Raised By Darkness Chapter 55

Harry awoke to the sight of white walls and a stone ceiling looking down at him from his bed in the hospital wing, a window was smashed but the debris had been swept away and despite a slight feeling of cold Harry felt fine. Until the moment he remembered exactly what had happened, he had done terrible things and had killed,

"You didn't kill anyone," A calming motherly voice made him twist his head left to find Lucy hovering a few feet of the ground

"I thought you were going to stop reading my mind," Harry despite everything smiled

"A mother knows when she needs to," Lucy replied laying a clawed scabbed hand on Harry's shoulder as he took a long breath.

"You know it's not your fault," Lucy assured him realising Harry felt bad about the entire event, he looked up at her with a weak smile

"Oh it is, I let my inner self take over completely to stop Dumbledore, I wasn't thinking about what would happen after," Harry confessed remembering his hurt emotions once the creature had died. Emotions looking back he understood but had no idea why he felt them

"You were hurt, your mother was alive and she was killed by Dumbledore," Lucy corrected and Harry smiled but shook his head

"That wasn't my mother, you are but Lily Potter died thirteen years ago. That was raw power animating her corpse, a being created to resist the killing curse and nothing more, it didn't work that way," Harry smirked thinking of it.

"I don't understand," Lucy sounded completely confused

"Don't worry it took three years for us to work it out, tell me there alive," Harry begged remembering seeing Draco fall followed by Crabbe, Goyle, Luna and then Hermione before eventually Cho.

"All of them are, Draco has been in the press a lot explaining things. He told us about some kind of monster that was inside you and it took over, a lot of people aren't happy with you," Lucy pointed out sounding slightly awkward. Harry nodded; he had not expected much else seeing as he had almost murdered every single student along with the minister.

"Oh he's on your side, though he has come clean about him allowing you to live in Azkaban, people were guessing anyway but he confirmed it," Lucy explained and Harry frowned at her.

"Again I thought you were going to get out of my mind," he commented and she just shook her head

"Not when you need it," Lucy declared wrapping Harry in a laying down hug which felt reassuring.

"What happened to Dumbledore?" Harry wondered aloud suddenly remembering the man had tried to kill him,

"Under arrest, for crimes of conspiracy and the murder of Lily Potter, your friends told everyone that you had all been investigating her journal which is untranslatable but the brief snippets suggests she had angered a powerful person. A lot of investigation and now we know about James Potter people believe it, I did until you told me it wasn't true," Lucy answered and Harry sighed.

"Well that's one lie I think I might have to work with," he whispered

"I would," Lucy commented and Harry looked up at her once more,

"So what happened to everyone else?" he asked hoping he had no induced comas or lasting damage

"They woke up, feeling weak but recovered; Dumbledore's men surrendered when they thought it was a spell cast by the ministry, Arthur and Molly Weasley, Kingsley Shackebolt and another was arrested and another was found dead, they were killed by Lily Potter according to eyewitnesses," Lucy elaborated and Harry nodded, it looked like they would be facing justice soon enough.

"Oh they will," Lucy confirmed

"Where's Cho?" Harry inquired suddenly getting a clear image of what had transpired

"Over there," Lucy answered grimly and she pointed to a lone bed Harry had missed, Cho was lying there seemingly asleep, Harry moved to get up.

"No you have been out for a week, so has she," Lucy warned pushing him back down to the bed

"I kissed her," Harry realised

"I think she kissed you," Lucy chuckled but then she realised what Harry had actually meant,

"No you haven't, she has a soul but her life force was drained a lot when she kissed you and it will take time to recover," she informed him gently

"How long?" Harry asked

"We don't know, nothing in this world can take a life force like that so it's impossible to predict. She's alive Harry and she saved you along with everyone else," Lucy reminded him but Harry felt a twinge of guilt as he studied her. He had loved her for a long time he supposed he just never realised it, Draco had seen it and made a few comments on it but Harry never had, it was attitude and just her. He couldn't place it and he really hoped Lucy wasn't listening to these thoughts

"Sleep now, you need rest," Lucy told him firmly and Harry closed his eyes thinking he would never get to sleep and yet in seconds he was out like a light.

The next day

Cho still had not woken up and Harry ad been by her bedside, Madam Pomfrey had been in and out checking on the pair of them but Harry felt drawn to her. He had done this by his choice of stupidity

"You know staring at someone while guilty really isn't going to help," a voice pulled him out of his thoughts and he turned to see Bellatrix laid out on the bed.

"How did you?" Harry began but then remembered what her animal form was , he nodded before she could comment on his words

"How you holding up?" Bella asked

"Not good," Harry answered truthfully, he had not been allowed to see anyone except Madam Pomfrey and Lucy but she was busy today and he could do with someone to talk to.

"What's wrong?" she asked looking concerned and Harry looked up

"I nearly killed everyone in this school," was the answer and Bella smiled,

"Really did you? I thought that was the monster inside you," she answered and Harry wondered just how many of his secrets his friends had revealed to get him off the hook.

