Chapter 3 – Blood and the Forbidden Scrolls

Hey folks, Tibo's back.

In this chapter we see Naruto learning another technique. I'm spending time on these techniques because I'm trying to demonstrate how difficult these techniques are to learn, and even though Naruto is very skilled and intelligent, its still going to take him years to master them. Its one of the reasons I upped the graduation age, I want Naruto to be strong when he graduates and it just isn't feasible to have him master the Iga techniques by 12.

This chapter will also feature more Naruto/Akeginu development. We'll see a bit more of the woman and her personable side rather than just her sensei side this chapter. Important for romance purposes, at some stage Naruto will need to stop seeing her as his sensei (still a while off).

For the record the ebon ropes are pretty much the same as Walter's filaments in Hellsing, they're just called ropes because they're made from hair.

In response to some questions from last chapter:

coldblue: You got it, I have something special played for Saemon. He was my favourite characters and probably the most competent shinobi in the manga. In regards to Kouga techniques, he'll be learning Saemon's. I like Goyoubu'sas well. I hadn't considered Jubei but his is a pretty amazing skill, don't forget his kunai in the throat trick either. Chikuma technique will feature in the near future and I already have something planed for the summons and spirit link.

I have every intention of ending the blood feud but I still have to come up with a plausible way of doing so, though Naruto being an Iga without any hatred for Kouga is a perfect instrument to stop the feud.

Roboguy45: Wasn't Iga Nenki's hair technique pretty much the same? I plan on Naruto having Nenki's technique, but not until later. I don't want him to have too many techniques too early as it would be implausible for him to learn all of them too quickly. Expect it to feature later on though.

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2 years later – Naruto aged 10 (1 month before academy)

Naruto stood still, eyes focused on the straw training dummy in front of him. Drawing a deep breath, he raised both of his arms out in front of his body; his wrists limp, fingers hanging loosely, pointed at the ground. With a slight flick of his fingers the ground on either side of him erupted in a cloud of dust as an unseen force flew from Naruto's hands towards the dummy at an astounding speed. As the twin forces moved towards the dummy they left behind two deep surgical incisions in the ground.

To most experienced nin it would look like two blades made from wind were heading towards the dummy, however that was merely the impression given by the invisible force. In reality no chakra was being used, and the force was actually two invisibly thin ropes moving from Naruto fingers. The two ropes overshot the dummy and then…nothing.

Naruto groaned he'd overshot the target once again. Damn, why won't it work? A frustrated Naruto asked himself. The ropes were supposed to arc around the target allowing him to wrap the target in the ropes, and squeeze until the ropes sliced through the armor and into flesh. (1) However, he just couldn't get the ropes to arc around the target like he wanted them to.

Grasping the ropes with his callused fingertips he let out a sigh. It was going to take a lot of hard work to be able to move around a battlefield while using these. He'd taken to wearing long fingerless black gloves that reached his forearms. The gloves allowed him to wrap the ropes around his wrist for easy deployment and protection – it also allowed him to block a sword strike with his wrists. (2)

It had taken 6 months just to learn how to handle the ropes without cutting himself to pieces - he had more than a few scars on his fingers and hands. The ropes were truly deadly weapon, as dangerous to the wielder as they were to the enemy. It would take years to learn how to use them effectively.

Akeginu-sensei had told him that nothing would be able to touch him once he mastered the ebon ropes but also that it was a long road to full mastery of the technique. After learning how to handle the ropes he had started to learn how to the deploy them. Akeginu said that eventually he'd be able to control the ropes with his feet as well as his hands, but he was years away from that level of control. At the moment even the most basic attacks were impossible as he was unable to achieve the degree of accuracy required to aim the ropes.

"Stupid ropes won't do what they're told," muttered Naruto.

While Naruto was cursing his ropes he failed to notice someone sneaking up behind him until two slender arms wrapped around his shoulders.

"Got ya Naruto-kun," teased a sly Akeginu. "You know if I were an enemy you'd be dead by now."

"Not fair, I was distracted," said Naruto knowing full well that fairness had no place in the world of shinobi.

