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Bella left Edward when she found out that she was pregnant with Renesmee. Edward was left heartbroken and now Nessie is 16yrs almost 17 and wants meet Edward. Mostly it is Nessie's pov otherwise mentioned.

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Chapter 1

I'm coming Daddy

It's been 4 years since I found out about my father, Edward Cullen.

My mom, Bella Swan, and my father met in high school: 2nd year in Biology.

She was practically a part of his family. They had been dating for 4 years when mom found out that she was pregnant with me, She was 20 and my father was 21.(I think the number '4' has a very strong influence on my family).

She did not want to create problems for his career which was just building up, so she left. It absolutely broke her heart when she broke his heart. Kind of an odd thing to get your head around.

He's currently living in London with his family 'The Cullens & The Hales' and we're in Jacksonville with my grandparents.

I just got a scholarship in one of finest Music colleges in London. I'm going there to get to know my father. Its a good idea... I think.

"Sweetie are you ready?!" I heard mom call me. I am packing my bag as I am going to the airport to board my flight.

"Yeah coming mom!" I zipped up my bag.

Later at the airport, mom was lecturing me about my safety.

"Be careful, I don't want you to get into trouble. Take care of yourself, okay?"

"Yeah mom I'll be fine. You know me." I grinned at my overprotective mom.

"Yeah you're right. Anyway, eat well, don't talk to strangers. The whole thing...you got all your stuff right?"

"Mom." I could feel myself blushing. I got her chocolate brown eyes, and her blushes.

"Yeah right. sorry. Well, I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too... a lot and I promise to take care of myself."

"Call me on daily basis."

"Sure. Love you mom."

"Love you too, my precious"

"Bye grandma, grandpa" I turned to my grandparents.

"Bye cupcake take care" Yep, it's so like my grandma Renee to call me cupcake.

"Yeah be happy and take care sweetheart" My grandpa Charlie was never good at expressing himself unlike grandma, so I was stunned when he said it without blushing.

"Sure Ok Bye I'll call when I reach London." This is it. I'm finally going to London. You see I already got a room in the Cullen's house (more like a Mansion). They kindly offered me a room in their house because I couldn't get any place to live in.

The college was under them, and Mrs Rosalie Cullen (my aunt) was the Head and she said that she didn't want to lose a talent like me. I blush at the thought.

I reached London at 8 in the morning and finally arrived at the Cullen's Mansion. It was absolutely beautiful. My mom used to live here with them. She told me that this was passed down through the generations.

I entered through the gates and there was a huge and beautiful fountain and at the sides many topiaries and many flower bushes.

I was greeted by a woman who had a beautiful heart shaped face. Just one look at her and I knew she was caring and kind. She is my grandmother Esme. Next to her was a pixie like woman who is shorter than me and I'm 5'5. I think she is my aunt Alice, mom's best friend.

"Hello dear I'm pleased to meet you." Esme said warmly.

" Thank you for accepting me and providing me a room to stay in Mrs Cullen." I said gratefully.

"Please dear call me Esme."

"Esme." I grinned.

"Hey I'm Alice and make sure you call me that because Mrs Hale makes me sound like I'm some old woman." she grinned. "No offence mom."

"None taken sweetie."

"Anyways introduce yourself, girl." Alice said.

"I'm Renesmee Carlie Williams. I'm 16yrs soon to be 17 and I'm from Jacksonville. I'm here on a scholarship in your college. I know I am too young to be in college, but I skipped through high school because the stuff was too easy." I grinned sheepishly. I love reading, cooking, painting and I play the piano and guitar. I like to wear simple clothes and I also like to style hair. My aim is to become a great singer and musician. It's an honour to meet both of you." I finished.

"Same here! You see in this mansion, besides me and mom, there are my two kids Annie Isabella Hale who is 6 years and William Jason Hale who is 8 years, he will come back from school at 12. There is my husband Jasper Hale, my father Carlisle Cullen, my big brother Emmett Cullen who was a famous baseball player and now a coach to the team, his wife Rosalie who is also Jasper's older sister and as you know your Head, their son Daniel Richard Cullen who is 14, he's in middle school and will come back at 5 in the evening and finally my twin brother Edward Cullen who manages business with Jasper ." When she said father's name my stomach flipped but I composed myself pretty soon. I think they noticed it and the fact that they added mom's name made me... I don't know how to express it.

"Um I'm sorry for intruding but can I ask a question?"

"You're going to ask why my brother is still single."

"Well yes excuse me for being nosy. You don't have to tell me."

"No its okay. You see my son is still heartbroken because his girlfriend, who he was going to propose to, broke up with him and left." Esme answered my question.

"Oh, I see. I'm sorry"

"Don't be. Well my poor son hasn't moved on...I worry about him so much. Anyway, enough about us. Why don't you settle down Nessie?"

"Thank you."

Both of them led me to a room which was way behind to the left of the staircase. It was gorgeous. ( I leave the imagination to you guys.)

"This belonged to my best friend Bella."


"Bella, Bella Swan she was the one who left my brother .I'm sure she had her reasons but still we all miss her so much."

"Oh." This was mom's room?

"After settling why don't you come down to the dining hall and you can have breakfast. I'm sure you're tired our housekeeper Alisa will show you the way."

"Thank you so much." I thanked them.

They left me to settle in and freshen up: time to hit the bathroom.

Esme's POV

Looking at Nessie... I just can't understand this feeling... like she was very close to me. I kind of felt this connection and she reminds so much of Edward when I look at her. Her features, her hair, her way of talking to me, gentleness, maturity even her brains... except the eyes and the way she blushes. Those things remind me of my darling daughter Bella. No, it can't be Bella.

Alice's POV

What is it about her? I can't help but feel like she's a part of our family. She reminds of both Edward and Bella. Her name is also like a mixture of both their parents. We'll see. The way she reacted when I mentioned Edward was also different though she composed herself fairly quickly. If she is my niece then I'll get the truth out of her one way or another.

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