Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: Walk It Off

Notes: A/U, contains yaoi themes and some characters may be OOC; Enjoy Lovelies!

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~*~*~*~*Chapter 1~*~*~*~*

Six months had passed since the blonde Kyuubi vessel left Sasuke's house. Six months gone since Naruto set eyes on his former Sharingan eyed lover.

The blonde missed Sasuke; he really did but he knew he could no longer be pulled down into Sasuke's darkness. A darkness that no matter how hard the ball of sunshine tried to illuminate it never seemed to lighten his former lover's heart and soul.

If Naruto was honest with himself maybe Sasuke didn't want to be drug into the light, to enjoy life, and all that came with it. Maybe Sasuke had thrived for so long in blackness that his life was forever tainted by hate and sorrow.

But Naruto just couldn't do it anymore. Being with Sasuke was wonderful at first but after a while Naruto became tired of always trying to bring a smile to the stoic Uchiha's beautiful face.

Now when the Kyuubi Jinchuriki wandered around the streets of his beloved village the sneers of hate and scorn were no longer present on the villagers' faces. Now only respect and adoration shined on their collective faces for their brave Hokage; the young blonde leader had given the village of Konoha new life. Naruto was seen now as their hero, the son of their beloved Yondaime Hokage.

It seemed Naruto would always come up short in some regard; now that he had succeeded in his life's goal of becoming Hokage, now that he had gained many precious people, he still longed for someone to share it with.

That someone was clearly not Sasuke but maybe, just maybe, there was someone out there for him. Someone who would balance his endless energy and optimism with tempered grace and forethought. Sasuke was all of these things but yet he wasn't.

Naruto loved the stoicism and even temper Sasuke possessed under pressure but he wanted a lover who could still smile and laugh when it was called for.

Yes, someone to balance him out was what he needed seeing as Naruto was still at his deepest level that hyperactive blonde who charged in without thinking; he needed an anchor to stop him when his emotions threatened to cloud his thoughts and mind.

A laugh left him as he rounded the corner, entering the street that housed his favorite Ramen stand; Naruto just had the insane thought of Shikamaru being his lover. Unfortunately the eternally lazy nin was straight and while Naruto loved him as a brother Shikamaru would probably strangle the blonde after an hour of being subjected to Naruto's boundless energy.

Entering his favorite place Naruto ordered his typical bowl of Miso Pork Ramen which was promptly served by Ayame. Slurping his noodles at a speed only Naruto could master his thoughts drifted toward sadder things; what if there was no one out there to complete him?

Someone who was his other half in all things, like Kiba was to Hinata or how Ino complimented Choji. Naruto craved the unconditional love of another, wanted the comforting touch of a lover. He craved the strong unwavering support of a partner to reassure him when he was unsure or crumbling.

It wasn't much to ask for but at this point Naruto felt like he was as likely to find it as he was to reach the moon. Gesturing for another bowl of deliciousness Naruto's sad thoughts were quickly broken by the lithe form of Hyuuga Neji taking the seat next to the blonde at the counter.

Pale eyes searched Naruto's countenance; the blonde swore he saw a quick flicker of emotion cross the Hyuuga's usually shuttered eyes but he was hesitant to believe what he thought he was seeing in Neji's eyes.

Longing and affection was what the Kyuubi vessel thought he was seeing; why was Neji looking at him like he was the most important thing in the world? To say Naruto was confused was an understatement. The world seemed to tilt slightly only to turn upside down when a faint pink blush appeared across Neji's pale cheeks when Naruto continued to stare at him.

The answer hit Naruto with the force of Neji's Gentle Fist; Neji liked him?! The young Hokage was stunned but it was quickly being overtaken by a feeling of being flattered and honored. Neji was one of the most desirable shinobi in Konoha; wanted by males and females alike.

That Neji may want Naruto was staggeringly shocking but not unwelcome to the blonde Jinchuriki. A smile appeared on Naruto's handsome face; he decided to see where this thing that was developing between him and Neji could go.

What was the worst that could happen? Naruto would be left alone but wasn't he alone already? Indeed, Naruto had nothing to lose but everything to gain by giving the Hyuuga and himself a chance.

Taking a steadying breath Naruto began to talk, cheering internally when Neji smiled a small smile at the blonde's funny words and demeanor. Things were looking up for the Konoha's Hokage and number one knuckleheaded ninja.

I hope you enjoyed the chapter. The next and final chapter will be rated M and contain Yaoi.

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