"Of course you were, that's the perfect time to strike," replied Akeginu. She was playing with him again, it was a common occurrence.

He was more than a bit disconcerted that she could still sneak up on him without him sensing her. Looks like I still need more training, he reflected. One day he hoped he could return the favour.

Naruto considered his sensei for a moment. She was a strange one. One moment she was cold and infallible, this was often the case when she was in what he had come to call 'sensei mode', the next she was teasing and playful like she was right now. When appropriate she was also capable of showing compassion. During one of the few times Naruto was in need of someone to lean on she would provide for him without hesitation. He still remembered a moment of weakness he had shortly after meeting her…

Flashback (Naruto age 6)

Naruto sat on the ground in contemplation. He wondered why his life turned out the way it did. Why was he forced to carry the burden of the Kyūbi? That particular revelation had been an unpleasant surprise, but at least he knew why he was hated, irrational though it was. What he wondered more than anything else is what happened to his parents and why he was forced to face these hardships alone.

"What's wrong Naruto?" asked Akeginu concerned about the boys demeanor. A cloud of depression was hanging over the boy.

"I was just thinking about my parents." Naruto replied.

"Oh," said Akeginu. She knew he was an orphan and that he likely had some abandonment issues. The trauma he suffered before meeting her would have only compounded those issues.

"Do you think my parents loved me?" Naruto asked.

"Of course they did Naruto. All parents love their children."

"Then why was I…why am I always alone?"

Akeginu paused, she knew she had to tread carefully here "Given the time you were born… its more than likely that they were ki… were a victim of the Kyubi attack"

Naruto clenched his teeth at that, he had considered that fact but didn't want to admit that something inside him, something so intimately connected to him had been responsible for his parent's deaths. It was yet another painful factor in his life to be attributed to the fox. He didn't know which was worse, that his parents didn't want him and abandoned him or that they were dead and he'd never be able to meet them.

A single tear started to fall down his cheek. The feeling of loneliness could be so crippling sometimes.

Akeginu reach out and pulled Naruto into her breast "Don't cry Naruto, you'll never be alone again."

End Flashback

Naruto frowned at his memory. Looking back at it he was a bit embarrassed at his behaviour, though deep down he knew that an emotional outburst like that had been necessary - he'd have probably gone crazy otherwise, he had no desire to carry those emotions around like a burden for the rest of his life.

At the time he was surprised that Akeginu hadn't just hit him in the head and told him to man up like she usually did whenever he would complain about something, but now having known the woman for several years, he knew that she was aware that mental issues could cripple the strongest warriors. He had little doubt that she knew he needed to work those emotions out of his system before they became a hindrance, that or maybe she just liked him and didn't want to see him upset. He never really knew what was going on in that pretty head of hers.

Since then, they had become very close; she was his sensei and his one true friend. He tried not to think about the fact that his only friend was a dead person. He was reasonably close to Ayame-san from the ramen store, though his visits to the place were rarer now – he had to dress up in that orange get up whenever he went to the village so he tried to keep his visits to the absolute minimum, but she was more of a good acquaintance than a real friend, he kept a lot of secrets from her after all.

He was still close to the Hokage though there was some tension there from the fact that the old man was hiding the fox from him. He knew the old man had noticed it but to date he hadn't brought it up. He visited him about once per week, again in the orange get up, he didn't want to arouse the old man's suspicion less he use that ball of his to spy on him. He'd caught a glimpse of the crystal ball on one of his previous visits.

No, Akeginu was the one person he relied on more than anyone else and the only person he really trusted. He felt more connected to this long dead village than he ever felt to Konoha, a place that held only bitter memories for him.

Akeginu arched one her finely sculptured eyebrows at her pupil. He seemed to be thinking about something. He was always thinking about something. I suppose that's my fault, she thought. She'd given him all of Tenzen's old writings on military strategy and ninpo tactics. No doubt her pupil was over analyzing her actions again.

Akeginu let out a sigh, she had come to talk to Naruto about some new training but she wasn't finished having fun with the boy just yet. Naruto could play the cold, calculating prodigy act quite well but she knew which buttons to push to get a rise out of him.

