Review: Ziva and Abbey had woken up on a strange island wondering what to do and how to get home. Back at the harbor the two kidnappers blew up the harbor, to cover their tracks. The NCIS started to get worry about their missing members and decided to inform the Mossad about Ziva being missing. It was revealed that a shadow figure pull them from the shoreline further up the beach. Will our friends be saved and will they meet the shadow figure.

On Island:

Ziva had convinced Abbey that they had to explore the island in search of shelter, when they heard some rustling from off to the left of them. They looked towards their left and saw the blur of shadow figure running away. They looked at each other; and thought the same thought that they should go investigate what it was that they saw.

'I don't believe this. Why is history repeating itself?' the shadow figure thought.

"Whew whoever this person is, they sure are fast I am having trouble keeping up with them. Ziva I don't think that this is a good idea." the goth said.

"I know but we need answers right now. I have a feeling that whoever this person is might help. I can faster but I don't want to leave you out here by yourself." the Isreali replied.

"Run faster than but please mark the trail. Uh Ziva I think that you are going to want to see this."

"Darn it we are back to where we started but this time there is someone there."

It was true the shadow figure led them back around to the beach, hoping that this time that they won't follow. The shadow person did not turn around with out the fear holding them up. As Ziva and Abbey were starting their approach towards the shadow figure they noticed that the figure was dressed in what appeared to them as rags; they also noticed that the figure did not turn around but was getting ready to bolt yet again.

"Please wait we won't harm you. We only want to talk." Abbey said hoping that the figure understood what she was saying.

To their surprise the figure stopped in their tracks but did not turn around. Ziva approached the figure with the caution from being around the team. Abbey wanted to approach but she got the feeling that there was something different about the person in front of them but she could not put her figure on it.

"Uh Ziva, I don't think that it would be wise to approach her right now." Abbey said.

"Why do you say that? I won't hurt her, but I think that it would be wise to stay together." Ziva said.

"It is a feeling that I get. Man I could really use a Caf-Pow right now."

"I know what you mean."

The figure heard them saying that they were thirsty and motioned that they should follow. After being led to a fresh water stream and to some fresh fruit on the island Ziva and Abbey ate and drank till they were full and finally asleep.

The figure was listening intently to the strange sounds of the two sleeping women wondering where their people were. "I hope that your friends find you and I will ask the Watcher of all to guide them here.

Back at NCIS

"I understand your concern Sir but I can assure you that we have the best people on the case. No Sir we don't have any leads as of yet. Please hold on Sir (turns the Muted TV up "We are here at a marine park where just moments ago it stood with the proud owner. What you see behind me is a pile of debris all over the place. The local police have no clues as to why someone would target the park."). Sir I have to let you go and get my team over there to see if there is any clues as to our missing agents. *hangs up the phone* Ugh what an ordeal. *Getting ahold of the secretary* Get me Gibbs or DiNozzo." The Director of NCIS said.

Moments later Gibbs showed up with a scowl on his face.

"If you are going to tell me about that explosion, DiNozzo already told me. I was thinking about investigating to see if our people were there or not." Gibbs said.

Flash back

"Boss we have a problem."

"What is it DiNozzo?"

"I am not able to track Abbey the way you and McGee suggested. Because there was an explosion not to far from here." DiNozzo said.

"We are on our way back."

End of Flash back.

"You have a go to investigate this and not one word had better leak out of this office building do I make myself clear." Jenny said.

"Crystal." Gibbs said then left the office.

"Bring your gear and somebody get Ducky." came the order.

At the Harbor.

"Ah I think that should be enough of our presences, we don't want to be here when NCIS arrives." on of the Kidnappers said.

"Yeah let's go."

"Yes let's go, but before we both get into the car there was something that I was going to do. Now what was it oh yes now I remembered. You were talking to the girls giving them a hint on how to find us. You became a liability thanks to that. If those girls are found they could track you based on your voice. Good-bye "Steve". *guns goes off.* Enjoy Hell." the final Kidnapper said and walks away.

Everyone that was around heard a gun go off but they did not know who fired their gun. Moments later NCIS shows up and finds that there needs to be some serious crowd control. Gibbs walks up to one of the local police officers and ask who was in charge of the crowd; they told him that no one was and that they had another issue on their hands. Each one was muttering about a gun going off and how it was not their gun till one of the police officers noticed that his gun was missing.

"Uh Jethro we seemed to have another body on our hands." The ME said.

"Yes Ducky we do thank you for the information right now you focus on the bodies and the rest of us will focus on the harbor."


Gibbs walked up behind Tony and smacked in the head.

"What was that for? You may not care for them but I sure as hell do." DiNozzo said.

"We need to keep a low profile DiNozzo and I understand that you are concerned."

"Sorry Boss, but this keeps getting worse and worse."


None of the people on the land noticed a dolphin jumping out of the water and doing flips distracting them from seeing someone leaving away from the shore. It was the shadow figure from the island looking for Ziva's and Abbey's friends, and not having any luck. When DiNozzo and McGee were done collecting evidence and Gibbs done with getting statements, Ducky had both bodies loaded and ready to taken back to the headquarters.

On the Island

Both Ziva and Abbey were waking up and holding a conversation and wondering if what they saw was real.

"Hey Abbey you saw a figure last night right?" Ziva asked.

"Yeah and I was going to ask you the same."

Okay so my eyes were not playing tricks on me."

They looked around and noticed that they were the only ones around and that they were near a cave. They looked at each other and nodded in mutual understanding about going in. Walking in they saw a girl painting on the wall from what she heard.

"Hey that is a harbor from we are from." Abbey exclaimed startling the girl.

"No it is okay we won't hurt you we want to ask you a few questions the first off where are we?" Ziva assured the girl. Ziva and Abbey noticed that she tried to speak but all that came out were growls and hisses so Abbey pointed to the wall "Why don't you draw it." The girl understanding this wrote You are on an Island a little ways off from the place you call home.. I have no idea on how you got here but I do have some idea on how to get you back. I know that your friends are worried about you and I don't like strangers here on my home. I will take you back home but afterwards I leave to come back here. Island equals home.

"Okay this is too weird. I am afraid that we can not leave you here by yourself with no way for you to protect yourself."

At that the girl scowled at them, and Abbey was feeling intimidated while Ziva was getting ready to fight.

"Uh Ziva may I talk to you. *They both leave* I think that she is unused to being near people and does not want her home to be destroyed, plus she called this place home. Not something else that we would normally have said." Abbey said.

"That is true, I guess that I am not used to being surrounded by trees all the time." Ziva confided.

They went back in to see the girl curling into a ball and going to sleep guessing that they should do the same they found a spot where it was a safe distance away from the girl yet a safe distance near the girl. They woke in the night hearing whimpering noises, looking around they saw that the sounds were coming from the sleeping girl. Soon a wolf came through and laid down next to the girl ceasing the whimpering. They thought that it was odd but could do nothing save trying to figure if the wolf was friendly or if it was going to eat them all. They slowly crept over and saw that the girl was fast asleep and so was the wolf.


Gibbs went down to Ducky to get his report from the ME and everything was as they found and the doctor concluded the same theories they talked about what to do next and how tension was high. He then went to McGee who had no luck identifying the bodies that they brought back and Tony looked as if he was going to bite someone's hand off so he ordered everyone to go home and rest.

To Be Continued

What will Gibbs find out about the Kidnapping and how will the girl get Abbey and Ziva home.