A/N: This story takes place right after Charley, Amy and Ed discovers Jerry is a vampire (but Amy doesn't believe Jerry is a vampire) but before Charley tells his mom about it.

This is a story I decided to do, right in time for next month's Halloween, it's kinda light hearted and funny but it's the first in a series of stories I'm doing from now up until December 25th.

Halloween 2012:

Jerry was sitting on the sofa watching the film, Dracula 2000 while eating numerous bowls of apples. He was laughing almost heartily at the way they were portraying vampires in the film. It was almost ridiculous to him. He knew vampires acted nothing like how they were being portrayed in that film, and after all, he would have known-he was a vampire. He immediately heard loud laughing outside and then the knock came at the door. He looked over his shoulder, out at the hallway with a slightly alert look. The knock came again. Jerry smirked his evil smile as he got up and walked to the door, when he opened it, he looked with an eyebrow raised and a slightly look of confusion. In front of him were four little kids dressed in Halloween costumes. They looked like they ranged in ages from five to seven years old. One was dressed as Lady Gaga, one was dressed as a witch, one was dressed as Al Capone and the last one-dressed as a Vampire, with all the over extra makeup, fake blood and fangs.

"Trick or treat!" The kids all yelled in unison, with pumpkin candy bowls in their hand.

Jerry looked at the kids and scoffed with a smile. He nodded as he bit down on his lower lip and knelt down in front of the kids.

"TRICK -or treat, huh?" Jerry said in his low, cool voice. "Well, let's see here, we have a witch, a-bizarre-lady with horns?"

"No it's Lady Gaga." One of the little girls said with a laugh from the other three.

Jerry looked at the little girl with slight confusion and nodded.

"Lady Gaga," Jerry said lowly. "Never heard of it-or-her."

Jerry looked at the little girl dressed as a vampire and smirked.

"And let me guess, you're dressed as -a vampire." Jerry said, almost with amusement.

The little girl nodded with a smile.

"Yeah and be careful, I'll BITE you!" The little girl said with a laugh from the other three.

Jerry laughed slightly and nodded.

"Mmm, not before I bite you first." Jerry said in a low voice, as he leaned closer to her.

Jerry looked all around before looking back at the girl.

"Don't tell anyone but I'm a REAL vampire." Jerry said in a low whisper.

The little girl laughed.

"No you're not." One of the little girls said.

Jerry shrugged and smirked.

"Sure I am-see."

Jerry immediately showed his long, white, sharp fangs and hissed loudly at the kids and the kids immediately ran away from his door screaming scared. Jerry stood back up to his feet and laughed as he shook his head.

"Ah, gotta love Halloween." Jerry said before slamming the door shut to his house.

~ 9:15 p.m. ~

Jerry was sitting in his chair, in front of the television watching Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis, and eating apples, when he heard another knock on his door. He sighed almost with annoyance.

"Damn, not another trick or treater." Jerry said in a low voice as he got up and walked to the door.

He opened the door and sighed again, this time with a bit of anger.

"WHAT?" Jerry snapped.

Standing in front of his door, was one little boy, with dark, black hair that fell into his bright, brown eyes. The little boy was dressed as a vampire, but with heavier makeup than the last kid who stepped onto Jerry's doorstep. Jerry looked at the kid and sighed with a slight frown.

"Great, another vampire wanna be." Jerry said without unenthusiastically.

"Trick or treat mister." The little boy said with an eyebrow raised.

Jerry sighed and knelt down in front of the little boy.

"Look, kid, I don't have any trick or treat candy for you, ok?" Jerry said almost coldly.

"My name is NOT kid, it's Jerry and I want candy. I know you have some." The little boy said sternly.

Jerry looked at the kid with a more deeper frown.

"Say what again?" Jerry said almost coldly. "What's your name?"

"Jerry, my name is Jerry now where's the candy? I have other houses to go to." The little boy demanded.

Jerry stared at the little boy observantly. He noticed the structure of the little's boy's face, his jawline, the color of his hair and eyes, his nose, his mouth. This kid looked very familiar to Jerry. Jerry blinked twice while staring at the little boy.

"What-what's your last name, kid?" Jerry asked in a low voice.

"I'm not supposed to tell you my last name, you're a stranger, doofus." The little boy said coldly. "Now are you going to give candy or not?"

Jerry looked at the little boy with an eyebrow raised and scoffed.

"Would your last name be Dandridge?" Jerry asked with slight hesitance.

The little kid stared at Jerry with fearful eyes.

"How did you know that?" The little boy asked sharply.

Jerry looked at the little boy as if he were staring at something absolutely dreadful.

Charley was unwrapping a Reese Pieces cup, when he looked over and saw Jerry kneeling down in front of his house and talking to no one that they could see.

"Well, it looks like Jerry's gone completely nuts." Charley said as he stared at Jerry. "He's talking to himself over there."

Ed and Amy look over at Jerry and Amy scoffs and smirks.

"Who is he talking to?" Amy asked.

"See, not only are vampires evil, they're crazy." Ed said strongly.

"I wonder what he's up to." Charley said in a low voice.

Ed stood up quickly.

"Let's go find out." Ed said as he walked away.

Charley stood up and followed after Ed. Amy sighed with slight frustration.

"Great, let's go find spy on the neighbor." Amy said as she shook her head and stood up and followed them over to Jerry's house.

"Look-Jerry, I don't HAVE candy alright?" Jerry said in a more snappy tone.

The little kid looked at Jerry with anger and rage.

"You doofus!" The kid yelled.

Immediately the kid reached down into his medium sized, brown paper bag and pulled out an egg.

"Yeah kid, look," Jerry began, "I-"

Jerry was cut off as the kid threw the egg right at Jerry's face before running away. Jerry sighed angrily as the egg's remnants slid down his face just as Charley, Ed and Amy walked over.

"Terrific." Jerry said almost angrily as he stood to his feet and wiped a bit of the egg's remnants off his face.

"How did you get egg on your face?" Charley asked.

Jerry stood up and wiped off the rest of the egg remnants off his face.

"What do you mean, how did I get egg on my face?" Jerry snapped. "You saw that little kid just run off."

Charley, Ed and Amy look at Jerry like he's nuts.

"Um, what kid? Where?" Amy asked.

Jerry looked at them with an eyebrow raised.

"What kid-THAT-THAT kid that just ran off a second ago." Jerry said strongly. "Just when you three walked up here."

Charley looked at Jerry with a confused stare.

"Uh Jerry, there's no kid around here." Charley said. "The last kid that came up to the houses for candy was thirty minutes ago, and that was a group of four."

Jerry stared at Charley with a look of disbelief.

"So you didn't JUST see that little kid named Jerry run away from my doorstep, guy? Come on." Jerry said almost coldly.

"Ok, he's going crazy, Brewster, a crazy vampire is a first." Ed whispered to Charley.

Charley rolled his eyes at Ed.

"Jerry, there wasn't a kid that ran away from your porch or named-Jerry." Charley said. "What-what are you talking about?"

Jerry stared at Charley, Ed and Amy as if they were 'punking' him.

"Oh, ok-sure." Jerry said as he nodded, still with his look of disbelief. "Goodnight, leave me alone-all of you."

Jerry turned around and walked back inside his house, slamming the door behind him.

Charley looked at Ed and Amy and exhaled loudly with a shake of his head.

"Yeah, I'd say it's safe to say he's gone crazy." Charley said with a brief laugh from Ed.

Ed, Charley and Amy walked away.