Sensing Time

Chapter One

Tea was running out of time, Todd could be such a stubborn ass and her daughter wasn't any better. They were so much alike and they both had a hard time trusting people. If Tea was honest with herself she would also have to admit that she had a hard time with trust as well. Hell, she couldn't even trust Todd with the truth of her impending death.

It had been a month since Tea found out that she had an inoperable brain tumor. That was when Time had become her worst enemy, the one thing she couldn't fight. Tea had always been a fighter, she had to be, but now Tea was tired of fighting the impossible. Death and taxes- no one could get out of it not even Tea.

Tea left the courtroom, frustrated and angry. Todd had just been sentenced to twenty five years for apparently pushing Marty down the stairs. Tea didn't know if he was guilty, all she knew was he was all that their daughter would have. Tea had fought as hard as she could even though the chemotherapy had left her too exhausted to stand let alone fight Todd's never ending legal troubles.

Of course Todd had blamed her when the guilty verdict had come in. Todd believed that she had intentionally thrown the case because she didn't want to share Dani with him. He could be so deluded sometimes and even then Tea couldn't allow her self to tell Todd the truth. She would rather Todd hate her then to lose control. Vulnerability was for suckers.

Tea was driving home when she lost whatever control she had left. She had been told by the doctors that one of the side affects of her tumor could be the loss of sight, but she had clung to the belief that her sight would remain intact. God was already taking her life, did he have to take her sight as well. Tea was petrified as the sudden darkness hit her, she tried to stop her car and steer it to the side of the road hoping that she wouldn't hit any body. Tea realized that she was too late as she heard the shattering of glass and the crunching of metal.

John had been on his way home when he saw the car ahead of him suddenly slow down. John's instincts had kicked in. Something was wrong with the other driver. John felt helpless, he wanted to help, but he couldn't he was too late. He watched as the car veered into the side wall.