Raised By Darkness: Chapter 32

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So who was A? Harry had no idea and neither did any of his friends, he had told them of course but the question still remained as to whether they should go or not.

"It's very risky," Cho warned and as usual she was the voice of reason, a voice that everyone agreed with; they had been led into a trap once and ended up with the entire school suspecting them, they could not afford to be implicated more. Harry however did not listen to reason, the moment his mother's journal had been brought into the situation then he was blinded. Whatever was in that book could explain a lot and if it was a trap then he wouldn't bring anyone down with him, so he had gone alone to forest. He had waited until everyone was asleep, taken his mother's journal and glided out of the common room in silence, his friends would think he was being reckless and foolish and in many ways they were right but his desire to know the truth was overpowering. So here he was, in the silence of the dark night he moved to the very border of the forest, it was five to twelve and soon whoever contacted him would appear. He was ready to fly away at a moment's notice just encase someone tried to attack him, but nothing had moved yet and if they were going to attack they could have acted when he arrived a few moments ago so maybe he was safe. Then he heard a click, it was a short brief sound but his inner self turned his attention to the disturbance, then the click came again but further away, it was a breadcrumb trail and one only he could follow. So for the first time in a while he walked blind into unknown territory without the comfort of his friends,

click, this time the noise was further away and Harry had to move quickly through the branches and plants to keep up with the noise,

Harry you have no idea what this is, Cho's voice appeared in his mind and for a moment it was as if she was next to him, Harry was more conflicted about this than he knew. In some ways it could be considered betrayal but he could not focus on that right now

"I know," Harry whispered to the open air but she wasn't here, his mind had repeated her words

from earlier as his inner self drove him forwards while reason and logic tried to hold him back.

he had no idea what was making the noise and it was obvious he was had put his faith in a noise and a note. This could be a trap designed by anyone but Harry was not listening to the voice of reason, he was listening to the click which would bring him further and further into the forest and suddenly he realised the tree's were growing at lot closer, as if something between them was pulling them towards each other and if he had looked even closer then he would have seen a twinkle of light moving behind him. He would have heard the snapping of twigs and if he had not been entirely focused on the noise then he would have sensed that he was no longer alone. Then the noise came again, this time it was leading him into a small alcove with a slither of light at the other end and Harry took a breath.

Don't do it mate Draco warned in his mind, You'll be trapped, for a moment Harry considered listening but his inner self decided for him and before he knew it he was inside the darkness of the tunnel. The air was damp and a dark shadow fell over him, the moment he emerged from the other side he saw what he had missed. The trees had been drawn together by a giant web that was now surrounding him in a twisted diamond structure and on the webs were spiders, some the size of ants, others the size of cars and all had their twinkling black eyes focused on him. Harry moved to turn around but the tunnel was already blocked, he was trapped! All he could think about is how his friends were right all along and now he was trapped with thousands of monsters ready to spring on him and he had only one defence and without anyone else here it could destroy him.

"So you got me!" he shouted aloud wondering how he could have been this foolish, this reckless and he waited for one of the creatures to attack; nothing happened. Then he heard a louder click and looked up to see the largest spider possibly in the world emerged from the far end of the clearing they had built their webs. It was the size of a house and Harry was surprised it moved with such grace, surely the ground should break under its mighty leg but if there was any disturbance there was no sign of it. Then all of its many twinkling eyes were transfixed upon him, glazed with the shine of moonlight. Harry had no idea if he could fight this thing, if he could he would have to unleash his inner Dementor but there was thousands on them and if he did kill them all he could not change back, either way the secrets of his mother's journal would never leave this place.

"Welcome Harry Potter," a low gruff voice announced in a tone that was almost welcoming but it was underlined with something else, something Harry couldn't quite place. A few of the smaller spiders began to move but they were not moving towards him, they were moving away from him

"So you lured me here? What now!" Harry demanded in a loud booming voice, he saw the huge fangs of the spider dripping with venom and worked out what the "ink" was in that letter, how had he written it? had someone helped him

"I am Aragog, leader of this clan and father to many of our kin you see on these webs," the spider answered in a respectable plain voice with a slight click to his speech, Harry focused on one word and laughed.