"If you're done playing with your ropes I have something to teach you," said Akeginu with a grin.

Naruto twitched at that, 'playing', he thought, "I'm not playing with anything" he replied in an annoyed tone. Crap, he kicked himself mentally, he knew she was trying to goad an outburst out of him and he had just given her the satisfaction of seeing him riled up.

"What are you going to teach me?" Naruto asked purposely ignoring his previous comment and the teasing sensei who currently had her head resting on his shoulder.

"Blood projection," she whispered in his ear.

Naruto was surprised at this, and if he was being completely honest with himself, a little uncomfortable with her close proximity, but she was going to teach him another of Iga's secret techniques. (3)

Finally, I can move on from that stupid water walking practice, thought Naruto. He had learnt all the chakra control exercises over the last year after Akeginu-sensei had him break into the library and 'borrow' a pile of books on the subject of chakra, a concept still foreign to her. She'd studied the books and concluded that Naruto needed to learn how to control his chakra, which would be higher than normal because of the Fox. After all control was key to using any power, chakra or otherwise.

He'd mastered all those exercises months ago and had learnt Henge no Jutsu to practice his chakra usage. It was pretty easy. He'd taken to using his old image of an orange tracksuit wearing moron and walking around the village. It saved having to change his clothes and cover his hair every time he went into the village.

Now he'd finally get to learn his first Iga jutsu. Akeginu had been tight lipped in regards to Iga ninjutsu. Apparently most of them were dangerous to use and she didn't want him learning them to he was older.

"Wow, I'd figured you get me to learn another easy technique like bunshin or something," said Naruto.

"Well, you'll be starting academy this year so we'll have less time to train. I would rather teach you some of the Iga jutsus while I have you here all the time. You can learn those beginner ones any time, even at that poor excuse of a learning institution."

Akeginu had visited the academy in sprit form, and she was less than impressed at what she saw. Children were sent out into the field as genin without anything near the level of training required. None of them would have lasted a second against genin from Iga, something Naruto would make patently obvious in the future.

The state of the kunoichi was particularly appalling. Ninety percent of the girls where only there to ogle the boys, disgraceful. Any self respecting Kunoichi should have the boys eating out of the palm of her hand. They didn't' even teach seduction techniques there!

Moving on to the matter at hand "Alright pay attention," said Akeginu with a clap. "My blood projection technique allows me to manipulate my own blood. So watch and learn."

With that Akeginu started secreting blood from the pores in her skin. Naruto had to admit it was a very disturbing image; blood literally started pouring from her eyes and face. Suddenly the blood defied physics and leapt out at him hitting him straight in the face. Gross. he'd managed to close his eyes before the blood blinded him but it was now all over his face. Wiping his face with his hands, he opened his eyes and intended to tell Akeginu off but stopped as the entire room was covered in a red mist, he couldn't see a thing. There was a pungent smell of metallic blood in the air as well which led him to conclude that the mist was actually made from her blood, he couldn't sense Akeginu anywhere either.

"Got ya" said Akeginu from behind him, she had her kodachi at his throat and a small smile on her face. How did she get behind me like that, thought a confounded Naruto. He should have at sensed her moving, but he had sensed nothing. Did the mist affect him that much?

The blood quickly dispersed and Akeginu sheathed her kodachi before coming to stand in front of Naruto.

"What'd you think of that?" Akeginu asked. She wanted to hear her students initial impressions.

"Useful," said Naruto contemplating the technique. Tactically the mist was extremely useful – it pretty much blocked off most of an opponent's most useful senses. Sight and smell were both gone. He said as much to Akeginu.

"It's also very versatile," noted Naruto thinking about how she'd almost blinded him as well. "You've probably blinded people with that technique more than a few times."

Akeginu nodded at her students observations "I certainly have. In close combat the blinding trick is particularly useful."

"The blood mist is amazing. I couldn't sense you at all" said Naruto, he was very impressed.

Akeginu smiled at that.

