A journey's end chapter seven

"Redtail!" Cried shegra as she hugged her brother for the first time.

" shegra i am so glad i found you sister." He whispered.

" well you have your memory back what now?" Asked hige.

" we go to darcia's keep i have a score to settle there." Said kiba.

The wind blew furociusly around them as kiba made that annoucement. " shegra and blue you stay here while the rest of us go." Wolfed hige.

" but!" Began blue.

" look blue if i know you are waiting for me then i will fight harder to get to you." Murmured hige as she took his hand.

Back at darcia's keep.

" lord darcia." Bowed on of the girls. " the wolf's memory has been restored."

" excellent, excellent!" Clapped darcia. " now the plan is finally in motion."

" it would seem so."

Darcia turned to his mate who was locked in an endless sleep. " soon mohomina my love, you will be lifted of this evil curse and be with me once more."

Outside back in freezecity.

One of the soldiers came running up to officer hubb.

" no sign of her sir." He panted.

Hubb sighed. " well keep looking she has to be around here somewhere it's not like a teenage girl can vanish all together."

The soldier saluted him and took off again.

Where could she have gone? Shegra knows shes not suppose to leave the city espacially since her brother disappeared for so long i hope shes ok. He thought.

Hubb pulled out a piece of paper that had a strange "l" and "s" symbol on it. Weird.

Outside of goldenbridge.

Toby and riaka stood with the pack.

" well i guess this is it." He murmured.

" hey thanks for helping us out toby." Said kiba as he placed a paw on toby's head.

" no thank you for giving us an adventure to remember." Wolfed toby.

" bye kiba we wont forget you." Waved riaka as the pack left.

Toby watched as a little star flew across the sky, he could of sworn he heard midnight's laugh on it.

Kiba finally felt like himself again since his memory had been restored. There was nothing but icy wind going against them as they ran torwards darcia's keep.

Hang on cheza i'm coming! Pleaded kiba.

The storm finally picked up making it harder to see anything. Ice made it even harder to grip.

" hey kiba!" Called toboe over the winds. " ki-ba!"

To be continued...

Hey i am sorry that this one is getting shorter and shorter but i am just tired of writing this. The flower chronicles will start as of late november early december cause it is going through drafting.

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