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Everything's finally settled. Mom and me officially moved into the mansion and now mom & Dad are really happy together. They are so happy and mushy these days that I keep reminding them I'm here. Uncle Bear which is what I call Uncle Em these days keeps on making fun of them and they keep on ignoring him. well dad ignores him, mom like always blushes. Aunt Ally though I love her is dragging us girls for looong shopping trips commenting on mine and mom's lack of dressing stylishly.

I sat at the piano and started playing "Hope". I was so immersed in the music that when I felt someone sitting beside me I stopped my playing. I looked at the person beside me. There he was, my dad, happy as ever. He smiled and said," Happy 17th Birthday Angel?"I smiled. Dad started calling me Angel and I really like it." Thanks daddy"

Then I saw my mom standing at the door looking adoringly towards us. I went towards and hugged her. She whispered happy birthday to me and I thanked her. Soon I was tackled by the whole family. Everyone wished me. I know my today is gonna be just perfect.

I was talking on the phone with Jake. He was trying to convince me to go out on a date with him tomorrow. Desperately I might add. After he started begging me, I gave in. I was having a private party with only my family. After I finished talking to Jake, I was bombarded with questions from Aunt Ally and Aunt Rose. Even mom and granny were listening in.

I was soon saved by dad. He looked so I don't know angry. I was curious so I asked him," Daddy are you angry?I thought you like Jake" he sighed and answered," Nessie I do like him. I just don't like the idea of you dating him." I was about to ask him why but he cut me off "Nessie I just got you back and I don't want to give you to anyone. I may seem like a overprotective father but still I just can't help it. I don't want to hand over my baby girl to anyone for the matter." I smiled lovingly and hugged and then whispered," Daddy you'll never lose me. I'll always be your little girl." he then returned the hug.

I was getting ready for my private family party oh I almost forgot, Grandpa Charlie and Grandma Renee came here three days ago. My grandparents were really getting along together. That's a relief.

Anyways back to the present I'm getting dressed by Aunt Ally and Aunt Rose so you can imagine my situation. After what seemed like a death torture I was allowed to look in the mirror. Wow I looked so pretty. Then I heard my mother whisper that I looked beautiful. I soon made my way downstairs. As I was stepping on the final step. I heard music. I quickly went to the music room and saw my Daddy playing my lullaby for me.

It came to an end too soon. I then realised that all the women were crying and men absolutely beaming with happiness. i felt my tears run down my cheeks. Daddy came towards me and hugged me then kissed my forehead and then mom also came before me and repeated it. Then they presented a heart shaped locked written on it 'Our Love'. Inside their was a picture of both of them on either side. I hugged them with all I've got and whispered 'thank you and that this the best gift ever.'

I then turned towards my family . Soon there were huggings and kissings and also Presents. After some time everyone were dancing. I was dancing with Dan and then Daddy came towards me and asked for a dance. We were dancing under the stars and then I said those words I wanted to tell him from the first time I met him," As constant as the stars above know that I'll always love you Daddy." He broke into a smile which was so wide that his face was not enough. He then whispered back," As constant as the stars above know that I'll always love you Renesme, my angel ."

After the song ended he let go and made his way towards mom. I stopped him and asked what was he doing. He then said," Don't you remember Ness when you asked me if I ever saw Bella again and if she wanted me like i wanted her what would I do? I'm doing it." He then made my mother stand up and then he got down on one knee. Oh My God he's proposing to her.

He then said," Isabella Marie Swan many things happened in our life, many misunderstandings, but the way I love you never changed and never will change. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Would you do me the extraordinary honour of marrying me and becoming Mrs. Cullen?" My mom simply whispered yes as she was at a loss of then placed the ring gently where it would remain forever.

I then went and hugged and said." I'm planning wedding. No arguments Aunt Ally. Oh boy this is gonna be perfect. I LOVE ALL OF YOU." Life is gonna be perfect.

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Oh here are the tunes or songs I thought as I was writing this story:

Nessie's lullaby: Moonlight by Yiruma

Bella's lullaby: Bella's lullaby by Carter Burwell

Hope: Hope by Yiruma

Nessie's song in ch 3:Breath me by Sia.

Try them they're really good.


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2. Bella gets adopted by the cullens. Cullens are Vampires. You know the plot right?

3. Renesme has a twin sister Karen. Just keep Karen also in the Breaking Dawn. SO, it is after Breaking Dawn Mostly it is a sister bonding story. No villans. The genre can also be Humor.

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