"Kin? No offence we're not related," He retorted but the spider did not speak back in anger

"Oh we are Harry Potter, in ways that even we do not understand," it told him gently, Harry did not speak back and decided to allow Aragog to explain himself.

"A few ago we were approached by a figure in a hood. A human we thought had wandered into our midst aimlessly but we were wrong, the figure spoke to us about events that occurred exactly twenty years ago, eight years before you were born," it began darkly and Harry froze. He already had a suspicion about this figure for he remembered a hooded figure speaking to Dumbledore almost exactly a year ago, but before he could query the spider continued.

"You may wonder why I am telling you this, the answer is simple because you need to know the truth and while we know only part of it we know enough to tell you that the legacy of Lily Potter must be preserved,"

"The journal?" Harry queried and the beast nodded,

"The first few pages is written in our language, the language we use when talking to one another and not humans. Only one human has ever mastered it and we believe that journal contains information relating to you,"

"You knew my mother?" Harry asked wondering what business Lily Potter would have had with a giant spider

"Yes, you see twenty years ago Lily Potter came to us, our colony was large enough to feed on her but we didn't because she spoke to us in our own tongue, she had learnt a language we thought humans would never learn and for some reason I was intrigued. I conversed with her and you see that journal is evidence. She told us that she had been chosen, chosen to be something she could not be, apparently somehow our blood had been mixed with hers at birth. A man had been involved with the Evans family for years, slowly changing them until they had taken on the abilities of magical creatures. Magic was all it would take to activate the powers and she said someone had chosen her to be something she could not be," the spider halted and Harry quickly took the chance to speak up

"She had powers too?"Harry asked wondering why he had never heard of it

"No, she told us that the first muggleborn with from a family would not have able to utilise the power but we did not understand this at the time, she believed someone was building up to a child that would be powerful enough to form something called a soul horcrux bond with a dark lord, this would enable the one you call Voldemort to be defeated for good but she did not want this, she did not want her child to be faced with this dilemma so she was trying to find out who was responsible, that journal is written in twenty different languages and we believe before she died that journal implicates the man responsible," Aragog spoke now and suddenly Harry was attentive, so they could help translate the journal. Then he picked up on something, he vaguely knew what a Horcurx was but if he had been soul bonded to someone wouldn't that mean he would have devoured them by now. He asked the spider

"We believe that the bond was destroyed, if you were bonded to the one you call Voldemot then that bond would have died the moment you met the Dementor, when you found your connection with the second you met the bond was destroyed and your powers were free but they were unused and had no purpose, they were like magical stem cells. " Aragog began and Harry suddenly worked it out

"So they focused on the first magical creature they reached out too," he finished, so Lucy's love had saved him from something.

"Correct," the spider nodded and Harry looked up at him,

"Do you have any idea as to who would have done this?" he hoped the spider would answer but it shook it's mighty head

"No, the figure from earlier was from the school we knew the scent but not the person, they wanted to translate the journal but he ran when we attacked, his wand was powerful enough to hurt us so we fell back," Aragog answered sadly, for some reason Harry suspected it was not the same figure they were talking about, the person Dumbledore had talked to was brimming with authority and power and would not run from anything. Harry could read people well and he knew he was right, then he remembered the journal and withdrew it

"Ahh so you bought it," the spider announced dryly and Harry opened the first page, he now noticed the runes were almost drawings, each one had six tiny or long appendages and Harry recognised the connection to spiders. He showed the spider

"Yes we can translate it but I warn you, whatever the contents will tell you about things you could only guess at and they may tell you things that will could make you hurt or fear," the spider warned but Harry did not want to hear it, he wanted the truth and he would get it, Aragog assumed as such and looked over the journal. His voice rang through the night as all tried to listen to his words.

The spiders have helped as much as they can and they have given me a pathway directly to what I seek, however again I know the one person who can help me will resist until I am recognised as worthy. I resent needing their help and if they ever find out I know about what they have been doing to my family then I will be killed, it is a dangerous game and I know there is a power behind the person responsible. A power that needs to be tamed or my goal for a safe world for my son will never be achieved.