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I tried not to squeal like a little girl when the zombies came out. I'd seen zombies before, but these were by far the scariest that I'd ever seen. Their faces were worse than messed up; there was a sickening sound every time that they moved.

Sam caught the expression on my face and tried not to laugh. My face turned bright pink. No need to squeal after all; apparently, my terror was scrawled all over my face. How wonderful.

"You're scared," she said in a low voice. It wasn't a question, which made my face burn even more.

I grunted, and stared courageously back at the screen, fighting a shudder when the zombies came out again. Nope. I was the guy on this date. There was no way that Sam was going to show me up.

Sam chuckled softly and rested her head on my shoulder, catching me by surprise. I looked at her; she was smiling while watching the movie (which made no sense, because the hero was dying).

I pretended to stretch, and then rested my arm across her shoulders.

Sam laughed. "Cheesy," she muttered, but she kept her head on my shoulder.

Okay. It wasn't as sneaky as I'd thought it was.

When the movie finished, Sam and I held hands on our way to the Fenton RV, which wasn't my dream car, but was at least a car.

As we drove to Sam's pick up spot (which was the bus stop; she said that she hated her house and insisted that she didn't want me to see it), Sam asked, "So is this going to be a regular thing, or what?"

"Huh?" I asked.

She rolled her eyes. "I'm asking if we're going to do this normally."

"Oh." I considered it, and then smiled, keeping my eyes on the road. "Yeah. Of course. That'd be awesome."

"It would," she agreed. We were silent again until she said, "In that case, you probably should meet my dad."

"Your dad?"

"Yeah. He says that I'm allowed to date and all, but he's so freaking paranoid. He disapproves of every guy that I talk to outside of the family."

"Even me?"

"Especially you, since you're the guy that I'm currently dating."

"Have I met him before?"

"I doubt it."

"Huh. When's a good time?"

After a long period of silence, I momentarily took my eyes off of the road to glance at Sam, who was tapping her chin thoughtfully.

"Do you mind if we go out a little bit more? I don't want you to meet him and then be banned from my life for the rest of eternity when we've only had two dates."

"Yeah, that's cool," I said, nodding. "I don't really feel like being banned for eternity right now."

Sam laughed. "That's good. I was hoping you'd stay for a while."

I smiled at this and stole another glance at her. Her face had turned pink, and she was smiling, too, looking out of the window.

"You're cute when you blush."

Her face deepened its shade of pink as I turned back to the road.

"I what?"

"You're cute when you blush," I repeated.


We were silent until I spotted the bus stop; I pulled over and got out to open her door. By the time that I got there, however, she was already out.

I walked her to the stop and then asked, "So what's planned for next Saturday?"

Sam grimaced. "Actually, Saturday's booked. Friday?"

"Okay, then, Friday. What do you want to do?"

Sam thought for a moment, and then said, "Dinner."


"Nasty Burger, and then the arcade."

I asked, "You like video games?"

Sam rolled her eyes. "Yes. I am a girl and I like video games. Problem?"

"No, not at all," I said, raising my hands in innocence. "Just surprising. But sure thing. I'll pick you up."

Sam grinned and stood on her toes to hug me. "Okay. I'll see you then, Danny."

I kissed her cheek and replied, "See you then, Sam."

With that, she jogged away, her heavy combat boots clunking along.

I smiled and hopped back into the Fenton RV- excuse me, the Fenton Assault Vehicle- and drove home.

*\ * /*

That Monday after school, I decided to meet up with Lizzy before the date. I roamed around town and found her diving and swooping through the skies near Casper High.

"Hey!" I shouted. She hovered, her huge wings beating slowly against the air.

"Hey! You ready?" She asked. For once, she wasn't assaulting me. It was kind of nice.

I nodded and flew up to her, noticing her huge golden scythe again. It actually kind of made me jealous; I didn't remember ever using a weapon that cool.

Speaking of which, "Where did you get that scythe, anyway?"

Lizzy shrugged. "I've always had it. I just didn't use it that much because there were a bunch of sissy ghosts around here." She glanced at me and added, "You included."

I gave her a deadpan stare before turning and flying away. I didn't come to be insulted.

And then pain, at the back of my head.

"Ow! Stop doing that!"

"That's how I apologize," Lizzy said with an innocent shrug.

"What makes you think that that's going to make me forgive you?!"

Lizzy smiled sweetly. "No one can stay mad at this face."

I scowled some more, but only because it was true. Even while covered with a mask (and a smirk), Lizzy's face was honestly too innocent-looking to really glare at for too long. It makes no sense. I know.

I stuck my tongue out at her and then flew away, towards the Nasty Burger, expecting her to catch up.

To my huge surprise, she did. Sorry. Let me rephrase that. She did catch up. And to my huge surprise, she held my hand.

I yanked my hand away, putting both up in a karate-chop pose, my expression suspicious. "What are you doing?"

Lizzy rolled her eyes and laughed, grabbing my hand again. "You're such a dork. I'm holding your hand, doofus."


"We're going on a date, are we not?"

"Um, yeah."

"I rest my case." With that, Lizzy kept holding my hand, and we flew towards the Nasty Burger. I turned us both intangible as we rested in the booth where Sam had sat with Tucker and I. Not surprisingly, Tucker and his date weren't there yet. We had three hours to spare.

