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I tried my best to focus on Sakura out of the corner of my eye while looking discreet as possible. I brought my glass of rum up to my lips, loving the burn and hoping it would distract my raging emotions. I kept my shoulders hunched while I kept her in sight.

She was in the lap of our target, and doing a fucking fantastic job, but I couldn't help but shake in anger when I saw wandering hands slide higher on her thighs. I almost shattered the cup, and didn't realize I was shaking it against the bar until Sasuke bumped my elbow. I received quite a few curious stares from the other patrons. I gave them a nervous grin until they looked away.

"Calm the hell down." He whispered harshly. I saw him take a swig of his own drink. He loved gin and tonic when his glass wasn't filled with wine.

Like hell I could be calm while I saw the girl I thought of as my little sister, get molested by a fucking mafia gang banger. The man's goons that sat all around the table, were giving her stares of appreciation, but knew to keep their mouths shut when the boss had something he liked.

I was about to hiss at Sasuke, and ask him how could watch this happen to our friend, but I could see his grip was just as tight on his own glass. When his eyes met mine, they were filled with a startling fire.

Ino was sitting at a table with a direct view of Sakura, and close to the exit. I was amazed she was keeping herself from drawing out her weapon and putting a bullet into all of their heads. Knowing Ino, if she ever got to that point, she probably wouldn't pause to put one through mine as well for getting her and Sakura into this situation. She was the definition of over-protective, and she nearly castrated me when I had thought I was straight and love with the pink-haired girl. No one touched Sakura, and Ino made sure of that; except in this situation of course.

When Sasuke had told me he was going to help me with my revenge that night in the warehouse, I could years of anger and hate suddenly lifted on my shoulders. He hadn't mentioned that he was bringing Ino and Sakura along for the ride.

Sakura, because she was nearly as smart as Sasuke, though he would never admit that, and she could keep a cool head in dangerous situations. Ino was a little more high strung, and she definitely worried me with her volatile temper, but wherever her girlfriend went, Ino was right behind her. We'd all been through serious training, each for our own personal reasons. Ino and Sakura were great grifters; able to easily manipulate others, whether it was with their bodies or their heads.

I immediately refused; both the women were very precious to me, and this was just too fucking dangerous. I was shocked that Sasuke had even considered bringing them along. Before I could even stop her, Sakura had sucker punched me in the gut, just like she always did when I had done something stupid, and dragged me up nose to nose.

"Do you have any idea how worried I've been about you!? You've been shouldering this pain by yourself for years!" I stared calmly into her emerald eyes while she yelled, but I was shocked when I saw tears form and slide down her cheeks. "Do you know how terrifying and painful it is seeing you like this?" She had whispered.

And that was it. It was unfair really. Sakura knew I always caved when she cried, but I could hardly accuse her of faking it. Ino and Sakura looked away, giving us privacy while Sakura spent the next half hour pouring her heart out to us and unmoving from her stance. She was going, whether I liked it or not.

So when Sasuke then told me the role she was going to play, she and Ino had to hold me back so I didn't punch him. He had regarded me, while I thrashed in their surprisingly strong holds, murder in my eyes and actually asked me if I was her father now, between smoking one of his fucking cigarettes.

I sure as hell felt like one while I watched Sakura smile and grimace at the same time while her legs were petted. She was wearing a strapless dress that barely covered anything at all. It was red and had raised round lines that ran along her sides, accentuating her lovely curves. Her lips matched the dress, and it stood out against her pale skin. Though, I really couldn't decide with the color of her hair and her eyes, if she looked more appropriate for a dirty Valentine's Day gift, or a naughty Christmas present.

I had to say, most girls looked ridiculous in strapless dress. The fat right between their arms and breasts always looked awkward, but Sakura looked fucking fantastic tonight and the pink-haired girl knew it, using it to her every advantage. I saw Ino giving the man such a murderous glare that I could tell she was going to thoroughly enjoy the moment we killed the man.

I poured more rum down my throat, hoping the delicious pseudo heat would distract me. I knew I was seconds away from shooting the bastard dead where he sat.

I saw her lean in to his ear; the signal that she about to wrap up her act and walk him straight to his death. I almost leapt from my chair, but Sasuke patted my back. It looked like a regular friendly gesture to others, but he put so much force into each 'pat', he almost slammed me face first into the bar. I glared, but he gave me another burning look, telling me to wait and hold on.

