What An Excellent Plan


In all honesty, Obito didn't quite know why he did what he did. At the tender age of five years old, he found he liked helping people. There was no explanation for it; no one had ever gone out of their way to help him, so it wasn't like he felt the need to repay the favour to the world. The lack of motivation still didn't change the fact he helped people.
Currently, he found himself scaling a rather tall grand oak, fighting his way through the branches to reach Kura, elder Kazumi's cat. It was all in exchange for a war story to be told at a later date, but Obito didn't care for that bit. Since the elderly lady couldn't reach the cat herself, he wouldn't walk by and leave her too it, not when he could help. He already watched several people, including two ninja's, pass by the elderly woman trying to coax her cat from the tree, and not one had bothered to stop and help.

"Here Kura Kura, nice kitty cat."
The tabby turned to stare at him, as if raising one non-existent eyebrow at his patronising tone. It's claws sunk deeper into the bark, promising him a fight if he wanted to fetch the tom from the tree.
Letting a low sigh escape his lips, the Uchiha flattened himself against the thick limb of the tree, frowning at the algae that was rubbing onto his clothes. Without a doubt his mother would have his head for this.
Shuffling that bit further forwards, Obito tightened his choke-hold on the branch as the wind whistled through the street, leaving the tree shaking and the cat yowling. Below him, elder Kazumi winced slightly, telling him in that old, motherly tone that he could come down and she'd send for a Genin. The stringing sensation her words brought to his pride was surprising, but could be put down to the old Uchiha ego that was suppose to run in his veins.

"It's okay Kazumi-Chōrō! I'll fetch him! Don't worry about me, I'm gonna be Hokage!" As he wiggled that little bit further until the cat latched onto his sleeve with a vengeance, Obito allowed himself a victory smile, making his way back to the trunk of the tree before carefully sliding down, Kura tucked neatly under his arm.


When his feet touched solid ground again, Obito let out a low sigh of relief, carefully placing the cat next to him and watching as it scampered back over to his owner.

"You're such a pleasant boy Obito-kun. That's the third time this month."
Grinning, the raven haired child just rubbed sheepishly at the back of his neck, goggles once again slipping down from his forehead and smacking against the bridge of his nose in a painful collision that he had to forced himself not the wince at. "It's no problem Kazumi-Chōrō," he dashed forwards, snatching the bags from the ground before she could even attempt to pick them up, "I'll carry your bags for you so that Kura doesn't run off again!"
Even under the weight of her lined cheeks, Kazumi managed to smile back at him, adjusting her hold on the tom cat until he was nestled against her shoulder.

"I don't know what we'll do without you when you become a ninja; we'll all be lost without you Obito-kun."
Laughing nervously, the goggle clad Uchiha hefted the bags higher up in his hands, ignoring the way the plastic cut into his soft palms, forcing himself to believe they were weights to train with. If he couldn't manage shopping bags, he was nowhere near strong enough to be a ninja yet.

"Don't worry Kazumi-Chōrō, I'll always have time to help out!"

Elder Kazumi's house was mercifully on the ground floor of a block of steps; he wasn't quite tall enough to start piggy-backing elders. At least, not yet.

"Well, here we are Kazumi-Chōrō!" Carefully placing the woman's shopping upon the doorstep, but off to a side so she wouldn't struggle getting into her own house, Obito offered up another sheepish grin, hands stuffed into his pockets so they didn't hang uselessly at his sides.

"Here little Obito, give me your hand."
Blinking, the smile slipped from his face and Obito cautiously offered out the requested appendage, already looking through his mind for similar instants. As far as he could remember, there wasn't any.
So he blinked in surprise when a bag of hard boiled, brightly wrapped sweets were dropped into his palm. Staring at the gift with wide eyes, Obito looked back up at the woman that couldn't be a foot taller than he was, frowning as he did so.


"It's a thank you, for your help."
The attempt at clarifying didn't help in any way, and Obito shook his head rapidly, unaware of the fact his goggles dropped down to hang around his neck as he did so.

"I don't need a thank you Kazumi-Chōrō, I don't do it for rewards."

"Which is exactly why I'm giving you these Obito-kun. If only there were more people like you in the world."

Walking down the worn path that lead to the eastern edge of the village, Obito chewed on the toffee center of one of the sweets he'd been given, mulling over just what the old lady had said. If there were more people like him in the world? Well, it'd be awesome.
Everyone would be nice, and no one would look down on him. But if there were more of him, then there'd be more competition for Hokage. And his odds weren't great now.

"Hey! You!"
Obito paused where he was, foot raised to take another step before he slowly turned to look at the source of the voice.
Leaning casually against the edge of the corner shop wall, a blonde girl his own age stared back, bright blue eyes peering out from under comically raised eyebrows. Tanned skin played host to matching whisker marks, giving her a distinct, fox like appearance. She was dressed in a loose fitting tee-shirt, the village's logo branded upon the material in the same orange shade as her combat shorts. If it wasn't for her long hair, he would have believed her to be a boy.
She stood, no longer leaning and now standing just an inch below his own height.

"What? I've never seen you before... What do you want with me?"
Clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth, the girl scooted closer, stuffing her hand into the bag of sweets and plucking one out as she did so, easily ignoring his squeak of annoyance.

"What do I want with you... Honestly I've been considering killing you."
Even on his death bed, Obito would swear he never screamed like a girl at this very point.

"Don't worry, I decided not to. After all, I do need a rival for the Hokage seat!"

"What?" He stared at the strange girl who just smiled innocently back at him, hands clasped in front of her body as if to prove she wasn't a threat.

"I mean, I'm gonna be Hokage... But I suppose if I'm gonna lose out to anyone, I wouldn't mind if it was you. We'll train together and become stronger together, okay? Because from now on, we're rivals 'ttebayo!"

Watching as the strange girl walked away from him, golden pig-tails bouncing with every step she took, Obito could only pop another sweet into his mouth, completely unaware of the smile that'd crept across his face in the process. Someone wanted to be his rival, to help him train, even if it was some random girl.
Turning on his heels once he took note of the sunset, -which meant he was out way past curfew- Obito dashed off home, smiling as he went.

"I don't know Kazumi-Chōrō, maybe there are already people like me out there. I think I just met one."

I'm sorry, I can't help the plot bunnies, this was just too good to pass up. This is just a prologue, so it's suppose to be shortish I guess.
Oh and Chōrō means elder.

Anyway, hope you'll all like this, it'll be NaruxObito if you don't know yet.