"Why are we here so early?" Lizzy asked.

I shrugged. "Do you have something better to do?"

"Not really," she admitted. Then she asked, "Do I, uh, need to dress like a normal person?"

"Why would you ask that?"

"Because pretty much everyone here is staring at us." I looked around; Lizzy was right. I'd forgotten about the whole "I'm a ghost" thing. Whoops.

"Uh, yeah. You can, um, do that." Lizzy then ran out of the restaurant. I flew out and sped over to my house, where I looked in my closet for something not so obviously Phantom or Fenton.

I could pass as a weird kid with white hair and unusually bright green eyes, if I wanted to. My only problem was that my entire closet was full of the same clothes: white and red NASA T-shirts and blue jeans.


There was this one black button down that I'd gotten for my grandma's funeral, just because I'd left my suit back here while we went all the way down to Kansas to mourn.

I grinned and found it, happier than I'd ever been to find a shirt that I hadn't worn since the incident in which it was bought.

I unzipped my jumpsuit and carefully placed it in the back of my closet for when I returned, pulling on the shirt, a pair of jeans, and my ratty white basketball shoes that I usually wore during gym.

I inspected my reflection in the mirror. Honestly, I didn't look half bad, although I looked like a totally different person.

With that, I turned invisible and flew over to the Nasty Burger, sitting at a table this time. Less people stared, thank God.

Lizzy entered seconds after me, her wings now somehow gone, and her mask gone, as well. She wore a tan brown leather aviator's jacket, a plain white V-neck T-shirt, dark blue skinny jeans, and laced up cowboy boots that matched her jacket.

Honestly? She looked hot.

She sat down where I was and widened her eyes at me, punching me in the shoulder. It was just as hard as the last time; I popped my shoulder back in place.

"I take it that means you like my outfit?" I said, glaring at her again.

Wow. Without her mask...she was breathtaking. My glare dissolved.

Lizzy grinned and nodded. "You're even cuter without the superhero getup."

"I could say the same for you."

We were silent again, until Lizzy asked, "So, uh, how old were you when you died?"

I said the same thing that I told everyone else who asked. "Fourteen."

"You don't look fourteen."

"Ghosts age, too, apparently," I partly lied. Some did. It depended on how much of their unfinished business on Earth they got done. The more that was resolved from their life, the older they appeared as a ghost.

I, on the other hand, aged because I was only half-ghost. I kind of felt sorry for those that died as adults, and then their unfinished business became even more unfinished. They had to go through puberty twice.

"Weird," Lizzy said.

"So how old were you when you died?" I asked. "Or are you one of those angels that were never born, just stayed in Heaven all of the time?" That was how it worked, wasn't it?

Lizzy rolled her eyes. "I told you. I'm not from Heaven. And I haven't died. I'm sixteen. I was born like this."

"Born….a supernatural being? What are you, an alien?"

"No. Just a freak of nature."

"A pretty freak of nature," I revised for her.

Lizzy smiled and punched me in the arm again, this time not as hard. "Thanks. To return your compliment, you happen to be the cutest dead person that I know."

"Do you know a lot?"

"Actually, more than you'd think."

We were silent again, until Tucker came in, along with a girl I'd never met before. I mean, I'd seen her around school, but we were pretty much strangers.

"Hey," Tuck said to me. He glanced at Lizzy, and his eyes practically bulged out of his head. "Um, wh-who are you?"

Lizzy's eyes grew wide at the sight of Tucker, too, but she shook her head, and her expression went back to normal. Did she know him?

"Uh, Lizzy Angel," she said. "Who are you?"

"Danny's friend. Tucker Foley."

Tucker's date, who was a cute girl with shoulder-length, tawny brown hair, a freckled face, and blue eyes, waved at me. "Hi. You're Danny Phantom, right?"

I nodded. "Hi, there."

She grinned. "I'm Phoebe Rodgers."

"Cool. Phoebe, this is my date, Lizzy Angel."

Phoebe frowned at the word date, but she shrugged it off and sat down across from us, sitting next to Tucker.

"So you guys are early," I said.

Tuck nodded. "I figured you'd be here early; I couldn't find you anywhere."

"Danny didn't mention that he had mortal friends," Lizzy remarked, still surprised.

Phoebe noted, "You say 'mortal' as if you aren't."

"I'm not," Lizzy said.

"Oh, yeah. Guys, Lizzy just so happens to be a supernatural being with wings," I explained.

"Wings?" Tucker stared in disbelief. "Where?"

"They're tucked in. I can fold them as tightly as I want." Lizzy removed her jacket (revealing that her shirt was actually a cut-off shirt) and closed her eyes. The very tip of one of her wings extended, peaking from her shirt collar.

"Whoa," Phoebe and Tucker gasped at the same time.

Lizzy tucked her wing back in and replaced her jacket onto her shoulders.

"She has a superhero getup, too, but when we came in here dressed like that, everyone stared," I said.

"So that explains the lack of a jumpsuit," Tucker said, nodding in understanding. "Makes sense." He glanced at the line at the counter; there weren't that many people there. "I'll get our orders."

So he got up, leaving me with two girls: one that was totally into me and wasn't supposed to be, and the other that might've been into me, but it was hard to tell because she enjoyed my pain so much.

This was going to be one interesting double-date.

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