"The mist is an assassination technique, but you can also use it for tactical withdrawals as well. You're cutting off the opponent's senses, they won't be able to see, hear or smell you," explained Akeginu.

"Hear?" Naruto asked.

"The bloods droplets interfere with sound waves, unless you're stupidly loud in your movements or you're up against someone with unnaturally sharp hearing . Also you'll be literally saturating the atmosphere with you chakra as well so no body will be able to sense your chakra either."

"Wow," said Naruto, thinking of the possibilities. With that technique he could approach any opponent in complete invisibility, his very own silent killing technique.

Naruto was now even more excited, he'd never seen a technique like this before and he was pretty sure none of the Konoha shinobi could do anything similar.

"You can also use the blood to tag an opponent. You'll be able to track anyone you smear with your blood no matter how good they are at hiding themselves."

Naruto liked the idea of that.

"So you ready to bleed?" Akeginu asked with a slightly creepy smile.

Naruto cringed a little, this was going to be one of those tortures sessions masquerading as training.

"Now don't look like that, we'll only train for a couple of hours. I've got an assignment I want you to complete tonight," said Akeginu as she dragged Naruto towards their training ground.

Two hours later

Akeginu and Naruto sat down in Naruto's makeshift house; he'd fixed up one of the old ruins to live in as a project shortly after he decided to move here permanently.

"What's the test?" Naruto asked, he was cautious, the last 'test' she had him go on involved extracting venom from one of those huge spiders in the forest, that didn't work out well for anyone involved.

"I want you to infiltrate the Hokage residence and steal something valuable."

Naruto was intrigued, that was one of the most well protected places in Konoha. He might be able to run around ANBU in broad daylight but this time they would be on guard and completely serious, he'd be in a lot of trouble if he was caught there. He smiled at that, he loved a good challenge.

"When do I start?"

2:00am, Location: Hokage Residence, Konoha:

Naruto jumped down from the wall that surrounded the Hokage's house. With a few quick steps he was at the side of the building and started scaling it. After a few minutes he reached his entry point – a window on the eastern face of the building. It only took him a couple of seconds to unlock the window before sliding stealthy in through the opening.

"Entry complete," Naruto whispered to himself.

Getting into the building had been laughably easy, security was so bad even an idiot with only the barest basics of ninja training could've gotten in. He didn't know whether to laugh or be concerned.

Although there had been a few ANBU patrolling the area the tower was surprisingly sparse when it came to security. These chumps are lucky I'm not an assassin, thought Naruto with his opinion of ANBU lowering with every unhindered step he took deeper into the building. The corridors were completely empty.

He had already decided what he wanted to steal. The Hokage kept a number of sealed scrolls here, so he'd be relieving him of one of them. (4) With a bit of luck they wouldn't even notice someone had ever taken one.

Moving on, he crept towards the room that housed the scrolls but stopped. He heard something. Someone was moving in his direction quickly. They would be on him in a few seconds. He resisted the urge to draw his katana, this was an infiltration mission. His sharp eyesight caught a glimpse of the Hokage moving his way.

Did he sense me? Thought a worried Naruto. Thinking quickly Naruto made the Ram hand seal. With a poof, Naruto was replaced with henge. He smiled and waited for the Hokage.

The Hokage had awoken a few minutes earlier, he'd sensed someone moving through his house. The sensation was faint, barley any presence at all. Whoever it was, they were very, very good, but he wasn't Hokage for nothing. He may be half blind but his other senses were still top notch. With a grumble he got out of bed and went to investigate. He intended to give a piece of his mind to whoever interrupted his sleep.

Walking quickly he made his way down to where he sensed the faint presence. He was sure whoever it was down this corridor; he couldn't see the person yet as his eyesight was pretty bad these days but he could sense them. He felt a slight chakra spike, faint but it was there, the person had just done something.

Moving quickly down the corridor he came face to face with the person who was standing before him, making absolutely no effort to hide. The sight caused his mind to freeze. He stood mouth agape in shock, standing before him stood the most beautiful woman he'd seen in years and she was naked!

