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I stand there as the clock ticks on the wall; the noise making me even more frustrated by the second. I sigh and look through the small hole in the door and see Tris sleeping soundlessly on the bed inside. I can't help but smile. She's ever so beautiful. Her blonde hair fell across her face covering her flawless features. I purse my lips together, that hair needs to be moved.

I reach into my back pocket, pull out my keys and quickly find the correct key for this door. I put the key in the door and open it. I walk over to the bed and crouch down. Trying not to wake her I tuck the strand of hair behind her ear. Now I can see her long pointy nose and big blue eyes.

Tris Prior is a beautiful girl, no matter how much she denies it. Four doesn't deserve her. I think back to the time where Four told her she wasn't pretty, I was outraged; she is pretty, she is more than pretty, she is beautiful!

I was watching them that day, I saw him take her down to the chasm and I was fearful that he was going to kill her. I didn't know why I cared so much, I tried to kill her myself just a few days before, but that was Drew's idea. He was the one who suggested it and I went through with it to impress Molly.

I thought Molly was everything to me, but when I watched Al and Drew nearly throw Tris over the Chasm. It dawned on me that I actually did care if Tris died. I was so relieved when Four came and saved her.

"What are you doing?" I hear a sharp voice whisper. I look up to see Caleb starring down at me with wide-eyes. I shrug my shoulders and stand up.

"Are they really going to kill her?" I ask him. Caleb nods. "Why aren't you doing anything about it? You're her brother!"

Caleb glances away, "Come with me," he says and begins walking away. I quickly follow him, locking the door behind me to cover up any evidence of me being in there. I hurry down the hall to catch up with the imbecile.

He catches me by surprise when he turns left sharply and goes into a room. Caleb is already looking at different coloured tubes when I enter. Only then do I realise we're in the serum room. He looks up at me through over his oblong glasses.

"This is a paralyses serum," he says and holds up a purple serum, "It's the same colour as the death serum. Tomorrow, I'll distract Jeanine and you swap the serums." I nod taking as I take all of this in. This could kill me. I am going to betray the Erudite for Tris putting my own life in danger. I have never done something so abnegation before yet when Caleb passes me, I take the serum and thank him. Now I don't have to watch the only stiff that has ever caught my eye die.

I tuck the serum in my jeans and pull my T-Shirt over to hide it from anyone who might wish to stop me.

It is at this moment that I realise; I've changed. I am doing something which, in my eyes is something only a stiff would do and I am doing this for a stiff.

But she isn't a stiff. She is different, she is divergent and...I think I am falling for her.

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