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He grinned at his creation. She was perfect: beautiful, strong, clever, kind; the perfect match for the young boy. There was absolutely no way that he could resist her.

And that would be his ultimate destruction.


"Tucker! Thermos, Please!" Tucker threw me the thermos, which I caught easily and aimed at Skulker. "Say goodnight!"

The large, metallic ghost was sucked in screaming. I dusted my hands off. Another day, another ghost caught; Amity Park was safe. For now.

I flew down to Tucker. "Okay. Last one, right?"

Tucker nodded, looking up at me with hopeful aqua-green eyes through large black glasses. "Totally. Nasty Burger to go/ videogame time?"

I grinned. "Nasty Burger to go/ video game time."

I scooped Tucker up, made us both invisible, and sped to the Nasty Burger. I then hid us behind the building, made sure no one was around, and changed back into my human form, letting go of Tucker. We both grinned at each other and ran inside.

The line was short, thank God, considering that it was a Friday. Tucker sat at our usual booth while I took my place in front of the counter, ordering two Super-Meaty-Cheeseburgers with everything on them, extra-large Chile fries, and an extra-large cup of plain Cola (for Tucker) and a normal cheeseburger, large fries, and a large cup of vanilla Coke (for me). I waited at the counter until our order was ready.

On my way back, I tripped over nothing (stupid clumsiness) and went flying, and not in a good way. And then something amazing happened: I did not crash into Tucker's over-sized Nasty meal.

Someone caught the tray before it hit the ground, and I, in turn, stumbled on my legs, my stomach not hitting the ground, as well. The person that had caught the tray's hands were touching mine.

I looked up and…whoa.

The girl was small, skinny, and fair-skinned, with hair black as night, amethyst-violet eyes, and small, lady-like hands. She wore a black tank top that cut off at her midriff and had a large purple skull on the front, black fingerless gloves, black nail polish, purple lipstick, a choker, a black skirt that almost reached her knees, a chain-belt, purple leggings, and huge, black combat boots that I was sure did not fit her.

Basically, she was probably the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen.

I stood, taking the tray. "Oh….um…..uh…th-thanks," I stammered, my knees feeling funny. I forced myself to keep my pants up. Talking to a hottie like Paulina was one thing. But talking to a beautiful girl? Somehow, it was different.

She looked at me curiously. "No problem," she replied, almost absent-mindedly. She stuck out her hand. "I'm Sam, by the way."

I smiled. She was actually talking to me! And she hadn't even called me a loser yet! "Danny," I said, shaking her hand.

"So, Danny, you gonna promise not to fall on your food in the next five minutes, 'cause I have places to be." Sam raised an eyebrow, which I just now noticed was pierced.

I chuckled. "Yeah. Again, thanks." She started to leave. I irrationally panicked. "Wait a minute!"


"Um, do you want to sit with Tucker and I?" I asked, my palms clammy, and my knees getting quivery. Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes….

"Oh. Sure."

Haha, YES!

Sam sat next to me, leaving me in between her and Tucker. Tucker glared at me. "Hey, I thought that we were getting our food to go." Then he took a look at Sam, and his attitude immediately changed. However, I could see that glint in his eye. Oh no you don't, Tucker.

I whispered to him, "Hey. I saw her first."

He whispered back, "Yeah, well, I have a better chance."

Ooh. That was a low blow. "Yeah, well, she said yes to me. Come on, Tuck, please?" I gave him my notorious pout. He glared at me some more.


I smiled, lifted his red beret, and gave him a noogie on the head in thanks.

Sam cleared her throat. "So, Danny," she began, "I'm new here in Amity. Would you mind showing me around?"

Immediately, I nodded. "Sure! Where would you want to go first?"

Sam thought for a second before answering. "Isn't the fair in town?"

I gave her a curious look. "What does the fair have to do with Amity Park? It's no different from any other fair, and it only comes twice a year."

Sam smiled in such a cute way, I'm pretty sure that my heart stopped. "Yeah, but don't people say that it's one of the most romantic places? I was hoping that we could go there as a sort of a…."

"A date?"

"Yeah. A date." Sam blushed and smiled even more. I was pretty sure that I was doing the same.

"Uh, yeah! Sure! I'd love to go on a date with you!"

Sam popped her knuckles in such a way that it seemed like the replacement for a girly squeal. "Great!"

"A bone shatters, fall apart and hit the floor,

If it doesn't thrill you, it doesn't matter anymore

Bones shatter, maybe don't go out this time…"

Sam's blush deepened as she pulled out her phone, holding up a finger. "Yeah, Dad? Oh, yeah. I just met a friend." She stressed the word "friend" so much that I figured her dad did not approve of the words "date" or "boyfriend".