I swallowed, watching the mafia boss's eyes fill and cloud over with lust with each seductive word Sakura leaked into his ears. When I flicked a gaze back at Ino, the blond was barely containing herself as well. We locked eyes, exchanged equal glances of loathing, before nodding.

Sakura disentangled herself from the boss and slid off of his lap slowly. She took his hand in hers, and began leading him to back where there were rooms for lodging that the boss and his men had booked for the night. Sakura didn't spare us a glance, knowing one look in the wrong direction could blow our cover. She walked, letting her hips sway enticingly, and the dress hitching up just right that it left enough to the imagination, but just about revealed everything. The man had such a cruel and arrogant smirk on his face that I knew I was going to shoot him full of holes and enjoy it. His men dispersed, putting themselves into position. They gave a mistrustful glance all around, while the four of them walked a few feet behind Sakura and their boss. The three of us kept our heads down while Sasuke and I attempted to look like we were having a chummy conversation.

Sasuke, Ino and I finished our drinks, each of us throwing down the appropriate cash down and got into our position. Ino approached me, and we both gave a loud, drunken laugh while Sasuke separated from us; feigning going to the toilet. We received just right amount of attention we wanted, and she and I leaned against each other like we were going to collapse at any moment.

While Sakura was the main distraction, Ino didn't look half-bad tonight either. Her dress was quite more conservative, but just as tight. It was black, simple but sexy in its own way. Although, we both knew it would do nothing for either of us, she pressed her breasts against me and we swayed together toward the back rooms and up the stairs. We shouted words of what we were going to do to each other, and many of the patrons wrote us off as a drunken couple, and were happy we were leaving.

Sasuke followed a minute behind us once we were out of sight from the general crowd. He was back-up once we engaged the first guards.

Sure enough two of them were posted right outside of the door. They looked like they were doing their best to absorb all of the noises from behind the door, when they cast us an annoyed glance. We ignored them and swayed looking around the rooms. There were only five rooms. I assumed the other two were in their respective ones, ready to go if their boss was in danger.

"Mmmn, I can't f-fucking. I can't fuuucking wait to get you intoooo bed!" I practically boomed down the hall. I let my eyes fall halfway, and we made our way down the hall. "You're such a sexy bitch."

Ino moaned and pressed herself more into me while making sure to play the part of the dumb, blond, drunk girl well. Sasuke was behind the corner, waiting for the moment to strike.

"These rooms are taken." Said one of the guards when we drew closer. He was tall and imposing, giving us a glittering glare. The other one gave Ino an up and down, paying particular attention to her breasts and ass. She smirked at him and gave him a playful bat of her eyelashes. They were both giants, full of corded muscles.

"Aaaaaw! C'mon man! Dun be like that!" I waved my hands around the door. "Ooone of these has-has to be open." I stepped up to the room across from them and opened it wide. Another one of the guards was inside, and he rose quickly.

"Is there a problem here?" He grunted while heading straight for us. We stumbled, purposely, back into the middle of hall, feigning fear.

The other guards in front of the room, came closer, away from the door.

"These rooms are taken." The first man repeated, and reached for a piece behind his back. Before he could reach it, Ino launched away from me, and kicked the man right in the balls. The man let out a high-pitched grunt and crumbled the floor in pain. He groaned, cupping his crotch. It looked so bad it made my balls hurt in sympathy. She smirked at catching them off-guard, but it was only for a second before they were on us. The third man had barreled himself into me, and Ino delivered a vicious knockout kick with her heel when the guy on the floor tried to get up again, before she turned her attention to the other one.

Sasuke had emerged when the third guy had attacked me. I had been slammed into a wall with large, beefy hands around my throat, cutting off my air supply. He had his body against mine, preventing me from making a crotch shot, and he used his weight to his advantage. Guard number three gave me a gleaming smile, and I almost threw up from his beer breath. The guy pressed harder on my throat, confident he was going to kill me. He just wasn't expecting Sasuke to come up behind him and to bash his head in with his gun. I couldn't tell if Sasuke had killed him or just knocked him out, but I didn't have time to think about it, Ino was struggling against number two, and the fourth one was double teaming her.

The almost drew out their guns, but luckily, Sasuke and I made it in time. Ino kicked her stiletto heel into number four's neck and his crotch, and Sasuke knocked the last one out after we drove him back into the room we had opened earlier.

