Deadly Mission

He hadn't thought about her in years. He couldn't, it was too painful, not until Todd Manning had handed him a gun and told him to take care of Marty Saybrooke. He couldn't kill her, not after everything he had cost her, but Todd was right she had to be stopped. There was too much incriminating evidence on that disc that would destroy everyone involved especially Marty. His enemies had already targeted her again because of him. He knew that they were responsible for her current mental breakdown and he was determined to help her.

He wiped his sweaty palms on his jeans before entering the pool house. He knew that seeing him again after all these years would cause Marty a world of pain and the last thing that he wanted to do was hurt her. He hoped that the affects of the drugs Doctor Buhari had been giving her had worn off and that he would be able to reason with her.

He opened the door and saw her sitting on the couch holding a baby in her arms. She was singing the sweetest lullaby and he knew that he wasn't over her. She was the one that haunted him.

"Thomas, it can't be, I saw you die. You're not real. You can't be," Marty said as she placed the baby in his carrier and headed towards him.

"Hello Marty, nice to see you again," Thomas said as he walked over to Marty. He slowly grabbed her hand and rubbed it in tiny circles to comfort her, "I'm real. You're not imagining me. I staged my death to protect Cole and you."

Thomas watched as the expression on Marty's face turned from confusion, to joy and then to anger. She beat her fists against him, "How could you do that to us? We needed you in our lives. When Patrick died, you were all that we had left, how could you abandon us?"

"Patrick was killed because he was my partner, because of something that I told him. I am the reason that he is dead. If I had been with him then he would still be alive."

"You don't know that. Patrick knew the risks when he joined the ISA, but he joined anyways because he wanted to bring down 'The Men of Twenty-One.' They are the reason he is dead not you."

Thomas wished that he could believe her but he felt responsible for Patrick's death. His feelings for Marty had distracted him from the mission and because of that his partner, her husband, died. "Marty, I need you to give me the baby. What are you doing? This isn't you?"

"I don't have a choice. I lost Patrick, Cole, John, I have nothing left."

"You have me. I'll take care of you the way that I promised Patrick that I would. I'm sorry Marty, but Liam's not your baby," Thomas answered.

"I can't trust you. You'll leave me again. You let me believe you were dead."

"I had no other choice. I thought it was the only way that I could keep you safe, but I was wrong. I shouldn't have left you. I know that now, please give me the baby so I can get you out of the trouble that you've gotten yourself in."

"Take Liam back to Natalie. She's his mother. I don't know what I am anymore I've been confused for so long, but you're right Liam doesn't belong with me. He's not my son, he never was," Marty said. She knew that Thomas was right. She didn't even know why she took Liam in the first place, only that she had to.

"I'll be back for you, please don't leave." Thomas said as he picked up Liam and headed out the door.