"Uh-huh. I'll be right there." Sam flipped the phone closed and smiled at me. "I've gotta go. My dad's waiting. So, tomorrow evening, pick me up at seven."

"Actually, I don't have my license yet," I admitted shamefully.

"Oh. That's cool, then. I can drive. And don't bring any money. The whole thing is my treat. I'll pick you up at….six?"

"Six," I agreed.

"Okay, then, six. See ya then, Danny." Sam leaned over and kissed my cheek, jogging out of the Nasty Burger.

"Whoa," Tucker said, his eyes trailing after her. "You really scored this time, dude."

I nodded. "All she's missing is a passion for fighting ghosts, and it's a done deal. Of course, that would also make her my enemy, and it'd be Valerie all over again, but yeah."

We finished our meals, deciding to skip on the video games, and headed home. I flew Tucker to his house within minutes. I was about to go to my house when my ghost sense went off. Crap.

I turned around and found Technus laughing his incredibly nasal and annoying laugh. I took off after him, until something flew by me.

I stopped and found…an, um, angel?

No, seriously. An angel. With wings and everything.

She stopped and studied me as I studied her. She looked familiar, though I couldn't place my finger on why. She had skin as pale as the moon that glowed slightly, glowing golden eyes that studied me from a gold-and-white mask that stopped at the bridge of her nose, shoulder-length platinum-blonde hair that was almost as white as mine, and huge, white, feathery wings that sprouted from her back.

And, yet again, I had come across an incredibly beautiful girl.

She didn't have a halo, but she did wear a knee-length white dress with sleeves that cut across her shoulders and revealed golden straps. With the dress, she wore golden fingerless gloves and golden combat boots.

I was seriously starting to like combat boots.

Wait, I reminded myself, she could be bad. Desiree was beautiful, too, but that didn't mean that was automatically good. And Spectra. Especially Spectra.

But then again, neither of them had been an angel. And I didn't have the bad feeling about her that I had about Spectra and Desiree.

So…who was she?

I didn't find out soon enough, because she bolted after Technus, who was getting away. I did likewise, flying just as fast as her. She stopped again, and shouted, "Hey! This one's mine!"

I yelled back, "You're new in town, aren't you? Here's the deal! I'm Danny Phantom! I protect Amity Park from lame ghosts like that! Go back to heaven or something!"

"I'm not from heaven! And it's my job to protect anyone from anything evil! So back off and let me handle this!"

Before I could utter another word, she held out her hand, which began to glow. Technus was sucked back until she gripped him by the dirty white lab coat. She then brought her heel up and kicked him in the head, sending him falling and crashing into the pavement below. I flew down, just watching in amazement.

She then held him by the Albert-Einstein cop-off hair-cut and got close to his face. "Leave this town alone, and I'll spare your afterlife. If not, the only thing that you'll be ruling is non-existence and pain. And believe me, the two can co-exist." With that, she pressed her first two fingers on his forehead and twisted them. Technus disappeared with a flash of golden light.

Man, that's hot.

She turned to me. "Sorry, buddy, but your time's done. It's my duty to keep the world safe from evil. You can relax from now on."

"Actually, no. It's my duty and responsibility to keep the world safe from evil. I'm the one that caused the ghosts to get out in the first place. My mess, my responsibility." I glared at her. Beautiful? Yes. But she was really starting to piss me off.

"Danny Phantom, is it? Look. I'm Lizzy Angel. You're a sweet guy for wanting to protect the Earth from your mistakes and all, but I. Have. Got. This. Covered. It's not just my job; it's my destiny. I don't want anyone, especially a cute guy like you, to get hurt while I'm doing my job."

I raised an eyebrow. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. I've been at this for two years. What makes you think I'd get hurt?"

Lizzy smirked. "Getting in my way means getting hurt. I don't hold back just because someone's in front of the enemy. I attack until my opponent goes down. That's probably not the way that you roll, so I'll forgive you for asking stupid questions."

"They weren't stupid, they were ignorant. Meaning I don't have a freaking clue who the heck you are."

She saluted me with her first two fingers, the smirk still there. "Again, the name's Lizzy Angel. You can take a good, long break, Danny Phantom. I'm gonna be here for quite a while," she warned as she flew off. I wanted to go after her, but the clock-tower chimed twelve times. Aw, crap. I was out past my curfew.

After getting a chew-out from my parents, I lay down on my bed, too tired to even change into my pajamas.

Well, I had met two incredibly beautiful girls today, both wearing combat boots and fingerless gloves.

There was a difference between the two, though.

Sam wasn't an angel, but it seemed as if she were from heaven.

Lizzy was an angel, and she was not from heaven.

The things that I do for love. And combat boots.

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