Sensing Time 9

Tea woke up and saw John sleeping in the chair next to her. She instantly was filled with shame and frustration when she recognized him. She had told him not to come but he came anyways and brought Dani with him and she knew that her moments of confusion had hurt them both.

She felt so drained and knew that the end was coming. "John, go get Dani, I need to see her," Tea said as she shook John to wake him.

"Tea, you're awake," John said as he opened his eyes.

"Go get Dani," Tea repeated herself.

John left the room for a couple of seconds and then came back with Dani.

"Can I have a couple of minutes alone with my daughter?" Tea asked.

"Of course, I'll just be in the next room," John said and then he walked out of the room.

"Do you remember me?" Dani cautiously asked as she sat down next to her mom.

"Of course I remember you. I'm sorry that I was confused earlier but I'm lucid now and there's some things that I want to tell you before I die."

"I'm not ready for you to die, it's too soon. I can't say goodbye to you, " Dani said as she began to cry.

"It's my time baby, but I'm not scared because I know that you'll be just fine without me. You're strong, courageous and beautiful. I am so lucky because I was blessed to have you in my life for all these years. I love you so much Dani and I want you to be there for John. He's going to need your strength and love when I'm gone. I want you to respect and listen to Blair and to treat her the way that you treat me."

"I'm afraid of being without you mom."

"Don't be and whenever you miss me close your eyes and think of me and I promise that I will be there. You're never going to be without me because I know that you will carry me in your heart," Tea said as her voice broke with emotion. She was trying so hard to be strong for Dani, but saying goodbye was beginning to take it's toll on her.

"I love you too mom and I'll take care of John and Blair. I promise."

"Can you go and send John in?" Tea asked.

"I love you mom. I won't say goodbye cause you'll be with me for always," Dani said ad she placed her hand over her heart.

John walked into the room and sat by Tea's side.

"I want you to know how much I love you. You have been my rock, my champion, and my best friend through this whole thing. I need you to make me two promises."

"Anything, I would do anything for you."

"I know that's why I want you to promise me that you'll move on with your life. I don't want you to grieve for me forever and I want you to find love and happiness with somebody else."

"I love you Tea, I don't know if I'll be able to move on with anybody else."

"One day you will and when you do I want you to know that you have my blessing, so I just want you to promise me that you won't close you're heart and that you'll leave yourself open to the possibility of falling in love again. Will you promise me that?"

John was silent for a couple of minutes and then he whispered, "I promise," as a teardrop slid down his cheek.

"I also want you to promise me that you'll raise Dani with Blair. I want you to ask her to move in with you at least for a couple of months while you and Dani are grieving. I don't want you and Dani to be alone and I'll feel better knowing that she's going to take care of you."

"I promise."

"Go and get Dani, I want to go outside and feel the sun on my face,"

John and Dani helped Tea outside and helped her get situated on the porch swing. She laid by John's side as she watched Dani and Blair playing in the water. Tea closed her eyes and died in John's arms feeling the peace and love that surrounded her.