Midnight black hair, flawless white skin, and those breasts… the Hokage couldn't take in anymore, his perverse thoughts sent his mind into overdrive and any further thoughts were halted by a massive nosebleed which sent the old man flying backwards. He slipped into unconsciousness with a stupid grin on his face.

Naruto smirked at the pervert's unconscious form. The man may be the strongest ninja in the village but he had one glaring weakness – he was a huge pervert. Naruto had seen him reading those Icha Icha books on more than on occasion. He knew that the Hokage wouldn't be able to handle seeing his sensei naked, though admittedly he thought it'd only distract the old man enough for him to make his escape not knock him out completely. He would have sweat dropped if he wasn't in such a serious mood, he had almost been caught.

His smirk turned into a frown as he observed the old man still had a perverted smile on his face even while knocked out. No doubt dreaming about his sensei. She'd kill him if she ever found out what he'd done. He thought that was a bit hypocritical, he knew she wasn't above using her charms to complete a mission but he was pretty sure she'd still kill him for using this particular henge.

She'd probably be very interested in how I knew what she looked like naked,thought a worried Naruto.

Shaking off thoughts of his impending demise, Naruto left the Hokage lying in the corridor and proceeded to the room where the scrolls were located. Naruto stopped and examined the door for traps. Finding nothing he opened the door and stepped into the room. Naruto observed that the room was full of scrolls.(5)

Are all these scrolls forbidden techniques?

"You'd think they would have the room sealed or some sort of security system in place for something so important," commented Naruto.

It was like they had never conceived that someone would break into the Hokage's house. Fools, thought Naruto, they were basically asking for someone to steal their forbidden techniques. The vaults back in the ruins had more traps then you could poke a stick at. Most of them were pretty dangerous as well – that acid one was nasty.

He looked at the collection of scrolls poorly organized on the shelf. He had no intention of stealing a bunch of forbidden techniques, they were forbidden for a reason and he had no immediate desire to get himself killed, he was just here for one scroll. He randomly picked a scroll from the wall and unsealed it.

"Taju Kage Bunshin?" A clone technique? He was intrigued, why would a clone technique be forbidden?

He could find out later, it was time to make an exit. He briefly considered taking another scroll but thought better of it, he didn't want them to notice anything missing and he already had one problem tonight with the old man. Naruto withdrew the spare scroll he had strapped to his back. He had brought a replacement which he had swiped from the library. It looked pretty much the same except it wasn't sealed and contained a basic henge no jutsu. He replaced the forbidden scroll with the fake, hopefully they wouldn't actually open every scroll.

Strapping the scroll to his back Naruto passed the unconscious Hokage and made his way out of the compound the same way he entered and back to the ruins. Easy.

"Look what I've got!" exclaimed a triumphant Naruto as he entered the ruins.

Akeginu looked over at Naruto, he had a smile on his face and was waving a large scroll around "You're back, and does that scroll mean you were successful?"

"Sure does," said Naruto, walking up to Akeginu.

"Any trouble?" Akeginu asked.

"Nope," lied Naruto, he had no intention of informing his sensei about the 'Hokage incident'. "Security was surprisingly light so I had no trouble entering and exiting the building. No traps in the room protecting scrolls either."

"That's odd." She couldn't understand why they would leave a room with a forbidden scroll in it unprotected. Was it of no value to them? Only one way to find out I suppose "So, what'd you end up taking?" Akeginu asked.

"Taju Kage Bunshin. It's a forbidden technique from the Hokage's library."

"A clone technique?" Akeginu asked. She didn't know why a clone technique would be forbidden, techniques were only forbidden if they were dangerous to the user or were just so terrible that they were deemed unacceptable to use, though the latter was a foreign concept to her, in her time there was no such thing. Iga operated under the 'by means necessary' principle.

"There are some other techniques there as well, but nothing I recognized."

"Open it up," said Akeginu, she wanted to see what made this clone technique deserving of the classification 'forbidden'.

Naruto opened up the scroll and they both started reading it.

"It seems it makes solid clones," said Naruto.