"Oh we all know, anyway why do you feel bad? You didn't do it," Bella demanded looking indignant

"I did, I let it take over and it's part of me, I felt good as it devoured them," Harry argued wondering why she was talking about this to him. Surely she wouldn't understand

"Harry you'd be surprised what wrong things can make you feel good, don't repeat that but it's natural I think, Dementors like souls your part one you like souls," she told him with a click of her tongue as if he was being silly.

"You don't get it," Harry accused sitting down on a chair, he did not like spending all day in bed and only got in when he was made to.

"Oh really? Harry I've done things, terrible things and were they my fault? Yes," she began and Harry was slightly surprised by her open confession.

"I wasn't being forced to and I still did them, I had intent back then and you don't, you didn't want to and you didn't do it, it's not your fault," she continued and Harry knew what she had done. It was not a good time in her past and he gathered she was still on the run

"But I had a choice,"

"Yeah fight a powerful wizard with a lot of power and win or fight him without power and lose, there it is, honestly you made the right call," Bella decided firmly jumping up.

"How can you say that," Harry asked looking at Cho

"Because if you hadn't Dumbledore would now be minister and thing would much worse, you saved a lot of people and you only hurt one,"

"Only one?" Harry scorned

"Ok one who matter s a lot but this is the thing, our actions are our own and taking responsiblty for the actions of others is wrong, if you willingly tried to kill them then we would be having this conversation but thanks to Cho you got the chance to stop it and you took it, proving that it was not you doing it," Bella almost shouted getting slightly irritated by this and for a second Harry was at lost for words. She had a point but it didn't stop him feeling guilty.

"Think it over," Bella began but the sound of footsteps forced her to turn into a raven and fly away.

Two days later

"Harry," Hermione's voice surprised him and Harry looked up from the bed he was being made to lie in to see his bushy haired friend pelting towards him. He had been worried about her, she had been Cho's best friend but instead of anger or negative reactions he was surprised to find her hug him deeply.

"I think that's Cho's job now, when she wakes up," Draco grinned walking into the hospital wing and nodded at Cho's sleeping form, somehow he could cast light to almost any situation.

"Hilarious," Hermione commented and for a moment it seemed like nothing had changed,

"Harry," Draco greeted shaking his friends hand and was followed by Crabbe and Goyle before Luna pulled him into another hug.

"How you doing?" Draco inquired

"Fine," Harry answered, he was feeling slightly better after his conversation with Bella,

"Good to hear it, it took us far too long to see you apparently we would be a negative influence, I told Madam Pompfrey that he is part Dementor so thrives of negative emotions and..."

"She locked us out for another two days," Hermione finished looking at Draco who sheepishly nodded

"Details, details," was his argument

"So not much has changed," Harry guessed

"Well other than you and Cho not being around no, which is a big change if you think about it," Luna muttered in deep thought, Draco looked worried as normally her thinking sessions ending in him being hurt in some way.

"So when they letting you out of here?" Crabbe asked changing the subject

"No idea, when they want to," Harry answered and for the last few days he had felt like there was another reason behind it.

"When they bloody decide," Goyle muttered and he suddenly got a sharp look from Draco

"What do you mean?" Harry asked knowing Draco did not act serious unless he had to

"Well there have been some people who want you arrested for what you've done, luckily not many now because our own Hermione Granger came up with the most ingenious story ever," Draco explained and Hermione flushed a deep red.

"Really?" Harry asked feeling slightly proud

"Well..." Hermione tried to shake it off

"Nonsense, she managed to exclude the bits about you working with say lethal monsters and include the hero bits, the downside is everyone knows your part Dementor but here we are, the minister is stopping people bringing charges against you as is my father. Most are on your side because you saved their kids and a few might not be but again here we are," Draco explained beaming at Hermione.

"And I told them about the woozles," Luna announced

"Yes Luna told the daily prophet the honey trade was controlled by woozles and there is some consideration going on it which is worrying, but the papers aren't known for their genius," Draco shrugged.

"They are doing a story on it," Luna confirmed and Harry wondered how Hermione was keeping a straight face

"So do we know when..." Draco began suddenly after a moment of awkward silence

"No, no idea," Harry sighed

"Well they better hurry up, everyone in the castle owes her their life seeing as she kissed you, which is weird enough but she did it on something dark and menacing which was being taken over by a Dementor," Draco joked and Hermione punched him on the arm.

"Oww," Draco sighed but did not joke further.

"Ok shoo you lot," Madam Pomfrey decided entering the room

"Ok, Harry by the way it's a week till Christmas so see at the manor," Draco shouted at him as they walked and with the group doing a nod of respect to Cho they left the room. Leaving Harry alone with his thoughts.

The next day

Harry was pacing up and down the hospital wing, he was bored and had been hoping for a visitor and spending a lot of time hoping Cho would wake up. Lucy had been to visit in the morning but for now that was it, then he saw Cho's hand flinch.

"Cho?" Harry rushed to her bedside wondering if there was a chance she would wake up,

"Harry," he heard her whisper ever so slightly and with his heart in his throat he waited for something to happen, he wanted to tell her he was sorry ,how thankful he was to her but then she muttered something else slightly quieter.

