course I fucking did. I'd only done this four times before. I scowled to hide my humiliation, and shuffled on my knees, ignoring how the bumpy floor was tearing up my skin in my thin pants. I was forbidden to stand, and I struggled over to him.

I could still feel his lips on me while I moved. Pressing, exploring, and burning.

When I was finally in front of him, he blew the smoke right at me again. I tried not to breathe in and glared. He just looked indifferent as usual. An arm came down and did what he had done four times; he started undoing the front of his pants. Just watching his hand work was making my own pants tight, and I scowled. He was leaning back against a random table behind him while he did this, and he pulled out his cock.

Commando. Arrogant, fucking bastard. I narrowed my eyes but didn't say anything. Though, I did offhandedly wonder if he practiced undoing his pants with one hand to look cool, cause I sure as hell couldn't do that shit. Plus, I'm sure he was one of the few people who could look annoyingly sexy with his cock out, while dressed in a suit of all things.

His other hand was holding his cigarette between his long, pale fingers. The guy gave me a dark look. 'Well?' It said.

I bared my teeth before moving in. I wasn't surprised when he didn't flinch. I was sure coming face to face with a lion couldn't make Sasuke even pause.

I leaned forward and lapped gently at the tip. He wasn't completely hard, but I could see the blood filling, and I could feel my own blood going in the same direction. Enough was staying in my face to turn it red though; I was blushing like a girl even though I'd done this before. Still, I continued, before taking the whole tip into my mouth, and sucking very slowly. The entire time I didn't look at his face; I watched the hand holding the cigarette, even though I could feel him practically burning two holes in my head with his eyes. I was looking for a twitch, a movement, something that told me I was affecting him.

The last four times I'd done this, I'd been unsuccessful. The least he could do was look interested. About the only interested part of him was leaking precum and right at my lips.

I released him and moved to take him in more, when his foot shot out and pressed gently on my crotch. I let out a cry of surprise, and couldn't help but rock into the pressure. My face burned, but I ignored the embarrassment, and kept going, knowing I would be punished more if I kept stalling. Hell, he'd probably tack something on just for the sake of punishing me. He was quite the bastard.

He kept up the pressure with his foot, and my hips twitched up when he alternated every so often. The floor was biting into my knees, and if my muscles had been screaming before, they were howling now. But, although I'd never admit it, the subservient position always did something funny to me. I felt myself get harder, and I knew that the front of my pants were probably wet from precum. And I'd made fun of Sasuke for kinky fetishes. Though that gun shit is really fucking weird.

I continued to lap at him, everywhere but the head. Just a light kiss to the underside, a lick on the side and a breath against the tip- so close to the slit. I breathed gently against the tip again, and he had exhaled right at that moment. The smoke had looked different from before; thicker but incremented. I did it again, with the same results. I smirked with triumph.

When I looked at him then, I noticed Sasuke's eyes were filled with a dangerous glint. His hand came down and fingers tangled themselves into my hair again. They pulled tight, making the roots ache all over again, while he brought me closer to his cock. He was leaking harder now, and I didn't fight against his hold. I let him guide me, and I slowly took him in, inch by inch.

Sasuke still wasn't giving up on being Mr. Cool-guy. His eyes were still trained on me, but this time they demanded my attention. They captured my eyes, and wouldn't let them go. Fine. I only had half of him in my mouth when I started sucking gently. I saw his eyebrow twitch up above. It was a very tiny movement, so small I would have missed it normally. By now his cigarette was used up and he had flicked it away before leaning back, his hand still wound tight in my hair.

I started bobbing my head, while sucking alternatively. I would get the few small signs that told me he was enjoying it, but other than that he was being incredibly frustrating. I growled around his dick. I saw his eyes narrow in concentration, and I did again, and again. Before I could keep going, he had pushed me back and off of him.

I had been able to breathe, but I was still panting afterwards. I could hear a hitch every so often in his. I smirked, and he grabbed my head to crush my lips against his. He went straight for the tongue immediately like always; forcing my mouth open and taking complete control. He tasted like smoke and wine, and even though I constantly gave him shit about the cancer sticks, I fucking loved the way he tasted.

I moaned into the kiss. I repeatedly tried to get a little control, but he easily battled my tongue away. He continued tasting me for a few minutes and he stopped that too. His hands went to the front of my pants. My cock was so hard and aching, it was a relief when he undid my clothes, and took me in hand. I didn't bother muffling my cries; I rocked up into his hand and moaned loudly. I needed to come, and the urge was too much for me to contain. I was whispering for him to keep going, but he stopped after only a few strokes and shoved my pants and boxers past my ass. I gave a frustrated growl, but his hand didn't return, instead he started kissing me again while I hand slid behind me. I gasped and tried to pull away when his fingers found my entrance, and one began sliding inside. It burned like a motherfucker. The first part was always the worst. I tore away from his mouth, closed my eyes, and panted while he started stretching me open. He did it very slowly, and deliberately. The second and third burned just as bad.

"Fuck." I whispered. When he was done stretching, he slowly began pumping the digits in and out. I didn't have to open my eyes to know he was watching me; enjoying the way I was reacting to his touch. I found good friction with his rhythm, and just when I thought he was going to withdraw, he slammed them back in, right into my prostate. My back immediately arched and I almost screamed from a shock of pleasure that crashed through me. He did it again, and again, and again. Each time I almost came, but he held off, waiting before he did it until he knew I was safe from going over the edge.