Interesting. Solid clones, they would require a lot of chakra but that doesn't seem reason enough to make it forbidden though. A high chakra requrinment shouldn't be a problem for Naruto "Give it a try," said Akeginu.

Naruto made the requisite hand seals and poof several clones of himself appeared.

Naruto walked over to one and flicked it in the forehead.

"Owe," said the Clone.

"Yep, definitely solid," observed Naruto.

Akeginu walked around one of the clones in a circle before quickly drawing her kodachi and slashing it across the clone's throat.

Naruto flinched as the clone dispelled, the memories from the clone's death were filtered back to him. Amazing I just received the clones memories, thought Naruto as the experience of having his throat cut played out in his mind.

"What's wrong Naruto?" Akeginu was watching Naruto with confusion. He had flinched when she dispelled the clone, and was now standing there with a blank look on his face. Was it just a reaction to the her killing his clone or something else?

"I felt that kill."

"You felt what?" Akeginu asked. She didn't understand what he was talking about, 'felt that kill'?

"When you killed the clone its… memories filtered back to me," answered Naruto. He was still trying to process what had just happened.

Now, that got her interested. The clones memories could go back to the original when its dispelled. Amazing, think of the possibilities. You could have the clones read a book and receive all the knowledge, or you could have them train and receive the experience training. She didn't know if the clones were intelligent enough to understand what they were reading or if muscle memory worked like that but she was certainly going to have Naruto find out. It also solved their academy problem, Naruto could just send a shadow clone instead.

Thinking quickly Akeginu looked at Naruto. "Alright Naruto, here is what we're going to do. I want you to test this jutsu out. Find out how long you can maintain the clone for, and how many you can create at one time. Then I want you to investigate this memory aspect, if it works like I think it does we may be able to use it with your training. Do it carefully though, we still don't know for sure why it was sealed. "

Naruto just looked at her. That was a mouthful; he was still trying to wrap his head around 'dying' like that.

"Well what are you waiting for, get to it."

Naruto sighed, it was impossible to stop her when she got thinking about his training. On the plus side he had a new technique to learn.

The Hokage sat in his office contemplating the night's events. A person had infiltrated his tower without out any of his ANBU noticing. She had to be exceptionally talented to achieve such a thing. How did she get in anyway, she wasn't exactly inconspicous. ANBU must have been sleeping on the job to miss her no matter how good she was or perhaps she used some technique, that might explain why she was naked. He smiled at the memory, it had been a long time since he'd seen something that good.

She hadn't even taken anything. Upon waking up he had immediately called ANBU and had them search for the woman but to no avail. He also had ANBU take an immediate inventory to see if anything was stolen but it seemed nothing had been disturbed. Was she a spy then, looking for confidential information? Perhaps he had scared her off, not likely since he had been unconscious, but it may have been enough for her to call off whatever mission she was on. She was probably scouting out the tower. Whatever the reason, security would have to be tightened after tonight incident. He couldn't have intruders in his tower, what if she had been an assassin, he may well have died.

Oh well it was no use worrying too much, no one was hurt, nothing had been stolen and he'd gotten to see something good. With a perverted grin he took out one of his Icha Icha books and started reading. He'd have to tell Jiraiya about this next time they met, he'd be so jealous.

1 week later

Naruto smiled at his creation. Standing before him was a carbon copy of himself, well almost a carbon copy. He had created a clone that looked like him but not him at the same time. It wore his old orange jumpsuit instead of shinobi clothes and had short spiky hair instead of a long ponytail. Plastered on its face was a big stupid grin that Naruto would never be caught dead making. Yes, this is perfect, thought Naruto.

The shadow clones had proven to be a useful technique. He'd discovered that he could indeed use them to train and learn, though there was limits – finding that out had resulted in the worst headache he'd ever had. It seemed that the brain could only handle so much information at any one time, so one had to monitor how long you used the clones for and regularly dispel rather than just leave them for days on end.

Akeginu didn't want the clones learning new things, she was still suspect as to their intelligence so any new skills or techniques were his responsibility. However she let him use the clones to sure up his fundamentals and chakra control. He'd also send a few to the library with instructions to read anything they could get there hands on. Hopefully by the end of his training he'd have read the entire library.

