What up people? Hey, I wanted to bring something to ya'lls attention. I ACTUALLY NEED OCs FOR THIS, THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF AN OC FORUM AIN'T IT?

"Hey, hey, hey," said Rocky Blue climbing into her best friend /girlfriend's house. "Hey baby," said Cece Jones stepping out to meet her. "I got a surprise for you," said Rocky handing Cece a letter. "What's this?" she asked. "Open it and see," said Rocky. Cece did as she was told and opened the letter.


Congratulations Ms. Cece Jones, you have been invited to the Vicksburg Talent Invitational. You and Ms. Raquel Blue must be at the Vicksburg High School Football Field on September 30, 2012 to be briefed about this competition. We have included information pertinent to anything you need to know.


Victoria Willard

"Whoa, we got in!" yelled Cece. "I know, this is so great!" said Rocky jumping with her girlfriend. "What are you two so happy about?" laughed Ms. Jones walking around the corner. Cece handed her the letter and resumed jumping. "Well, then you girls better get packing. And while you're there, I don't want no funny business," she warned pointing her finger at the couple. Rocky's cheeks became very red but Cece just blew it off (ik, that sounds very perverted). "Wait, you're not going?" asked Cece catching on. "No, because I have things to do and I trust you with Rocky," said her mother motioning for them to hurry along.

They ran to their rooms to start packing. About 2 hours later Cece got a text from Rocky.

Rocky: Hey baby, finished packing yet?

Cece: Yeah, just finished, u?

Rocky: Just about everything, just picking out what kinda lingerie you'd like best

Cece fell back on her bed laughing so hard she thought she might die. She knew that Rocky didn't own a single piece of lingerie, and she was just playing around.

Next Day

"Are you girls ready to go?" asked Ms. Jones standing by the taxi with Rocky and Cece. "For the millionth time, yes mom," said Cece hugging her mother. "Well, you two behave yourselves," she said wiping away tears. They got in the taxi and waved goodbye to their relatives as they drove toward the airport. Once on the plane and in the air, Rocky took out her laptop and started researching anything having to do with VTI. She then started to look up VHS. Once she was done with this, she started to think about what dance routine her and Cece should do first once they were there.

"Cece, baby wake up," Rocky said shaking the redhead who was currently lying on her shoulder lightly. "Uhh, just 5 more minutes," moaned Cece. "Don't make me," said Rocky in a threating manner. Cece shot up and said, "you wouldn't." "Just try me," said Rocky. They gathered their things and exited the plane. They then found a taxi to take them to a hotel where they rented a room together. "Hey Rocks, look, there's a football game going on tonight at the VHS football field, why don't we go there," said Cece looking at a sheet of paper lying on the table. "Ok, let's go," said Rocky as they linked hands and walked out.

Once there, they bought tickets and found a seat on the home side. They then heard a drum cadence from up the hill coming closer. "Hey Rocky, what's that sound?" asked Cece. "That's a drum cadence, it's used for a band to keep beat as they march," answered Rocky. "Well, why can't they just count like when we dance?" asked Cece confused. "Cause- well just watch," said Rocky pointing to the VHS band as they marched past the home stands. "Band, horns up!" they heard someone yell. The band raised their instruments and pointed them to the stands they past the stands. "1,2, ready play!" the voice shouted again as they heard the band play Get Ready still marching past. "How do they do that?" asked the to girls in unison as they watched the band keep their upper bodies to the stands but their lower bodies stayed pointed to where they were going. They then snapped down and started to get in the stands.

Later on

"Wow, their team really sucks," said Cece looking at the scoreboard at half time. "Ladies and Gentleman, on behalf of VHS, we would like to welcome you to the game. Now for the Vicksburg High School "Pride" Marching Band as they present their halftime performance, Rockin' to the 70's starting with Free by Chicago and concluding with a medley of Tower of Power hits including So Very Hard to Go, You're still a young man, What is hip, and 25 or 6 to 4 by Chicago. Drum Majors Waldrep and Rivera, is your band ready?" The Drum Majors started a salute, causing Cece to say, "That makes me want to join a band so I could do that." "Why?" asked Rocky confused. "It looks fun," she responded as the band took the field. They then started to march. At the beginning of the last song, the girl to Cece's left said, "I love this song." Cece turned to her watching as the girl stared intently at the band, more specifically the Trombones.

"Hello," said Cece. "Oh, hello," said the girl shyly. "You must play that instrument," said Cece pointing down to the trombones. "You mean the Trombone, yes I do but no where near that good," she said casting her gaze back to the band. By this time the band had stopped playing and had ran to an arc position. They then stood still as a group of dancers took the field. "Ladies and Gentlemen, now entering the field is the VHS Gator Girls performing to the song Low, aka Applebottom Jeans." (We, the VHS band, are actually playing that this Friday for the Gator Girls)

"Wow, they are trashy," said Rocky watching the Gator Girls dance. "Yeah, but the song is cool," said Cece dancing in her seat causing Rocky to grab her by the shoulders and holding her still. "Thank you, the Pride band is directed by Lee Winters, Katie Bougher, Terry Steed, and Darrel Ward. Drum Majors are Daniel Rivera and Destinee Waldrep. Captains are Tyneshia Jarret, Clarinet. Destinee Waldrep, Flute. Ishmael Pendleton and Mathew Talbot, Trumpet. Victoria Pagen and Troy Jarret, French Horn. Austin McCain, Tenor Saxophone. Amy Dixon and Chris Acerman, alto Saxophone. Mason Dafferon, Tuba. And William Remington, Trombone and Baritone."

After the Game

"Ok baby, time for bed," said Rocky getting into the one bed. "Aw, come on Rocky, we can stay up alittle longer can't we," whined Cece. "Not if you want to get up early enough tomorrow, and plus I had something you might like planned," said Rocky with a seductive look. Cece couldn't get in bed fast enough. (This is a T rated story people, I ain't putting no sex scene in here.)