So he leaned closer, something that gave Cho enough time to jump up and kiss him.

"Cho," Harry gasped wondering how long she had been awake but had not time to say anything as they embraced

"Sorry had to do without the wake up conversation," she whispered into his ear before pulling him into a passionate embrace.

"Thank you," Harry muttered referring to a number of things at once, however he got no reply and the couple enjoyed the moment for a second. Before they were joined by Madam Pompfrey who quickly ushered them apart.


"So when did you know?" Harry asked Cho who looked up from her dinner; she hadn't eaten in nearly two weeks so she was justified in scoffing her food down.

"I don't know, I just did, I realised that we had been really close, not like best friends close like me and Hermione are but we were always there for each other. Also you don't make annoying comments," she smiled and Harry chuckled with her.

"So what about you, what happened once I kissed you?" Cho asked

"I felt a surge of emotion and beat my inner self down to size, you saved me," Harry told her solemnly

"Wow so the girl without the power beats the boy with the Dementor power, it says a lot about our relationship doesn't it," she grinned cheekily.

"We have a relationship then," Harry smiled and she clapped loudly three times in a sarcastic way reminding Harry of Draco attitude to life mostly.

"No we just kissed then and I saved you for no reason and there's nothing between us at all! Of course we have one," she barked with some disbelief

"Ok," Harry beamed holding his hands up in mock surrender

"See what I mean, even with the power I'm the dominant one," she remarked with a knowing wink and left Harry speechless for some time, mostly because she was laughing at his reaction for a while.

Malfoy Manor

It had come out, people knew what he was and this time there were more people a little bit unhappy with his presence at the party, some were more than happy while others stayed silent.

"Harry," Fudge called him over "Merry Christmas,"

"Merry Christmas," Harry responded politely

"Well this year you couldn't get through a whole term without deposing Dumbledore, ending a conspiracy and telling the world about your Dementor powers," Fudge chuckled and Harry wondered if his good mood was being fuelled by the drinks Lucius had provided.

"I like to keep things fresh," Harry assured him and the man laughed heartily

"Indeed you do, well I just wanted to thank you on behalf of myself and many of the Wizengamot who nearly lost children to Dumbledore, also pass my thanks on to your friends who played a huge role no doubt. Also just between me and you these people who want to expel or imprison you aren't actually powerful enough to get things done," Fudge told him lowly which was some relief to Harry. The trials of Molly and Arthur had led to people wanting Harry charged with attempted murder and Dumbledore who was imprisoned for life without a wand in a magic proof cell just opposite James Potter was telling people Harry was some kind of monster. Not that Harry ever went down there

"Imprisoning me would be quite hard," Harry joked

"Indeed my boy , now I dare say I have a party to attend as do you, talk to you soon," Fudge nodded once before leaving Harry who had spotted his friends meeting up in the usual place.

"Hand?" Cho half offered half ordered appearing behind him

"You know I'm pretty sure a relationship doesn't just mean I do what you say," Harry commented as Lucius walked behind him

"You have much to learn young man," the eldest Malfoy chortled before walking away, Lucius had seemed unmoved full stop by what had happened and had only been angry at Dumbledore.

"See," Cho grinned taking his hand and the two of them walked side by side

"Oh here they come," Draco announced holding a bottle of butterbeer

"Poison free," he declared immediately before anyone could comment, and handed out glasses everyone did drip some on the grass to make sure it was free of smoke.

"A toast?" Harry suggested and Draco nodded,

"I'll start, to Hermione Granger for the most brilliant plan in the world, two including the chess pieces," he began and Hermione carried it on.

"To Luna Lovegood who opens our minds to new ideas every day and has caused a magical inspection of the honey trade," Hermione smiled, the news had come as a shock to all of them.

"To Vincent Crabbe for knocking Dumbledore out with a claw, something that needs to go down in history," Luna announced holding up her glass.

"To Gregory Goyle for not eating Draco and also being a constant source of helpful knowledge,"

"To Cho for managing to kiss Harry and save us all," Goyle continued and Harry wondered if that was an insult in any way.

"To my boyfriend Harry for everything he's done, from the troll to here," she smiled before lightly pecking him on the cheek

"Can I just toast everyone except them to for not doing that lovey dovey stuff?" Draco asked aloud and was ignored.

"To Draco Malfoy for being a constant source of entertainment and a way to vent anger for the last three years," Harry ended holding up his class, after they chinked their glasses together each of the seven took a long drink.

"And to the future," Draco muttered because he hadn't finished the bottle of drink and as they all drank again Harry smiled as he looked back on all they had accomplished, from defeating a dark lord to bringing down Dumbledore; they had done the impossible and the ride and each member of the group had been nothing short of fantastic.

So here we are, fifty five chapters in and this is the end. A long story with various themes that has after almost a year reached the end of it's life, I hope you all enjoyed it. I'm not sure if I should do a sequel or not I want to thank everyone for reading and giving their support throughout the story.