Sympathy for the Devil pt 3:

A Cake for a Celebration

"Cakey-su! Cakey-su! Cakey-cakey-cakey-su!" Kaitou hummed merrily to himself as he passed out slices of cake to the individual police officers of the Kaito Kid Task Force.

Well, if he wanted to be technical, 'Yaone' passed out slices of cake to the Kaito Kid Task Force. No one would dare to think that Kid the Phantom Thief would wander around the police department to pass out pastries. Especially not dressed as a girl.

And a damn fine sexy girl he made too, if he said so himself. Which he did as he silently flirted back with a couple of officers. Although Aoko's comment about the Kid being gay still stung a bit, even after how ever long it had been. It wasn't his fault he was believable as a woman. Even if he did take shameless advantage of it.

"Good Afternoon!" He chirped, his voice mimicking a girl's voice flawlessly. He'd been worried for a short time that as he got older, his voice would deepen and he'd loose the ability to imitate the higher ranges. Fortunately that hadn't seemed to have happened. Either that or he used it enough that his voice remained flexible.

The officer he set the slice of cake in front of looked up and smiled. It was Ogata -san, the same officer he had saved the night the Kid had retired. He'd gotten only minor injuries, not enough to really effect his job, Kaitou had been pleased to discover.

He had been stiff and sore for a week after the stunt with the hang glider. That was a painful experience he was in no hurry to repeat. But it was all in the name of being a good Phantom Thief.

Or ex-Phantom Thief.


"Thanks!" Ogata-san took the cake eagerly. "What's this for?"

"They didn't tell me." Kaitou shrugged, flipping a long violet pigtail over a shoulder. "I'm just passing it out."

"Well, thanks anyway!"

"No, Thank you!" He waved and pushed the near-empty cart away. "Have a good day!"

Ogata-san didn't answer, his mouth full of cake.

Kaitou smirked to himself. It was a good thing that he was on Nakamori's side. It would be all too easy to have poisoned the food and passed it out under guise of an intern, such as he was doing now. Ah well. If it worked in his favour, who was he to argue?

He had one last slice of cake left, and one lone police man to give it to. Inspector Nakamori himself.

The good inspector was sitting at his desk, gesturing wildly as he talked to someone on the phone. Kaitou resisted a laugh. He'd seen the exact same gestures and posture before, on Aoko when she was talking to someone whom she thought was obviously being stupid.

He almost pitied whomever was on the other end of the phone. Almost. He'd been on the end of many such said conversations before and knew what they were like. But all it took was a single answer that made sense and it stopped.

Whomever was on the other end of the phone had evidently yet to figure this trick out.

He smiled cheerfully and stopped in front of Nakamori's desk, placing the last slice of cake in an open space on the cluttered desk top. The Inspector absentmindedly nodded a thanks to him, then did a double take. His face grew grim as he excused himself from the phone conversation.

"You!" He hissed, hanging up the phone. "I thought I got rid of you!"

"What would the fun be in that?" Kaitou grinned at him, tapping the monocle which had been arranged as a broach on the front of the collar. "Besides, I said you'd never see hat nor cape of the Kid again. I said nothing about me!"

Nakamori growled sullenly. "I should throw you in jail for harassment of police officers!" He snarled.

"And here I am, delivering you cake from the kindness of my heart!" He mock pouted, pulling out a receipt from a pocket and handing it to the Inspector with small flourish. "See? I even paid for it and everything."

The Inspector gave it a cursorily glance. "What are you up to, Kid?"

"Just checking up on my favourite inspector." He grinned, sitting on the edge of the desk. "Since you never told me what you wanted to celebrate my retirement, I figured I'd bring you cake. Seemed the least I could do. And it gave me an excuse to check up on you."

"All you had to do was check the newspaper to see what I've been doing. Or do you no longer check since you're not in it anymore?" Nakamori asked wirily.

"Oh, I do." He said breezily. "But they've been wrong before. And I must thank you, by the way." He glanced around, then made a newspaper appear with a small *poof!*, the date on it several weeks old. He set it down on the desk, the head line and picture familiar to them both. It was a blurry picture of the Kid, with the head line screaming 'Kid the Phantom Thief -Dead?' across the top.

"I maintain a low profile, the goons stay off my back and you've got credit for putting a stop to the Kid." Kaitou smiled at the older man. "Wouldn't have pegged you for the devious type. Informing the media that it was doubtful I survived was a stroke of genius. Even if they never find a body."

"You're welcome." Nakamori growled. "Now if you're doing gloating, would it be possible for you to leave now before I really do throw you in jail. /Some/ of us have work to do after all."

"Haiiiiiiii!" He sang, bouncing off the desk. He tossed a final careless wink at Nakamori. "Enjoy your cake, Inspector. It's pretty tasty. No Arsenic, poison or artificial ingredients included!"

Nakamori coughed, and looked at the slice of cake like he was waiting for it to grow legs and start crawling over him. Kaitou muffled a giggle and scurried off, disappearing into the busy crowd of officers.

Life was good. Aoko was practically glowing these days, happier than he'd seen her in a long time now that she and her father were talking again. The people who had killed his father thought he had been killed by the fall, or shortly there after, and the majority of them were rapidly finding themselves behind bars due to a relentless Nakamori. And he had more free time to do what he really enjoyed doing, helping people from behind the scenes.

He wondered if Nakamori would figure out that the receipt he'd left was a helpful tip from him, another group of the people they were tracking down.


::OUTTAKE!!!:: (This didn't quite make it in, but was too amusing to delete entirely)

"You didn't answer my question. What are you doing here?" Nakamori growled. "-Besides passing out cake and distracting my men?"

"Why, I'm just checking up on my favourite police inspector!" He cheered. It was fun watching the Inspector's face changed colours. "And it's not like I have anything better to do on my Saturday nights anymore." He confided. "Do you think I should try to take over the world?"

"Have you ever considered taking up knitting as a hobby?" Nakamori commented dryly. "I understand it's very relaxing."

*** Notes ***

For those who didn't catch it, Yaone is a character from Saiyuki. She's a chemist, and one of Kougaiji's very loyal servants/friends. In one episode, she disguises herself as a bar maid in order to poison the main characters. Or blow up the bar. Y'know. Whatever is needed at the time. *grin*

Ogata was named for Icchan's unlucky assistant in 'Angelic Layer'. "Your punishment is an octopus down your pants for 10 minutes!" ... that guy has the worst luck...

"Cakey-su! Cakey-su! Wai! Wai! Wai!!!" Is Kero-chan's cheer from CardCaptor Sakura when he gets cake. Just one of those things that just sticks in your head and never leaves you alone. Is fun to chant when you get cake too, scares the people who don't know where it's from.

Um... and that's the end. ^^;;