My breath was haggard and I was trying to keep myself sane through the haze while he removed his fingers. I hated this part. I felt so empty, and needy. It just drove the fact home that he could look so unaffected while my feelings were laid bare for him to read and manipulate as he liked.

"Bastard." I growled in between breaths. He ignored me, and walked around to my back. Sasuke's warm hand pushed down, right between my two shoulder blades. He forced me to bend over, and I blushed at the cold air I could feel on my cheeks. I was completely exposed to him, and I couldn't help but feel a strong thrill run through me at that thought.

He knelt behind me, and lined himself up. Before he pushed in, he reached down to cup my balls. He rolled them around in his hand, making me moan and push back, trying to get him hurry up. He chuckled released me, and thrust inside. I grunted from the pain; even with the stretching this was a bitch to do without lube. I couldn't convince myself that I totally hated it though; the burn was delicious and made my cock throb. Sasuke loved to draw things out a lot longer than they had to be. Sex was no different with him.

Sasuke entered me so incredibly slow, watching himself fill me and enjoying each soft cry and sob I made as he filled me. His nails were digging into my hips, keeping them in place so I couldn't speed him up. I had to hold still and take it. Just the way he liked me.

We both let out a shaky breath when he was finally all the way in; his balls pressed against my ass. He stayed like that for what seemed like hours, not moving.

"Bastard, will you fucking move already!?" I practically screamed in frustration. My dick was throbbing and I was dribbling a steady stream of precum now onto the floor, mixing in with dust and dirt. My arms which were still secured behind my back, were being pulled tight and the limbs were throbbing just as bad. My skin on my legs were just as bad; torn up from the rough surface of the floor, even though they were covered by my pants. None of that mattered though.

The only thing my mind could focus on was the throb of my cock and his, so close to my prostate. I could only feel the burn and the need, and it was driving me insane.

I heard him chuckle before he finally began pulling back, but it was just as slow as when he pushed in. I pushed my head into the concrete, and sucked in air. He pushed back in slow, and started up a gentle pace. The friction was fucking amazing, and he was hitting my prostate enough that I was whispering incoherent words into the floor, but I needed more. More friction. More burn!

I shoved my hips against hands, only to have his nails scrape and push in more. I cried out when he pushed back in hard, right into the spot that made me see stars. My dick gave a really bad pulse, and I nearly came, but it still wasn't enough.

He stayed like that again. Not moving, and I whimpered before letting out a breathy sob. I was beyond caring about the embarrassing noises I made, and how I could almost not breathe. I needed it, just like I needed him.

"P-please." I whispered weakly. He twitched but barely moved an inch. I could feel tears on my face, I was so frustrated. "Please!" I croaked louder. That time he heard, and Sasuke thrust harder again, and again. It was still slow, but my stomach was starting to coil and I could feel my orgasm coming right around the corner.

I pleaded with him to go faster, but he only brought his hand around and gripped my cock. It hurt so fucking bad when his nails left my skin, but when he started stroking me, I couldn't complain. I was inflamed and needed this so bad. I did my best to rock into his hand, and back into his cock, but I was still being held in place. I could feel waves of heat flowing from my cock to the rest of my body. Suddenly my muscles contracted and a sharp pleasure so strong it short circuited my brain. I screamed; I almost couldn't take it, and when it got to that point when I felt like I was going to go insane, that pleasure exploded all over my body, setting all of my nerves on fire.

I came in his hand, and he continued to stroke me as I shuddered through each of wave of heat and pleasure. He came a few seconds later, and I groaned when I felt his cock pulse inside of me. I couldn't say I liked the wet feeling. He pulled out slowly, and out of the corner of my eye I could see he was drenched in sweat, and his bangs were sticking to his face. Of course the fucking bastard would look completely gorgeous like that. Panting, his black eyes that were usually hard to decipher, were clouded with lust and satisfaction.

I pushed my cheek against the cold floor, not caring that my ass was still sticking straight up in the air. I heard the sounds of Sasuke's zipper and he cleaned himself up, before coming over to me with a handkerchief. I didn't look at him; I was too exhausted to think coherent thoughts at that moment.

He gently cleaned our fluids off of my body before untying my hands and fixing my pants. I could only groan when my arms were finally released, and hissed at the sharp pain. They were going to be as sore as my ass in the morning. When he was finished, I pushed myself up onto my knees, and gave him a bleary eyed glare.

He stared back, leaning against the table again. He already had his breathing under control.

It took me a few minutes before my neurons stopped misfiring and I could speak again.

"What do I do now?" I asked. My voice was still heady and weak, but I couldn't help but feel a bit lost at those words. It was a question I hadn't wanted to ask, that I didn't want to know the answer to. If he wasn't going to let me go after those bastards, then… I didn't know what I could do with myself. I spent so much time focusing on my anger, and my revenge, knowing I could never forgive them.

He regarded me for a long moment, before closing his eyes and smirking.

"Idiot." He grabbed another cigarette. "I said I wouldn't let you go out on your own. I never said I wouldn't go with you."

It took me a few minutes to understand exactly what he was saying. I felt my shoulders shake, and I quickly looked down when I felt my eyes burn from tears.

"You really are a bastard." He just chuckled, and blew out another cloud of smoke that made my nose itch.

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