I was still trying to get air through my lungs when we finished. Ino and Sasuke dragged the bodies into the other room. We weren't too concerned about the other patrons overhearing the fight; the rooms were upstairs and the music was loud enough to deafen the noise of the fight.

I panted, coughing and knew my throat was going to have some nasty bruising later. Sasuke patted my back, and Ino just scoffed.

"'You're such a sexy bitch'? Where the hell did that come from?" She admonished while we walked towards the room where Sakura was. "I should have done that with Sasuke, it's a good thing those goons were dumb enough to believe your acting." She sniffed.

"What?" I croaked. "I did a lot fucking better than you did. And did you have to kick everyone in their fucking balls!?" I shot back, my own still in sympathy pain. She just shrugged, and gave my groin a quick, threatening glance before opening the door to her girlfriend. Sasuke didn't even pay us any mind; he just walked into the room and closed the door behind all of us.

Sure enough, Sakura had the boss all tied up, and was sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for us.

"What the hell took you guys so long?" She grunted with her arms crossed. The man behind her was doing his best to glare at us, but he looked a little groggy from the drugs Sakura had slipped into his drink when no one was looking. Despite what she might look like, Sakura was terrifyingly strong. She probably wouldn't have had a problem if she hadn't drugged the guy.

His arms were restrained behind him with some handcuffs that I still couldn't figure out where Sakura hid under her dress, and his mouth was stuffed with his own sock. Ew.

"Great work Sakura." I grinned, glad she was unharmed. She gave me a cheeky smile back.

"It was a piece of cake. This pervert was too busy looking down my dress to realize I had drugged him." She patted the guy on his head. "You know with all the TV shows out about this kind of stuff, you think these kinds of guys would be more cautious."

"That's guys like him can't think past their balls." Ino said. She gave Sakura a hard look, before tugging her up from the bed and into a demanding, possessive kiss. Sakura made a surprised noise, but returned the kiss with just as much vigor. I blanched, and felt a blush creep up to my face, while the two women made out in front of us. Sure I was gay for Sasuke, but I couldn't deny lesbians were really fucking hot. Sakura broke off the kiss when I cleared my throat, and she sent an apologetic glance at Sasuke and me. Ino frowned but backed off, unembarrassed.

Our prisoner on the bed looked like he had been enjoying the view as well, until I plopped right down beside him.

"Hey there dumbfuck, how's it going?" I said with a cheery grin. My throat still ached, but I ignored it. Sasuke came up beside me with a knife already in his palm. I removed the makeshift gag, and through the stinky sock away. I would have to give props to Sakura later. She and Ino stepped to the door and kept watch. "Now I know you know that no one will be able to hear you scream from here, so here's what I want you to do:"

I slowly shifted my gaze away from the man's beady brown eyes, over to Sasuke, and then down at his knife. The man's eyes followed mine, but didn't betray any emotion, let alone fear. Instead they were set in stone; his mouth in a firm line. The boss wasn't that old looking; he was maybe in his late twenties, and obviously of Asian descent. His features were startlingly similar to Sasuke, which was one of the reasons why we targeted him.

"I want you to tell me where your boss is, or my friend here is going to start cutting you open. And trust me-" I leaned in closer to him, making the bed creak underneath me. "my friend is specially trained. He can slice and dice you and keep you alive and screaming for as long as we need.

"Oh and you see that girl over there?" I pointed to Sakura. "You know the one you had your filthy fucking hands all over." My voice dropped dangerously low. "She's like a sister to us, so you can imagine we won't have a single problem with our conscience later if you don't tell us what we want to know."

It took Sasuke ten minutes, one finger and few stabs into the guy's thigh before we got the information we needed. Sasuke was going to stay behind to finish the deed, while the rest of us cleaned up any evidence we may have left behind. Instead Ino had volunteered for the job, and none of us commented when we saw the wild, vengeful look in her eyes.

Eventually she joined us out in the parking lot, looking satisfied. She smiled grimly as she climbed into the backseat, next to her girlfriend, and gave Sakura a stare that I knew well. One that Sasuke always gave me when he was promising punishment later. I shivered at the weight, and started up the car, and wondered about their relationship dynamics. With how fiercely protective Ino was of Sakura though, I probably did not want to know.

