shegra: so let me guess we are back to updating?

me: yes why i thought you'd be excited to be back
shegra: well yeah but...

me: look i'm sorry that we are doing this but can we get on with it please?

shegra: ok

chapter five.

the city ahead of them shown a bright yellow light. hige flinched as he tryed to stare ahead.

"man thats bright! i hate to be the one paying the light bill here." he wined.

"guys welcome to golden bridge city." wolfed toby as they went down the hill.

the city gate was busy with visitors.

"so what's the plan now?" asked riaka.

"why don't we go in as our human selves eh?" suggested tsume taking off ahead of them.

everyone morphed into their human forms before approching the crowd. guards were letting them in one by one.

"i.d" gruffed one of the guards.

"oh sorry we were just traveling we didn't really know that we needed ." said toby scratching his head.

the guard's eye lit up. "oh your travelers well go on through."

a girl with white hair ran past them. "outta my way!" she yelled running. she bumped into kiba.

"dude what the freak bro!" she grumbled.

"oh sorry." he apologised getting up. their eyes met and acient wisdom passed through them.

"hey do i know you from somewhere?" she asked.

"no." said kiba.

hige's stomach growled loudly. "hey lady we are travelers do you know the best place to find something to eat."

blue shot him a look. "what?" he asked.

"oh that's ok because i just going to a small cafe come on i'll show you."

she led them to a small cafe by the name of Kojay's Sushi And Noodle shop. she began talking to the dark haired waitress in japanese before the lady seated them. hige looked happily at the pictures of noodles and sushi on the menu.

"so if your travelers where might you be heading?" she asked.

"before we tell you that why don't you give us your name." answered hige.

"my name is hikaya and i am a native here."

"we are off to see the oracle for our friend here kiba." motioned toby. "he has a problem with his memory."

"ah i see well tell you what i will take you there after we have all eaten." murmured hikaya.

the waitress setted there food down on the table and hige tryed to dig in but earned him a slap by blue.
"the pack leader first!" she growled.

kiba laughed as he grabbed some noddles and sushi off the tray. the sushi felt buttery against his tounge giving him a shiver. he took another bite unable to help himself.

"dang kiba! slow down!" laughed tsume before digging in.

shegra stood outside of the cafe away from the others.

redtail it wont be long before i find out where you are for now i wont sleep until i find you. she thought.

kiba passed some food into her hand. "here that way you dont strave."

she nodded her thanks to him. "thanks."

the wind blew against them. "i am so close to finding my brother redtail i can feel it."

"who's redtail?" asked kiba.

"redtail he was my brother but unfortunatly he grew up in a different pack from mine at that time. he took care of me soon after my parents died in the wildfire." she murmured.

kiba held her hand. "dont worry you'll have your brother back and i will have my memory."

she smiled quietly to herself.

"so hikaya what's a pretty girl like you doing out on your own?" questioned toboe.

"well i am hopping that the oracle can answer my question as well." she sighed.

the sun had finally set on the horizon as they left. "she's this way and her castle is the last building down that street." pointed hikaya.

toby wrote down the instructions...

to be continued...