A journey's end chapter 4

The young wolf was grateful when it was accepted by it's new pack. Over time it learned their ways and hunted with them. She learned that the wolf's name was maria who was the new pack alpha. She led the pack til the day the world ended.

Shegra tilted her head to the side as she listened to a new story. The cave was wonderful but she was sad when night fell, she could still hear the acient voices talking to her as she slept.

" hey redtail what's paradise?" She asked.

A dark grey wolf with a brilliant red tail sat down beside her.

" it is a mystical place just for wolves but sadly no one has ever gone there." He wolfed.

" redtail can i go there someday?" She asked again.

" yes shegra you will, when the times comes."

I promise you redtail i will be with you soon. She thought.

The breeze felt different in the cave that kiba was in. He looked at the moonlight which showed him a picture of the wolf with the red eyes.

" go to her." Barked falled leaves. Her dirty claws raked the picture of the golden wolf. " go to the oracle and your quest will be complete."

The elder wolf disappeared and in her place stood an owl.

" go wolf go!" It chanted as it took off. " follow the three stars!"

Kiba woke up from his long slumber, discovering a body sleeping next to him he moved.

" found your answer." Asked fallen leaves.

Kiba nodded. " yes. Thank you." He bowed his head to her.

" so toby are you sure you have everything?" Questioned mecca.

" yes sensei i do and thanks for letting us stay here." Said toby as he bowed.

" no problem toby be careful though humans in the cross country arent so kind to wolves." Called mecca as he watched them leave.

" those wolves have so much to learn." Whispered fallen leaves.

Toby kept up the lead with riaka in the back.

Somewhere in the hills.

Prefect everything is going as planned. Thought darcia.

Soon once the second day passes the world will crumble and paradise will be mine for the taking.

Back with the pack.

The sound of their falling pawsteps are what kept them in sync with one another. They were sensing the fact that the cross country was just a hair away from them when:


The ice broke under midnight's paws and he fell in. His paws barely could grab the ice, kiba tryed to pull him out but it was too late: he had drowned.

" no! No! Nooooo!" Howled riaka as she went in after him. She pulled up the body of her now dead brother. " i promised." she whispered.

toby bowed in front of the body and groomed his friend's fur. riaka followed after him then shegra.

"what are they doing?" asked toboe.

"their saying their goodbyes." replied blue.

toby lifted up midnight and allowed him to fall into the water. "well guys theres nothing we can do now, it's time we got going again." said toby.

kiba looked over at riaka before taking off after them.

back at the cave.

a breeze came and knocked over a scarred stick on the wall.

"midnight has fallen." wolfed fallen leaves.

mecca made a "tsk" sound in the back of his throat before drawing a red mark over midnight's picture on the cave wall.

"this is what the great wolf has wanted." murmured mecca.

"the time of dying has come." whispered fallen leaves as the light fell on the circle in the ice. "it is only a matter of time before the black wolf falls and paradise is soon revived of spite."

the golden lights greeted the pack. "hey toby i thought you said the next town was cross country." called toboe.

"that's what i thought too." called toby back.

kiba's heart skipped a beat in knowing that his journey would soon end and his memory would be restored. he took off only to be pulled back by tsume.

"something's not right." he growled.

hige nodded but grimanced when he felt his head ring. "dang it!" he snapped.

"hige what's wrong?" asked blue.

"it's my head it really, really hurts." he howled.

he held his head and fell on the ground at her feet.

"take the collar off!" he begged.

blue nodded and tugged at his collar. the collar finally gave way and he was free.

"well done wolf! well done! the first phase of your journey is complete!" laughed a voice.

an owl came and landed on a branch of the tree. "go to the golden wolf and your questions will be answered!" it hooted before taking off into the sky.

to be continued until next time.

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