Yes, the clones had proven very useful and he was about to put them to further use. He had big plans for this particular clone, big plans. Over the past few years his presence in Konoha had been reduced significantly, he was still around but there was a marked drop off in his appearances. He'd taken to dressing up in his old clothes when in the village, and after he learned transformation jutsu he had simply henged into his former self around the village. But except for a weekly visit to the ramen stand and the Hokage he wasn't really in the village at all. It was time to change that.

ANBU no longer watched him anymore, once the beatings had stopped - around the same time he met Akeginu, the Hokage had stopped having ANBU watch him all the time. He made sure his apartment also looked used though he hoped no one looked in the fridge – when was the last time I changed the milk? It only appeared that Naruto was still in the village. Some people still spat at him whenever he showed his face in the streets but he had been seen less and less as the years went on. However that couldn't go on, he couldn't risk the Hokage using his ball to find out where Naruto was all the time or one of the ANBU getting too curious and following him.

Therefore it was time to reintroduce Naruto to Konoha and this clone would be his instrument to do so. He planed on casting an illusion over the whole village, the only catch was he wasn't going to use any genjutsu. Starting today the village would fall under his illusion, with some sleight of hand and a single clone he'd make them think that he was nothing more than an idiot who was no threat to anyone, he couldn't see the villagers leaving him alone if he revealed himself to be a highly dangerous shinobi.

He had provided the clone with a specific set of instructions, he noticed if you gave them to much freedom they could go off and do their own thing. The clone was not to use any of his Iga techniques period. Secondly the clone was to act like someone who had not received an excellent education over the last six years, he was to be stupid, he wanted his ranking to be near the bottom of the class. He'd also given the clone a couple of annoying catch phrases to spout from time to time. Yep, he'd be one annoying personality. He also gave the clone permission to go prank without restraint.

With the clone out in the village and at the academy he would be free to finish his training as an Iga shinobi without interruption. Akeginu estimated that he'd be ready in about six more years which would mean he may have to fail the academy once or twice, but that was of no consequence. His Iga-ryu would far exceed anything he could learn at the academy. (5)

It would be a masterstroke of deception and incidentally his greatest prank to date. He was confident, people were stupid and the ones in Konoha particularly so. They'd have no problem believing whatever negative image he presented them with. Amazing to think that to fool an entire village he'd only needed a single clone and a large dash of stupidity. Well sensei did always say that the simplest deceptions were usually the best. With that thought he ordered the clone to head to his apartment in the village and begin its new life.

Foot Notes:

(1)Pretty much the same technique Yashamaru used against Shingo in chapter 1.

(2)Yashamaru's cool gloves.

(3)Or hidden jutsu I suppose, similar to the Nara clan's shadow technique - can't be copied by Sharingan.

(4)In my fic the sealed scroll is one of many, canon didn't mention what any of those other scrolls in the room were.

(5) So in regards to academy, students start at 12 finish at 16, Naruto gets in early at 10 but will 'fail' twice. In canon the maths didn't really add up, was he 2 years older than the rest or did he start early? Geniuses like Itachi and Kakashi graduated at 13 and 14. This allows Naruto's Iga education will be 10 years of intense training so he'll be very strong by the time he is 16 compared to the others.

Author's notes:

Okay so that was a little play on chapter 1 from canon. I figured that if chump…I mean canon Naruto could infiltrate and steal the scroll than kickass Iga Naruto could make it look easy.

Blood projection is obviously like Zabuza's technique but its probably better since the blood would be heavier and more viscous than water.

Naruto's not an idiot so he immediately notices Kage Bunshin's main advantage. He won't be relying on shadow clones at all in battle. Canon Naruto did because he had nothing else to use, Iga Naruto will have many skills so he won't need to rely on the technique. I mainly introduced it so there was a plausible reason for Naruto not to attend academy without having him permenantly leave the village.

Tune in next chapter for my first real action scene and Naruto's first true fight.