Hogwarts is really great. This first week has flown by. My Potions Master, Professor Slughorn, is helping me to understand the Potion ingredients I've never come across before. (With the help of another first-year called James Potter.) Defence Against the Dark Arts isn't that bad either. (Don't worry though, there isn't actually any Dark Arts in Hogwarts, it's just a precaution for the wider world. Professor Merrythought is only letting us read books until we've perfected our spells in Charms with Professor Flitwick.

Herbology is so much better than gardening back home. Professor Sprout's been teaching us all about the different types of plants. It's only lectures though. We wont do any hands-on work until next year.

Professor Pascale teaches my Astronomy classes. You know how I've always loved stargazing, so

two hours of it is like a dream come true. Of course, the only downside is that it's at midnight.

I'll finish this letter here as I have transfiguration homework for tomorrow and my first flying lesson in an hour. (Madame Hooch wouldn't let us in the air last lesson as quite a few of us have never ridden a broom stick yet.)



Georgina re-read the letter, decided that it was good enough to fool her mother into thinking that she was indeed having a good time at School, and sealed the letter. "Take this to my mother." She instructed, attaching the letter to Seren's leg. "Don't come back until you've hunted, okay?" Seren nipped Georgina's finger before swooping out of the Owlery. Georgina sighed and got to her feet, wrapping her scarf tightly around her neck. It was only the second week of September but the weather was already getting colder. She wasn't looking forwards to her first flying lesson; she preferred to keep her feet on the ground. The fact that she wasn't looking forwards to the lesson didn't surprise her. She wasn't exactly loving the other lessons. Transfiguration was pointless (When was she going to need to turn a desk into a pig, or a mouse into a snuffbox?) She was crap at potions and who needed Herbology when you lived in London? Okay, so she'd admit that charms was okay and that making things fly or being able to summon things when she'd lost them would be handy.

Once again Georgina found herself stood between Sirius and Remus. Lupin, Potter, Black and Pettigrew seemed to be the only four people any of the professors would partner her with. The fact there were three other first year Gryffindor boy and six girls didn't seem to bother them. "Good Afternoon." Their teacher smiled, striding up and down between the brooms which were laid out neatly on the floor infront of them. "Welcome to your first flying lesson! Everyone step up to your broomstick on your right hand side. Stick your hand over the broom and say 'up'!" The class mimicked and Georgina was happy to find her broom hit her hand. It took a few minutes for everyone to get their broom. Once that had been accomplished they were told to mount them. "On my whistle, kick off from the ground and hover. Try not to go too high." The professor blew her whistle and they pushed off. Georgina couldn't help but notice that James seemed more at ease on the broom than he did in the air. She herself didn't feel particularly stable. She touched back down with some relief.

"At least you didn't fall off." She turned to see Sirius smiling at her. She then looked across to see one of the Slytherins on the floor.

"That's true."

"Pair off and practice flying together. No higher than ten feet! I don't want to have to run any of you to the hospital wing!"

"C'mon, Loman. Show me what you got."

"Bite me." She hovered a few feet above the floor.

"Fine then, grumpy ass." Sirius darted forwards a few feet and Georgina wobbled dangerously. Sirius followed her and they were soon flitting around each other. He was somewhat more graceful than she was and he didn't come close to falling off his broom. For a brief period of time Georgina forgot that she hated Hogwarts, the lessons it taught and the pupils it housed. She didn't enjoy flying but she did enjoy being able to talk to the curly haired boy hovering opposite her and not have to deal with any taunts, often dished out by his friend. She was almost disappointed when the lesson was called to an end and they all went their separate ways. Sirius and James wasted no time in grabbing Remus and little Peter and disappearing. Georgina made her own way back to the common room and seated herself in the corner. There was a notice on the board announcing that the sixth seventh year girl's common room, which had been damaged on their first night, was now repaired and curse free. As a result Claire Farewell and her fellow sixth years and the four seventh years would be vacating the first-years dorm room. Georgina was almost upset. Claire was one of the only girls, besides Lily, who recognised her existence. (Not that she tried to be noticed.) With the older girls gone there would only be five of them in the room.

The first-years headed to bed about eight o'clock in order to get a few hours of sleep before their Astronomy lesson. Astronomy was probably the only lesson Georgina was relatively good at; she'd spent hours gazing at stars before she came to Hogwarts and knew the major constellations like the back of her hand. Still, it wasn't enough to get her through school. In fact, the only reason she was probably still in Hogwarts was the fact that Lily was more than happy to help her out with her homework.

"I understand Jack Squat of this rubbish." Georgina moaned the following Saturday, her head in her hand as Lily crossed out one of her friend's carefully written sentences for potions. "Why do they even teach the draft of death to us? When am I ever going to be able to either find the time to make it or need to make it?"

"It's part of the curriculum. You're taught algebra if you go to a muggle school."

"But I wouldn't know that, would I?" Georgina snapped. Lily sighed as she slid the corrected essay back towards her friend.

"Re-write that and you should get a pass." Georgina knew that Lily was happy to be there. It was an explanation for all the weird things which had happened to her when she was younger. A lot of the other muggle-borns were happy to be there too. They saw it as acceptance into a society where they weren't different. Georgina saw it otherwise, as she liked to remind those who forgot.

"Hey Evans. Loman." The two girls glanced up to see James Potter and his gang stood behind them. That was another thing which got to Georgina; the gangs. Potter, Lupin, Pettigrew and Black were in their own little group. Lily was in a group with Snape. The other first-years had their groups. Georgina just had Lily, but that wasn't a group as she had Snape. Apparently, because Georgina hadn't made any more friends on her first day, she wasn't allowed into a group.

"Potter." Lily replied, returning to her work with a roll of her eyes. "What do you and your cronies want?"

"Cronies? That's a little harsh!" James spluttered. "We've only known each other for two weeks."

"That's long enough for me to realise that your four are trouble!" Lily hadn't looked back up from her work again and James seemed to be getting antsy.

"Is there something you wanted?" Georgina prompted, returning to her essay.

"You want to come with us?" He asked almost too quickly, looking at the back of Lily's head.

"Go with you where?"

"Around." He answered vaguely. "You know, see the secret passages and all that."

Lily wrinkled her nose. "No thank you! I'm going to meet Severus anyway. I'll see you later, Georgina." She swept her things into her bag and got to her feet. "Excuse me." She pushed past James, leaving Georgina sitting there awkwardly. The boys were quiet for a few minutes before Sirius spoke up.

"Georgina? D'you wanna come?"

Georgina's head snapped up to look at him. The four boys were watching her expectantly. Or rather, three of them were; Pettigrew was focussed more on the other three boys. She carefully packed her things away and kicked her bag under the sofa. "Sure. I'm gonna fail potions anyway, right?"

The five of them headed from the common room and took a right on the stairs. They weaved down the corridors, none of the boys seeming to know where they were going. Georgina was slightly startled when James took a left and disappeared behind a tapestry. She quickly followed the others through it, climbing several stairs and blinked when they emerged two floors up. "What just happened?"

"One of Hogwarts' many secrets." James grinned over his shoulder at her. "Just don't go showing this to everyone you feel like!"

"Right. Who would I be showing this to exactly? I don't exactly have any friends I can brag about this to."

It became an almost regular occurrence from then on. On the third Saturday of every month the four boys would pull Georgina away from her homework to show her various tricks they'd discovered. She was well aware that they weren't showing her everything, but they never failed to come and get her.

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