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In the capital in a secret building that barely gets any recognition five people were wondering what was keeping a team member late from getting there. A goth girl was pacing back and forth while an elderly man was standing trying regale the team about something that they did not really need to hear. Another elderly man was typing at his computer and getting really mad at and started to slam down hard, the other two were doing their daily routine when they heard the keyboard getting slammed.

"Uh Boss I don't think that you need to do that after all it takes time to work on a computer." One of the guys said from his desk.

"And you know this why McGeek? Oh yeah your name says it right there MCGEEK." the other one nearly shouted startling the rest of the team.

"Where is she?" the goth girl asked.

"Abbey I am sure that she is fine and that she will be walking in here any second now." McGee said.

The team member in question was driving in her normal speed being used to driving in her native land Israel, when a blinding light came from now where stunning her.

"Ugh my head. *moans*"she said incoherently

Two people who were out for a casual walk notice that something was wrong and went to go and investigate, when a black van with no way to find it pulled up to the Israeli car and got out. The people who got out were covered from head to toe so that no one could find them.

"Are you certain that this is a good idea, I mean we could be heading everything into a war?" one of them asked in a strange foreign language.

"Yes she is a target along with another one after we get the two of them together we will win everything that we were told, we would win after all who can stop us we have that island that no one goes to anyways." the other replied in that same language.

"But won't we get into huge trouble with the government? I thought that we were suppose to keep a low profile." said the first.

"Look lets just grab her and get our other target and head to that island were we will dump the two of them and head back here no one the wiser." said the second.


Back at the headquarters of NCIS the team was getting more worried about their missing friend but decided that it would best not to put a BOLO out for her just yet. They heard the elevator door ring open and they all thought that it was their teammate.

"Any later Ziva and we were going to call you and ask you why you were late." the leader said. When he got no response he stood up to see if it their team member.

He heard a canister rolling on the carpet floor and release a nerve gas. "Everyone cover you face so you don't inhale..." the leader was trying to get out before he passed out on the floor, but it was too late the entire room was covered in smoke putting everyone out cold. Two guys entered the room covered again with protective gear and went up to Abbey.

"And here is target number two." One said.

"Can we go. I don't want to get caught." The other said.

"Yes now that we have both we can further carry out our plan." the first one said. After they picked up Abbey they both left the building and got back into their van.

Driving down the road as if nothing had happen the two kidnappers were heading to a marine park to rent a boat under the guise of sight-seeing around the harbor on open water. The guy who owned the marine park agreed and asked about the two women.

"They are our dates and wanted to go with us. But they fell asleep along the way here and well you understand."

"Of course the drive could be long or short depending on where you come from. Hey is the key to the ignition but I do need you to sign some papers company policy you know." the owner said.

"Sure hey Steve why don't you sign the papers while I go wake up our dates."

"Sure thing Derek." 'Steve' said. Signing the papers the marine park owner said that he was closing within thirty minutes.

"Uh that is only a short time to seeing everything along the harbor." 'Steve' whinnied.

"I know but I really don't like it either but when the sun sets I close."

"Well then we will try to be fast."

'Derek' went to go get Abbey and Ziva. Neither woman had recovered from the ordeal that put them there as of yet.

"Come ladies our ride is waiting." 'Derek' said.

Getting them on the boat proved to be a challenge with two sleeping women, but they managed and took off just as the sun was setting. The owner came out to see the boat leaving and could not yell loud enough to get them back. 'I better wait until they come back.

Back at NCIS

Everyone was coming to groaning and moaning.

"Is everyone still here?" The leader asked.

"No Jethro everyone is not all accounted for. Abigail is missing." The elderly man stated.

"Alright McGee pull up the security cameras. Lets find out what happened. DiNozzo called Ziva's phone. And Ducky I want you to go around and check on everyone." Jethro said.

To be continued.