Our hotel was a town away for safety reasons, and it took half an hour to get back. My throat was aching like a bitch, and Sasuke agreed that he wanted sleep right away as well. I couldn't speak for the girls, who both looked ready to jump each other once behind closed doors. Still, we had an even more dangerous future ahead of us, so a good night's sleep is what we all needed. This had been our first successful hit, and we weren't about to waste it. The guy had said the main boss in charge was going to be three cities away in a week. They were going to meet in a special warehouse, and every member of their drug trade was going to be there. Of course the man we had killed wasn't going to be in attendance. Luckily, he looked just similar enough to Sasuke, that we could use him to sneak in.

I mulled this all over in my head while lying back on the bed after my shower. Sasuke was taking his, and it gave me some quiet time to think. Normally we took one together, but I guess he sensed I needed my space, and I couldn't thank him enough for that.

I was falling asleep from all the thoughts running through my head before I knew it.

For the past few years, my dreams terrorized me constantly, and that night had been no different.

I could see myself in that house, too young and too stupid to stop the shots and the screams. Hiding in the closet where Mom had stashed me. My mother crying echoed over and over again, making me dizzy and nauseous, and I cried out when her sobbing stopped, knowing what it meant. And then the jiggling of the closet door as I looked up in horror, and tried to shrink back into the shadows.

I woke screaming, struggling against a strong hold. I didn't even register who it was or that they were yelling at me to calm down for a few minutes. I was terrified; trying to escape the arms of the men who were going to kill me.

"Naruto!" I froze when I heard my name, and realized it was Sasuke holding me. I finally stopped moving, and he softened his grip. I shook, and sobbed into the pillow beneath me while he pulled me tight against him, spooning his naked body against my own. "Idiot." He said softly before wrapping another arm around me. Of all the people in the world, Sasuke was probably the only one who understood my pain, and could hold me like this. He too lost his parents, but he had taken out his revenge long ago.

I felt the tears slide down my cheeks, and I couldn't close my eyes without seeing blood everywhere. I needed something to bring me back to reality. My hand shaking, I pulled one of his hands down past my stomach, and onto my cock. He wrapped his hand around me.

"Please." I sobbed, in pure need. I needed his touch, to know he was there, and I was with him.

Very slowly, he began stroking me, and this time I didn't care about the speed. I rocked into his gentle hold while he brought me to hardness within a few seconds. I sighed and whimpered when he gently thumbed the head, shuddered, and pressed into his hand. I could come from this, but I knew it wouldn't be enough. I could already feel a powerful heat behind me.

"More." I whispered, and began lifting the leg that I wasn't lying on, up. Sasuke removed his hand from my cock and used it to hook my leg over his thigh, before he pushed his fingers into my ass. They were coated in my precum, so they went in nice and easy. I closed my eyes and panted against the pillow. He was thorough and gentle, and he didn't draw anything out this time. He waited until I was stretched, enough and immediately pulled his fingers out so he could position himself. He knew I needed this quickly.

With a restraint I could never hope to have, he began filling me from behind. Inch by excruciating inch, he pressed inside, just like last time. When Sasuke was finally fully sheathed, he moved shallowly. It wasn't to be a bastard or to make me beg, he just knew that he had to make this last as long as possible. Each thrust was barely any movement at all, and he slid his hand back up to by chest to play with my nipples.

My breathing picked up, and we both rocked together after finding a steady rhythm. Last time we fucked, tonight we were making love. Sasuke nibbled on my neck, not biting, just nipping and sucking lightly at the skin. He avoided the bruising that was forming along my skin, and kept his focus on the skin around my ears and shoulders. I was pushing my head into the pillow, panting harshly every time he bumped against my prostate. I could feel those waves of heat flash over me, making me sweat with every thrust, and I knew I was close. I could see stars, fireworks, and the fucking Milky Way whenever he hit it just right.

As if sensing I was about to go over the edge, he put his hand back on my cock and I moaned loudly as he stroked me in time with his thrusts. His grip was rough and strong. Sasuke started breathing louder behind me and I could tell he was near the end as well.

After another tug, a swipe on the head, and a thrust right into my prostate, I opened my mouth in a silent scream before coming into his hand. He came not long after that, and I rocked with him as he rode out the last of his orgasm.

I sighed when he pulled out and he scooted us both back to the other side of the bed, away from the mess.

"Sleep." He commanded. "I'll be here when you wake up."

At his promise, I could feel my eyes closing into a dreamless sleep while he held me close.

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