This is the machine that remotely controls me.

I watched silently as I seen Len go into the living room, and straight to the(MY) xBox 360. I the growled to myself as he grabbed the remote.

"Okay, Rin. I know you're there." He smirked as I entered with a pointed glare at the hand holding the remote control. "Len. What are you doing. To my beautiful xBox."

I see him smirk again, "Well, Rinny. You've been more into this game then you have been into me lately." What? We weren't together, or anything! Who does this creep think he is? "So, you're not getting it back until I get what I want."

I rolled my eyes, "Idiot, what do you want?" I asked, expecting something like, 'Get me more bananas', or even a scheme for me to get the player with one of my friends (Which, he didn't know, broke my heart because he was supposed to be with me.). What he said, though, made my heart drop.

"You, Rinny."

"…What?" No way. Len was a player, but would even he stoop this low?

"All those girls I've been with, I've really only wanted you. You're beautiful," as he spoke, he played with my hair, "My best friend, the gamer girl that can kick anybody's ass, and I know you'll never leave. Now, come on, Rinny-chan. Give me."

Of course Len.

No way. It's not like Len's overly handsome, awesome friend with an amazing personality that I loved, or anything. But he's probably just trying to use me.

"Yes or no xBox."

I sighed, knowing I was defeated. It was going to be a long night.

I groaned lightly as I felt Len bite into my neck, and then press his lips back to mine. He was intoxicating, and I had quickly succumbed to whatever he had wanted. My hands were chained to the headboard, my legs shaking from pleasure of which he was causing.

Did I know this day was coming?

Only in my dreams.

I yelped loudly as he inserted a digit inside me, wiggling it in some way I didn't know of. He pulled out as I whined with the loss of the finger, but he just continued to plunge it back in. I didn't know that it would feel so good.

Len kissed my lips once more, before a second finger joined his first, repeating the process, and I groaned ever so lightly. He never showed this side to me before.

He slipped a third digit into me, and began to hammer me once more. I mewled with pleasure and slight pain, but didn't like it too much when he pulled them out of me permantly. Only to be replaced, however, with a much bigger prospect.

Len was huge.